Half elves fall in love chapter 205

Chapter 205: Cats Kingdom 2



“There are some houses not used by the family that have been left alone. The cleaning isn’t perfect, but be patient. I’ll let my girls do it in the morning”

Grandma Donna points to a house near the center of the colony. We walk around with her. Even at night, under the bright moon, you can feel a lot of curious eyes looking at the rare guests from the surrounding houses and shadows.

“Indeed, it’s a colony full of women……it seems that cat beasts on a full moon day are highly active in nonsense. I read that, but now I know”

100-man commander Becker is laughing while stroking his stubble’s chin. Dianne sighed.

“Donna-dono. I’m sorry for the guide, but I’ll take this idiot to Talc first”
“If that’s the case, then do so. Males who can’t be used are a poison to the girls”
“H, Hey, what do you mean I cant use it? Even though things may appear this way, I’m a handsome guy with a reputation in the neighborhood who gets an female ogre and a former customs bride and makes them bark every night”

Dianne and Grandma Donna look at each other and sigh.

“If you do two people and you’re proud, you’ll die”
“Even if you get through it, you´re going to make an excuse for the bride who is proud of being in the pool waiting for you who is on a business trip at the essential spirit festival”
“Ugu……n, no, just an inspection……”
“Laila, take him along”
“Ho. I’ll be back in the morning. Donna, I’m expecting your home cooking for the first time in a while”

Dianne grabs the neck of 100-man commander Becker and Laila, takes off quickly and turns into a dragon again.

“Grandma says unreasonable things even though the night is early. ……You can only prepare hellboa simmered in herbs, isn’t it?”

Laila puts Dianne on her head, grabs 100-man commander Becker with her huge hand and takes off with momentum on the spot.

“O, Oou, at least put me on your back”
“At most 4 or 5 hours, be patient”
“So much!?”

When they gain altitude, Laila flaps her big wings and fly south on the wind. And I, Aurora, Jeanne, Naris and Luna are left behind.

“……There are only a few unreliable members left”
“Rude……I’d like to say something, but in a colony of a different race, it would be a problem if I was given the cold shoulder”

Aurora is also a reliable negotiator in the elf society and the world of the upper class, but it is different in a beastman colony. And.

“Well, do I also belong to the unreliable person quota?”
“I can’t think of a scene where I can rely on Naris for a slow reaction”
“It doesn’t make sense to be told that by 10-man captain Smithson!?”

Luna is the only rope I can rely on.


That night dawned without incident, the next morning came.

“Did you come back by dawn……”
“I told you until morning. If you come back earlier than noon, it’s as announced”
“Well, that’s right. ……It’s been a while since a morning without snow”

It is an oasis with a moist morning haze, I draw water in a bucket and wash my face with Jeanne. The two elves slept well so I didn’t wake them up. Luna can’t be found since around midnight. It’s been a long time since she was home, so I think it might have been a story that she was occupied by Grandma Donna and her friends.


Suddenly she appeared from behind.

“Luna. Where did you go?”
“Procurement of breakfast”
“Since midnight?”

If you look closely, Luna’s body is dirty with dust. Luna doesn’t hesitate to take off her clothes and remain in her underwear, before she begins to wash the clothes she took off with the water drawn in the bucket.

“There’s blood on it. ……I have to get more military uniforms to replace, Dianne”
“Yeah. Breakfast”

Did she go hunting during the night?

“Monsters at night will be strong”

Same for Renfangas and Celesta. The activity of monsters is higher at night. It wouldn’t be a big difference for Dianne and Laila, but it’s a little negligible for non-combatant Luna.

“It’s okay. Two days until the full moon. I’m stronger now”
“……Is that so”

I’ve heard that the senses and motor skills of cat beasts change greatly depending on the moon.

“I’ve finished disassembling. It’s okay to bake everything except the liver, right?”

I can hear the girls’ voices from beyond the morning haze. ……There are some familiar voices. Is it Lina or Yuna?

“I asked grandma that belly meat is going to be a gen-carrying dish. Also, she said she wanted a lump of the best shoulder”
“All the meat is good, right? Bring an iron skewer, Ran-chan”

It’s a happy conversation with giggling, but it doesn’t overturn the reality that the girls are happy to dismantle that giant pig.

“……Well, every colony in the Great Desert Labyrinth is like this. If you’re saying it’s tiring to dismantle monsters, you’re starving”

Jeanne nods. ……The woman who pierced the eyeballs of Hells boa with her fist is different. She looks like a little girl as usual.

By the time the morning mist cleared, the colony was filled with the smell of roasted meat.

“It’s an appetite-stimulating smell……♪”
“It’s a menu full of wildness from the morning”

Naris and Aurora have also gotten up.

“Guests can eat too”

Cat girls beckon. As expected, the center of cooking were mature cat beast women. Naris´s eyes shined when she saw the skewers piled up on the plate.

“Oooo. Great, it’s like Celesta. It was true that Celesta people have been eating meat with a special thick sauce since the morning”
“No, even in Celesta, it’s usually bread or fruit, right?”

Ogres eat meat from the morning and dwarves drink from the morning, but the majority of humans aren’t much different from Trot. It’s a little seasoned, though.

“That’s fine. Yes, for Andy´s task”
“……What’s this”

On the plate presented by Luna, objects with slightly different odors and textures are piled up.

“Hells boa liver grilled. Bad”
“Are you abusing me!?”

Luna is in a rebellious period. When I thought about it, Grandma Donna came out from the dirt floor of a nearby house and pointed at me with her cane.

“Eat it because it’s good. It has a tonic effect. There are only two days until the full moon”
“……That, perhaps”
“Take the other meats. It’s not because of that liver that my daughters went to hunt boas at night”

Full moon. Only the full moon is emphasized. And Grandma Donna’s open-minded words. Well, it may not be necessary to think about it.

“……Maybe they’re trying to get me to seed them again in the full moon?”
“The situation hasn’t changed much. Why don’t you think I’m not going to let you?

……Uwaa. I mean, all the cat beasts around me are paying close attention. It’s even more now, really. But let me just pretend I just noticed.

“……Last time, Hilda-san was there, so I was able to go on such a rampage”
“That’s why I say that from the beginning. How far can you go without that woman?”

I think that there were quite a lot of girls who were half-reasonable that night and I think that there are many girls who dislike working seeding if you think about it normally.

“For the time being, it’s only for those who want it, right?”
“Well, but last time, young man´s sperm was quite good. Many of the girls who were withdrawn before are enthusiastic this time”
“……Doing well?”

Grandma Donna looks at Luna. Luna pushed my back.

“What is it?”
“Over here”


I can hear a child crying.

“……Hey, maybe”
“No need to guess. Everyone is a kid made of Andy’s seeds”

In the house I looked into, there were several cat beasts holding children. Some are breastfeeding, some holding the children in each arm.

“I can’t see it”

I held Jeanne’s side and lifted her up and Jeanne opened her mouth.

“……They´re more grown than Peter
“They were born before I went to see Andy”
“……Peter wasn’t the first child”

I’m sorry Jeanne looked a little disappointed. No, this situation was never something I could expect. But Luna shook her head.

“……They’re not 『Andy´s children』”
“I told you before. Grandma didn’t tell you to take responsibility”
“Ah, yes”
“……So they´re 『Colony Kids』. They´re children made from Andy’s seeds, but they aren’t Andy’s children. I can’t let Andy raise them”
“……Even so, something like that……”

Certainly, I’m not in a state where I can feed the current dozens of female slaves. On top of that, it’s a challenge to be told to raise those children. But I also miss it somehow. Luna smiled at me like that.

“But I’m going to have Andy’s kid, because we’re raising it together. My kid isn’t a colony kid, but Andy’s kid”
“There are a lot of people who like Andy. A man has wandered in several times and married someone of ours, but there’s never been a man in the colony who seeds as much as Andy and there are probably a lot of women here who are mostly Andy-only. But I still don’t hold Andy accountable as a father. On the other hand, that’s why I can say that I want everyone to seed Andy casually. Regardless of Andy’s power or money, just as a male”
“I thought you would say it”

Luna also smiles as if she was in trouble.

“……I know”

Needless to say, it’s an ego. I don’t have the power to own it, but I just want to own it. But.

“……Then you can come with a collar like me. If you can afford it, one by one, to the mothers who gave birth to Andy´s children, so they are yours. So Andy’s children are Andy´s”
“That……I feel terrible, but I don’t think I’m convinced”
“It’s okay. I was happy, so maybe everyone is happy”

I laugh bitterly at Luna’s outrage. ……But.

“That’s right. Can’t I do it if I´m gloomy here?”

Now that it is difficult to get along with many female slaves, there is no point in getting more greedy. Someday, if I´m big enough to let them wear a collar, then I’ll come back to my women, my children. Until then.

“……I have no choice but to spoil them. To this colony”
“It’s the colony who takes advantage of Andy”

It’s a strange relationship. ……Laila’s wings cross the sky.

“Now, let’s go back and eat grilled liver. Two days later, it will be really sweet”

……This is also something I can do a little for the colony, right?

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