Half elves fall in love chapter 204

Chapter 204: Cats Kingdom 1



Taking off from the snowfield in the morning, we arrive at the Crossbow Corps Building in Basson in the evening.

“Call 100-man commander Isaac!!”
“That’s why I’m here but don’t call me, you all!”

Sure enough, Isaac and Williams appear after some confusion.

“They know once, but they’ve seen the same dragon twice or thrice and they’re still in havoc. They have to regain their guts”
“Well, I think my troops who are used to dragons are too strange……anyway, welcome back, 100-man commander Dianne”
“It looks like you’re doing well, Isaac, Williams”
『Being grateful』

At the same time, Lantz, Goto and Boyd are handed over to the two who salute Celesta.

“Once the spirit festival is over, we’ll return to Polka, but……is it okay that you guys stay here for a while?”
“Yes, I am……”

In contrast to Boyd, who nods without hesitation, Lantz and Goto think.

“There are some places I want to mess around in my room……what should we do, Goto?”
“But Polka’s female bodies have a charm not found in erotic picture scrolls……”

Isaac and Williams tap on the shoulders of the two seriously worried, respectively.

“What’s the matter?”
“I have a good story, Goto, Lantz”
“Regular march training to Polka has been officially approved by Corps Command”

Isaac grins with his cow-like face.

“When the spirit festival is over, we will traverse the various parts of Trot and the end will be a snow march across the east and west of the snake mountains from Laika mountain”

Williams nods.

“Lants, Goto, you also participate”
“W, Wait, please wait!? We belong to the special mission corps now. No matter which 100-man commander, we don’t need to follow 100-man commander Isaac´s command……”

Dianne nods with a nice face to Lantz and Goat in a hurry.

“You´re free during the winter, so the both of you will join”
“What about Boyd!?”
“Hahahaha, don’t say strange things, Masturbation Brothers of how many 100-man commanders. He doesn’t share his fiancee with you”

Masturbation Brothers are disappointed with Isaac’s arrogant and cruel words.

“God damn! I disagree with the disparity in society!”
“We just want to see erotic female bodies”

……I’m a little sorry.

“Good luck”

The opposite resentment strikes me as I gently leave the scene with Laila and Dianne, who are already preparing for the next takeoff.

“Yes, let’s involve 10-man captain Smithson, 100-man commander Isaac!”
“That’s right, because he is increasing the number of female slaves again!? It seems to break through 15 collars soon!? It’s time to get a little enthusiastic!?”

Don’t say that.


Isaac is silent.

“That Goto. You know, Isaac recently discovered that Mikagami and her sister were pregnant at the same time. What can he say to Smithson?”
“In such a place!?”

Maybe it’s a little different.

“Andy, what are you doing! Next is Luna’s colony!”
“Ah, yes, I’m going now!”


Laila’s wings won’t do that until we cross Officlade and enter the desert. However, it wasn’t in time for the sun to set and by the time it became a world of sand, it was night. However, because the moon is bright, the desert under my eyes glows slightly white and I can see it without difficulty even if I have no night-vision.

“Oh, it’s the desert. Everywhere is sand”

Naris opened the window and made a happy voice.

“Isn’t there a desert in the south of the continent?”
“There are huge sandy beaches that make you want to call it a desert for a moment, but when you say desert, it’s the Russell Great Desert”
“Sandy beaches……”

I’ve rarely been to the sea, so I’d like to go there rather than the desert, which I’m used to seeing by going back and forth between the edges.

“Sand is not uncommon or delicious……”

Luna frowns a little at Naris’s frenzy.

“Well, it’s an ant. Along with the eternal Armonica and the beautiful Quica, it’s a spectacular view that the country is proud of”

100-man commander Becker is smiling. ……But.

“I think Quíca was terrifyingly lively, but in a beautiful landscape……”

I agree with Aurora’s muttering. To be honest, I think that the nerve which can be said to be beautiful there is special. Anyway, if it’s the royal capital of Trot.


“The mountain over there”
“Ho. That. I understand”

After a while, Laila finally discovers the Cat Beastman Colony and approaches.

“I had never aimed for the village from this side of the desert”
“I thought a dragon wouldn’t get lost because the sense of direction is perfect……”
“Don’t forget that dragons are creatures, owner. There are many similar scenery in the desert”

That’s right.

Then, when Laila landed on a rocky mountain and I opened the carriage door, I was surprised at the strange signs around her. ……There is something.

“What’s the matter, 10-man captain Smithson? Please get off early”

Naris snares from behind.

“The sign is strange. ……Are we surrounded?”

100-man special duty commander Becker and Aurora have a serious face and hold the handle of their weapons alertly.

“Naris follow another´s example. ……It’s a really strange sign”
“I, Isn’t it possible to detect signs from inside the carriage? What are you looking for in me?”

Don’t become serious untrained knight.

“Should I have brought a hammer?”

Jeanne makes a slightly rugged face while rubbing her hand. In the first place, I want to avoid the situation where Jeanne fights.

“Let me get off”

Dianne stands up.

“Ho, prone to worrying”

Chibi Laila on my shoulder sighs like she is gonna do it. ……I noticed that Laila should have been able to search for the enemy in the tone that there is no sense of urgency.

“Are you aware of any signs around you?”
“I’m a dragon, isn’t it outside?”
“……Tell me”
“It’s boorish……cats”

Dianne steps forward and keeps her eyes on the surroundings. Then 100-man commander Becker, Aurora, Luna and I and finally Jeanne and Naris. When Luna and I got off, the signs of the surroundings moved all at once, attacking us at a speed that surprised Dianne, a speed warrior in the world and 100-man commander Becker. I mean.

“It’s older sister and older brother!!”
“See you again!!”

In an instant, three or four cat beasts jumped at me. There are also some other figures who show their faces in distant windings.

“A, Already, Ran, Rin, Niki! Andy is in trouble!”
“Luna is the only one who’s cunning
“Ah, Luna, did you buy it in that clothes town? It’s cool”
“This is a military uniform. Everyone shouldn’t do anything strange. Andy and his friends were nervous because they thought it was a monster attack”

……100-man commander Becker, Aurora and Naris also drop their hands on their weapons.

“Here! It’s deep at night, it’s not fun!”

And it is Luna’s grandmother, Grandma Donna, who approaches the young cat beast girls while squeezing them with a stick.

“Laila, you always come suddenly”
“There is no way to give a hint. Forgive me”
“Well, it’s fine. Everyone goes back home. Welcome again tomorrow, it’s time to sleep!”

The girls who were jumping at me also slammed and scattered and Grandma Donna stared at Luna and me.

“Isn’t that dark elf who uses that strange magic with you?”
“Y, You mean Hilda.san?”
“That’s it. I don’t have that woman……I wonder if I can keep it this time”
“What’s to keep!?”

Aunt Donna shrugs her shoulders. Tap-Tap, Luna tapping to encourage my back.

“Speak something!?”
“……Well, there seems to be another man this time……he is a little withered”
“Did that Grandma say I´m withered? Did she say I´m withered, who is just in his forties?”
“Don’t bark. How many people have you held overnight?”
“……What are you talking about?”

Grandma Donna shrugs her shoulders. Dianne quietly interjects.

“Donna-dono, don’t count Becker. He is going back to his wife and it’s the spirit festival, I will feel sorry I he withers and cant put it out”
“Ah, that’s right. I’m just afraid that young man will wither”
“Andy is okay. He’s experienced up to 30 times against a few dragons
“That, can you stop doing weird negotiations without me?”

Luna pats me on the back and looks into the sky.

A bright moon swelling in the sky.

The moon was bright tonight, so the desert glowed slightly white and I could easily see it even if I have no night vision.

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