Half elves fall in love chapter 185

Chapter 185: Naris x Blade



Catalina begins to flicker and starts to show signs of winter. It is said that most soldiers will pull up here before the snow piles up and it becomes root snow though it seems that it melts when it falls and it seems that there will be no sudden snowfall. Of course, it is still a frontline fort. Dozens of soldiers remain. They will continue to maintain this anthill during the winter, with merchants who come in and replace the soldiers who return to the capital, Rennesto, and the farmers who rent a nearby farm from spring to summer. ……The great invasion was also tough, but I think it’s been six to seven years since I was stationed at the snowless Basson.

“But in winter, beast type monsters don’t come that much. If it’s just rock types monsters, we can manage it now”

A young elf communication magician who was around the heating table (a table that boiled water with heating magic used for grilled meat. It is only used at the box because it needs to be activated by magic) said that and interrupts the explanation.

“Because it’s like a line of thousands of people?”
“……It’s a bit crap, but it’s a normal range of about 10 to 20 people. And the scouts are always moving, so they can call reinforcements at any time”
“It’s hard to move in winter……”

This town, which takes 4-5 days on foot from Rennesto, will be more difficult in winter. I thought, but that is it.

“A subjugation team is organized and patrols on a regular basis and personnel are shared between the forts”

As expected, it is a tradition of 300 years. There seems to be no omission.

However, there seems to be a problem which has emerged recently, too.


When I tried to return to my room after drinking tea and warming up, Naris looked at her sword and looked bitter in the corner of the landing (it’s hard to carry things up in the spiral corridor).

“What are you doing”
“Uwa, sex maniac!”
“……I’m sorry. No that, ……emm, 10-man captain Smithson was also a blacksmith, right? What do you think about this?”

The sword that Naris presents is the one she has carried since the last time in Rennesto. It looks like a sword that looks good from a distance, but…….

“……Its blunt”
“You can see that 10-man captain Smithson?”

You can see it by focusing on the surface of the sword. The way of forging is simple. I mean, I didn’t hit it very much. A well-tempered metal is beautiful and strong. This is especially important for blades that are thin and need strength. However, it’s a sad reality that this kind of omission work goes through in the case of large orders for the military. The ordering treasurer isn’t someone who use a weapon, so he doesn’t look very well at the time of delivery and the blacksmith is overworked. Master Sreed was tough on that kind of work. Did he preach the phrase 「I think it’s God’s judgment when something isn’t seen?」 in the scriptures like a habit of saying?

“In the arsenal of Rennesto’s castle, I had a good look, but……”
“When I was watching you everyday, I felt that something was wrong”
“You’re right……”

A swordsman basically takes care of his sword every day. Rather, even if there is no subject to care for, a swordsman who gets a new sword looks at the sword every day. It seems to be such a feeling. Well, it’s often the case that problems become apparent after a while.

“I thought this was it”
“Its either unlucky or poor eyesight……well, don’t be discouraged”
“Isn’t it possible to reforge it?”
“I’m sure it’s not impossible”
“Can I ask you for this favor”
“No, it’s better to ask for a professional. I’ve been interrupted before I started to practice blade smithing……”
“No, definitely 10-man captain Smithson can do it. I know you have that skill”

I wonder if she was talking about when I made the bikini armor. No, there’s no way I’m not happy when I’m told that my skill as a craftsman is good, so I grin a little. I’m not afraid of anything.

“Friend price!”
“……Is that so?”

Yup. She is poor, isn’t she?


By the way, it doesn’t mean that you just have to hit it. Hitting is basically purging and reducing impurities. It is difficult to increase the amount of steel added. Generally, there are no such equipment or materials. In extreme cases, it is most reasonable to reforge in the direction of making the blade smaller. No, I started hearing from my master and fellow students, but I didn’t do it myself before. However, Naris’s sword is a one-handed sword. It’s easy to revise a two-handed sword into a one-handed sword or a one-handed sword into a dagger (Even with my blacksmith skill). And no matter how much Naris can handle most weapons, it’s a bit sad to be able to fight with a dagger as a knight. Then, the story becomes difficult.

“I don’t know what to do……”

I groan while looking at Naris’s sword for the time being. For now, the weapon workshop next to the soldier’s station is small enough to repair things on a small scale. It is safe to say that its is poorer than Jackie-san´s workshop in Polka. Making a good sword here……if I lower the melting temperature of the sword with a crest, the difficulty level will be lowered to some extent, but it is still difficult. Then, after thinking about various things, Neia suddenly appeared.

“Smithson-san, why are you here?”
“Why are you here Neia”
“I’m looking for a change of armor……I don’t have any armor that suits my physique, so I’m fishing for a bit of partial equipment”

Neia receives the shoulder rest from the dwarf in the workshop, removes the cloak and wears it.

“It’s a little big.”
“What! It’s for women”
“I’m sorry for being small……”

Neia returns the shoulder rest to the dwarf with a troubled face. ……Well, even 16-year-old Tetes is somewhat bigger than Neia. Anzeros is about the same, but until I made it recently, she was wearing a too big armor -> crest engraved clothes. I want to say I’ll make it for her, but I can’t say it here yet. At best, I can’t do such a big job until I return to Rennesto or go to Polka. So.

“I’m trying to do something about Naris’s sword”
“What do you mean?”
“……This is blunt, right? Look closely”

Neia tilts her head. Surprisingly, isn’t there a deep knowledge of swords?


And, Flash Sword shone thinly as if to say something under Neia´s cloak.


I just point my finger at it. If it is Neia, it might be possible to communicate somehow because she is a legitimate heir. ……When I thought so, Neia muttered a small spell and developed an illusion.

“What is? Flash Sword”
“……Is it okay to speak now?”
“I talked to you because it’s okay”

It’s a voice illusion. I can’t hear people around me. Maybe they also can’t hear our voices and Flash Sword.

“……I can see that the quality is terribly bad. It’s embarrassing to be called a sword like me”
“To, To that extent? I don’t really understand the difference”
“You should have a little more insight into swords. To understand my value and appreciation”
“Andy Smithson. You say you can do something about it, but what are you going to do?”
“……If I revise it as it is, it seems like it can only be shaped like a dagger”
“I suppose. That’s what happens when you tighten it”
“But no matter how good Naris is, it’s a pity that she cant do her best with a dagger. As a knight”
“Yes, a knight can’t look good without a good weapon”
“I don’t understand”
“You don’t understand. Grab my handle”

Handshake. I couldn’t do so, so I grab the sword handle and shake it lightly. Well that’s it.

“So what should I do? It’s difficult to do large-scale processing here”
“……Then it’s a spear. With a dagger and a long handle, it’s a spear”

Certainly that is also an option.

“I’m sure Naris could use a spear……she used one when she trained with Aurora before”
“Then it won’t be a problem”
“……But I want to make the handle nice”

A wooden handle is also an advantage. It’s light, easy to transport, and hard to get tired. Above all, it is easy to change quickly. However, it is not suitable for defense at all. The reliability of attacks other than thrusting is also significantly reduced.

“It’s almost like an iron rod. I’d like to ask someone to give one to me”

Aside from using a dagger, it’s probably possible to work on iron rods or something like that. It’s a trick, but it’s better than this blunt sword……I think.

“Thank you Flash Sword”

I thank Flash sword for it’s advice and go to the mayor.

Explaining the circumstances, the mayor opened the farm equipment store.

“It’s okay to fish in the arsenal, but our troops shouldn’t run out of it……there are some farm tools that can be used for that purpose. Also please dont sell them”
“Yes and thank you”

It’s a little bit salty, but it can’t be helped. Besides, farm tools and long metal handles are all I need. That’s why the search begins. It was just a warehouse, it was pitch-black with no windows and it was a steady search with a lantern in one hand.

I rushed for about an hour, found some candidates and left the farmhouse. For some reason, the vanguard groups such as Anzeros, Almeida, Aurora and Tetes were gathering there.

“I heard about this from Hero Neia and Naris. It looks like you’ll make a spear. I’ll give you some advice”

Almeida is proud. ……, Anzeros interrupts her.

“Andy still can’t make the kind of fancy weapon you have. Don’t say too much recklessly”

Aurora in the form of supporting it.

“I’m sure you’ll be working on crest engraving, so let me know if you have any advice”

……I feel like she is not helping much. But Tetes counters it. ……I think she’ll do it.

“AI-chan who is spinning around is cute……”

I was relieved. This fellow is useless.

“Well, if you’re free, carry them one by one”

I give them the farming tools I was holding. To be honest, it was heavy and there were some with blades, so it was dangerous.

“Is this there?”

Anzeros is bewildered.

“I may not use it, but I looked it up in the workshop and it seems to be the best one to use”

As expected, all four are knights fighting as vanguards. They have more strength than me, so they can easily hold the farm tools. ……I feel a little sad, but we went straight to the workshop.

Because the farm equipment warehouse was dark, I don’t really know whether the farm tools are good or bad. Well, it doesn’t have to be a good farm tool, though. Anyway, I didn’t have the motivation to investigate in detail on site, so I’ll take a closer look at it in the bright workshop. Then.

“……I really like this sickle”

I noticed that one of the farm tools was very good. It was a common sickle for reaping grain, but it is well forged and the surface is very beautiful. It seemed much higher than Naris´s blunt sword.

“Ah, yes that’s a good judgement. Its from a Trot fellow”

The old dwarf man in the workshop happily taught me.

“Yes, here and there, it’s carved in northwest language”
“……Lingate……eh, is this made by Lingate Kobo?”

Lingate workshop. It is one of the large workshops of Schrantz, the ancient capital of the southern part of Trot. It’s reasonable and good.

“Is it fine to use it?
“Why not? The warehouse in the town isn’t a personal property anyway. If the mayor said yes, then its fine”

Well, I don’t think I will be blamed because it was approved, when I try to win big.

“But it was good when Trot’s ironware came in easily. You could buy not only armor but also such a cheap thing. Valerie’s armor could not be hit hard”
“……I see”

No, most of Trot’s business has been via Celesta since the Celesta War. Trade with other countries directly from Trot is severely restricted and now, only a few Trot products are sold on the regular route to Renfangas.

“That’s right, you´re a Celesta soldier. I, I didn’t mean to speak ill of Celesta”
“No, I’m a Trot man anyway”
“……Ah……it’s complicated”

After the Celesta War, Trot soldiers are nominally Celesta soldiers. I laughed at the dwarf, who kindly thought about the circumstances, with a slightly troubled face. Anyway.

“But when it comes to Lingate’s work……it’s no use leaving only the handle”

Anzeros says what makes sense. Yup. It’s much more wasteful than processing Naris’s sword.

“I wonder if Naris can use a sickle……”
“Long hooks are not so minor as cavalry weapons. Paladins also use them”

As Almeida says, Tetes shrugs her shoulders.

“If you have something to ride on, right. If you have a rush force, a sickle-shaped weapon is perfect for a crossing attack.”
“……Even if the person who wields such a weapon can endure it, the animals which carry it is more unfaithful to vehicles”

So. The sickle, or a slightly more open curved weapon, is actually quite common in the world. But it cannot be an infantry weapon. 「Hooking inside」 is usually too defenseless for infantry fighting. If you step inside the reach, you can do nothing. It was a weapon unique to cavalry that had the ability to avoid frontal fighting attacks to some extent and had a relative speed that left the opponent behind. So it’s perfectly unsuitable for Naris, a Renfangas soldier, who doesn’t even have any excellent mount.

“Now, then, there’s only a spear……emm”
“Drop this blade and just the handle……it’s a waste”

Anzeros also worries with me. Almeida, a spear idiot, has grown up as a young lady and hasn’t had any trouble with weapons, so it’s better to have Anzeros closer to me than Aurora and Tetes, who have a little history as warriors. It helps, though.

“……To process this blade into a sword”
“That’s just too much work in the workshop here. It’s difficult to balance a big sword”
“Isn’t it possible for Naris to use it even if it’s a little messed up? She also can use axes and hammers”
“It’s still better to sell this off and go to the royal workshop to ask for a proper one than to do it myself”
“Don’t sell it, it’s the mayor’s favor, isn’t it?”
“Yeah……that’s right”

I can’t sell it because it’s a treasure. If I sell it to Renfangas, which lacks high-quality ironware and bring the gold to Trot, I can buy a reasonable sword wit it, but it is useless. It sounds like a scam. Almeida took the chalk naturally in the place where it worried by feeling, and drew a figure on the stone plate for the price display.

“That’s what you’re talking about isn’t it……”

A little picture which is at a level that can be understood somehow though it is poor.

“Transform it like this……”

Fold the blade of the scythe inward like the arm of an mantis and stick it to the handle.

“If you put a blade on the outside, will it be able to be used as a war axe?”

Anzeros sighs. Pick words while scratching her forehead.

“……Dancing Spear. It’s a natural trick in Afilm, but it’s something you cant easily do elsewhere”
“Wait, wait a minute, Anzeros”

Right now. It struck me in my head.

“Aurora, come over here”
“Y, Yes!?”
“I’m going to draw a picture of a crest, so please read it. Maybe the effect is wrong”

However, I am sure to write the engraved crest on the wall with chalk taken from Almeida. I’m sure there’s no doubt that I’m addicted to it.

“Here, let’s fasten the screws……in this state, with this kind of engraved crest, it slides to this state”
“Eh……that’s true, no, but in theory it’s certainly wrong……”
“Don’t you agree? That looks cool, doesn’t it?”

I am very satisfied because Aurora looks surprised.

“What did you draw, 10-man captain Smithson and 10-man captain Aurora?”

Tetes hurriedly asked Aurora. She can ask me. I would rather explain it. Aurora exhales and calms down, then gives an overview.

“Originally, Trot and Celesta weapons are rugged. Both countries share a common sense of values that are simple and functional because of their practical needs”
“Y, Yes”
“Therefore, as a result of disregarding Afilm’s gimmick weapons as an act of reducing strength and practicality……I feel that in movable armament, it has already been left behind for several steps or dozens of steps”

Well, that’s also the difference in tactics.

“Theoretical point is that without a complicated transformation technology, a sickle can be transformed into an axe with a simple mechanism with one screw and the attack power can be concentrated without reducing the strength. Right?”
“Yeah. 90 points”

Aurora’s explanation is simple, but there are other detailed mechanisms. The engraved crest that simplifies the structure of the special fat arrow increases the swing speed and the direction of impact strength is optimized in the sickle and axe states. If it is done well, it will be a masterpiece weapon.

“Okay, let’s get started! I’m calling Laila a little and it’s the best to help because I don’t get burned”
“W, Wait, Andy, I’ll help you too”
“Anzeros is useless because it is something you´re not used to”
“T, Then I will”
“I’m also a hard worker……”
“It’s okay for you guys because you don’t much about forging”

I reject the other three other than Tetes, Tetes immediately called out for Laila and with Laila appearing soon, I started to work on the sickle and work on engraving crests with Laila.

The three who saw it halfway down gave up and fell asleep. I was working hard with Laila.

“Ho. It’s not so often that you can engrave such a fine magic pattern”
“I’m good at details. My father seemed to be good at doing rough things and putting them together in a feeling”

But I may be a type of person who feels because I make things from a flash. My dad may be doing something delicate and rough. The details of an blacksmith’s work can’t be seen easily unless they’re peers.

“But……I’m not ready to eat. I can spend days with you, but your body won’t be able to keep up”
“Apart from that, it’s been many hours since we started……”
“It’s morning!”

When I looked up suddenly, the direction of the sunlight that came in through the window was certainly strange. Well. I’m sure I started from a little early in the evening…….

“……T, That?”

Suddenly I hit something. No, wait, at least engrave crests a little more.

“……W, Wait a minute……that?”

My eyes are closing repeatedly. My shoulders suddenly felt heavy.

“……You might have really fallen down if I didn’t tell you”

Laila sighs.

“I thought that would be the case”

Dianne, who had come before I knew it, smiled bitterly while putting a blanket over Anzeros and others.

“Andy. Rest a little. It’s nice to be able to make a masterpiece, but a guy who falls down one by one to make things can’t do it as a craftsman, can he?
“Y, Yes……that’s right”

I tried to be strong, but when I stood up, my body swayed. Apple gently supported me.

“No, don’t worry about everyone. Andy-san is my husband……”
“No, no, maybe that’s right”

It’s also awkward to keep leaning on Apple. I tried to stand on my own, but it was impossible.

“……I like Smithson-san, who is passionate about making things……”

Sharon supports me from the other side.

“Don’t overdo it. When it’s time to go to bed, you have to go to bed. ……Or you´re going to get sick”

Luna gives me a chop on my head. ……Well, surely I would say the same thing as Luna if anybody else was in this state?

“……Uh, I’m sorry……then……”

I’m finally convinced that I’m weak. My mouth didn’t move when I tried to say something.


I wake up in the afternoon. Immediately after work, I ran to the workshop and Laila sat on the workbench and waited leisurely while drinking alcohol.

“Ho, is it good already?”
“I’m sleepy”

As soon as I tried to resume work, I was hit on the head from behind.

“Not only sleep deprivation, Andy-kun”
“Umm. It’s prepared by Apple. Please eat it”

Hilda and Irina. Maia pulls out a sandwich from Irina’s basket and tries to make me eat it.

“A, Amm”
“It’s delicious……”

I tried to say that I could eat it myself, but Maia smiled happily and the smile was so cute that I decided to leave it alone.

My hunger when I start eating. I leave it to Maia and eat more and more.

“Oh, you don’t have to put in too many. If you’re too full, you’ll lose your concentration”
“Hmm. I don’t think it’s good to concentrate too much”

Irina whimsically eats the rest of the sandwich and says this plausible thing.

“It’s over half way done. If I engrave a crest, I’ll have to make fine adjustments and then use an outer blade……”
“Yes, Yes. Let’s leave it to Hilda-sensei before it’s dangerous. It’s my job as doctor to stop you. With magic that makes you sleepy or feeling good”
“……Please refrain from careless magic that makes me feel good”

I don’t hate blacksmithing or sex, but I don’t want to be confused too much. I don’t think ejaculation should be done during blacksmithing.

“Oh? Well, whichever is okay”
“Ho, let’s get started. Good, what’s next?”
“Next is……”

I again resume my work with Laila.


And it was finally completed in the middle of the night.

“I did it……”

Weapon for Naris, named Crash Haken (TL note: Haken is the german word for piton/hook). Basically, it is a long-handled heavy weapon with a shape similar to a Crescent Axe, but it can also be used as a sickle by expanding the blade when necessary. In either state, the engraved crest is engraved so that the strength is exerted in the direction in which the weight is most expected, and it should be about twice as strong as a weapon made equally by ordinary forging.

“Ho, I think it has become a rather stylish weapon”
“Although my blacksmith skills are irrelevant……”

No, I think that I was a blacksmith properly in the part of attaching a blade or dividing and attaching a movable screw, but it does not require such a strong blacksmithing skill. It’s not much different from striking horseshoes. Following Breath Shooter and Breath Caliber, I made another one. Perhaps, I may not have enough imagination as a blacksmith. By the way, the sword I received from Naris is lying in the corner of the workshop. It’s not even used as a material. ……I can’t argue if I’m asked what this is.


However, Naris looked at Crash Haken and looked very satisfied.

“Wow, what is this and what’s wrong with it? Incredible transformation! It’s strange, I don’t understand!”

No, please understand the meaning. Maybe it’s a horse-riding battle.

“Or rather, how did you shape that sword like this?”
“……It’s very difficult to say”

Since it cannot be regenerated as a sword, let’s make it a spear → Find a handle for the spear → That one was of higher quality than the sword → Explain the wonderful flow of forgetting the sword.

“Wow, idiot”
“Damn it! I thought you would say that!”

I’ll say the same thing when I see something like that other than me!

“……What, Naris-chan, who was secretly meeting someone in the middle of the night……was with 10-man captain Smithson-san”

When I looked around, it was Tetes. It was on the rooftop that I called Naris and handed Crash Haken. I wanted to surprise her when nobody was there, but it certainly doesn’t look like that. You didn’t try to say something disturbing, Tetes-san?

“Th, That Tetes-chan, this is!”

Naris don’t know what to say. She doesn’t seem to realize that everyone knows that she’s letting me make a weapon. Tetes smiled meanly after making a slightly boring face.

“But now, Naris-chan belongs to 10-man captain Smithson both in name and reality”

Naris is surprised with her mouth open. I’m surprised too. Before I knew.

“What is that?”
“Well, isn’t it? Both the bikini armor and the new weapons are made by 10-man captain Smithson”

……Ah, it means she is solidifying her 「Whole body」 and 「My product」. I was really surprised.

“Ah, and Naris-chan”
“It doesn’t matter much. In Celesta, if you imitate something like passing a knife free of charge, it’ll be considered a proposal, right? If you receive it, it will be approved”

Naris also opened her mouth even bigger and was stunned.

“Then, good night♪”

Naris stays for a while while seeing Tetes leaving with a smile. Then I saw this.

“T, That……in other words, what is it?”
“Calm down Naris”
“Am I stepping on a mine? That, maybe I’ll do it for the side room too, do you think it’s crazy?”
“No, not really……”

That rule is only for the desert people from the south. ……I tried to teach her, but Naris took the distance with me strangely quickly by the movement which was jerky.

“Sorry, I’ll pay you if I succeed in the future, so I’ll pay I properly, so please be carefulーーー!!”

She ran indoors with a dash. ……I’m not requesting a separate amount of money, so is it okay if she pays the friend’s price appropriately? However, I hate myself because I just imagined Naris´s feelings.

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