Half elves fall in love chapter 18

Chapter 18: Master Knight Lucas



Following Anzeros, through the forest city wrapped in dusk, we finally confirm the residence of General Lucas from among the trees.

“Since Anzeros is too small I can hardly find her even if she walks in the street”
“Is that so? It is easy to understand because the elves around here will react so much when they see Anzeros”
“……Hod did it become such an odd search”
“Eh? It’s normal, it’s basic to explore surrounding anomalies rather than actual things when searching”
“……I see”
“Ah, she went inside. What shall we do?”
“Wait a moment, check the means once more or less”
I put my knees on the side of a dimly lit stone (which I think is magical, but it might be crest engraved) and confirm it in my hand. It is a habit after entering the army. First of all, the crossbow. The maintenance of this is perfect. Then the arrows. 14 pieces. There’s less to say about fighting something, but it is enough as luggage for a journey. I can’t afford to carry too much. Therefore a knife. Blade length 12cm. It is convenient for work and outdoor cooking, but it isn’t good as a weapon. I just confirmed that there is a thin rope This is too useless for a fight. Becker said that he is good with traps so he might be able to catch three thieves with this rope. I wish I had learned that kind of thing. Flint. Meaningless. Oil. For firing. This is meaningless too. Hard bread. Just emergency food. Bamboo water bottle. I was indebted to it in the desert great labyrinth, but now it not good. S-shaped hooks. Several. Handy tool. The rest…….

I feel something uncomfortable in my vest pocket and pull it out. The drawstring that came out was made of a fine cloth. When I opened it, a large red stone was inside.

“……Ah, danger”
Laila’s “hidden treasure”, the sealed fire breath. It is something that burns the Hellsboar with one shot when throwing it. Although it was handed over to support Jeanne, I didn’t use it at that time, so I missed the opportunity to return it and carried it with me till now.

“……If this is the case, it may be useful at times”
“Wh, What is that?”
“Laila´s dragon breath is sealed inside this stone”
“……U, Uwaa”
Selenium smiled bitterly. It reminded me of Laila’s phrase at the time of magic lecture this time and it seems that it was transmitted as an obscene item. Let’s bet on this if anything happens to Anzeros.

I stored everything again and explored the state of Anzeros. Anzeros who entered from the front entered into a mansion after arguing with a good-looking elf (a butler or something) who was at the entrance.

“Shall we follow?”
“Can you bring us closer?”
“Leave it to your almighty female slave”
When the chest is tapped in a little theatrical tone, Selenium points to a space in front of the entrance and chant a spell with a low voice.

I had the feeling that the back of my brain is shaken for a moment. After that, Selenium pulled my hand and slowly walked towards the door.

“Hey, hey!?”
“No problem”
And Selenium who smiled at me suddenly disappears.

Looking at it, only her wrist protrudes from empty space. And my hands are pulled.

“It is an illusion of spatial designation. When a body is wrapped directly with an illusion, people who do notice are noticed. During infiltration, it has a short-lived effect, stretching in a stepping stone and walking around.”
“……You can really do a variety of things”
“I studied on the way of searching for Andy-san”
Selenium puffed up with pride is in the illusion zone. Anyway, the illusion that Selenium casts on us was camouflage and we advance through the mansion.

“… It’s quiet to say that it’s an evening party”
“With that kind of letter, he can call Anzeros-san, alone and say 『Its just for you』”
“Uwaa. Possible”
It is a powerful person who is general class and it is an unpleasant feeling that he is a pretty shaped elf.

“If Andy-san says it, I will be entranced. 『Tonight is a night party for you and me, let’s love each other like the moon goddess gently』……”
“You are the only one”
I don’t want to imagine myself saying slurpy lines like that.

“Well, Dianne-san will probably be entranced, too, right? I’m sure Apple will be the same”
“Just the three of you”
“I don’t know Laila, but that dwarf girl is going to be entranced too”
“That’s enough”
Going seriously. There was a hall where it had progressed for a while in the mansion. We confirmed that Anzeros had entered there and also entered there on the back of the wall at the entrance of the room.

“If you make an illusion in a place where you can be seen through, it is not confident that you can deceive that big swordsman, but if you look far from here we’ll be fine”
Peer through the wall with selenium. Sure enough, I was prepared for a buffet party, but there was no one except a man and Anzeros. There was a red-haired elf. He is very pretty. And the feeling I have is that he is younger than me. Master knights are the most exquisite and usually, are older, so it is uncomfortable……seeing such a young elf. Thinking about it, I feel Dianne is also younger than me. Therefore I’m sure this guy is quite old too.

“Welcome, Anzeros-san, in our flower green capital Klaves and to my evening party”
“I will meet you first. Northern army……no”

Anzeros with her eyes staring at him, trying to bid up a military salute. This shouldn’t be a battle between soldiers. To the end, Anzeros is here as Dianne-san´s personal acquaintance.

“I´m the child of northern elf Aaron and Trot merchant Linda Neumann. Anzeros”
“I saw you in a form that doesn’t hide your femininity before. This attire is a little surprising for an evening party”
“Those who have lived with a single martial art, because of the journey, don’t have anything to decorate gaudily. Even so, it’s quiet for an evening party”
“I was struck by your beauty in town earlier and it is a party that I held suddenly because of time. I have no chance to let my friends know. I want you to forgive me for that. Even so, I welcome you, so let’s have a cup of tea which is the pride of Klaves´s elves”
“Thank you”
Anzeros smiles lightly. She seems to restrain herself. It is a real elf and a high proud executive who had continued refusing the trade. While ruling out the signs to seduce, the rude behavior was also shown in the hall.

“Well……the thing that you came here, I thought you could understand most of the situation”
“Casual being tampered in the streets”
“Hmm……then this outfit is resistant……it, it’s a little bit of a nuisance to keep your heart stubborn”
“Well, what the summary is saying, it’s somewhat esoteric to the bone-braiding body”
“It isn’t a difficult story, it is a story that even a child knows of a Klaves woman”
General Lucas put his hand on Anzeros´s chin.

“That dark elf woman first and second steps are the soldiers and the cavalry which were the core even at the fighting force of the Southern Corps and I thought that it was too much for a 100-man commander without a night class. Even that troublesome Ace knight Sieg Becker came and followers here. ……Her subordinates are elite. There are few Ace knights under her. None of them is a master knight’s instrument in the future, they probably will hunt a dragon”
“In addition, the archer corps aren’t affiliated with the army. ……For her, probably for the girls who have been borrowed from the oasis colony, she was thrown away by Ashton”
Lucas smiled.

“But as long as I have no indication, I have been given strict orders not to take her life. She’s the pawn of Ashton, depending on how I can use her……I thought. But I changed my mind”
Lucas suddenly robbed Anzeros´s lips.

Anzeros moves away, while Lucas is still smiling.

“If you become my wife, I will let that dark elf go. Originally dark elves are my father’s hobby, they are such dirty creatures, breaking them up and let them fall, as they will become corpses if they won’t accept some skinship”
“Oh, I’m surprised. A proud forest elf says that he wants a half-elf as his wife”

Anzeros rubs her lips so that blood comes out. Lucas seemed a little disgusted to that outright attitude but immediately returns to his original confident grin.

“Although you´re my seventh wife, your life is guaranteed in this elven forest, you are in luck”
“Unfortunately I don’t want to live in this elven forest, as I don’t think that I will be admitted”
“Don’t forget the joy of being held by a nobleman when vulgar blood enters”
“This is Celesta, a country of business and tolerance, there is no nobility”
Anzeros finally puts her hand on her sword.


Lucas gently takes the small sword that is hung on the wall. When he swung it, the table which was a few meters away suddenly became two in sudden. It goes ahead of the shock wave of Anzeros, it is a slashing wave. Anzeros´s face color changes when she sees it. Lucas is looking down on Anzeros satisfactorily.

“This is Klaves, this is my world……here is the strongest and highest existence, me”

Lucas approaches Anzeros. Anzeros retreats a few steps and has felt that there is something odd when running away, biting her lips and pulling out her sword.

“I think that beautiful people are worthy”

A fine sword is pushed out casually. Anzeros dodges it with her body……but a part of her waist armor flew away.

“My father is charmed to the dark elves, who are like monsters, but I don’t feel their beauty. They’re only dirty. But you are beautiful, even though you have mixed-blood”

A few more sword slashes approach. Anzeros can’t avoid them, *Plock**Plock* and fittings are blown away.

You’re bad at persuasion, general!”

Anzeros swing up her sword from underneath. General Lucas dodged it by sweeping back……and he becomes the prey of a shock wave and flies up about several meters.

“Ho, Hou, this is quite……”
“Take this!”

Anzeros, who jumped lightly towards General Lucas in the air, made a big swing with the strength of her whole body. I only heard a sound that I didn’t know well.

It was Anzeros who took a breath. In the air, as if the posture remained unsettled like an acrobat, General Lucas kicked the hit of the root of Anzeros sword with the heel of his boot and stopped it. The part, not prong is a short sword and the cutting power is low. With the roots of the sword that focused consciously on the tip, do not cut the thick boots.

“The rumored sword skill, as expected from Anzeros”

The two who landed on the ground again confront each other. Being troubled by Anzeros General Lucas came near with casual steps. And also a few fine sword slashes. All the sword slashes are tried to be caught, but Anzeros shoulder armor is flipped over. Anzeros understood. Lucas is trying to break down all her armor so that Anzeros´s body will be exposed.

“Whew, why don’t you give up, my beautiful bride”
“I’m not your bride……!!!”
“An Ace knight can’t win against a Master knight even if three people gather together, you probably know it”
“I’m excellent, you know it already”

Lucas first took a big swing back before thrusting forward.

Anzeros´s sword is blown away and Lucas grasps the neck of Anzeros, whose eyes are open, and thrust her against the wall.

“Don’t give me trouble, my wife. ……A good female is happy to be used for a better man? There is no power, bloodline, no more men, etc. You are grabbing happiness”

Because of shock, or because of regret, Anzeros has tears in her eyes. Anzeros gave up. The desperately forged strength is laughable and her half-elves’ dignity is cut off and abandoned, just because her face is beautiful and she is about to be collected like an interesting gemstone. That was not something I could forgive.

“Damn it……”
“……From here, if!”

I can’t win if I come out. He is strong. However, I can not forgive myself if I don’t save Anzeros. So, at least in order to have at least a chance of winning, I took some arrows and load them on the crossbow while rolling into the reverse corner of the room.

“Let her down, you shitty elf!”

I aim my crossbow to Lucas. The distance to Lucas is less than 20 m. If it is this far apart, it can cut him in one step. As long as he doesn’t move, I am superior. And I didn’t skip training so that I would fail in about 20m

“Sm, Smiths……son”
“What, you. ……You look familiar. I remember seeing you with her during the day”
“I thought that the face of a man isn’t remembered”
“I remember the face of an obstructing man, to remove him”

Lucas is able to avoid the crossbow. Although I thought that he wasn’t a speed-type from the way of approaching Anzeros before, he is one. If so, it would be bad. It may not hit if I don’t get closer. I won’t have time for a second shot. I have to hit him with a single shot. However, when approaching, I will be knocked down the moment I pull the trigger. Even if I´m a distance away, I will be cut off swiftly. Aren’t I cornered? Can I win?

“It’s just right. Shall I remove you?”
“As if it is so simple, you idiot”
There is no time to hesitate. I decided to prepare, aim and pull the trigger. At that moment, sure enough, he disappeared from my view.

The sight of slow motion. The fear of imminent death was suddenly a sense of reality because my head became incongruous, but look strangely slowly after he appears again in my sight. The guy who came up again was beside the flying arrow. The arrow still didn’t fly 3m. It was sleight of that much. Ah, even if I drove the crossbow at that time to Dianne, it was exchanged in this way, which I have forgotten. Lucas knocked the arrow down with his fine sword, then he turns around here. Far, yet slow visibility. And he looks towards me……and then, he looks to Anzeros again and passes through me as it is. He turned, he shook his sword lightly sideways and swish, blood……what, that sword, cut flesh surely. Anzeros´s wide open eyes were full of tears dripping down.

Time is coming back. And, for some reason, I feel my body is leaning. I try to brace my legs. However, sensation does not come back to my feet.

Selenium comes out from the illusion and jumps at me……no, she stopped me from falling by hugging me. At my feet, *Goron*, there was a sound of something rolling. My left leg, down from my knee.

“U, U, Ua……a……”

This, maybe, is bad. I don’t have a sensation right now, but maybe it hurts awfully. It is extremely hard. I mean, I will die, if it bleeds so much.

「Andy-san, don’t look! I will cure you, I will do something Andy-sa」

I dropped the crossbow and fell into the blood. My field of vision turns around. Blood circulates. At the edge of sight, I could see Lucas swinging his arm to Selenium.

“Another half-elf. Hmm, you´re pretty beautiful too. How about a deal? If both of you would be my wives, I will give you time to treat this man?”
“Andy-san!! Andy-san!! Please release, Andy-san!!” 


Shit. Shit.

……This is bad.

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