Half elves fall in love chapter 200

Chapter 200: Three thousand miles visit by mother [Anzeros]



“Is it Anzeros´s mother? ……I hope she doesn’t bother us”

Upon hearing the report, Dianne said so.

“? It’s awkward, but……she is a merchant, isn’t she?”

Sharon makes a mysterious look.

“With two of the nine clan chiefs of the Northern Forest on your side, what do you, who receive full cooperation from the lords of this land, think about?”

……Well, it is certain that the negotiations with those in power are very good. Sharon, who grew up as a princess, may think that everything is safe.

“If it’s a story that certainly won’t be a fight”

Dianne quietly closes her eyes. Instead, Tetes took over the topic while making tea.

“Sylpheed Company’s Linda Neumann is famous for her ability to take every opportunity on her side. With only one generation and an adventurer, she has built a leading force in the 600-year-old Trot. It’s not normal, Knight Chief”
“Is that so, Tetes?”
“……In a country with a long history, there are many merchants with such a stable ground, so it should be quite difficult for newcomers to expand their trade area. Arcus should have been like that, too……”
“When I was in Arcus, I didn’t care about the merchants”
“……Anyway, that’s right. Even at foreign trading companies that go in and out of Rennesto, Sylpheed is now in the top five? Well, from the Celesta branch”
“But……what’s wrong with that?”

Dianne opens her mouth again.

“She’s a skilled merchant that is hard to find in Celesta. Even if it doesn’t directly affect us, what about the elf territory?”
“For the elf territory……?”
“After all, the time when she gave birth to Anzeros was a time when Trot was harsh on elves and the elf territory was hard on humans. It may be a terrible feeling. It is possible that she is thinking about the return, for example. With such power, at its discretion, it is possible to plunge the market price of the specialty products that the elves are trying to export to Trot and Celesta. If that happens, it will hurt the elves. Probably”
“That’s not what my mother does……”

Anzeros tries to defend her mother, but weakens her speech. Linda can do that too. And since the elf territory problem had a great impact on life, personality predictions cannot be said to be absolute.

“If you can say no, that’s fine. But if the diplomatic problems of the elf territory get messed up, Irina and Christie can’t take it easy. At worst, it can’t be repaired, before the dragon’s dispatch to Renfangas. In addition, it is possible that the forest will be confused”
“If that happens, Dianne´s Special Task Force will be suspended in the air and if it is not good enough, the dispatch will be discontinued at the discretion of the Celesta Army……”

Sharon and Anzeros swallowed their spit at the words Tetes muttered.

“If that happens, I feel sorry for Neia-san”

Naris nods. Neia isn’t here now because she was abducted by Hilda-san and went to a hot spring.

“I don’t think that’s the case……because my father is from this forest. My mother……”

After all, Anzeros´s words have no power. Speaking of merchants, people are bad and it is a world under no circumstances and Anzeros herself has lived away from Linda for almost ten years. You can’t say that she can understand Linda enough to affirm.

“In any case, we can only wait. She’s completely treated as an outsider”

Dianne quietly said so. The dining room of the inn was surrounded by heavy silence.


It is hard to ignore or divide such difficult topics. I want to talk to someone to my heart’s content, but when it comes to this kind of story, Dianne is dry. Aurora will be similar to Sharon. Somehow, she is a young lady in power. Laila and Maia are in a position not to know about human conflict in the first place and Selenium, Apple, Jeanne and Irina are in the Baron’s mansion. The Baron will still be entertaining Linda today, so it’s a little hard for him to come out. On the other hand, Luna and Almeida are likely to puncture their heads even if I tell a difficult story.

“Unexpectedly, there is no one who I can easily talk about such topics……”

Anzeros and I think about it at the table in my room.

“My mother might invite the elves to a pinch……I didn’t even think about it, but honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me she’d do it……”
“She’s like a person with a strong temper”

At the time of Anzeros Sword Saint test, there was a case where Linda hit a messenger who told her the reason for failure in a chair.

“……At least if I nodded to the story of being the son-in-law, it might have changed a little”

Wishful thinking, but if that happens, she should never be able to penalize my hometown of Polka or my mission of exploration.

“No, you cant. Either way, the fact that we, Trot people, proceed with the Trot method of marriage means that you are out of touch with women other than me. That’s a pity for everyone”
“……I like everyone”

If she is a human girl, she would definitely say, 「That’s natural」. ……Anzeros, who turned a little red, cleared her throat.

“Because I’m not satisfied with you alone. It’s better to have Laila, Dianne and Selenium than to have an affair with someone you don’t know”
“……I’m sorry, I’ve been having an affair with female elves who’re coming here lately”
“Well, I forgive you. If you’re caught by a human girl in the royal capital, you might get caught, but if you’re that kind of person, well, Andy wouldn’t fall behind”

What kind of trust is this?

“Come on, so are you talking about marriage”

I lean forward.

“You’re too sweet to me”
“That’s not where I get angry”
“No, it’s not. You can be a little more angry with me”

I bring my face close to Anzeros and stare at it. The beautifully colored eyes showed a confused light.

“What, that……”
“I know you’re lonely and want me to care. But lately I’ve been standing up too much……I mean, you´re too patient and I can’t feel love”
“Don’t cut it strangely, it can’t be helped, you’re that kind of guy……I have to put up with it for a while”
“It’s okay to put up with it a little, but if you put up with it too much, you’ll think I don’t need you”
“That’s not true! Do you know how worried I was when you were gone the other day in the demon territory”

Good grief. It seems that such a dog with too much discipline is cute and a little hated.

“Then, behave like a spoiled child. If you don’t like it, get angry. Tell me that you love me and you don’t have enough love. You think it’s best to be a good girl, but I want to hear more about you and I want to know when and how much you care about me”
“……It’s annoying, even if you know that……”

I grab Anzeros’s unobtrusive shoulders and bring my lips closer to her slightly drooping ears.

“I love you, Ange”
“I want to be needed by you. I want to satisfy you. I’m not sure if you really forgive me and I want to please you”
“……Idiot. You know, just being told that makes me happy……♪”

How easy is her happiness?

“If you’re caught by a bad guy, you’re going to be squeezed out until you’re worn-out”

I didn’t think so in the past, but she’s really a half-elf. This fellow.

“Are you going to tell me you’re not a bad guy, Andy……”
“I’m not going to do anything to wear someone out. I’ll love you until you´re ruined”
“That’s more troublesome……my eyes can’t wake up……♪”

Anzeros gently closes my lips. I take it and give a long kiss so that she can enjoy it. Consciousness is concentrated on the lips and when we touch each other, it feels like itching and numbing. From the slow, sticky movement of the lips, the love hidden by Anzeros is transmitted as if it leaks out. I slowly release my lips.

“……Andy. It’s true that I don’t really care about marriage or affairs”
“But if there’s something to hide……I can’t help but want to be trained by Andy more……♪”
“Don’t tell me to train you……”
“I’m fine. I’m Andy’s naughty slave……I really want Andy to be naughty from morning till night, because I’m a pervert slave……Andy to do that……♪”

Anzeros, who holds the collar and says so happily from the bottom of her heart, is irresistibly cute.

“So, if you want to please me, feel free to attack me, master”
“If you say that, I’ll be happy……isn’t it clever?”
“Sorry. It’s completely my hobby♪”

Kissing Anzeros again. I lift her body, carry her to bed and fall down with her.

“……Andy, I love you……♪”
“I love you too, Ange”
“…… If we show who we are now, I’m sure my mother won’t even think about anything strange”
“Would you like to show off? Showing her that I´m raping you in front of Linda”
“I’ll show my mother how happy I am……maybe, its a good idea……♪”

Of course I’m not really motivated.

“……It’s a practice exercise, Ange. Shake your hips as if you were in front of your mother”

With a completely excited face, Anzeros took off her gym suit pants, lowered her panty to her knees and pushed her hips up at me.

“Look. Think of that pillow as Linda. Tell her how happy you are as a perverted girl”
“Yeah. ……Mother, look……I’m going to be messed up by Andy…… I’m going to make my mother’s grandson♪ See how much I love Andy and how much Andy loves me……Mother♪”

Anzeros, who is devoted to being a woman in this way, is cute. With a baby face and a small body that looks like a mid-teen, she sways like a lewd woman and shows her happy and melted eyes. Because it’s really cute……I think it would be a big deal if we really showed this in front of her mother.

“Let’s go, Ange……”
“Yes……look, look, mother, Andy in my pussy, come……”

I pushed the dick into the little horny crack as Anzeros was playing and pushed it forward.

Knock-Knock-Knock! I was very surprised at the sudden knock.


When we stiffened each other, the next moment the door was already open.

“Are you there, Smithson-san! ……Te……”
“M, Mother!?”

Unintentionally, a very embarrassing meeting between Anzeros and Linda.

“……What are you doing during daytime!”
“I’ve always said that mother can’t open the door immediately after knocking!”
“Don’t try to quarrel in that state, Anzeros”

I think Anzeros, who slumps down and pushes up her bare ass and argues with my dick inside her, is very tough, but that’s why I pull out my dick.

It was exciting, but it can’t be helped.

“What is it all of a sudden?”
“Ah, get rid of that stick quickly. I have that much time. ……Ange also hides your butt”

We both hide our lower body. When we did that, Irina popped up.

“Have you been here……”

Linda folds her arms and opens her mouth, looking sideways at Irina, who looks a little tired.

“I heard that merchants sometimes go in and out of the forest now, so I asked them to let me in the forest. They don’t really want to let someone in they don’t know. So, when I asked who was the most in-and-out human in Polka, she said it was Smithson-san. Therefore I wonder if you could go with me, Smithson-san. I will also reward you”
“Certainly Smithson-dono is the benefactor of the forest……”

As expected, a merchant. Fast and aggressive. As soon as she saw that I had a valid connection, she immediately came here.

“Is it all right?”
“……What are you going to do?”

I’ll hold myself back a little. Is she planning to start cutting down the forest……?

“That story, I think it’s okay to tell you if you go with me on the road. ……Hey Ange, what are you dazed about? It’s not that kind of clothes, but there’s a little more to go, right? Change your clothes”
“E, Eh?”
“I’m going to meet Aaron from now on”

With a smile, she said an unfamiliar name. ……Who.


The northern forest, the white clan territory that is said to be the central part of it. Led by Irina, Anzeros, I and Linda, who have descended there, see a tall elf young man on the lakeside holding ruins inside.


Linda calls out from behind with a voice that I often hear. The young man turned around slowly with dignified eyes, somewhat similar to Anzeros.

“When are you going to call Anzeros a part of the white clan at the clan meeting? That guy here is Aaron, Anzeros´s father”

Irina says with a slightly complicated face.

“……I imagined an older person because he was a father. He’s an elf, isn’t he?”

It is a race that spends almost 800 years in their twenties. Not surprisingly, Aaron-san looked younger than me.

“Actually, he’s still young. He shouldn’t be 100 years old yet”
“……I’m having trouble commenting”

100 years old. Is it good to say that he is old or young?

“Even though I´m over a hundred and a half, right?”
“……Yeah, no, Naris is also 100 years old”

I’m feeling very young. Anyway, Aaron, an elf young man who has an atmosphere that is somewhat out of the ordinary, Linda who dressed up as usual and Anzeros who was dressed in a dress that could be called a dress and had her beautiful hair tied up……no , Angelina meets. ……The content of the conversation isn’t transmitted to me and Irina, who are a little far away.

“By the way, why didn’t she want to come to the White Clan territory?”

If I think about it, Ange must have had the time to come here again and again. But.

“I get the feeling that they don’t want to meet each other, Smithson-dono. Anzeros is a half-elf. She’s different from Apple and Selenium, growing up outside the forest”
“……Is it hard to get in……that’s what you say to me”
“And Aaron was a lone wolf who used to wander outside the forest alone and he’s a weirdo who doesn’t have much to do with his clan. Of course, he’s heard about Anzeros since last year, but there’s a verse he deliberately distanced his way from trying to water down his daughter’s contribution to the forest even though she’s a half”
“……It’s a similar parent and child only in a strange refrain”

……Why didn’t I notice it, idiot. That’s right. Anzeros had put up with even this. Her father is within reach. I’m so jealous that I want to cry. ……I have to be more concerned. Not just erotic things.


Angelina calls me. I nod to Irina and start walking.

“I’ll introduce you. This person is my father, Aaron. ……This person is my husband Andy Smithson”
“W, What are you talking about all of a sudden, Ange?”

It’s too bad. I thought so, but Aaron just had a slightly embarrassed face.

“I’m not sure how people get used to it, but……I’m going to believe in my daughter. Regards, Smithson, the hero of the famous Holy Beast Labyrinth, the benefactor of the forest”
“……I make your daughter happy, at least as long as my life lasts”

Shake hands.

“Yeah. It’s a good place to hit, Aaron. Outside the forest”
“Don’t be savage, Linda”

Linda, who is caring and expressive and Aaron, who has a somewhat aloof atmosphere. It’s a contrasting combination, but that’s why there may be something that meshes.

“Then father. I’ll come see you again”
“H, Hey, Ange!?”

I was pulled by Ange and quickly taken to Irina’s waiting. I just greeted him and didn’t talk.

“……Excuse me here. Please, Andy”

Anzeros whispers to me in a soft voice.

“……My mother always wanted to see me. She didn’t just wait, she wanted to come to see him. My father”

Have I heard of it once? Anzeros’s father sometimes comes to see her. And he just looks at her face and goes home. ……Linda couldn’t complain to her husband either. Still, she can’t stand it. Did she come to Polka betting on the possibility that she could go see him now? ……What a similar, stubborn parent and child.

“My mother does not retaliate on the elf territory. ……Yes, I was worried, but my mother wouldn’t do anything wrong with my father and me until she dies. I’m the one who always throws away all my fortune”

We return to Irina and look at the lakeside where Linda and Aaron sit side by side in a long distance. Linda, who seems to be able to stand and sit now and Aaron, who never tries to keep a distance like a figurine. ……For some reason, I felt like I could see what Linda was like when she was young.

Linda talks to Aaron, who doesn’t move much as usual and hits on him, in various ways, such as sitting back to back, looking straight ahead and putting her head on his shoulder from the side. Someday she slept on Aaron’s knee pillow. I wondered why they were like that.

Now they don’t move much from each other and the voices heard in the wind tell us that they are barely chatting. Even if the shape changes, even if you get old, you can get along with each other. You can do that without worrying about each other’s aging and youth. I wish I could be like that too.

“……30 years from now”
“……I hope Ange and I are like that too”
“……I’m sorry, such a simple Andy”
“……I’ve got a general idea of ​​what your ideal me would be thirty years from now”

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