Half elves fall in love chapter 212

Chapter 212: Desert Spring Water 2



Nancy occasionally sits on the sofa in the drawing room in the center, with the help of Dianne and Nord. We followed and sat down. It is a fairly large area, but it is still because of the large family where many people gather that sofas are aligned to the extent that there are not too many people.

“It’s time for the spirit festival. Merchants are required to be generous. It’s not profitable to do stingy things at a festival and you’ll be ridiculed as a poor merchant. It is not possible to pour money into the wild map. How to save money and hold a big event, such planning ability is also a key point of business……, these days Carlos also made strenuous efforts”
“……That’s why Carlos emphasized the end of the year?”

When I made an agreeable response, Nancy smiled happily and stroked her own lips.

“That’s right. He uses his siblings to make it cheaper. So now more than half of the family is here. In such a situation, only Dianne cannot be welcomed normally……that’s what I mean”
“I’m sorry to come and go suddenly in such a state, sister-in-law”
“I don’t mind at all. Dianne, you´re your brother´s favorite and he always welcomes you back”

It’s not that similar except for the atmosphere, but when Dianne and Nancy are together, it’s like a twin conversation.

“Time is time, should I also push someone around?”

Dianne jokingly said, Nord wasn’t serious, sighing.

“I’m not going to help you at all. There’s a dance contest at Onyx’s garden party, so I’m just waiting for you”
“I think it’s been a good help for older brother. The dance of older sister Nord will be a highlight”
“This year, I just happen to have no more flashy dance stage than here”
“……Is that probably older brother’s calculation?”
“That’s right. In fact, Nord has participated in Onyx at the year-end spirit festival for ten consecutive years”
“I wonder if that was the case? I didn’t feel like that because I’m all over the places like Quika”
“I haven’t noticed myself. With such a harmless face, Carlos would be bad, Andy-kun”
“Ha, Haa”

Did I give my name? …… No, I wonder if Carlos and the minister have been paying attention to me, but I haven’t heard my name. Under the minister, is 100-man special duty commander Becker. ……Nord-san leans forward to me, who only gives a modest response to the conversation between the sisters.

“Hey, Andy-kun……I wonder. So, in Becker-kun’s story, I heard that you’re a terrific naughty guy who eats all the girls around you, but is that true?”
“It’s a misunderstanding”

My voice, which I immediately denied, is also empty.

“Ho. You can’t see that, but certainly”
“If 100-man commander did not say we are going to use contraception, five people would have inflated in Polka by this time”
“Two nobles of the northern elf territory, the princess of Arcus and this me from Klaves. How many people in history, including Dianne and Laila, would hold such faces together?”
“A few days ago, he was seeding dozens of women in my colony”
“Don’t tell me, I’m the only one! I’m not 10-man captain Smithson´s mistress”

I almost cry for the well-controlled support shooting.

“I’m not so indiscriminate! Don’t line up all the stories that have an impact!”
“No, you, I think it’s enough to have such a heroic story”

Nord-san deals with a situation quickly with a serious face, Diane with a bitter smile and Nancy with no expression and moving only her ears.

“Are all the stories told just now true? That’s why there are times when I just cross over with elder sister Hilda”
“I can’t cross each other. I can’t cross each other at all. You can lose as much as you want.”
“Still. ……But you’re not as handsome as Becker-kun. It’s a little strange to hear the honor”

Please leave me alone.

“Dianne also has an interesting hobby. Where did you fall in love?”
“Well, there are various things……there are circumstances. When I was staring at him, he was quite a guy……”
“Becker-kun would have told me that. ……I really don’t know Dianne-chan’s love switch”

The atmosphere is gorgeous. Only Naris seems uncomfortable. No, I’m also uncomfortable.

“Well, my father is married to ten people for a long time, so Andy won’t be so shy, here”
“That’s right. I don’t know about it, but this is Celesta. It’s a place that allows different forms of love for different races……but it doesn’t seem so for humans”
“If you’re satisfied, you don’t care. Right, Dianne-chan”
“Well, that’s right …”

The arguing land where I’m legally reaching out to girls. Dianne smiled bitterly at Nancy and Nord, who were really well-understood.

“Even so, Andy-kun, you´re very dusty……if I look closely, everyone is like that”

Not to mention me, who was blacksmithing with sand, Naris, took a sand bath last night. The others have also traveled through the desert for several days, so their clothes and hair are more or less sandy.

“I would like to have a bath. If it’s a warm bath, it’s very good”

Chop to Naris, who says that impudently.

“There is no hot spring here, so don’t say it like its Polka. A hot bath usually takes time”
“That’s right”

Dianne and Nord blink their eyes with surprise at Naris, who was sneering.

“Are you there?”

On the contrary, Nancy will explain to me who is neat.

“If it’s a hot spring, there should be a place nearby. I’m lazy, so I’ll end up at the oasis bathhouse……”
“If you walk south for about two hours, you will find a hot spring resort. If Naris says so, why not go?”

Naris is pleased with Dianne’s suggestion.

“Hoho, if so, let the sisters join us”
“Hou, the day will come when I can ride a dragon. I will live longer”
“It’s my first time to ride one♪”

I think most people are pretty scared, but those two aren’t afraid of Laila’s dragon-like words, whether they have a special heart or whether they’re already prepared with the previous information from Carlos.

“I want my older sisters to ride in the carriage……the back is windy and harsh”
“Hoho, Dianne and Jeanne can support them. So lets strike while the iron is hot”

Luggage storage is decent and we leave the building again.


It takes a few hours to walk, but only a few minutes by riding on Laila. Laila landed on a gently-sloping mountainside just south of Talc.

“Is it okay here?”
“Huu……I used to ride a flying dragon, but the back of an dragon is exceptional”
“It was fun♪ Please let us do the same on our way home♪”

Dianne nods to her two sisters who seem to be satisfied.

“Udo mountain hot spring……well, compared to Polka, it doesn’t have much effect, but it’s a popular hot spring for Talc children”
“Let’s get in now!”

We who take the initiative to chase Naris running to the reception with a bitter smile.

“It’s been a while since I paid for a bath
“Ho, by the way Dianne”
“The rules around here are, if I remember correctly……well, I don’t care……”
“……Ah, yeah. Naris……haa, has already gone. Well good”

Laila and Dianne had a strange conversation behind the paying in turn, but it’s not uncommon for them to talk with a sign, so I don’t worry.


“See you again! Is it such a punch line again! 10-man captain Smithson!?”
“Havent you had sex yet?”
‘That’s not what I mean! It’s vulgar, Jeanne-san!”

Please be quiet at the hot spring bath. Especially because it is a cave hot spring here, it sounds super. ……Udo mountain hot spring has a single hot spring pool in a huge underground cavity. There is no other bathtub. Dark elves and ogres, who are Talc children and a few humans are as usual, so I’m in a mixed bath without worrying about it at all. Yes, Talc was a city where mixed bathing was the standard.

“I honestly feel like exposing my skin to others than Andy-san……well, I have no choice but to break with that kind of taste”
“You don’t look as troubled as you say, Aurora”
“Huhu. As long as I have this collar, it’s clear that my body belongs to Andy-san”
“Mixed bathing……for the first time”
“Ho. When you kidnapped my owner to your colony a long time ago, you would have flown without wearing anything while bathing”
“When its full moon……I’ll forget everything”

Girls appear in the bathhouse while talking to each other. And from behind, Nancy-san and Nord-san, who are pure locals, came in with their bodies exposed without any regrets.

“Naked appearance♪ Brother-in-law, let’s talk to our heart’s content♪ For the time being, would you like to see a special dance at the service?”
“Nord. Your dance is poisonous to a man’s eyes and if you do it naked, he’ll feel great”
“That’s right”
“No, I definitely want to see it……ouch”

Diane-san hit my back with a bump.

“That’s what bathing here is all about, so it’s hard to say how to look at the agreement”
“I’m sorry I got too excited”

Maybe I’m starting to be inspired by Naris lately. Nori-like. ……Anyway.

“Injury……it’s terrible, isn’t it?”

Nancy’s naked body has a number of large old wounds. Her left arm, left foot, and her left eye. The foot is cut below the knee, leading to the prosthetic leg of the stick, and the arm does not hit the upper elbow. Some deep wounds on the torso. To be honest, it was pretty strange.

“That’s right, I said it was the seed of the story, but the story was cut off. ……It’s a little painful to sit down when you stand. Can you help me, my future brother-in-law?”
“Ah, yes”

I extend my hand to Nancy-san, who gently controls Nord-san’s attempt to support her and I help her sit down.

“Honestly, I’m not that inconvenient, but it’s difficult to behave quietly”

I’d like to ask her a lot, but it’s awkward and hard to say. Looking at my expression, Nancy smiled bitterly.

“Then, let’s talk about this wound”

Lightly caress her lips and turn her head to me.

“It’s a long time ago. ……Yeah, it’s still before Dianne was born”

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