Half elves fall in love chapter 176

Chapter 176: Black and White Service 1



It would have been necessary to transport only Great Knight Chief Annette and Lister to Ghibli Fortress.

“Rennesto can’t be overlooked so thoughtlessly, why don’t we let the Sword Saints go?”

When Anzeros questioned, Lord Buster and 100-man commander Grants smiled together.

“Ghibli cant be overlooked”
“More than that……we have to come to terms with the Celesta main force……”

According to the information sent by Becker-san, reinforcements should arrive soon from Celesta. In that case, if the Sword Saints who are ostensibly 「Just happened to stop Rennesto in the monster invasion」 are going wild, there is a possibility that the compromise may get worse. It is a pretext to say, 「I support the Renfangas army because there is nothing to do」. Originally, it is not very preferable to make the business trip.

“I, In fact, at this time of year, it’s rare to see a base that falls. I’ll have it at all and it’s enough for Lister and Annette to return”

The queen comes along with the other Gold Arms to Lord Buster who laughs with confidence.

“Alex, it’s time for the night’s briefing”
“Oh, this is this. Even if the Queen doesn’t come herself, a messenger will do the favor”
“Unfortunately, there is a requirement for Alex”

The Queen laughs with a giggle. It’s dignified but cute.

“Members of Dianne Special Duty Corps. Thank you for the earlier matter. I showed you the embarrassment of our domestic conflict. And thank you so much for your cooperation in the settlement”
“……Y, Yes”

Anzeros and I salute with a fist on our chests. However, no one came to Rennesto this time. The Queen can only thank us for the time being. I wonder if I should have come to Rennesto with Sharon or Tetes. They could have talked well.

“Even so, Hero Neai are you in good health?”
“Ah……I was injured by fighting a big-shot, more or less, for now”
“Neia got hurt?”

The Queen raises her eyebrows and the other Gold Arms are also surprised.

“That Neia Grans got hurt……? It’s going to be difficult for dozens of average monsters to be comparable”
“Isn’t it said that if Alex didn’t get serious, he wouldn’t quarrel with that girl?”
“Umm. ……I want to know what kind of enemy came out”

Lord Buster scrutinizes his eyes while stroking his chin.

“What do you mean? At least she fought against an opponent who could injure her…….it’s not just a trivial matter”
“I encountered a devil. In the demon territory”

Sir Buster was stunned. Others are equally surprised. 100-man commander Grants had a suspicious look, though people didn’t really realize it. ……Well, Trot people have no connection, with Devils.

“No way, ……so you won!?”
“Haa, somehow……that fellow was like a fated opponent and I was a little burned out since I beat that guy”

Neia said lightly to reassure them, but the Queen and the Gold Arms were sweating coldly.

“Muu……no way, such a battle……”
“Isn’t it important, Neia?”
“Originally, it was an enemy that the whole country had to fight against”
“Tsk, bad luck. I, I wanted to unleash that axe-shaped dragon slayer in the Treasure House”
“You’re unscrupulous, Annette”

……I guess she was that kind of person. No, it was strong enough to nod. Without the Flash Sword, Neia would have lost.

“Anyway, ……if Neia is safe, then there’s nothing better than that. She’s the cornerstone of the demon territory exploration plan and at the same time my dear friend”

……I forgot a little. No, Neia was in such an important position. Before I knew it, I didn’t really care.


I join Maia and Aurora (who were going to buy souvenirs in the city) and take off with the Great Knight Chiefs Annette and Lister. Rennesto Castle in the middle of the night was repaired by rushing construction and the lights are like Quika’s royal palace. No, it’s a little ironic because it cant be helped that its a nightless city.


With a crisp and dry laugh, Great Knight Chief Annette rides on Maia’s back.


Great Knight Chief Lister clings to Maia’s spine with a difficult face.

“……Are you afraid of heights?”
“Y, You’re fine. If you fall from the height where the dragon flies, you’ll die”

……Ah, I think that’s what ordinary people think. I forgot how convenient it is.

“You’re not going to die, what a scary cat”

Great Knight Chief Annette laughs loudly.

When I look at the terrible action of 「Annette Hammer」, I think this person is unlikely to die.

And Great Knight Chief Lister got angry, showing his teeth.

“I´m not a cat!! I’m not you who didn’t mind falling from the west side of Lian Peak!!”
“Lister probably won’t die either, because he’s a cat. It’s okay if a cat falls from a high place”
“I’m not a cat! I’ll kill you!”
“It’s not something you say while trembling with your hips. Yaaiyaai”

A teasing female Ogre and a lion beast who is truly angry. Both are good middle-aged.

“……What are these people……”

As expected, Aurora, a hero enthusiast, sighs.

“”Hey, can I fly, Andy-sama?”
“It’s okay. Go”

When I ordered Chibi Maia, the roar of Great Knight Chief Lister immediately turned into a scream. You know what, this person is kind of funny.


It was almost dawn by the time I returned to Catalina, carrying them safely.

“It took longer than I expected……”
“Let’s sleep for half a day today, Andy.”
“……I was sleeping from day to night yesterday. I’m tired again, and i wonder if I can go to bed again”
“Originally, you’re the one who was blown away in the demon territory or had a great battle with a devil. I think you can rest more”

I’m happy about Anzeros´s care, but if I don’t give instructions, Maia wouldn’t work much.

“We’re going to land, so jump off properly, Anzeros and Aurora. I’ll get off on the roof with Andy-sama”
“This is called landing……?”

There is no doubt that the forcible 「Invasion」 of riding directly above Catalina from the air is more correct. However, this is certainly the fastest because the main gate of the city isn’t open.

When I returned to the special duty corps room, the girls……Hilda, Apple, Irina etc., half of them are still in their dreams. The males were getting ready for the morning with three people other than Keiron and 100-man special duty commander Becker. Keiron is still sleeping.

“……Except for 100-man commander Becker, the one who is the most senior is sleeping as hard as possible”
“Naa? It’s still dawn, so let me sleep until noon”
“Even if you are half asleep, it’s too impudent! What’s up until noon!”

I kick Keiron off the bed. Keiron quickly rotates on the floor and rewraps the disturbed cloth around his body. And fall asleep.

“……10-man captain Smithson, I think you can leave him alone. We just have to exercise in the morning”

Lantz shrugs his shoulders. ……It is a unit without dignity and respect to the superior or rather cold to the boss. I can’t cry. Well, I can’t help it with me and Keiron. I can’t help it. Uh.

“What will 100-man special duty commander Becker do after this?”

When Boyd listens while stretching, 100-man commander Becker prepares his hair with a comb.

“Understanding the terrain here. I left yesterday, so I need to catch up. I’ll be troubled if I don’t check properly”
“……As expected of the intelligence brigade”
“That’s what it’s all about. Even ordinary soldiers need it. Can you sit down without looking for escape routes, hiding places or peeping places in the place where you’re stationed? You don’t know when a emergency will happen, do you?”

The comb is thrust at Boyd and something said like a warning. But.

“……Ah, it’s a peeping place”
“Peeping place?”
“The peeping place is……yes”
“It’s better not to say something like that in a peeping place, right?”

Lantz, Goto and I were all convinced in different ways.

“You guys have little respect for me!?”

Then please don’t say it. I mean, you’re too familiar with the fact that you’re a non-respecting boss.

Dianne and Laila were graciously enjoying breakfast, while letting Tetes search for a requirement in communication magic.

“Ho, carnivore beasts are not good”
“But herbivorous animals cant survive right now around here. They might go to higher mountains”
“Why don’t we go get one today, Dianne? Neither the snake nor the eastern mountain would be hard to reach with my wings”
“Hunting……it’s not bad after a long time”


“Dianne, don’t we have to do construction experiments anymore?”

I thought Dianne and Laila were going to be dedicated to building huts in the demon territory. That’s why I thought I couldn’t let Maia be idle.

“Construction was almost completed by yesterday. It’s originally an experiment to check the extent of the monster’s behavior and secure a safe zone. It takes a little while for the results to come out”
“We can’t help until the end of the invasion”

……It seems that it was a complete misunderstanding that I was worried about.

“So far, no urgent rescue request has been issued. It seems that Ghibli is also excited by the return of the two Great Knights and in the southern region, there are already some places that have declared an emergency and allowed communication. The world is not everything, it’s like that”

Tetes’s report reinforces my feeling of fruitless effort.

“……Emm, I talked to Anzeros and others, can we have half a day off?”
“Hmm? Ah, you just came back, don’t hesitate to rest”

The application for rest given without notice is easily accepted.


For some reason I was in the girls room. When I tried to sleep in the boy’s room, I was pulled in by Hilda-san.

“Andy-kun, you’re uncomfortable with people up there, aren’t you?”
“No, only Keiron is sleeping……”
“Let’s take a rest here☆”

I´m pulled and made to sleep on the bed in the girls’ room. And on the bed,

“T, Thank you, Andy-san”

is Apple.

“Hmm. Morning nap and a morning drink is said to be the best luxury. As expected, there is no morning broth, but if you have a morning nap and a morning drink, you can enjoy it♪”

And Irina.

“After that, it’s perfect if you give a little bit of estrus to the female slaves, M, a, s, t, e, r♪”
“……I always wanted to say, but I don’t remember having Hilda-san become a female slave……”
“Hmm? You say that, right? It cant be helped, Andy-kun. I want to see a little bit of a female slave♪”

Hilda-san is happy to take off her white coat. The non-combatant trio was eagerly waiting to behave like a spoiled child.

“……You know, but I’m pretty tired of flying around on a mission……”

For the time being, I try to insist on the situation. On the other side of the room are Anzeros and Aurora, who are tired and sleeping.

“Yes Yes”
“……E, Emm, ……Andy-san isn’t moving?”

And to Apple’s interpretation, I accidentally nod.

“If that’s the case……I’m good at it♪”
“Huhuhu. You´re tired of eating beginners and you missed Hilda-sensei’s technique☆”
“Ge, General, it’s easy to get you in……right?”

The original mouth lover Apple, Hilda-san, a wholesale market for sexuality and Irina, the number one inviting vaginal cum shot. Each pulls off while undressing. ……And my unpretentious penis grows up with expectations. I mean, there’s no other choice.

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