Half elves fall in love chapter 198

Chapter 198: Let’s start the sacred festival, Part 2 [Breakcore Irina Laila]



Priests are synonymous with great magicians on all continents. There are various beliefs in each country, but in most of them the proof of being loved by God shows magical talent. Therefore, if Trot finds a magical talent, most of it will be entrusted to the Holy Great Temple of Leica, a sanctuary and will receive a general education. Along with knights, this is the most stable job in the future. Parents are also happy to send it out.

Well, even if I talk about general examples, I don’t have any talent.

“A priest……I can’t use magic at all, but I wonder if I can cheat”

I vaguely said to Irina, who was clinging to the table and drafting a circulating letter and Irina sighed after turning a grudge at me.

“It’s just a matter of having a ceremony that uses magic separately. Most of the festivals outside are also used as a starting point for flashy magic to replace the smoke signal that shows gratitude to the other party”

Mostly. Well, there are many other things, such as playing an instrument at maximum volume and burning a bonfire as loud as possible, but it’s usually magic if you have a good priest.

“If it’s a festival for gods and spirits, it wouldn’t be possible to make it pear, but this festival has the holy beast in question. If the holy beast is satisfied, the nominal horn wont stand”
“Yeah. If a priest is a beloved object of worship, now there is no one else than Andy”
“……Then, the face of an elf who was dedicated to the festival was crushed”
“When you leave me alone for decades, you have nothing to look at”

Breakcore (small) is in a good mood, by riding on my lap and turning my arms around her belly. Irina looks as if she’s biting a bitter worm, but Diel next to her has a strange face.

“I can accept Smithson’s existence when I’m told that……”
“But if it’s a contribution to the Holy Beast, Laila.dono, Bonaparte-dono, the sky blue princess and Dianne”
“I can’t ignore them, but if Smithson didn’t put them together, it’s more likely that the Holy Beast would still be in that unknown state”
“……That’s right”

Apparently, the fact that I said 「Let’s help」 is treated as more important than I expected. I just helped dig out Diel who was buried in the flesh.

“Anyway, the elves blessed Andy and his friends at that time. If you emphasize that, I don’t think the other clans chiefs can complain, right?”
“……I have no choice but to proceed with that line”

Irina starts by writing smoothly with a feather pen. I can’t read it because it’s elf language, but I know the handwriting is sleek.

“Irina is good at writing elf language”
“……I wouldn’t be strangely impressed with the chief of a clan”

Irina makes a pitiful face. ……Surely a clan chief doesn’t have to be great. You need leadership, speech, etiquette and you can’t be bad at writing documents.

“Well, I was famous for my poor handwriting. Also, my immature voice”

Hahaha, Diel laughed. Irina shrugs her shoulders.

“There are things like that. For the time being, I´m raised as a unity of clans”

Proudly. However, the ink jar collapsed in the rhythm and it was a catastrophe on the table.

“Hey hey hey!”

Irina and Diel are in a hurry. ……That’s why I’m impressed with how good the handwriting is.


“When it comes to festivals, you can’t just drink, sing and make noise. There’s a labyrinth, let’s think about some events”

Diel overlooks the meadow and folds his arms. Elves are resting in the grasslands above the labyrinth today. Taking a nap, playing a musical instrument or swinging their weapon to train themselves. The sloping day shed a golden light on them and it was a beautiful sight that could be called a painting.

“I think it’s okay to just drink, sing and make noise”
“Actually, it’s like that every night, even if it’s not a festival”
“Well, we don’t have a lot of alcohol, so it’s modest, but the people who come here are usually young. It would be fun to have the same age group across clans. I bragged about my throat endlessly at night, had a debate that I didn’t understand well, and sang improvisational poems in the relay……”

……I thought the elves were a quieter race.

“……Young guys are the same in every race”
“Is it the same for humans?”
“It’s worse than that”

Even if you’re not such a bad guy, you can try walking around in the red-light district of a city without buying or drinking anything, or you can enjoy endless ridiculous stories in the back alleys of the territory. In a city with a lot of people, you can see such a scene everywhere. I was one of them when I was training in the royal capital. Unexpectedly, this labyrinth village has become such a singular point of youth for young elves.

“When it comes to that, I wonder if cooking and music aren’t enough to get excited”
“Well, it’s pretty safe to attack the labyrinth regularly with this many people and I think it can be used for something”
“Well, I’ll leave that to you”

It seems that Diel has some plans for a funny event, so I’ll leave it to him.

“Oh, then I have to prepare too”

Diel returns to the village.

“Ho. Did you accept it after all?”

After seeing off Diel, Laila, who seems to have taken a nap on the roof of Breakcore’s house, jumps down. However, I guess she was listening to the conversation at home. You can’t hear it at this distance.

“I accepted……or rather, I’m still not sure what to do”

With a bitter smile, Breakcore and Irina just came out of the house.

“I’ll repack the details again, but basically you just have to stand up. First time, there’s no tradition or crap. You don’t have to ask for difficult things”

……Is that reasonable? But I wonder if that is also lonely.

“I’m lonely because I don’t do anything, so please let me do something”

Irina exaggeratedly dropped her shoulders.

“Are you willing to practice elf language in the next month or so?”
“……Ah, right?”

Irina and the elves, who have many opportunities to interact with humans and are in a responsible position, speak in the northwestern language of the Trot-Celesta area, but they speak in their own language. If most of the attendees are elf, why not adapt to the elf language?

“Is it another month?”

It has been decided that the date of the event was undecided.

“Why is that……”

In the meantime, there is also the Holy Spirit Festival and the New Year’s Festival. I thought it would take a little more room.

“Talk to Breakcore”
“It was just around the time when you helped me”

……Ah. Speaking of which, sure. Last year it was a lot of work to fly around, chop something off and get caught, so the date is ambiguous, but……is it surely this time of year? Breakcore´s battle.

“From now on, I will explain to each clan and talk to every corner of the clan……and considering the distance from the red clan manor to this point, that period is just right”
“Is it convenient, Andy?”

The line of sight expected by Breakcore. Well, I said I’d do it once……and even if I was in Renfangas or Celesta, I’d be able to rush in soon if Laila helped me. When I look at Laila to confirm, she nods as if she knows.

“Well, it’s convenient. Dianne also said that we won’t move that much during the winter”

When I said that and laughed, Breakcore smiled and jumped at me. She stabbed me a little with her horn.


Even though I broke it, the horns are already growing.

“Sorry, I´ll break it”
“No, stop!”

If the place is a place, it’s expensive and even though it’s the reason why the one-horned horse was overfished outside the forest and almost disappeared, don’t break it.

Night. If Irina was going out to mass-produce documents with the same text, it would be completely dark.

“The outside is noisy, as Diel said”
“Somewhat. Well, it’s a young elf naughty, I’m overlooking it because it doesn’t hurt”

When I opened the wooden window and looked out, the elves were singing. It’s a mysterious melody, and if you listen to it for hours, you’ll get drunk.

“Is it possible to block the sound with an illusion barrier? ……N, chu”
“I think it’s better to put it up in another sense”
“Okay. ……Mu, kuu”

Close the wooden window. Inside, lit by the dim light of a lamp, Breakcore that remained small stuck to my dick.

“When the sun goes down, don’t take off people’s pants as a matter of course, you”
“It’s a promise that you’ll do my best until I get pregnant. I’ve waited until the time of common-sense mating of humans……”
“……Great idea!”

When I stroked her head with a slight dismay, Breakcore still smiled cutely. Hold it down.

“Ho. Don’t forget to thank me for bringing him here, Holy Beast”
“……I, I made an excuse to come here. You can’t be scorned, right?”

Behind Breakcore, Laila and Irina are also beginning to take off their clothes. Breakcore smiled.

“You’re still loved, Andy”
“Do you like me too?”

It is a foul to say with that little face while smiling cutely. Bikun and my penis trembled.

“……Huhu, you´re honest without hearing a reply♪”

Breakcore puts her adorably cheeks close to my dick.

“Ho. It’s a straight mare”
“I, I did a good job of putting together the unreasonable demands. May you give it to me?”
“I can’t do that. It’s an occasional reunion, I’ll take the strong part♪”

Breakcore suddenly turns her back and pushes her hips up. When she gets rid of her fluffy clothes, a small, innocent white and criminal soft ass appears from underneath. Adult butt is good, but this young and fine butt makes me happy just by touching it.

“……It’s a nasty touch. Do you prefer this one to a half-grown body, Andy?”
“I’m in trouble because both big and small children have been indiscriminately estrus lately”
“It’s hard”

Breakcore with a giggle.

“There are a lot of young elves here. Don’t make mistakes outside. I’ll get bigger and smaller, so play with me to the point of getting tired of me”
“Well, let’s meet the demand for the smaller one!”
“Ho, then I’m the role that makes you bored with big boobs♪”

Irina opposes and shakes her hips and Laila bends down to emphasize her boobs.

“It was a shame. I won’t get bored even if its three of you!”

Rather, I´m crazy about the finest female bodies.

“Then, do as you like♪”
“It, Its sweet inside me”
“Ho, it’s the owner’s favorite boobs”

Three people are approaching. I grabbed Breakcore’s ass, forcibly screwed a dick into that little vagina, thrust my hand into the gap in Irina’s ass and sucked on Laila’s boobs.

“Nyaa……fi, finger isn’t……!”
“Nhuu……I wonder if there are arrows and shields on my boobs……♪”

Sucking Laila’s boobs. Next I grab Breakcore’s small waist with one hand and force it into and out of the vagina, which is as small as Jeanne or smaller. And the middle finger is thrust into the vagina through the gap in Irina’s buttocks.

“Haa, haaa……good, Andy’s seeding stick……squeaky, kuruu……!!”
“U, Uuu……if, if this happens, it will make you feel like you have a seed from your finger……”
“Do you still want to suck my boobs? Huhu, or do you want my lips……♪”

To three people. Breakcore sways her young body. Perhaps because she understood the size of my dick from the beginning or because she was so strong against pain, the movement was intense despite the narrowness of the vagina that seemed to be impossible. Irina shakes her hips against my finger to see what she thinks. Of course, since the hand follows, it never becomes a reciprocating motion in the vagina, but the complicated and sticky movement is strangely unpleasant. And Laila deep kisses while pressing her spit-covered boobs against my arm. She licks my mouth with her long tongue. All three of them are plotting to make me excited. I receive it all and stand and receive three lewdness with my whole body. And.

“Nhaa……Breakcore……I’ll put it out!”
“Put it out……put it out so much that it can’t fit in……and commit me again……♪”
“N, Next is me! There is an order!?”
“Kukuku. I don’t mind. You should like it♪”

I started the first ejaculation while three horny flowers invited me. I ejaculate vigorously in the small belly of Breakcore, which seems to fit with both hands.

“KKu……n, huu……womb, it’s coming……♪”

Breakcore curls up happily. Pulling out the dick from the vagina, I compare the white and black haired beauty on the left and right.

“Put it in me……”

Lose one’s way by showing off my dick. ……I’m a little stupid.

“……Haa. Smithson-dono, I’ll forgive you because it’s me, but why don’t you show such a fool to the little girls from the other day?”
“Ho. Now that you’ve stopped for me, I’m not next”
“This, the words would have stopped!”

I hit their butts lightly as if fighting and started to continue in good condition.

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