Half elves fall in love chapter 20

Chapter 20: Reunion with a dragon 【Laila Jeanne】



Several days have passed since the disturbance at Lucas’s house.

“Seii! Yaa!!”

In the backyard of the hotel, Anzeros and Aurora crossed swords repeatedly. Both are using dummy swords without a blade. Anzeros and Aurora were comparatively close together, so they did one match in the morning and evening.

“Haa……Haa……I will do it.”
“You have nothing to brag about”

Like her older brother, Aurora is using a slender long sword and Anzeros a short sword as usual. There is a difference close to ten centimeters in height, and there is only a short reach of the arm, but Anzeros seems to be in a disadvantage, but as they continued for a while Aurora´s weak points are revealed. Her swing will soon become dull. On the other hand, if they continue, Anzeros will lose by the same condition after 2 hours. Her stamina and grip strength are insufficient.

“Anyway if you like short-term battle practice matches and assault tactics, then defensive strategies are hard. How did you break through the Iwashima labyrinth?”
“I switched in alternating with both hands and made it somehow. My weapon was also a sharp sword, so it wasnt prolonged”
“…..You’re more of an effort than my brother”

General Lucas wasn’t used to using a sword with his left hand at all. It was thanks to Anzeros and my common opinion that Anzeros won.

“My brother has such a character, but he is a genius in terms of swords. He was able to rule everything with a single art. Because I understand that it is impossible to imitate that, I extended my repertoire”
“It is a good mind. If you were my opponent, I might not have won the match”

Anzeros charges again. Aurora switched the way she is holding her sword and accepted the challenge. Their clash continues. However, even if such a thing is said, Anzeros´s attack never declines in power. Soon Aurora will be defeated.

When Aurora fails to get some distant, Anzeros strikes with shockwaves immediately.


Aurora flew up in the sky and the apron of the practicing clothes rolled up so that we could see what was below.


100-man commander Becker and I who watched the match nodded at the same time, shaking hands to a little sense of solidarity. Immediately afterwards, we both eat a fist from Dianne.

“What are you guys doing?”
“No look, I just had some free time”
“Haahaahaa, well, I wanted to observe the growth of these pretty juniors”

100-man commander and I made an excuse at the same time. Dianne sighs.


After that, the post-war process or rather, we had to do some cleanup.

First of all, Lucas. With regard to his doings, the situation was treated as 「Attacking a woman who simply defended herself」. We were fortunate that there was no accusation here, as we couldnt handle it as power harassment and insult to the Northern Corps, because I and Anzeros only reported our identities as just travelers. Local authorities of Celesta are strong in extraterritorial rights. Especially in places where sub-ethnic colonies are the subject, trouble is not always from lack of sense to the custom, but in such a case travelers are more likely to be bad in general. Because it is such a trend, the harm to travelers tends not to be charged much. Lucas seemed to have received a light condolence for what he has done. ……According to Aurora’s story, one piece of his body has become useless. Yes, this alone may be enough punishment. By the way the dragonslayer couldn’t be overlooked and was send to the capital by Flying dragon service.

Next, the southern corps self-called 300 elite soldiers. Regarding this, it seems that 100-man special duty commander Becker moves his hands behind the scenes, probably they will be reorganized into separate troops after dissolution. Too far too stained with the color of Lucas, but the southern corps that have been eaten by Lucas is also remarkably short of staff members now. It seems to be such a treatment because it can’t be cut irregularly.

“Oh well, it is unlikely that the soldiers who noticed that Lucas is a frog in the well compared to Captain Dianne will remain by his side, as they likely recognize that the world isn’t narrow, after all”

That’s what 100-man commander Becker said. I hope each of them will return to protecting Celesta soundly.

Next is me. Or rather my feet. Dianne retrieved my lost leg that was rolling around in Lucas’ residence unexpectedly. So the next day, I had a surgery at a nearby hospital. Dianne was the one who did the surgery. It seems that her first profession was being a doctor.

“My third and twenty-second brother and ninth sister were doctors, so I became one too but it was over 100 years ago, I can connect things but don’t expect much more from me”
While saying that, I cut out the carbonized part and connect my feet, using meat and bones……it seems to be from a deer or antelope. It seems that the transplantation technique was supplemented with Klaves´s advanced magic technology. But they just connected. Unfortunately I don’t feel anything and I can’t move even if I try hard. That fact seems to have been known before the surgery itself.

“It is not possible to use illusion magic to revive only the tactile sense, but it is a little difficult to move. Even now, this is the limit for the current medicine. ……After all the power of the spirit fountain of Polka is necessary”

So I decided to head for Polka even though I got a reserve role. I can not help at all as a soldier if I remain like that. I surely will retired. Incidentally, taking care of the defecation is Selenium who is happy.

And about Anzeros and Aurora. It seems that Anzeros decided to quit wearing male clothes because the armor has already been broken by Lucas, so it is a good opportunity. Then, the question of what kind of appearance she would have from now one came up, to wear northern elf wind short clothes which is easy to move around like Selenium or to make clothes made up of a minimum fabric area of ​​desert ethnic style like Dianne or Trot’s town girl styled knee-length skirt, and so on. Several ideas were raised, and about half a day was need before the ladies found a decision. But, in the end it settled down to the style of wearing a vest with a stamped pattern for avoiding arrows on top of a simple shirt and a slit-deep skirt in the end. Even though it is rather active, Anzeros who is obediently dressed like a girl is fresh. Besides, she feels restless recently because I seem to have delicately confessed to her during that Lucas riot. By the way, her hair is played around by Selenium every day. Today she has three braids, but there is also a ponytail or twin tail day. In the meantime, for the time being, Aurora is going to follow us with the role of being a observer. She got a rival named Anzeros and she seems to be competitive from the beginning.

And future plans. We stayed in Klaves so far due to these various circumstances, but in the afternoon we will leave again for the oasis. Traveling through Helicon, we will first go to the oasis colony “Talc” which Dianne originated from. To pick up Dianne’s sister, Hilda, then go to Laila’s Dragon Palace and have the plan to let Laila take us to Polka.

“Who is that Hilda-san?”
“She is a doctor, majoring in magic medicine. Should”
“Because I haven’t met her for nearly two decades, I guess it can not be helped, but I think she still works as a doctor from my father´s stories”
“If I can be healed by that person, we don’t have to go to Polka……that’s why we are going to pick her up, right?”
“I probably said that it is impossible for you to be cured by the current medicine now”
“But, I certainly thought, that when you talked about Polka there was someone else who needed a doctor at the leading edge of Celesta”
“… Ah, is that so?”
As a staff member for Apple, it seems we will bother Dianne´s older sister. I really appreciate the seriousness of Dianne who will take all the trouble to think about arranging such arrangements for another woman.

“Okay, there are no items left behind”
“There is none”
“I am fine as well”
“I have no problem if Andy is there”
“It’s my first trip to another country, so I am excited.”

We take the carriage and leave Klaves. A few minutes later, 100-man commander Becker ran after us and caught up with the carriage.

“Hey! Hey Captain! Do you intentionally left me behind on purpose! Hey!”

He had a small barrel in both hands. Does it mean that he bought them suddenly just before departure?

“Hey! Captain! Hey! It’s not a joke!!”
Perhaps, does Dianne hold a grudge that 100-man commander Becker got in the way while being in Klaves?


After a week or so, we went through the forest territory and arrived at Helicon a desired desert city. And we were dumbfounded. There was a banner marked “Welcome to Dragon city Helicon” at the main gate of Helicon.

“Say nothing, you probably have predictions”
“No, but come on”
“If it is so marvelous, it will mean something”

Dianne squeezes a grin and temple. Selenium laughs with amazement. Anzeros sighs.

“Which reminds me, there was a fuss about seeing a dragon on the evening before captain left. Are you going to make a town with that?”
“I have never heard of a dragon palace near here”

Without knowing about Laila, 100-man commander Becker and Aurora who are coming along somewhat leak peaceful impressions. After seeing the gate for a while for weaknesses, we started walking to the main street to confirm the truth of things.

And as expected by Dianne and me, we found a gathering of Laila and other general citizens who are drinking during daytime around the middle of the main street.

“……Ho? Oh, boy, Dianne has come back as well”
“Oh, Laila´s acquaintance, let’s drink together”
“Okay, Laila’s acquaintances came! The alcohol will be even more delicious!”
“Memorial tomorrow! Today is also an anniversary!”

Almost all the citizens are in high spirits

“Was it such a good economic city?”
“Hearing many rumors, it seems that the Lizardmen colonies nearby opened up a trade route at once and since then it is everybody’s public pleasure”
“……I see”

Dianne shows a convincing face.

“What do you mean?”
“I have heard that Lizardmen traditionally have a habit of trying to bring a dragon to their lord. Around this point dragons were supposed to have ceased to exist since the fire dragon war, so all the Lizardmen have heard the rumors of Laila. They probably wanted to interact with her”
“Ah……I see”
It is said that Lizardmen have a lot of excellent merchants. If it is possible to trade friendly with their colony, the economy will be good. When I was convinced, I heard a voice from behind.

“It’s 10-man captain!!”

Because I am on crutches, it is difficult for me to look back. Jeanne comes jumping from behind and as I cant bear this powerful dwarf girl’s tackle in my current situation, I fell down to the ground. 

“Ahahahaa!! 10-man captain is weak as usual!”
“No, no, it’s a little serious right now”
“……Wh, What? Why do you have a cane? Are you injured?”
“My leg was chopped off and I was about to die!”
“No, it’s really hard. I’ll talk about it later, so please give me a minute, I can’t move”
In a hurry Jeanne get off from above me. While checking whether blood is coming out from my left leg which has no sense or not receiving a fracture, I stand up with Selenium´s help……and Laila who placed her mug somehow shows a serious face in front of me as if it is piercing me.

“Boy, what happened?”
“No, no, it was only a small fight, I will tell you later”

I was trying to brown it and trying to smile so as not to destroy the air in this place somehow, but it seemed to be a bit late. Laila suddenly took off her clothes. Don’t remove them.

“You said forest territory? ……Attacking my owner, they will become the wilderness territory from tomorrow onwards”
“Wait! Laila wait!”

For a moment, consciousness blurs. At the next moment, Laila´s figure disappeared and a black dragon appeared more than 50 meters in length in the main street.

“Wait a minute, I will burn them thoroughly”
“Wait! Wait!”

Laila who is angry spew fire into the sky. Some clouds will be blown away.

“Wh, wh, wh, wh, what is that!?”
“…….Hey, hey, you’re lying, a real dragon!? I see one for the first time”
Aurora and 100-man commander Becker panicked as expected.

“Uooo! Laila-sama is leaving”
“Laila, we will be waiting for your return!”
“La-i-la! La-i-la!”

The citizens are in high spirits. Don’t encourage her. Or rather at the forefront of the battlefield, is it a military police force?

“Stop it!!”

It was nearly a catastrophe.

“Hmmm. A master Knight who has power, I should have followed you”
“It is not good that he also kept a dragonslayer hidden……but I can’t forgive him for what he did to you”

It was good. It was really good to not take Laila with us. If we took her my leg wouldn’t be cut off, but Klaves could really have become ashes.

Night. I was invited to a mansion near the drinking place (it seems that it was a mansion of a trading house in this neighborhood but it seems that it was presented to Laila), as lightly as possible and told Jeanne and Laila about the fight against Lucas. Jeanne had shining eyes but on the contrary, Laila chewed on her teeth with an serious face.

“We, well, after all I am save. Anzeros had a most spectacular victory and the sealed fire breath stone borrowed by Laila……was used by me without permission”
“Ho. Don’t worry for you to care about that, since it can be made in hundreds. But when you use it in such a way, depending on how you discharge it, you may have hurt yourself instead, so don’t use it in that way again”
It was nice. I am really lucky.

“Well, next is the land of the North?”
“Before that we have to go pick up Dianne´s sister, there is half a elf, called Apple who is sleeping and waiting for me”
“Well, I guess she is the example female slave?”
“It’s no bother to take you there, but it’s a large group, so I might as well make a backpack”

To the land in the north a dragon carrying a human rucksack. ……It might be a terrible drawing puzzle.

“Well, I understand, it is regrettable for this town, but for my owner I’m going to go”
“Thank you, Laila”
“Ho. Thank me with your hot sperm♪”
“Hey, Lyra”

Although Jeanne is here, I dont want to talk about it here. Jeanne´s cheeks flushed for a moment, but she doesn’t look away. ……Or rather, Jeanne is the same age as me.

“Huhu. You haven’t done anything with us for nearly twenty days?”
“U, us?”

Laila laughs and Jeanne dropped her gaze.


This mansion house has a bathtub on the roof. It is troublesome if you consider it as normal as you have to bring up the water, but it seems easy with a windmill machine that pumps water up to the roof. Truly a former rich house. So, in the bathtub, Jeanne and Laila, helped me t get in as I sweated lightly. The stars seen near the desert were briskly beautiful.

“We, well, I guess that’s what I expected. ……Lets go Jeanne”
“……Good, do you want Jeanne”
“Uu……dont say that so soon, 10-man captain”

The thin cloth that Jeanne was wearing was stripped off by Laila and her nude body appeared under the starry sky. Flat chest, pretty ass. However, it is slightly novel that there is only a light bush. In other words, she is the first one who has pubic hair as I was surrounded by half elves and dark elves who have no pubic hair.

“A couple of nights after returning to the Dragon Palace, I taught Jeanne about sex and she has been developed since then. She was able to experience the comfort of sex by a illusion firmly. Now Jeanne is perfect, right?”
“But, please can you go easy?”

The crotch is opened by Laila and the young girl whose cheeks become red made a pose. I was strangely excited by the gap between Laila’s perfect nudity and Jeanne’s young nude body and I kept exposing my dick that erected just now.

“Ho. You’re fully motivated, boy”
“I was just worried because you would say I’m a lolicon”
“…..Th, That”

It’s not a rocket. That’s for sure. I should be sure. But when there is a plump woman who has been fucked solidly and that extraordinary person exposed a small genital that is waiting for my dick, I am excited about it. I would never dream of such a thing. However, it is possible to imagine what would happen if I have sex with a extraordinary masochist and a small, immature virgin. I wonder how hard it will be inside. I wonder how much pain she has when I overrun her with my dick and how pleased she will be. I wonder how crazy this young light body will get. Under the night sky, I don’t know whether it is responsive thoughtfully.

“Ahaa……10-man captain, do you want to put your penis inside me? Do you want to produce a half dwarf? ……Delicate and yet, brute”
“He, Hey”
“Its fine. I want 10-man captain to get drunk with me. I would like to receive 10-man captain´s sperm every day, so that I get pregnant and give birth to a half-human child. I´m a pervert”
“Ho. You are good. I can see that you liked the illusion I showed you so much♪”
“Ehehe. ……Laila-oneesama, you know my secret that I’m crazy about 10-man captain”
“Let’s do it. Together we will have sex with our owner♪”
“……O, Ou”

I don’t know what she meant, but I feel like that Jeanne awakened a pervertness of the same vector as Laila. Even though she is still inexperienced. Nonetheless, I cant refuse it. Desirably and physically. I only can have sex with this pervert innocent girl and masochist woman.

“N, kuuu……!!!”

Two genitals come in contact and guided by hand I enter Jeanne´s virgin pussy. As she is pushed down by Laila, she soon will lose her hymen as I just rest before it.

“Kuaaa…..agu, uu!!”
“Je, Jeanne, it’s impossible……”
“It’s not impossible……force it inside more, I’m fine if it hurts”

Jeanne smiles. Have she been in sync with Laila in earnest?

“Hehe……I know that 10-man captain is really a strong man. I know you´re a man who can pierce me at once. …..Now 10-man captain, you can fuck me, I can endure it. I want to be fucked by 10-man captain, as it is good to be fucked by a strong man”
“That’s why I know it will hurt a lot. It’s going to hurt a lot but 10-man captain will make me feel good. Therefore I´m ready. 10-man captain´s colt can be inserted. I’m asking for such a ecchi act. It’s just that I want to experience it even if its painful so 10-man captain doesn’t need to worry. Now, pierce my vagina completely”
“……Good grief, such a perverted girl”
“Ho. Absolutely♪”

What it means to be stained is that element. That’s good to be happy. I don’t care about virgins, young people, and so on. I am convinced that it is okay. So, it seems like a blend of a deep M dwarf girl who is pleased with pain, a female pervert dragon who shakes her hips forcefully to make someone envies, but no one feels unreasonable to have sex together

“Aha, it hurts……it hurts, 10-man captain……! My vagina is teared apart….10-man captain´s huge penis is spreading my vagina apart!!”
“Hohoho, Jeanne is a lewd person, as you have a really good expression”
“You make a good face, Jeanne……!”
“Ehe, ehehe, really? I, 10-man captain, do you also have such a face?”

While shedding tears from the pain, Jeanne continues to be pressed without moving her young waist, while sticking out her tongue. Laila praises Jeanne while licking her tears with her long tongue. This perverted outdoor sex with two beautiful women easily pushes me who didnt ejaculate yet to the apex and releases all sperm in Jeanne’s young womb.

“Higyaa♪ 10, 10-man captain´s thing,now, aaa♪”
“Ooo. what a beautiful pink juice. And so much of it……”
“It, It was a long time now……”
“A, ahaa, this, this, aa♪ ……amazing, Laila-oneesama, 10-man captain´s thing going crazy, I understand now……”

Jeanne´s small body is having convulsions according to the pulsation of my penis. I´m a little worried. However, Jeanne is obliged to receive my sperm to the last drop in her uterus, due to Laila hugging me from the back and keep pressing onto me until my ejaculation ends. And as I released the last drop, Jeanne opened her eyes wide, before she fainted.

“H, Hey, Laila, Jeanne”
“Hoho. Its alright, she will wake up after a while”
Laila lays Jeanne down on a cloth, before she straddles over my dick.

“If it comes to me at all, I will only fail, and if such precious sperm comes out, I will become a prey for my destined boy”
“That’s a weird way of saying pretending to be a prey”
“Well, what should I say? Well, should I say that I have been stabbed by a superb person before or should I be a masturbation hole first?”
“You´re the kind of danger that made me do something like that”
“If it’s a matter of preference, don’t worry”
“Well then, it will be so……”

While watching Laila´s towering milks, I drag myself to be the villain.

“Laila, I will clean my cock quickly with your hole, accept it quickly into your uterus”
“Well then. Huhu, you can bully me without moving♪”
“If that is okay, now let’s dance on me, dedicate a hole in my body to the cock and drown myself from myself”
“……Yes, my owner♪ My hole, fill it with your cock more and more, paint it with your semen and let me get pregnant in my butt hole or mouth”
“Lets have sex, you deficit woman!”
“U♪♪ Haaa, in that way……use me more as a sperm-bag……and look down on me, your meat hole caddle as you ejaculate♪”
“Good, move”

I hit her buttocks. Laila was pleased every time I did it. While twisting Laila’s nipples, she swallowed the first ejaculation in her vagina without permission, but still requesting the next without allowing me to stop. I enjoy Laila who joyfully follows up by saying provoking words to my favorite masochist Laila.

“Hey, I will enter into your butt next, I’m not satisfied yet!”
“Haa……boy, no, master……. Please enjoy my butt……♪”


I ejaculated for a while. Semen overflows from both holes and I stroke Laila who is lying beside me, as I look up at the stars and sigh.

“Sighing is a disgraceful way while sleeping with a woman”
“No, I, surprisingly behave like a child”

I got injured and I rely on Dianne, Selenium, Anzeros and Laila.

“Idiot. ……Behave like a spoiled child. If you will let me do that, please count on me as much as you can”
“If master really has something to attract women of different species, then master is spoiled. Master acknowledges and respects the other’s value and accepts their weaknesses. So, if you forgive us for being ourselves, we will forgive our master as much as we can”
“……I don’t understand anything. Is that okay?”
“Ho. ……very troublesome.Even so I will help master to improve”

Laila kissed my neck and straddled over me again.


“He, He is having sex with a dragon…… He’s actually incredible……?”
“……100-man commander Becker, sooner or later you will die from peeping”
“Ah, 10-man captain Anzeros what are you doing her”
“……I, I happened to look for Smithson, when I saw a scene like this”
“……You are too serious”
“Please leave me alone”

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