Half elves fall in love chapter 183

Chapter 183: Catalina Holiday 3



In the evening, 100-man commander Becker returned from outside the town.

“Uii, kimikimi……I can’t stand snowy regions”
“Where have you been?”
“Hmm? Ah, I went to the labyrinth ruins where you met the devil several days ago”
“……It’s pretty far away on foot”

I think it was tens of kilometers.

“Well, I left in the morning, it’s not such a tough march. There was also a map written by Captain Dianne”
“……As usual, you´re abnormal”

He has a simple instantaneous power and is extremely endurance. This is a kind of peculiar constitution.

“Well, it’s just an after-the-fact investigation. It wasn’t a big deal, as I wasn’t sent to kill monsters, but……did you guys all take a leisurely nap?”
“I’m in trouble if you tell us”
“I know……well, I think it’s going to be fun from now on. I´ll also relax a bit”
“Maybe, I went to check it out, but there are no traces of devil or monsters. It seems that there will be no big battle for a while. And it’s about time for Rennesto to receive reinforcements from Celesta”
“Reinforcement……ah, Ace Knight”

Elite Ace Knights for exploration instead of being unable to rent the Flying Rook Dragon Service. It’s the greatest concession from Celesta. That being said, if they try to use it for Renfangas, Maia is a support that is incomparable to flying rook dragons, so she is not going to complain. However, the Celesta government says that 「Dragon is a reinforcement from the elf territory, and we who assist it are 『Lending』 to the elf territory」, so it seems that they are taking doubles on all three sides in good condition.

“Meaning that we’ll be half or less burdened?”
“I dont know. After all, it is a exploration for a world that has been untouched for 300 years. I think that there are many hands and it will help, but I do not think that human resources are floating. Well, either way, I’d like to believe that we’re not going to be forced to work until we’ve adjusted our duties”
“Indeed……is temporary peace only a matter of confirmation?”

Well, it’s still better than nothing.

“Nevertheless, it’s such a tough city, is there heating? There’s been a lot of snow in the north. I wonder if it’s going to snow here in a few days”

The 100-century director will open both hands vertically about 20 cm. Even on the calendar, it’s certainly about time it snowed in Trot´s Capital. It won’t be strange here too.

“There is a stock of used clothes that I have received from the elves in the warehouse below, so why don’t you look for it?”
If you wear elf clothes, you’ll get a good price if you bring it to Rennesto. You’ve got it well”
“……I have a clan chief”

……I threw it into the warehouse randomly, but it would be a bit nice if I could take it with me for gold. Well, I think there’s no one in Renfangas who just take it as they think it is the dragon´s property, which is a hassle to move around.


Dinner was calm, probably because of the great amount of meat we got. It seems that there were a lot of people who took advantage of this chance, and about one-third didnt come out of the bedroom even at dinner time, saying, 「I didnt digest yet」, as they werent too hungry, so they decided to take part in the drinking bout at dinner. ……I was doing it. Sponsored by the White Clan Chief.

“That’s good to taste and drink. The north is a specialty of the Blue Clan”
“Incredible, it’s really easy to drink”
“This is that. It’s delicious, but if you order it at a bar, it’s a liquor that you’ll be required to pop out later”

It seems that the garrison soldiers, who were picked up by Irina for the roasted meat in the daytime, were the guest of honor. ……What are you doing, Irina?

“Hmm. I think I will collapse in the middle unless it is a dwarf or a dragon in the first place”
“Is it so strong? I know it’s mellow and progressive”
“N? Hey, Baltic? It’s too early to sleep”
“……Then it’s hard for humans”

Immediately, there are a lot of people who pass out.

“Ho. 『Stormy Whale』 is delicious, but it’s just like fruit juice once you get used to it. I miss heavy Ogre Killer and Great Ice Field”
“You don’t drink too much and say no luxury”

I tap on Laila’s head from behind. Laila made a face that seemed to be grunting.

For some reason, I said something great.



I wake up with a dull feeling. If you enjoy drinking, you will collapse before you know it. I didn’t know much about each other and it felt like I was in a bar for a long time.

“You woke up?”

My head isn’t working well, and I’m not sure who the voice I hear belongs to.

“Who? Guess it”

The voice sounds a little naughty. If I could focus on matching eyes, I would understand immediately. ……I’ll try my best to do so.

“……3, 30 points”

Only the boobs were visible. I couldn’t understand the situation well and when I thought about it a little, the back of my head was soft and warm. It was like a knee pillow. In other words, with a knee pillow, I cant see the face as the boobs are obstructive. ……I feel like there are quite a few.

“Who’s boobs……”

I feel free to rub the boobs with my hands.


Soft. Does that person wear underwear? If not wearing. My crotch.

“……Tension, nipples, shape, orientation……umm”

I muttered the most likely thing, but I’m showing myself that I’m worried, but I’m just having fun without anything like that. I dont have the skill to recognize a person by the feeling of the breasts. But if it’s this size……Laila, Apple, Dianne, Hilda, Sharon. No, Selenium is also big.

“Is there a line called Breakcore……”
“Wh, Why that holy beast?”

I don’t know why. It certainly doesn’t make sense. Or rather, there are not so many women who use such language. Considering the size of the boobs, Apple and Sharon would be the only ones. So, I don’t mind being able to sleep on the knees…….

“OK. Apple”
“……0 points”

That means.

“Yes. 100 points.”

……I wonder if the score is meaningful even though there is no limit to the number of false answers. I rub her breasts while thinking.

“I see. Are these Sharon’s breasts?”
“Yes, it’s Sharon’s boobs……I mean, you always rub them, dont you?
“I’m not rubbing them as always……”

However, it is certainly boobs that I want to rub.







……Sharon’s boobs are rubbed monotonously while being dim. There is no way to know what kind of reaction Sharon is doing because I cant see her face. But somehow I rub it in a blissful mood.


I don’t think its disliked that much because of the breath that leaks from time to time. I’m not sure. But I can’t stop. ……And, when I rubbed the breasts for about five minutes, I suddenly worried about the situation other than Sharon.

“Where are we……what happened to the others?”

When I mumbled and turned my face to a direction other than the boobs (Sharon’s tummy on the right side and Sharon’s boobs on the left, so the left side), the drinking bout continued. Laila and Maia open a non-elf liquor barrel (That is, one who originally stood in the town’s storehouse), drank and smiled. I think they share a delicate sense of being happy and feeling happy that they are drinking. Most of the attendees except the dwarves and dragons fainted and Dianne and Hilda were barely enduring. Oh, Neia is lying down on the desk. Tetes pulled Naris’s hand……or rather dragged and walked towards the girls’s room. As expected, as a intelligence officer, the front and rear arent blind……100-man commander Becker is a large character in a chaise lounge. That’s no good.

“Heaps of corpses all around……”
“Thats right. ……But it’s okay. I and you are not visible to the others”
“Yes. Therefore……”
“I can rub your breasts as much as I want”
“Is it not good?”
“……Rather, it’s better for the two of us to get out quietly and make love in earnest”

In earnest……? Suddenly I’m feeling excited. But.

“……It’s a hassle to get out”

I stood up, staggered and immediately struck Sharon on the spot, pushing her down. Sharon was surprised with a bright red face on the chaise longue. I don’t know if that redness was from my rubbing or because of alcohol.

“Th, That is, as it is, this here……!?”
“Th, There are other people who are really good at magic. Wont they break it?”

I think of a good plan. Pretend. Give up in one second.

“Go for it”
“G, Go for it……nguu!?”

I suck Sharon’s pretty lips. I didn’t try to silence her. She was so cute that I wanted to kiss, so I kiss. I’m not thinking anything.

“N, nnn……!!”

The tongue is also thrust inside and I lick the back of the teeth and the tongue instinctively. And when I was satisfied, I exhaled a alcohol-like breath to Sharon and released her lips. Lips were connected by viscous saliva. And Sharon was restless.

“Lets go once more”

Once again. This time, Sharon’s tongue was also entwined. Licking each other’s tongues as if we´re tickling each other. And after a while, I let go of her face again. The tongues are further connected to each other’s spit.


I don’t know what she is talking about, so I scratch my head.

“Go for it……I’ll do my best and I will endure even if we get caught……♪”

I think I didn’t mean that I could do my best.


I feel tired and nod. Then, I and Sharon started to remove the button from Sharon’s clothes. Under this hustle and bustle, there was no doubt about taking it off.

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