Half elves fall in love chapter 182

Chapter 182: Catalina Holiday 2



Lunch was a grilled meat party hosted by the mayor in the hall on the first floor of Catalina. The mayor bought the meat yesterday and decided to act on all the town’s garrison. It’s a little quick, but it seems to be the launch of a major invasion.

“Actually, it’s better to put it a little more, but meat is good. It’s better to leave it for about a week”

The butcher said that, but the hungry Catalina warriors didn’t hear much. Anyway, it was fresh meat which was not salty, and everyone stood all together.

“Even if the whole town is treated……the mayor is a rich person”

He laughed bitterly when he asked the elf communication magician to apply the iron plate heating magic (because it heats up for a few dozen minutes so it can be grilled without firing).

“Well, it seems that 100-man commander Dianne has given him a very reasonable price…”
“Is that so?”

Because we are taken care of, she won’t set a bullish price. As a true Celesta person, Dianne is not so business-friendly.

“Ho, we also offer the meat that we have. Don’t hesitate to eat, owner”

Lila calmly comes to the table of us men and sits down. Even if I say us, its only Lantz, Keiron and me. Goto and Boyd have different sizes when eaten, so it’s a separate table along with the garrison’s ogre. 100-man commander Becker is out of sight.

“Which one should I roast? There is no need to turn it over”

When Laila holds her hand over the iron plate, the upper surface burns white. Is it an application of Dragon Breath?


We applause modestly.

“Hey, if you’re just impressed, your belly won’t swell”

Laila carelessly picks up meat and throws it into my plate.

“Are you not eating?”
“You can eat, I’m not so hungry”

……I wonder by the criteria of the human body or the dragon body. I’m a little worried.

“Uuuhaa, meat is so delicious, 10-man Smithson. It’s special when it comes to self-imposing”

Lantz takes the roasted meat and looks really satisfied.

“Yeah, it’s okay to think that it’s the prey you did by hunting, and you feel like you’ve won something”

And Naris shows a similar face.

“Naris, your table is over there”
“Eh, when there is Knight Chief Sharon, it’s noisy. It’s noisy. I’m not going to die even if I’m a little bit alive”

At the table of the Gauntlet group, Sharon seems to be the chief of the grilled meat. Well, will it be classwise?

“Meat can be raw. It’s okay to have the hardness you like”

Just beyond Naris, Maia and Luna were sitting at our table. Shaking hands in consensus with unclear claims. I mean, it’s a table for four people, but there are six. The rotation speed of the grilled iron plate can’t keep up.

“Andy, it’s narrow, why don’t you come over here?”

At the table of Anzeros, there are three people with Dianne and Aurora. ……Irina, who was supposed to be with them, is on a fluffy, savory-eating journey.

“Well then……”

When I try to move, Laila follows along and Luna and Maia also come with me and the meat plate.

“If we all move, it’s the same thing as narrow!”
“Hoho, why don’t we just roast everything for the owner instead of the iron plate?”
“It’s bad that the table is small”
“It would be annoying if I was with you……”
“Ah already!”

Eventually, the dragon group and Luna decided to occupy the table.

“Heating magic. If you don’t generate heat, you’ll think of something like this”
“I don’t need it, but if it’s another race, it might be a good idea to warm up”
“Andy, say aah”
“Eat it yourself. Luna the same goes for you”

I mean, neither Laila nor Maia are so keen on eating, so I wouldn’t have had a hard time even if Luna focused on serving me. When it comes to grilled meat, it’s probably a mild battle for meat. ……No, I’m a little happy, though.


Everyone was full in the afternoon, so it was nap time. The surrounding area is plain, and sudden attacks are difficult, so it’s safe to stay in a town like Catalina, which has a strong defense. Of course the watchmen are standing guard, but they don’t have to be very nervous. ……Although.

“Haa! Seii!”
“Slow! The sharpness is already gone!”

The sight of Aurora and Anzeros fighting with practice swords on the roof is the same. Both of them have a diligent personality that they never forget to train because they are on vacation.

“I’m doing it”

With a bitter smile, Neia nodded, who seemed to be watching from the corner.

“Aurora-san, you’re still dexterous. You´re trying not to make people feel that one arm is late”
“One arm?”
“Yes. It’s the slash wave……it seems like a few days ago, but I still can’t drive as I expected”

……Oh, hasn’t it been so much since the Battle against the Devil? I feel the greatness of being healed in one day at Polka’s miraculous spring and I also feel that only time has passed since then. ……I wonder if I want to make the devil the past soon.

“Still surprising is Anzeros-san. Aurora-san is raising her arm a lot, but she is still behind you……”
“Amazing, that”
“Yes……or rather, Aurora-san must be frustrating. Normally you’d be depressed, if you´re so strong and still can’t overtake your rival”

Surely. Or rather, it’s Aurora that has dirt on Black Arm Sharon, albeit a slam. And it’s amazing to be saying things from above.

“Is it over? It’s my turn to practice next”

Anzeros fires a powerful blow into the breath-rising Aurora and retreats as if it were a shot. After all it is the difference between stamina and power. ……I mean, even Aurora shouldn’t be so weak anymore.

“You mean she’s evolving too……”
“If you get a trump card like Aurora-san’s Slash Wave, you can’t touch it”
“Even you?”
“What do you think?”

Neia smiles. ……No, this is a confident face. But if it’s Anzeros, maybe……she has already beat a Master Knight.


Descending from the rooftop into the city and taking a long walk, I wonder what to do next. I can take a nap like Keiron or I can go to Apple, who may be making snacks at 3:00, to help. It’s not bad to practice blacksmithing and engraving crest because I have free time. It is because the special made fat arrows that I gave Keiron are used and it is good to make a spare. As I walked around thinking like that, I saw Laila and Maia go out of the girls’ room.

“Oh, where are you going, Laila, Maia?”

Although there was quite a distant between us, Laila and Maia turned around when they heard my muttering voice.

“Ho, owner”
“Yes. It’s free time, so if you ask the capriciously to prepare, the little girls in the basket are overjoyed.”

That would be nice.

“Does owner want to come with us? No need for humans, but it would be useful to take a bath with us”

I’m not sure what’s going on.

“I will come”

A warm bath is always nice.

When reaching the underground bath, Laila undresses without hesitation and when she enters the bathtub, she stands still for a while. Meanwhile, Maia slowly takes off my clothes.

“I take it off myself”
“Let me do it”

Maia isn’t an obnoxious hand at all, but rather like a young wife helping change clothes, as she takes the clothes and folds them. A little smiling. Meanwhile, Laila seems to have managed to change the water into hot water.

“Ho, it’s fine owner. Feel free to enjoy the bath”
“Y, Yes”

Only my underwear is blocked by Maia’s hand and I take it off myself. Maia takes off her clothes in parallel with it. There is no hesitation here too, but unlike Laila, she is wearing underwear properly (I’m telling Laila, but she doesn’t listen to me very much), so it takes a little time.


But it’s kind of nice to see a girl take off her pants.


I was watching. Laila giggles.

“If you want to see my butt, you can see as much as you want”
“No, it’s different. No, I like your butt very much, but especially when you take off your panty, the butt is exceptional again”
“Ho. It’s a fine habit”
“……Do you want me to wear it again and take it off?”
“Y, You don’t have to do that”

Normally, it would fly from a cold point of view, but these faithful and tolerant dragons were not moved at all, but they had a strong spirit of service. This is fine, but it might be a little out of time.

I sit between Laila and Maia and fully enjoy the bath.

“A bath from midday is a luxury outside of Polka
“Ho. I don’t really understand people’s values”
“I don’t know why I shouldn’t drink alcohol from noon……”

Dragons who are too free. I try rubbing Maia’s small breasts with one hand and rubbing Laila’s breasts with the other hand. Both of them seemed a little tickled, but that was all.

“But the snow is just around the corner. What is Dianne going to do after this?”
“Come on……I don’t know Dianne’s plan”
“Nn……but if you explore during the winter, it may be difficult for Laila-sama. The sky is rough here”

Maia says so with a slight humiliation. I tilt my head.

“Oh really?”
“Ho, ice dragons are more resistant to stormy weather than fire dragons. They’re particularly strong at low temperatures, so there is a difference in sensory sensation when the sky is rough. However of they overdo it, they won’t be able to fly”
“I can do my best, but……”
“Even if you try hard only with dragons, people can not keep up. If that happens, it will be meaningless because of the number of ordinary people. Maybe we will be resting in Polka or the desert during the winter. I don’t know”

It’s possible. It depends on the interpretation of the format of the corps. Laila leaned towards my ear and whispered as I was vaguely thinking while enjoying her breasts.

“If you have some free time, let’s visit the desert or Helicon? Isn’t it good once in a while?”

I wonder if she misses it. Well, I might want to relax in Celesta that I’m used to once in a while.

“Let’s go to Misty Palace, Andy-sama. My mom will also be happy”
“……I, It looks like I’m going to be squeezed over there”
“Andy-sama is okay. You can enjoy a lot of sisters and relatives”
“……It’s a ridiculous line in terms of human values”
“Im a dragon”

Maia’s cute breasts are matchless. Maia leaned on me, closed her eyes, and felt sweet. And then.

“Laila-san, are you sure you want to do this?”
“Hyaho, bath bath♪”
“Naris-chan, dont make noise. It sounds underground”

The Gauntlet girls have entered the dressing room. Laila hugs me and holds me as I try to get out in a hurry.

“Don’t move”

Chanting, and the sense of surroundings changes a little.

“It’s an illusion. If you keep quiet, you can enjoy it”

Certainly I’m happy.

“I’m first”
“Then, I´m also rude……”
“Then I won’t be a hindrance”
“Thank you very much”

The previous three came in without hesitation, but only Almeida was gazing at the undressing basket. Then, she looks towards us with subtle eyes. ……Well, I shouldn’t be seen by Almeida, who is bad at magic, but it’s the illusion of a dragon. Wait. Yeah, my clothes are in the undressing basket.

“……Really, to what extent……”
“What’s wrong with you, Al-chan?”
“Its nothing”

Almeida, with her face red, eventually quickly took off her clothes and came in.

“This is the only time I’ll overlook it”
“Eh, what?”

Next to Laila, in a word, Almeida who says softly toward the space that I seem to be, Naris who put both elbows on the edge of the bathtub smelling of an old man makes a strange look.


Almeida sat in front of me with a red face and sigh. Playing around with the collar a little. Is it always meant to be a service with this guy at close range? I’m not sure.


Laila laughed happily. Almeida was in a bad mood and snorted again.

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