Half elves fall in love chapter 178

Chapter 178: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 1



After all, I spent half a day in Hilda’s bed. No, it’s subtle to say that I was resting.

Then, around noon, Dianne and Laila had caught a whole buffalo from somewhere and carried it on their shoulders.

“Buffalo……I wonder if it was around here?”
“It’s amazing that there are two women carrying cows!”
“Ordinary animal meat that is neither dried nor monster meat comes to this town at this time of year”
“Ca, Can I have a share of you?” If it’s money, I’ll give it to the guys in the corps”

It’s a secret that Laila is a dragon, so there’s an air of subtle wondering how to transport it, but appetite seems to have been better than that. ……Well that’s right. Everyone likes normal animal meat rather than monster meat.

“This year, the monster situation is not urgent and they have plenty of food to spare”
“Usually Catalina is also tough. Even if it’s a beast type that can drop objects and fight against them, they have to challenge rock type monsters by themselves and since it is hard to compete with the Ghibli fortress in terms of robustness and material storage, Catalina’s assignment is treated as a lost lottery”

The mayor and the elf communication magician, nod to each other. After all, there are hits and misses.

“Why don’t we mobilize the dragons to go hunting? It won’t be rare anymore in time”

When Dianne offers that, the mayors look at each other.

“……I can’t thank you enough”
“What’s more, half of it is also training for our corps. It’s a good excuse for demand and possibly blast hunting”

Dianne smiles. Then, she ordered to our Special Duty Corps which gathered around the buffalos.

“Be sure to check the armament of the combatants! As you hear, it’s hunting in the afternoon! The attendants will be decide later!”

All salute. Well, if its hunting, we often do it in Basson instead of shooting, so everyone is good at it. No problem.


Upon dispatch, we decided to split into two groups, Laila group and the Maia group. Each unit has one crossbow soldier, one swordsman, and one scout. Dragons don’t hunt directly. That’s the kind of training. So. For Laila´s group, I as crossbow soldier, Dianne as swordsman and Luna as scout. The crossbow soldier Lantz, the swordsman Naris and the scout 100-man commander Becker belong to Maia´s group.

“……I mean, even though it’s a corps training, why is Naris here?”

When I plunge in, Naris laughs grinningly, revealing her cloak. A bow and quiver in the hand while carrying an awful short sword on the waist.

“Huhuhuhu, I actually like hunting quite a bit. It’s more dangerous than the Hora Labyrinth and can be done without money”
“You follow as a swordsman, right?”
“Fuhahaha, the elf warrior class is meaningful with a bow and sword!”
“Is that so”
“No, I don’t know. Therefore I´m sorry for what I say”

I don’t know what it is, but the tension seems to be rising. She might be the type that becomes energetic when it is other than the original work. She’s like me.

“Well, it’s true that there’s a tendency to bow and its meaningful in every clan”

Irina nods and Almeida looks away. ……She looks useless except for spearmanship.

“Can Sharon use a bow?”

When I asked her, I got a friendly smile as response.

“I wasn’t originally a warrior class, so……”
“……You’re a princess”
“It wasn’t as clear as it was in the human race, but it was a civilian-legged lineage. Berga was from the warrior class and must be good at bowing as well”

When I listen to it, Berga sounds like an invincible multiplayer.

“What about Irina?”
“I´m a white girl with magic and I´m also the daughter of a clan chief. It doesn’t matter if I can use the bow or not”
“……You can’t do it”
“I, It’s just a matter of course! In the first place, Naris can’t pull a strong bow!”
“I can’t do it”

Well, I thought it would be like that.

Maia only flies this time, so there is nothing to pay attention to. After all, when the city disappears, we part and join before returning to the city.

“Becker. You know, coach them well”
“Understood. You don’t have to worry about the hundred-year-old gauntlet and Basson sniper coach”
“Don’t say that. Sometimes it’s unexpected”

……So that’s it. 100-man commander Becker and Dianne are the coaches, Lantz and I, Naris and Luna are trained.

“Luna, I have to show you something good”
“If it’s not a monster, I’m good at hunting……”
“No, I’m the hunter. You’re the one who searches and corners”

Well, in terms of role, Dianne can hunt directly. ……In that sense, there is an advantage over there. Both of them play a role in stopping the prey.

“Okay, then encourage. The limit is evening. Hunt as much as you can”
“『Roger that』

Lantz and 100-man commander Becker salutes with their fists on their chest and Naris crosses her arms to salute. Everyone is in high spirits. It seems that Luna isn’t too enthusiastic with just words, but in fact, it is understood by the movement of the tail and the restlessness that instinct is itching quite a bit.

“Laila, we’re taking that mountain over there”
“Ho, alright, hold on to me!”

After confirming that Maia´s group took off, Laila also flaps her wings and took off. Flying to the hunting stage.


The characteristic is that monsters don’t appear in high places very much. The general theory is that, like wind, the flow of energy is high at high altitudes and stagnant at low altitudes. So wild creatures that aren’t monsters usually escape from monsters on mountains and plateaus. There are various theories here that you know it is safe by rule of thumb, or that the power to feel the mind is stronger than that of mankind, but anyway.

『Andy, wild boar! Intimidate and kick out now!』

I set up the crossbow while receiving Luna’s voice with a keen hearing. Hearing strengthening is Dianne’s magic. It’s been a long time since I’ve had full support for sensory enhancement magic and it’s been a little difficult to adjust my consciousness. It’s confusing to hear too much if you don’t get used to it. As long as you get used to it, you can get unnecessary information out of consciousness. The footsteps of the wild boar. The sound of leaf rubbing. Breathing sound. The sound of insects that are not particularly relevant. The sound of the wind. The sound of water in a stream flowing somewhere. Adjust consciousness. Use your concentration to narrow down the sound that you want to pay attention to. Consciousness is limited to one point of view. There is not much information that human consciousness can process at once. However, if you narrow it down too much, the reaction will be delayed when it falls off. Find the right point. Balance your input and output.


It jumps a little to the left of the point where the boar was aiming. I can’t react. My consciousness is still out of focus.

“Wait three seconds……”

Knowing that Luna couldn’t hear, I muttered for the purpose of telling myself and predicted the boar’s movement. Search for the intersection of the speed of the arrow and the speed of the boar and adjust my senses exactly in 3 seconds.

“Take it!”

I feel a response at the moment when the arrow shot out of the string. Without aiming at it, the arrow pierces the boar’s head. Alright I remembered the knack for adjusting the senses.

“Great hit”

And while I was killing the boar, Dianne was catching a deer with her bare hands.

“Since when……”

I didn’t notice that she was there, even with my senses strengthened.

“Oh, I was just there, and I was doing something that I was alert to.”

Laila says so, sitting on a rock next to me and drinking delicious alcohol.

“Breaking a deer’s neck with bare hands……why don’t you at least do it with a sword?”
“Because it gets dirty. And the sword will be troublesome with blood and fat on it”

The sword hangs on Dianne’s waist. Naris is the same, but for the time being I want her to take care of the subject.

Dianne who was surprisingly lazy, is a pretty good hunter…..or rather, Luna who played the role of a hunting dog and my sniper’s arm, which wasn’t as sluggish as I expected also were successful. A considerable amount of prey such as wild boars, deers, buffalos, rabbits and pheasants pile up with the time.

“It’s no use hunting and collecting more than this. Even Catalina´s population can’t eat that much at the time of eating. That’s what you’re going to do with salting or smoking”
“Maia´s group are also hunting, so it will be doubled”
“Including that”

Diane ties each animal together with a rope to make it easy to carry. It’s Laila´s job to carry them with her.

“Do you want to use 『Silk chain』?”
“……If there is such a convenient thing, please tell me sooner”

Diane takes a subtle look while receiving a thin string-like treasure from Laila. Laila smiled. A bad offer is intentional.

After I finished collecting the arrows (as much as I could), I sat on the rock and inspected the crossbow and Luna came over after helping Dianne.

“……It was interesting today”
“That’s good. It’s good to have fun training”

Originally, it seems that cat beast’s hunting is to jump onto the prey in the style of Dianne and to hit the critical points with a knife etc. (It seems to hunt by claws and kicks when it becomes strong), but Luna was a push-in role single-mindedly today. It was I thought she might have been dissatisfied, but it seemed to be quite enjoyable and above all.

“Crossbow is strong”
“Well, it’s a bow that can’t be pulled by human power. If it’s an ogre, they can do it”

The advantage of an crossbow is that it has high tension and high power, but it doesnt need to be maintained by physical strength and you can calmly sniper. Well, I can’t shoot an ordinary arrow.

“It would be a bit of a long-term battle with wild boar and cows, but it was a one shot”
“Even if it’s a monster, it’s a one shot if you hit it well”

The Sword Saint Brigade, who was showered with this out of nowhere, wasn’t afraid.

“……My body is still burning”
“Slowly rest. You did your best today”

Finally, I check the frame for looseness and remove the strings. When I looked at Luna, I was surprised that her face was unexpectedly close.

“……As much as when it was a full moon”
“H, Hey, Luna”

Luna’s face approaches and our lips overlap.


Just a kiss like a child. And Luna, who opened her eyes again, looked as clear as if she had woken up now. And was obviously excited.

“Andy. I long for”
“You’re straight”
“Well, you did a lot in the morning, didn’t you? You can tell by the smell. Actually, it was guessed for a while now”
“……Hey hey”

Certainly, the sperm hell will have a strong odor due to the quantity. After that, I took a rest in bed and sometimes I put it in Irina or Apple, so I think it’s extra stained. It might have been stimulating.


Dianne suddenly appeared.

“We will join the others at nightfall”
“Th, That’s right, Luna. We´ll keep Maia and Lantz waiting”
“……But I want to do it”

Luna lowers her ears and says selfishly. Cute but don’t spoil me.

“……But we still have an hour before nightfall”

Dianne smiles.

“Don’t say that when people are trying so hard to resist temptation. You also want to do it”
“Allow. 10-man captain Smithson commit associate soldier Basil……what?”

Dianne smiles and removes her waist cloth. Her panty is exposed. ……Its wet.

“Actually, I was a little aware of your sex odor too. ……Even hunting is bloody……”
“……You’re a ridiculous nasty captain”

When I said that half-heartedly, Dianne grinned while lowering her panty.

“I’m your woman right now. There are only your women. ……Punishment for a ridiculous nympho for another hour”
“……I got the permission, so I also do it……”

Luna also takes off her pants and panty. Both of them are naked in the lower half of their body. If you look at Laila, she’s still drinking at a rocky place a little further away. I asked her if she would come, she said she is going to drink, so she raised her cup lightly as a gesture.

“……Then both of you”

I also put down my pants. Everyone is naked only from the waist down. A little perverted.

“Suck me”

I’ve been strangely talking to everyone lately, so I wanted to do the same with Dianne, Luna and Laila.


Dianne kneels.

“My tongue is rough, isn’t it?”

Luna looks a little worried.

“You don’t have to lick it, you just have to suck it”
“Then I will shake my hips and enjoy myself”
“……You put it in here later, right?”
“I know. I’ll put it in both of you, as I will commit you”

Of course, it can’t be done by the two people whose bodies are burning and I don’t feel like doing it. Mountains in late autumn. Three perverts with a bare lower body. It’s a weird situation, but……I was really excited.

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