Half elves fall in love chapter 209

Chapter 209: Earth Bearer Part 1



As expected, over thirty shots hurt my dick overnight. I abused it a lot when I messed up with the dragons of Misty Palace, but since the estrus of the cat beasts isnt something scary, it is simply a no-guard rape. ……But it’s because of my usual sexual life that I only have a slight pain in my lower back, or is it more effective than I expected? Probably both.

After resting until near noon, we decided to leave the colony aboard Laila.

“Hoho. But Donna, I’m most happy to see you in good shape”
“Ha. I don’t know how many years I’ll have, come a little more often before I meet the moment of my death. You also have a convenient master”
“He isn’t my master, he is my owner”
“I can’t believe that a dragon like you is kept quietly even though he’s so young……”
“That’s right, that’s right”
“……Laila, hold on. Can you make me show deference a little more?”
“Ho, in fact you can’t beat most of the female slaves. It’s no mistake that you can’t weigh them visually”
“Huh. Well, I know that a dragon’s idea is dimwit”

Grandma Donna shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, come back when you’ve accumulated enough. My daughters are really in high spirits. If you want, I’ll invite you to become a nude village next time”
“Donna has no idea that it will turn into such a good mood colony”
“……I had a lot of feelings of being impatient with the full moon when I was young. Well, if you don’t, it’s a story whether or not you throw away the colony. I don’t want to go into this grave if I do garbage. It’s not a bad thing if the colony keeps it in that much play. No one is unhappy”
“……Well, at least it’s definitely fun for me.”

The next time I come, I may not be able to keep it unless I prepare more carefully.

Many cat beasts from the oasis wave their hands to Laila and the carriage taking off from the back mountain. Lina and Yuna can be easily identified by their hair colors. The little daughter and mother over there would be Anys and Tanya. The one in front of them is the older sister who I didn’t know the name of but was in good shape. I wish I had heard the name of the greedy girl who was cheating.

“Andy. ……Did you still want to stay?”

Luna looks a little complicated. Maybe it stretched under my nose.

“……No, it’s okay once in a while, it’s like that”
“I want to do it once in a while……”
“Don’t give up, Luna-san. If Andy and the colony are happy with that, I think it’s enough for us, his property, to give him a little space”
“When I think that Andy’s child, a girl who is pregnant, is in the colony before me……it’s a little indivisible”
“That’s right. I understand”

Dianne smiled bitterly.

“But when the special task is over, Andy will settle down somewhere. Then you can give birth as much as you like”
“As much as I like……yeah”

Luna is in a good mood. I get involved in a hurry.

“No, just the number I can feed? Because I and Luna’s child want to be responsibly raised by us?”
“Yeah. It’s okay if there are about 5 or 6 people, right?”
“If you are a cat beast, there are quite a few twins or triplets, so there are more than 10 children, are there?”

While being obsessed with Luna, who is full of motivation, I can’t help but feel a little happy with the many future prospects with Luna. ……Or become a profitable man. Yes.


It doesn’t take long to reach Laila’s old nest, the former Dragon Palace. Even in winter, Laila slides and lands on the sandy sea, which has a moderate temperature at noon.

“Here, here. It’s been a year, but it’s nostalgic”
“Are Naris and Jeanne inside?”

Laila turns into her human form and enters the rock at the entrance of the palace, naked, probably because it’s her own home. We follow behind her.

It seems that Laila’s Dragon Palace was once called 「Russell Palace」. I knew it a year ago when Broll-san called Laila. When I first came, Jeanne was sometimes present in Laila’s solo life, but at its peak, 600 dragons were crowded inside here. The number 600 is larger than Polka, even if it is a dragon. When I turned around again, the underground space was just like a city. Wide roads that are intricately intertwined, large and small squares and small rooms where people can live. ……Speaking of labyrinths, it should be illegal to tamper with the structure afterwards, but was it made by a dragon or was it originally a city? ……I’m sure Laila doesn’t know.

“Laila’s family lived here. ……I wonder if you weren’t lonely in such a large place, alone”
“That’s not the case……it’s a lie. Well, they’re not dead. Let’s do well on the western continent. If they want to see me, if they feel like it, they can meet me at any time. Come to think of it, it’s our dragons that don’t care about the absence of their family”
“……Do you feel lonely”
“Ho. I didn’t realize until you told me. I was 200 years old and made me realize that I was lonely. That alone was something I could brag about to Donna”

Laila giggles. I’m not praising her at all, but was she glad that it was pointed out?

When I went to Laila´s former bed, Naris jumped at me……I didn’t do it, but she held my hand and desperately approached my face.

“Smithson heavy responsibility!!”
“What is it!?”
“Well, that’s my instincts and my instincts to fight!”
“Calm down Naris. Or rather Jeanne, what’s wrong with Naris?”
“Ah……she was a little worried when we got here and muttered in the corner of the room, right?”

What the hell is that?

“He, here here, here is a Dragon Palace, isn’t it? Basically”
“Basically, it was Laila’s residence”
“……Dragon Palace is a first-class proof for an adventurer or is it a place where I wanted to explore once, but I had to think that it would probably be impossible for me for the rest of my life? Honestly. I don’t think there will be a thousand years left for such an opportunity, but when I think of it as a black dragon territory, that, I can’t move my legs”

……Yes, this fellow is traumatized by the Fire Dragon War.

“Ho. No one is coming back now. You can look around as you like”
“But it’s scary! I like labyrinths, but I’m super useless for a mansion or a castle with a ghostly ruckus!”

She’s a complicated person.

“Te……what do you want me to do?”
“Please come along with us”
“Jeanne alone is fine!”
“But I don’t know this person well!!”

Now that I think of it, is that so.

“… It’s a hassle, nee-chan”

The former residents were stunned.

Therefore I take a walk in the ruins with Naris. Although many dragons lived there, unlike actual villages and towns, there is no concept of fields and gardens, so it is not a long walk in terms of distance. And even though it was a ruin, everyone just moved in, so there weren’t many interesting things down there and it was boring just to look around the small rooms.

“Fire dragons live in a place like this……uh, what if a dead dragon comes out? I don’t have a weapon”
“Coming out. Did you listen to me?”

A dead dragon is a (apparently) monster that is sometimes found in the deepest part of a labyrinth and a dragon’s corpse has begun to move in the same way as a rock doll or a moving corpse. Of course, its intelligence is close to zero, it doesn’t use magic and its movements are sluggish, but its breath attack ability remains, so it is considered to be a rather troublesome monster. And, of course, the dragon isn’t dead and it doesn’t appear in the Dragon Palace that just pulled it off.

“Or rather a Dragon Palace is a Dragon Palace. Why do you have such a calm face? 10-man captain Smithson? It’s the scariest place in the world”
“That’s why. Here. It’s just. It’s an abandoned village”
“Even so! Isn’t there an aura drifting somewhere?”
“You’re unexpectedly superstitious!”
“I’m sorry if a monster comes out, but I’ll run away with all my strength!? Because I have no fighting power right now!? I don’t have any weapons!”
“That. Why are you depressed? 10-man captain Smithson”
“I’m sorry, Crash Haken was a self-confident work of 10-man captain Smithson. I’m really sorry I didn’t pay a single coin……uh”
“No, I don’t think you’re bad……”

For some reason, in the corner of Dragon Palace, the two of us are depressed for reasons that have nothing to do with dragons.

“I will definitely fix it. I’m sure I´ll fix it”
“Yes……I’ll take good care of it this time……”

Meet Jeanne on the way back. She was carrying all the broken pieces of Crash Haken.

“Jeanne? Where are you going?”
“Ah, I’m going to my parents’ house a little bit. By the way, I’ll have this fixed”

Shaking the debris.

“Your parents’ house……”
“It’s a dwarf colony. It’s close by. Andy and the others didn’t come. I’m slowing down with older sister Laila. I’ll be back tomorrow”

……No, Jeanne said, 「Next time, let’s go to the dwarf colony」. But in reality we came to Laila’s Palace. Did that mean that the 「Dwarf colony」 was the current destination for Jeanne?

“Wait a minute. It’s a special weapon made with crest engraving. I’ll rent a place and I’ll fix it. Guide me to the Dwarf Colony”
“N, No, I’m enough. I think if I ask my grandpa or someone, he’ll fix it right away”
“I can’t let you do that”

Jeanne has a troubled face.

“Uh……I don’t want you to come”
“Why……ah, by the way, I´ve never been there to say hello?”

Jeanne was recognized as a full-fledged person in the dwarf colony and was trying to get rid of Hell’s Boar in order to be allowed to drink freely. Being recognized as a full-fledged person leads to more or less a role in the community. Immediately after that, Jeanne was taken out of here and restrained in Polka to give birth to a child. Originally, there were a number of appropriate timings throughout the story, but I was still abducting Jeanne. ……Unreasonableness is also a good place.

“I have to give my greetings……”
“No, I’m not letting you do it. At least I’ll never hide the fact that I gave birth to a child!?”
“It’s no good. That’s what you shouldn’t do to give birth to a child sneakily”
“But I’m really scared of my grandpa!? Andy, you’ll be blown away with all your might!?”
“……Well, I protect myself to the extent that I don’t die”
“That’s why you can’t go, I’m telling you!!”

The power of a dwarf surpasses that of a lion beast, who is particularly strong among the beast human races. It’s not as good as an ogre, but even so, humans can get rid of bones with a single punch. However.

“Jeanne. ……If you run away here, Peter Smithson will be a child who can’t face his maternal relatives. That’s no good”
“Did you intend to go alone and say goodbye to your family? No. I want to do that properly.”
“But……if a human is beaten by grandpa, regardless of the dwarf opponent……”
“It’s fine”

I encourage Jeanne. ……Jeanne looked at my serious eyes and realized that persuasion was useless, so she started walking reluctantly.

“E, Emm, should I go too……”
“It doesn’t matter which one. I don’t think elves are welcomed because of their location”

Dwarves often don’t have a very good impression of elves. Especially for adult elves, they are unconditionally called 「Bean sprouts that seems to be great even though they are weak」. ……Well, Naris doesn’t look like an elf and even if she isn’t rotten, she is a Red Arm and not weak in terms of strength. I don’t really know which way to fall.


The dwarf colony was certainly not far away. I feel like I walked quite a bit, but considering the size of the desert, 1 km and 2 km is within the margin of error. And, obviously, the air is different from other parts of the labyrinth. In a strange atmosphere where the smell of burning bonfire, the smell of sweat and the smell of alcohol are mixed, you can hear the laughter and yelling of the dwarves and the sound of metal hitting from somewhere.

“From here on, its the dwarf colony……I don’t feel like rethinking, Andy”
“If I get hit, I can get hit. It’s worth it for you who gave birth to Peter”
“You´re safe. I was going to have my grandpa somehow overlook it under Laila´s name. He is grateful to Laila and her black dragons because he survived the Fire Dragon War era. But he hates everyone outside the labyrinth, not just humans”
“Nevertheless. ……His granddaughter was exposed to a man he didn’t know and before he knew it, she was treated as a slave and conceived of a child. It becomes a reason to hit without such circumstances. Then I can’t escape”

Slowly entering the dwarf colony, the one with a surprised look was Jeanne, while I had a shady look on my face. In another sense, Naris in her bikini armor is looked at with astonishment and various glances pierce. Then, while receiving the uncomfortable gaze, Jeanne approaches and pulls the iron door with the sound of metal in the back of the colony. ……Or rather, when I tried to pull it, the lever turned and the door opened vigorously and Jeanne bounced off.


An old dwarf with a fine white beard appeared from the back of the door. The eyes are sharp, the skin is reddish and the clothes have a number of burn marks. It’s like a typical blacksmith.

“I, I’m here……”
“……Why do I have a dream? It looks a lot like Jeanne……”
“It’s me, Jeanne !! I’m back, I’ve been with older sister Laila 『Desert Black Dragon』!!”

The dwarven old man opens his eyes and can even squeeze the mouth behind his beard. ……It’s here.

“Thereupon, Laila together with I had her become one of my brides. Nice to meet you, Celesta Commercial Army Special Task Force Dianne Special Duty Force……”
“Ah!? What you”
“Ah, 10-man captain Andy Smithson……I´m a Trot human……”

Yeah, he’s definitely super scary. The old man glares at me and looks at Jeanne. Jeanne lifted her hand from the struck head and looked anxiously at the old man’s eyes.

“……Bride……did you say that? You”
“……We already have made a child”

The old man looks at Jeanne again. Jeanne nods. The old man took a quick breath.

“You’re a playful person. ……What is this face slap?”
“Jeanne. Yeah. I’m left to take care of you from your father and mother. ……After a year of hiding in the clouds, you were deceived by a human and gave birth to a child. Did you think it would be nice to say it was sunny?”
“Most of the time, stupid grandchildren are fooling around!”

When the old man yelled at Jeanne, he turned around and looked up at me.

“You’ve been able to show your face in a dignified way and that’s all I’m going to praise. You’re an idiot!!”

He swings his fist and hits my belly. ……I stiffen myself. I can’t run away or stop. That kind of fist. But.

“Wait a minute, wait!”

Naris took the fist with one hand. A good sound is heard and the fist stops. Unbelievably, she catches the old man’s punch with her slender arms and the old man, who is a typical dwarf with a stubby body, slips and retreats. ……Red arm, scary.

“Wh, What long ears!! You also that human”
“No, don’t get me wrong. Seriously. Emm……calm down for the time being. If this person is destroyed, I’m in trouble because I don’t have my weapon”
“……You’re a martial artist?”
“Adventurer……no, I’m a poor soldier now”

Shaking his hand, the old man opens his fist. It seems that Naris’s grip strength was unexpectedly strong.

“I didn’t come to ask for a weapon, is that man, a blacksmith?”
“……I´m a half blacksmith. It’s been seven years of blacksmithing training in the royal capital of Trot”
“Huh. ……Didn’t you just come to be beaten”

The old man seems to be convinced. ……That’s it. A blacksmith, albeit a dwarf. If so, as an aspiring blacksmith rather than just a human……there is a little room for understanding and a room for effort to be recognized.

“Let me hit the weapon”

I’m not confident in the act of blacksmithing. But it’s still better than trying to get forgiveness just by enduring being beaten. I hope it will be a reason to compromise.

“Jeanne is a forgotten memorial of my son and his wife who died in the cave-in. She’s a stupid girl, but I can’t be spared when asked……I´m Dan. Dan Cracks”

The old man turned around.

“Get in. ……I don’t know if you make a cheap item at a dwarf blacksmith workshop”

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