Half elves fall in love chapter 194

Chapter 194: Misty Palace Masters, Part 2 [Julienne Airi Michela]



The dragons are all somewhat similar to Maia, but the similarities are different. It’s the youngest (likely) woman next to Maia who gave me her butt hole and what resembles Maia is mainly her sharp eyes. However, even with the eyes that would actually give a cold impression, it was pointless to behave in a naive and shallow manner, pushing the buttocks while desperately begging me to hold her.

“You´re such a happy girl to have your butt hole ravished by me. Do you not want to become pregnant”
“No, Not good……?”
“No. I love such perverts”

I have already ejaculated once in her ass, but fortunately or unfortunately, the shock of consciousness-burning ejaculation is alleviated by the action of the herb, so I continue to ravish her butt hole without a break.

“I don’t like sex that wants to make children, like an obligation. Making a greedy girl get drunk with my cock like you is good……”
“Ah, a, aaaa……”

Pulling out my cock from the buttocks and immediately moving to the vagina. my middle and ring finger are thrust into the bottom of her ass hole, while I invade her pussy.

“It’s good enough to seed you after being so sluttish!”
“Ha, uaa♪”

I leap through the two holes that are completely wet. I’m swinging my hips around, covering her back and whispering to her ears.

“Hey, tell me your name……I’m trying to taste both the ass and the pussy, but I don’t know your name?”
“……Ju, Julienne……”
“Julienne, it’s a good name, you seem to love it in your asshole!”

What I’m saying is super appropriate. I mean, what is the name that seems to like doing it in the butt hole and one second later, I’m sickening myself in the brain. By the way, while committing the asshole with one hand, my other hand rubs her boobs and I move my waist, so maybe from the side it looks super exciting. However, she whispered to me, making a thin expression less than a smile and waving her own hipy to support my cheerful and half-hearted movement. She tries to devote herself to pleasure.

“Yes, I love my ass……Maia´s owner, I love you a lot……ah, the words that I love you, how embarrassing and sweet……♪”
“Ah, I also love you……I want to roll sideways and hold you from the front”
“Yes……n, nn……ah, don’t pull it out, ……love it to the depths♪”

It was a bit difficult to change the posture while still being inside, but Julienne slowly rolled her hips sideways, raising her legs in a very flexible movement, putting herself in front of my face and putting her leg around my hips. She also wrapped the other leg sparingly.

“How is it……?”
“Its okay, I can fuck you while sucking your breasts”

I cover Julienne from the front and suck her nipples while rubbing her breasts with both hands. Although she is young, she may well be a mature dragon. Beautiful breasts that assert herself, rather than discrete breasts like Maia, make me drunk. Julienne shakes herself to urge me, who is obsessed with her boobs and neglects to move the hips.

“Haaa……hard, kuruuu……♪”
“Shake your hips until you feel like this”
“Y, Yes……Maia´s owner, please ejaculate at anytime……♪”

Julienne begins to shake her hips in a wavy motion, putting her hands on my nape. The greedy movement is full of lust with carnal desires and entertains me fully with her scruffy, obsessed look. Eventually, I got exhausted with her breasts and clung to Julienne in earnest and shook my hips in accordance with the skillful movement of her waist.

“Ah, a, aaa……lo, love……I’m loved now……♪”

Before I knew it, Maia, who was next to me, whispered a little dissatisfied and got on the bed.

“Julienne, don’t go crazy……Andy-sama, he is my owner……”
“B, But this is……ah, love me more, love me……♪”

Perhaps she was hungry for the word love. While thinking that I pushed a strange point, I lost to the grind of the dynamic waist and ejaculated.

“A, aaaa……♪”

The soothed Julienne hugs me tightly. She raises her happy waist and is persistently toying with it with her fingers. Her fingers didn’t go into her butt, but she looked happy at being toyed with.

“……Haaaa……Maia´s owner, likes my buttocks……I wish you had a contract with me……”
“Ho, he prefers wombs rather than ass, right? I´m going to show you”

Laila, who was next to me like Maia, points out.

“Is……that so”

To Julienne, who was a little disappointed, I whispered in a slightly withered voice.

“……I told you we’re going to make love together”

I’m just trying to find the place I feel comfortable with the other party’s favorite place.

“……The nickname animal trainer isn’t just for show”

Julienne smiles. Kissing that smile, I move on to the next woman.

The other two were older than Maia’s mother, Asti. Of course, they don’t look like old humans with an old body or deteriorated skin, but it feels that way due to the expression and the atmosphere.

“Can you love me too, Maia´s owner?”
“Of course……I´d like to say, but wait a minute……”

I feel tired when I leave Julienne alone. Even though the suspicious action of herbs has reduced fatigue, the physical strength cannot be maintained if I endlessly stick to a female dragon. It was a feeling that there was a reminder of something. Nonetheless, their nudes are still splendid and the female dragon who talked to me had ripe fruit-like boobs and the female dragon next to her had tight, protruding boobs. Perfect to keep my excitement. I laid down between them while holding my breath, stroking the four boobs while looking up.

“Nn……as expected, Maia´s owner has a reputation as a woman lover. How are my breasts?”
“They’re huge……I want to sleep between these boobs”
“Ho, I’m going to make it come true as much as you want”

Laila raises her voice, as if she were out of her mind.

“Of course I ask Laila to do that. But I want to get caught in these boobs right now”
“……What a spoiled child”

Laila is disgusted. Yup. You’ll be disgusted. I am disgusted too. But now I’m saying what I´m thinking. There was no adult self-control.

“Huhuhu……if that’s the case. Michela”
“Yes. Airi, I know”

The two older women nodded at each other and slept with me. No, they sleep a little bit higher than I do. In other words, their groins came around my elbows.


I was tightly pressed from the left and right by four boobs.

“A man always loves boobs”
“It doesn’t have to be cute. I wanted to keep my boy sucking as much as he wanted as long as I become pregnant”

I don’t think breastfeeding is like that. But I shake my face and try to move. Oh Boobs banzai.

“……Andy-sama, it’s kind of ridiculous”
“Ho. Maia, can’t you wait so long for your boobs to grow?”
“………… I, Its alright, Neia, also have small boobs which are growing and I may grow up soon before she grow up”

You care about it…….

“I don’t hate boobs that are about Maia´s size. That’s fine to play with all day long”
“……Andy-sama do it right away. You dont even do it”

It is a rebellious period. But.

“My goal is to have more than ten days to kill a day just for naughty things during this winter”

I decided now.

“For real?”
“……Then, can you play with my breasts all day long?”
“I´ll do my best”
“……T, Then, I’ll forgive you even if it’s ridiculous”

Maia was a very nice girl.

“Huhuhu. She is completely in touch with you”
“I’m jealous, not only did you become a Dragon Rider, but you are loved so much……”

The mature female dragons laugh from the top of the left and right.

“I’m going to love you now”
“Thats right. Now, love my body as you like, Maia´s owner”
“Hold me as much as you want, not just Airi. I’m embarrassed because I don’t know any men since I gave birth to Julienne”

Both of them lined up on me on all fours, each with a fascinating smile while gently rubbing their boobs against my arms.

“Okay, then……get on you”

I turn my eyes to the dragon called Airi. She used a slightly male or old-style wording, and, on the other hand, she put her arms around her body to show off a body that could only be described as a woman and licked her mouth with her slender tongue.

“When I was young, I had many male elves leave the house, didn’t I? Are you ready?”
“If you don’t want to do that, I will start with her……”
“Ah, I´m kidding, love me”

She seemed to have a slightly playful personality. Such she slowly straddles me. When she shakes her voluminous boobs and drops her plump buttocks, my penis is swallowed in her lukewarm vagina.

“……St, Still, manly……♪”
“Come on, shake your hips……d, dont stop”

I wake up suddenly. Hugging while kissing the annoyed Airi, we deep kiss for a few tens of seconds.

“Puha……wh, what……”
“I want to shake my waist”

Holding Airi up, I stood up from the bed and shook her.

“Ha, aaahh……!”
“Hold it tight”

Shaking the writhing Airi. Although I was getting more confident in my legs and feet, I couldn’t hold it for a long time because my physical strength isnt outrageous, but I still wanted to blame her while shaking the slightly dripping breasts of Airi.

“Ha, a, aaa……w, womb, it’s pierced……wrenched open……♪”
“Surprisingly light, Airi……!”
“……I, I’m happy with the flattery……comfortable……n,nuuu♪”

Zuchu, Zuchu, Zuchu……the sound of water is made according to the swaying waist. It looks like it’s quite wet, as I can see the nasty qualities. ……After repeating the movement for a while, I put her on the bed again.

“Let’s go……!!”

I started swinging again.

“Ha, a, a, a, a, a, ……ah, ahuaaa♪”

When I start blaming her, Airi is completely a tuna. It’s unlimited. I hit the womb at high speed like a dog. Airi who has disturbed hair agonizes.

“What is your preparedness……!?”
“I, I’m sorry, when I was young……it was hundreds of years ago……that’s also about the pale elves……♪”
“It’s my ejaculation that made many elves and dragons female slaves. Are you ready?”
“……Ye, Yes……♪”

She’s pretty cute. The atmosphere is increasing year by year. Airi clings to me with teary eyes and begging for ejaculation, I slam my waist as much as I can to ejaculate and start ejaculation.



By the time I turned to Julienne’s mother Michela, I had somehow cleared my head. That is.

“……E, Emm. ……Can I do that?”
“Somehow……the momentum has weakened……”

What a great thing I was doing. I was calm.

“But……I’m good at that sort of thing too♪”

Michela gently licks her fingers and slowly covers me. Even though she is the parent of an adult dragon, she has a mature atmosphere. Her appearance is really youthful and the most assertive boobs of the four dragons are thinned out to me.

“Do, Dont be too hard on me”
“I will handle it carefully”
“Handle it carefully!?”
“……Once you put it in, it’s a mess!”

When Michela smiled and sat down on my penis, she looked like another person in estrus.

“……A, After all, I can’t stand it……it’s so intense, because it is seen……♪”

Shake her hips. Shaking her hips vigorously.

“Ku, u, uaaaa”
“Ha, a, aa……ah, great, it’s so good, it comes to a comfortable place……♪”

There is no technique like Hilda-san, but the movement of the lewd woman is overwhelming. Airi’s heroic story can be understood by this person. this is…….

“Gua, aaaa!!”
“Ah, a……come out……♪”


“Michela, it’s about time to switch. Andy-sama is my rider”
“N……ju, just a little more……”
“I will keep it until tomorrow”
“Ahh……I want to make love again”
“I wanted you to put it in my butthole again……”
“Hu, Huhuhu, well today is okay to draw”

I kept running out until the juice was almost transparent and I ended up sleeping like fainting between female bodies. ……After all, I can’t beat the physical strength of a dragon.


The next morning, when I left the room, Broll-san was still drinking with Dianne.

“Oh, Andy-dono. You look tired”
“……You heard it, didn’t you?”

It’s a dragon.

“Well, they’ve all lost riders or they’ve never had one. No one complains when they’re seeded”
“……I wonder what the excitement is. I mean, if they lost a rider, is it okay to have a partner immediately……”

I wish it wouldn’t be possible for Maia and Laila to find the next contractor and ride right after I died. I know it’s a man’s ego.

“……Lose doesnt mean, for example, that the seeding isnt allowed”

Broll-san looked a little far away.

“Dragons don’t think that a rider’s death is the end of a contract. If they had a rider until the end, he’s still a rider after death”
“……Even after death”
“To lose means to say that the rider quit being a rider. To live and give up responsibility. There aren’t many dragons blaming it, but deeper in the heart……it hurts the soul”

It’s not a word that says a lot. However, it was understood that it was very painful from the voice sound which thought about the “lost” person who was someone among them.


“For example, if I signed a rider contract with someone……isn’t it bad?”
“Hey, Andy. Are you still increasing……?”

As expected, Dianne has a scornful look. I haven’t seen it recently.

“N, No, this is just an example. For example, if you can have dozens of followers with this kind of condition……if they can follow me, I wonder if such a Dragon Rider could make a great army”
“No, that’s not what you want”

Broll-san says so.

“A dragon without a rider will never go against the dragon rider’s path. And, after all, it’s not a big deal between dragon riders”
“Even if it’s only just one rider or a hundred riders, dragons can’t deal with each other. It’s a covenant that can only be decided between riders
“……That is”
“You already have two, but if another dragon rider stands in front of you and it’s a highly capable warrior, you can’t count on their protection. ……Well, it’s unlikely that a dragon is willing to lend itself to a strong warrior, but if you’re at risk, you should train yourself”

I was afraid that if a Dragon Rider could contract dragons indefinitely, maybe one dragon rider would sweep the continent, but is that not the case? But if.

“……So if a really strong warrior were to become a Dragon Rider, I’d be scared”

I couldn’t help but think so.

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