Half elves fall in love chapter 177

Chapter 177: Black and White Service 2 [Hilda Apple Irina]



The girl’s bedroom where the refreshing light of the morning shines through the wooden window that opens inward. I’m honestly a mismatch in that. As always.

“Huhuhu. So let’s enjoy it for the first time in a while☆”
“Andy-san is fine as it is……ah, but if it feels good, I’ll be happy if you pat me……”
“Muu. H, How about studying with us”

The temperature was a little chilly, but the three elves who took off their clothes had their skin burning.

“I wonder if it’s okay to do something like this”
“Hmm, isn’t it right? Don’t get caught in an emergency☆”
“That, Neia-san and Tetes-san……”
“If I’m told it’s a nuisance, I can put an illusion around us”
“……It’s been a time since I was told that”

Well, it’s certainly an open secret. I’m having a lot of sex with almost all the girls.

“Well then, itadakimasu”

Hilda sucks on my dick. It’s bad to compare, but it’s a different technique from Aurora and anzeros. However, my hips trembled even though the glans was slightly included and the tip was twisted, stimulated by lips and tongue.

“Do, Don’t just take advantage of it”

Apple protests with her ears hanging down. While licking her tongue, Hilda made a ○ sign with her fingers.

“I know. But is sperm hell really okay?”
“……What do you think?”
“If you’re not going to get tired, it’s hard, isn’t it?”

Three people staring at me. Certainly, if you don’t want to get tired, sperm hell is a bit unsuitable. It feels like there’s too much water going out. Actually, I was asleep, so I wasn’t so tired and the reason why I didn’t want to move was a lot of what I did before. Besides, with this Hilda’s black and plump nude for the first time in a while,


With Apple´s big white boobs,


Somewhere in Irina, a young naked body with a sense of immorality,


There is a desire to sprinkle them with my sperm.

“……It’s been a while, I……well, that’s fine”

Reluctantly agreeing, Hilda joyfully casts a spell.

“Is it good?”
“……Irina, wouldn’t it be nice to have enough?”
“N, No, I……it’s best to have it in the womb anyway

Hilda-san is keeping an eye on her.

“By the way, Irina-chan, Sharon-chan and Almeida-chan should also use contraceptive magic……”
“I, I!?”
“I don’t hear such excuses like, 『I don’t mean to do that, Smithson-dono is just going to attack all of a sudden』. You´re wearing a collar and if you suddenly become happy and get stuck, you’re in a position to be in trouble, aren’t you?”

After being persuaded by Hilda, contraceptive magic is applied to Irina’s belly. It’s a bit disappointing……n, no, surely it would be very troublesome to have Irina confined in this Catalina. However, there is a little point that she may be conceived. I regret it. ……It’s a man’s ego.

“I have to call the two newcomers later”
“Umm. ……I, It’s unfair to be the only one who won’t have a child”
“No, Irina-sama, everyone is using contraception……”

Apple bitterly laughed at Irina’s behavior that seems to have been impregnated and made a Tsukkomi. Irina is getting straight.

“Then, fellatio heaven of sperm hell is restarting♪”
“Th, This time, I will do it”
“Aaah. Then I will lick below the rod”
“……Sm, Smithson-dono, let me do something too”
“……Irina then straddles my face”
“Don’t be embarrassed. It would be unfair for me to attack your crotch”

While two black and white hungry elves are absorbed in fighting for my penis and sucking on it, I kiss Irina´s legs who is approaching suddenly.

“You´re really like a child, including the place where no hair is growing……”
“I’m not a child……I think Jeanne has a physique below me, but you´re an pervert”
“It’s okay. I’m not saying anything wrong and I want to fuck you”
“……I, If so……is that okay?”

Irina worries while holding my head. The thin thighs, which are only about the size of my upper arms, the neat labia that I can’t believe that my penis will fit in at any time, and the cute, fleshed small buttocks, are impressing by the silhouette created in the morning light. A elf girl with such a lower body wears a collar of proof that I can fuck her whenever I want.

“Andy-kun’s penis has a faint taste……I wonder if it’s Ange-chan or Aurora-chan’s taste”
“Maybe it’s Maia-chan……n, chuu……nuu”

In my crotch, the joint attack of Apple and Hilda continues. There was no pace, no adjustment, and no merit. Lip service, which is not my active ability but passively receiving pleasure, was betraying my eye measurement, which I had stepped on to have a little more room. Dangerous. Apple’s surprisingly passionate sucking and Hilda’s precise tongue movement……somehow, it is out of hand. Jumping up, calming down a little, and then jumping up again on the base of its height……they seem to ignore the usual pace of pleasure and I am made to continue to bounce endlessly. The continuity of pleasure speeds up my ejaculation impulse to the unexpected. And. ……Feeling like a terrifying escape, I ejaculate in Apple’s mouth.


The sperm that gushes out like urination is not something that can be swallowed by the mouth, either in terms of concentration or amount.

“Ku, kehuu, cough……auu”

Backflow from Apple’s mouth. It is warm in the thighs and I cummed in large quantities and my penis continues its ejaculation still energetically jumping up.

“Hyann!? M, My hips……!?”

It seems to have caught even Irina who straddled me. That means I would have shot my own face if Irina didn’t guard. A little thank you to Irina. ……Yeah, there aren’t many men who are happy to have their own semen on their face.

“Apple-chan doesn’t use contraception, so she wants it in her stomach. But if possible, I think Apple-chan should also use contraception”
“I, I’m Andy-san’s number one female slave……Andy-san embraces me everywhere, and I always get pregnant. I don’t care if I have a baby”
“……I’m just saying it”
“It’s not a good thing to say it”

That spirit is good, but I don’t think there is a slight calculation that says, 「I want to be near Andy-san, but I don’t want to make a round trip with the dragon」. No, but that’s another resolution.

Changing each place, the locked in a grapple ecchi continues.

“After all, if Apple and I would like to serve, this is it♪”
“I, Is it really comfortable……”

Hilda-san and Apple put their boobs together and sandwiched my cock with their four breasts. Instead of lubricating oil, the semen attached to their faces and chests (painted a lot of scattered on my body) is used as a lubricant and smeared on my dick.

“Ah, Apple……in the past, you used to do this for hours every day”
“……E, Emm……I can’t remember……”
“According to what I heard, Smithson-dono had Apple do the trick about a while ago……”
“Dark Elves and Ogres sometimes have precocious babies, but seldom have any female slaves”
“Yo, You’re not a female slave!? At that time……”

I’m looking for an excuse. ……But I feel like she was a 「Female slave」 more than my current female slaves. It was every day for hours from noon to sunset. Both Apple and I were crazy about it.

“But well……you might be able to understand my feelings at that time now……”

Apple smiles with a sloppy movement.

“Even now, Andy-san, who’s crazy about it, is so cute……he might have been more absorbed in his childhood. He’d come to see me every day”

Hilda-san and the expression that licks the glans that appears from her own boobs, there is something that makes me think that Apple’s nature is also lewd.

“……Muu. If we had met at that time……I may not have been treated as a child”

Irina said she was uncomfortable when she swapped positions and changed her posture to knee pillow, but she stretched out herself as expected and tried to get close to my my penis sandwiched between Apple and Hilda. She can’t reach it, so she put her head down and covers my body. Was it a posture called sixty-nine?

“Hunia!? ……W, What are you doing, I’m so……”
“It’s not going to happen if you try to play against 『I’m a child』”

It’s understandable that Irina tried to indulge in the delusion of playing with her tongue in her head, 「The helpless me with a child penis」. However, it is impossible to immerse yourself in such a delusion.

“Pero, neruru……I wasn’t just sucking or sandwiching it in Apple, I was touching it and sucking it back. By the time it’s evening, we find out that we didn’t take a bath. So it’s not necessarily as choppy as you think”
“I’m going to do it, Andy-kun……”
“……I was doing that”

Two people with big boobs look at me with a strange glance of half respect..No, these people aren’t normal because they have half the respect. And Irina, small breasts.

“I, I know……sorry, hiiii……”

She is at the mercy of my tongue. Or rather, I’m licking the lower body of Irina obstinately and violently. It is an opportunity to fight back to the lower half of the body which invites the inferiority feelings artistically. I’ll taste it to my heart’s content. ……And so on, while I’m bullying Irina with a stupid confrontation, my penis is also strongly stimulated by Apple and Hilda.

“……pero, peroo……kku, uuu……!!”

I have reached the limit of my patience. Needless to say, the two who are getting their breasts involved Irina who was in agony with her face close to it,

“It’s coming out……aaaa!!”


“Nbuu……it got into my nose……nguee”

After all, Apple is surprised, Hilda-san is ecstatic and Irina who eats a little. A fishy fountain rages in the space surrounded by three faces.

And finally.

“Well, Apple and I had put it out twice, so Irina-chan is last♪”
“That’s right”
“Th, That’s enough for me……I mean, where are you both playing?”

Hilda and Apple conspire and obsessed with Irina, who had semen in her nose and exposed her anus.

“That isn’t a hole that makes a baby……!!”
“But it feels good to put it in properly?”
“It seems like that. ……I, I’m still in the middle of a bath and training”
“I, It’s still early for me!”

Two naked beautiful women who suppress the naked little girl who dislikes it together. Hilda casts a spell on the butt hole.

“It’s okay. I tried not to cut it right now, so at least today you will not get hemorrhoids no matter how many times Andy-kun´s penis enters☆”
“Th, That’s a problem……”
“Yes, Apple-chan is over there”

With two people.

“Hi, Aguuu……!?”

Irina’s asshole is dedicated to me. ……I’m knocking out for the time being. Even so.

“Ah, Irina, a little weak……”

Irina tightens the hole in the front, but wears a ring on the back. It hurts.

“Th, This hole……it’s bad to use it……”
“Therefore. Once you get used to it, there’s nothing wrong with it”
“I, I’ll do it after I’ve been able to do it without magic……”
“Wh, Why I……I, like this……uguu”

It’s dangerous, a little teary eyes. I feel sorry for her.

“I……I, I……the one in front……it, it’s better to make a child……!!”
“Not good!”

Hilda-san judges someone negatively. ……Why?

“You´re Andy-kun’s female slave, right? It’s the master’s discretion when and how to make a child, so you don’t say anything selfish. Instead, it’s more important to have your master love you with your favorite holes whenever he likes”

……That, I’m not letting you do the butt hole ecchi at my discretion. No, it’s not that I don’t like it.

“I’m sure Andy will love you more if you can do it right, will you?”
“Eguu……I, I understand……I’m going to do it”
“You´re not patient. Have fun. Pull out your strength. It doesn’t hurt, it’s that kind of magic”
“Th, This……?”

Hilda-san tricks me……no, I’m persuaded and Irina gradually relaxes. Then I shake my hips little by little and try to move inside the butt hole. Irina’s white, small, clean lower body. I’m savage in the most embarrassing hole. The feeling makes my son go wild.

“Ha, u……th, this is……?”

Irina seems to have gradually understood how to pull out power and how to put it in. Although she was still half-crying, the movement gradually became lighter and the white naked body began to rock gradually little by little. The big breasted group whose face and chest were cloudy and sticky continued to encourage that. Without the stink of the semen, it looks like a smiling landscape of a parent and child. And I just taste Irina’s bottom hole. Irina’s vagina was an unusually cozy hole, but her ass was as good as she was. While Irina moved through trial and error many times, it seemed that Hilda-san’s magical effects gradually helped her learn how to greet pleasure and her voice began to mix with gloss.

“Haa, haa……n, aaa……wh, what, now that you say it……surely, its not, bad……”

With the semen on her face shedding with tears and sweat, she turns around and even starts to show me the leeway to smile.

“I thought you would say that”
“As expected, Irina-sama”

Hilda aside, I don’t think Apple’s praise is subtly. But in the end, we started shaking our hips with each other on the pitch. After shaking my hips violently, I grabbed Irina´s thin hips.

“Ha, gu, aaa……uaaa!?”

I pour a lot of sperm into Irina’s ass. Everything is screwed into the asshole without a dead end like the vagina, filling the intestine.

“Ha, ……haha, so much……putting out so much, idiot……♪”

Irina collapses with a bloated belly and a weak smile.

“H, Hey, Irina!?”
“It’s okay. I’m strengthening myself with magic, so it won’t damage my body. I’m tired”
“Is, Is that so?”

I was surprised.


Even after cleaning up, the sexual odor scattered in large quantities in the bed doesn’t come off.

“Is this all right……isn’t there something like deodorizing magic”
“I have it, but I don’t use it. It’s nice to sleep with Andy’s semen smell”
“……No, I don’t think so”

It seems to be Hilda-san’s bed. Well, if she gets tired of it, she’ll deodorize it properly. It is a person who cares about cleanliness in her own way. Anyway.

“……Nou, Hilda-dono. Butt……can you teach me the magic to strengthen”
“It’s no good. Irina-sama. You have to train properly. It’s miserable when you’re in good shape and the effect time expires”

Irina was awake. ……No, it’s a lot of fun for me as an individual, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to actively learn such dark elf lower body magic.

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