Half elves fall in love chapter 211

Chapter 211: Desert Spring Water 1



Flying from Laila’s Palace, you’ll see a medium-sized city in less than a few hours. Oasis colony Talc. It is the hometown of Dianne and Hilda, located in the central part of the southern desert.

“Laila, you know. Conceal yourself with an illusion and start landing”

Dianne tells Chibi Laila on my shoulder. No, in reality, Laila should be able to hear it directly over the wall of the carriage.

“Ho, that’s right”
“Wait. Haven’t you cast it until now?”

Talc is clearly visible from the coachman’s stand. It should be seen by a good-looking guy.

“There’s still something that can be distinguished from a Flying Dragon. Do you want to replace the illusion so that it looks like a flying dragon with great luck?”
“……Do that. Even in Talc, if a black dragon comes flying, it will be a big fuss”

While Dianne says so, a light illusion shock runs. It seems that Laila casts an illusion.

“Is it the desert city? I’m looking forward to it”
“If it’s a city like Talc, it wouldn’t be so noticeable just because it’s a desert city”
“What are you talking about, 10-man captain Aurora? Considering the date, this is already the stage of the spirit festival!? The spirit festival in the desert city, well indeed Celesta”
“If you say so……Dianne-san, you have no plans to move from here for a few more days, right?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to go to Klaves, but if you don’t have to”
“It’s not my duty to go back to my hometown, is it? Then there’s nothing special about it”

Aurora says as a matter of course.

“I think it’s okay to be with your family at the end of the day. You haven’t returned for more than a year”
“Ah, if Andy wanted to do that, he would have retired and stayed in Basson or Polka and for the next few decades he should have been a confinement female slaves life of his dreams”
“……No, I’m not so bad. See your family once in a while”

A dream is a dream right? Does she want to be confined? ……No, Anzeros and Laila seem to live happily even if they are confined naked in the basement. If Aurora mixed in, she’ll do her best.

“Most of the time, there’s only that arrogant brother and my unyielding parents. If I go, I´m likely to get caught up in another nasty plot”
“Still, if you have a family, you’d better meet them. Even long-lived species will die someday”

Jeanne was in a light condition, but I had just heard from Old Man Dan that her parents had died in an accident. I don’t know why they died, the world.

“That’s right, it’s nice to have a family”

Naris says so and squints her eyes. ……The whole forest in which Naris lived and her family burned down.

“……Well, that’s right. I’ll think about it”

Aurora accepts it a little awkwardly.

“Ichichichi……no I mean, you can see it from the back window”

Naris rubs her eyes as she moves to the back seat. ……Why wasn’t she squinting because of her emotions, she just endured the dust and looked at the scenery?

“It’s my first time to come here”

Luna also smiles while looking out the window. She feels excited.

“Talc is a good place. Hey Andy”

I nod to Dianne. ……Laila was about to land in a palace-like mansion in the center of the city.


“Dianne!? Why did you throw Becker-kun out, he´s gone……”
“That was bad. ……I’ll take care of it for a few days until the spirit festival. Okay, older brother?”

In the carriage that landed in the courtyard, a dark elf young man in nostalgic glasses rushed up with several maids and subordinates.

“Ah, I don’t care about that, but……y, you!!”

The young glasses man points his finger at me.

“Its been a while, Carlos-ku…”
“I’m not a friend who is called familiar! You devil human! What have you done to Hilda!”
“……No, Hilda-san is treating a patient in Polka”
“Th, That’s my dear younger sister! She’s not as good at listening as Dianne, but she is not simple or unfaithful!”
“Ah, I’m sure she’s a little of a free person……”
“Uhuh. ……Thats not it! Even as a joke you, she has a husband!? Becker-kun said you are doing your best to insult them as female slaves with a firm collar”
“……Emm, that……”
“I serve him……”
“……R, Really? To him?”
“Do you think it is true?”

Carlos suddenly avoids meeting someone´s gaze. ……Although he is an older brother, he seems to understand the difficulty of doing all the insults to Hilda-san, probably because he is an older brother. Laila giggles as she listens and returning to her human body. ……She was naked, so the maids around her hurriedly brought a cloth.

“Hohoho, if you control that female fox lower part, my owner is finally a real brave warrior”
“……That, hold on. ……If possible, I want her to remember Orleans-kun from time to time”
“Is he coming back?”
“No, not yet”

……How should I react?

“Let’s talk about it again, older brother. Let’s allocate a room first. Can we use the West Hall?”
“Ah, yeah, that’s fine……”

We follow Dianne’s lead in pieces.

“Ah, wait a minute, Dianne. It’s the end of the year……”
“I know”

Dianne raises her hand. ……What are they talking about?

The west hall……or rather, the three-story distance we used before was a bit of a hassle.

“Ah, Miss Diane. Long time no see”

One of the dark elf servants who was cleaning around that area rushed to Dianne-san.

“Is the room vacant? Hinofu……I want a room for seven people”
“Yes, it’s vacant, but……many siblings have returned, so I have to clean it up”
“Ah, it doesn’t have to be perfect. We’ll do it ourselves. ……Who’s in this mansion?”
“Yes, most of the siblings went there because the main building was more convenient, but Nord-sama was here before I knew it”
“Older sister Nord? ……Unnoticed, its troublesome”

When Dianne folded her arms, she could hear laughter from the window on the second floor.

“Dianne-chan, as usual……I thought, but you´re pretty gorgeous”
“Older sister”

Looking up, a dark elf with an active appearance that felt a streamline similar to Dianne and a soft and bright atmosphere similar to Hilda-san was peeking with her elbows at the window frame. Is that one of Dianne’s sisters?

“Wait a minute. I’ll take sister-in-law along”
“Sister-in-law Nancy”

The woman called Nord draw back from the window. ……Then, about two minutes later, she went down the stairs with someone.

“Hi. Nice to meet you. Maybe you’ve met my older brother there”
“Eh, me?”

Nord points to me and laughs.

“Why don’t you come to the tavern with a stage? I often get in touch with Becker-kun”
“N, No, I prefer a small bar……”
“Oh, really? I’m Nord. I’ve been a dancer for 80 years. I’m Dianne’s older sister♪”

She makes a cute pose. She only said that her outfit was a dancer, the cloth was see-through in places and it was strangely sensational, though not shameful. And.

“Are you Dianne’s lover, who Carlos resented? I’m sorry I couldn’t say hello last year”

A foot that stepped out, was a stick, not a foot. A woman with one leg and a prosthetic leg. If you look at it, one arm is intentionally hidden in the sleeve and the face also has an eye patch. However, her face, which is not hidden by her eyepatch, is really dignified and beautiful. She feels older than Dianne. Since she is a dark elf, her age is abbreviated as it looks.

“I’m Nancy. ……I´ve been married with Carlos for about 600 years. ……Haha, are you curious? Do you want to see?”

It doesn’t matter if Dianne stops her, she rolls her sleeves up lightly. Her arm was cut halfway and her skin was rounded.

“Sister-in-law, it’s not something to show off!”
“I did it a long time ago. It’s just right for the story”

Nancy drops her sleeves.

“Isn’t that Dianne´s lover, who father acknowledged? I have to get to know him a little deeper”

……T, That minister? No, if I think about it……I haven’t seen the minister since then. I’m getting a little scared.

“First of all, those kids too. ……I thought Dianne liked her subordinate and monopolizes him, but it became a household consisting wholly of women.

The beautiful woman with an eyepatch and the dancer smiled at us.

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