Half elves fall in love chapter 213

Chapter 213: Desert Spring Water 3



The history of the Celesta commerce country is relatively short. It must have been less than 200 years since the country was founded. However, there is a problem of the other party to compare. It is short compared to Trot, which counts 600 years since the founding of the country and the Arcus Kingdom, where even the elves do not know how true the number of 7000 years is. Many countries were born after the Fire Dragon War. There are many countries. Most political organizations have a lifespan of 300 years, which may or may not be young, but leave it alone. Anyway, the area around Talc at that time was called “Russell Desert Union”. It was part of a city-state community.

The union, which had not secured enough sphere of influence to cover the desert, naturally had major problems with logistics. The sea is a stand-alone place for maritime nations such as the Lapal Islands. Trade poses significant risks or costs. The land is also adjacent to a large wall called the elf forest territory. It is now part of Celesta, but at that time it did not belong anywhere and it is a characteristic of elves that they have a sense of discrimination against dark elves. Negotiations did not proceed and the armed caravan could not be mischievously walked near the forest. When it comes to that, the “caravan” emerges in an important position as a business route. Large caravans across the desert will play a huge role in exchanging supplies with friendly partners. However, Celesta, or the Union, at that time did not have an aerial presence such as rook dragons or birdmen. Mapping was also often neglected and caravans often got lost in the desert. It is good to say that it is a difficult task to go back and forth without relying on humans who have accumulated knowledge that is not left in books, such as star reading and survival techniques, as well as knowledge of geography, which is responsible for the transportation in the desert.

“Dark elves and ogres were the mainstream union, but no one was as familiar with the desert as humans. That’s why humans are stubborn in protecting their interests there. They didn’t reveal their knowledge to other races. They had a lot of routes and supply areas and every year they walked around in the name of avoiding bandits and they were careful. Well, otherwise. I wonder if there was a case where they couldn’t maintain their position among the magical and mysterious races”

Nancy speaks with a calm face.

“In other words, the wound was received in a battle with bandits……?”
“Don’t hurry. Slowly soak in the hot water and listen to old tales of the elderly. The impatience of killing time is unsophisticated”
“M, Maybe that’s right”

I helped Nancy sit down, so I’m at a distance where I can touch her shoulders. Although the scars are a little painful, Nancy, who must be a beautiful woman, and Nord, who is sitting close to her, may be trying to reach Nancy. It is said that the situation where the nude of two people who should not be able to put out the most is lined up in the range where it is most seen is uncomfortable while the view is not good because of the steam.

“You look uncomfortable. ……Is the scar stimulating?”

Nancy says as if she’s seen through. Look at me with a glance.

“A little more boobs than scars”

Nancy glances at my lower body who answered immediately.

“Oya. ……That’s true. I see, I’m still cool”
“Sister-in-law doesn’t change that much from a human perspective, whether she’s 200 or 600. It’s not something that grows older”
“No No, it’s a pretty good brother-in-law to look straight at the nipples even with such a body”

What’s good? As a brother-in-law. However, I have experienced it so much that my hands and legs are broken. I´m relatively accustomed to a body with a lot of scars because of Neia. There is no such thing as if you can concentrate on the erotic part because you are worried about it. ……I have a wider range of defense.

“Well, you can watch as much as you like. But this me is still Carlos’s wife. Please forgive him for the actual battle with Dianne. ……How far have I talked?”
“To the point where the caravan guide was secretive……”
“Ah, yeah. Well, from there”


Once you step in, you’ll find a desolate desert with a labyrinth where many monsters attack underground and sandworms and bandits. Even if the guide’s skills are certain, a strong guard is essential. Ace Knight is a title born from the escorts of such caravans. The important caravan escort warriors were called knights, likened to the elite defense of a feudal state. However, they too are not so motivated to follow a caravan for more than a month at times. Even though we are hiring in case of an emergency, a careless escort is nothing more than a dead weight. Therefore, in the caravan, we decided to always select and praise the one that had the most achievements in the defensive mission after transportation and add it to the reward. The title of the excellent person is “Ace” and “Knight”. It is here that even now, in Celesta, the title is never stripped from those who have quit military service. It was originally a title for mercenaries to be proud of. No matter how rotten or dirty, the name must not disappear. And Nancy was a great escort who received many awards for being an Ace Knight at that time.


“Although he was still hiding behind father-in-law, who was famous as a great merchant at the time, Carlos was also one of the merchants presided over by the caravans. It’s not that he had no backs around to be called Ace Knight many times. Well, it was knocked down to seem to be related to such a thing. I had a lot of blood back then”

……Dianne seems to have a tendency for boys to be solid and girls to have sharp performance.

“When I was a kid, it was my sister-in-law and first mother who taught me self-protection”

Dianne proudly says.

“Yeah. Now, even if you search around in Talc, let alone the family, there is no one who can match you. If you are referred to by the 『War God』……my aged bragging will also be gloomy”
“I’ve heard that the name of war god is also named after sister-in-law”
“There were just a lot of nicknames. There were Talc Demons Little Ogre, Black Dragon Fang Fang, Sandstorm Desert Storm and much more”

I’m not sure, but I just understood that I shouldn’t get in the way of this person.


And. It was nearly 400 years ago that everyone lived with such savagery and anxiety, but full of vitality. One caravan fell apart in a sandstorm.

After that, 71 of the 200 caravans returned to Talc. Nancy was not among them.


“Wait a minute”
“What is it?”
“Survival……you couldn’t do it?”
“I couldn’t do it”

Nancy-san says it in a careless way.

“It’s not easy to survive if you’re isolated in the desert. The landscape changes completely after a sandstorm. It’s hard to even pinpoint the direction. Even if you crush it all day and set the direction with the sun, the extreme temperature difference and dryness, as well as the desert deprives the calm thinking ability”

Well, I understand the theory, but then how is Nancy-san here? ……Nancy-san whispered, smiling at me who was looking at her nipples, pretending to think hard.

“Here’s the first bragging. ……I made some of the desert spells that are now common in dark elf societies”

Really. If you think of her as an ordinary person, it’s over when that happens. But Nancy, a dark elf, has a different story. Some environmental harshness should be overcome by magic.

“Specifically, the magic of burning sand, the illusion of a sphere that blocks light from all directions, the magic of distinguishing mirages and the automatic spell that stores sweat in a vessel without dissipating it. This area is still useful”
“……So that’s how you returned”
“No, that’s not why I returned. Sandworms have eaten my foot in the sandstorm”

Nancy-san points to her foot.

“Thanks to that, I was able to move only as if I were crawling. ……You surely cut off one of your legs last year. Do you have the courage to walk toward the horizon in that state?”
“……That’s impossible”

Absolutely impossible. You could move slowly with your crutches, but in the scorching desert it’s nothing more than reckless.

“Well, that’s why I was about to get boned there if I wasn’t good at it …. But I was sick and dirty. In exchange for one leg, I ate the beaten sand worm. I managed to get to an oasis in the desert. ……I spent there waiting for help. About two years”
“Two years!?”

……That’s not to be counted as a survivor.

“One eye was ruined by a sandstorm during the two years. I was very ignorant of medical practice because I was a warrior. I was hurt by a stone and lost my eyesight before I could handle it……And I ate one arm when I couldn’t secure food”
“Hahaha, ……I couldn’t help it. If I reduced my legs any more, I couldn’t walk with my artificial limbs. I could still manage with one arm than I couldn’t walk. ……Ah, at that time I was making a hand-made prosthetic leg with a tree as I was living by the oasis. It was a lot worse than what I’m here now”


“I´d say that my survival was viewed as despair……one day, a person suddenly appeared in the oasis. ……No, it was really by chance. A few kilometers around, as far as I could see, only in the sand. I don’t know if it appeared. Anyway, that person lent me a shoulder and sent me to the caravan path. Carlos was on the passing caravan. …….Carlos has been with me since I was born……that was the only time I saw him crying”
“Who was that person who showed up?”

There is a dark part in the city of dark elf. I haven’t met him, but the last time in Rennesto, an assassin from this area and Dianne fought and maybe it’s Carlos’s secret organization specially trained for such an investigation. I expected that kind of punch line.

“That person just disappeared, just like when he appeared……I still wonder who it was. Maybe it’s a spirit. If so, I wondered if it was worth it to be alive ”

……Celesta worships spirits. However, spirits are still an uncertain existence whose existence cannot be confirmed and whose existence is whispered. So, if it’s true, you should laugh it away. But.

“……Why don’t you laugh? When I talk about this, all my brothers-in-law laugh that it’s an old-smelling superstition”
“……It’s okay to have someone to help, even if it’s not a spirit. And Nancy-san, you still believe in spirits”
“N……do you understand?”
“Yes, in that kind of atmosphere”

Both holy beasts and devils exist. Then I think it’s okay for spirits to be somewhere. My guess is that it’s probably someone from the desert Dragon Palace, Laila’s companion, who was on good terms with the people around. If there were hundreds, they would have found Nancy alone in a desert oasis waiting for help. If you go to help as a dragon, you will be wondered, so I think that fellow saved Nancy by making full use of his advanced illusion and human body. ……It’s really just speculation.

“Thanks to that, I’m still doing well. ……But unfortunately, the unreasonableness of those days made me unable to give birth to children”

It was something all my women were afraid of. Of course, me too.

“You can listen to it as a mother-in-law’s saying. ……I don’t know when and what will happen. I’m called Ace Night and I’m smart, it’s not the time to withdraw, it’s not the time to raise children. ……It happened like this while I was saying……don’t let Dianne think that way. I regret it now. Carlos who cried so much for me, I cant give him a child”

It was a heavy one.

“Needless to say, Andy’s children will become more and more after this special duty”

Dianne strives and says brightly. Nord-san also came in with a bright voice.

“For elder sister Hilda? Will you make it? Will you love looting?”
“……W, Well, that……if I could do it, well, it’s bad for her husband, but it might be unavoidable”

If it had been last year, I would have been able to say once and for all, “Be happy with your husband”, but recently I have been shaking my determination a little. I also feel that she really wants children, and she looks like a free-spirited and suitable person, and she is quite serious and caring. More erotic than anything else. Well leave it alone.

“Now, it’s getting warmer. It’s been a while since I came to a hot spring. It feels good”

Nancy-san stands up. Her tight ass came in front of me and I was very surprised.

“Eh, wait, I haven’t washed my hair yet!”
“You were enjoying it for some reason, Naris-san”
“Older sister Laila, let’s shed”
“Ho, I rely on you”
“Chyowa!! It’s just like Luna-chan’s serious cat!”
“Naris there is bad……”
“Are you abandoning me!? Will I be abandoned by associate soldier Luna-chan?”
“Luna-san even abandons Dianne-san in her private life……”
“It’s a noisy sister”

It seems that the others on the other side of the steam are also getting ready.

“Andy. Will you shed my back?”
“Of course”

Dianne shows me her back and stands up. It’s a brown butt that is as well-shaped and toned as Nancy-san.

“You also shed my boobs”
“I don’t mind, but I can’t let your gem flow. It’s really related to morals”
“Well, that’s okay.”

I thought it would be a fool, but this is good.


Night. After a long time, I ate foods other than grilled liver and dried fish (portable food), and when I was walking away with a good feeling, Carlos-san lined up next to me. I’m surprised. I want to blame this person for a moment. I’ve seen his wife’s nakedness as much as I want to see at zero distance.

“Andy-kun. ……There’s one thing that bothers me, can I ask you something?”

I stretch my spine.

“You honestly don’t think of Diane as a whore or something?”
“……Can I get angry?”
“……Good, afterwards”

Carlos is calm.

“When I see such a great child as Hilda, I feel that dark elves have a strange prejudice. ……Hilda certainly can’t help it. She is too free in nature and uses a lot of love magic as a feature of dark elves. But Dianne is such a pure child. I want to couple Dianne with the right person”
“……I know that Dianne is a pure person. I’ve been her subordinate for eight years”

Carlos sighs.

“It feels like it’s a little too late to like boys, but the races are too different. Don’t you think it’s unfortunate?”
“Ability, ecology and lifespan are too different. If you live for another 50 years, you will be dead, but Dianne and others……”
“I know. But I like her. ……I don’t know what will happen after I die. But just by looking at the past or fearing the future, you won’t be happy. I can’t help it because I like her. I want to receive and give the maximum 『Now』. That’s all for me”

Carlos has a bitter face. The moon, which has begun to chip, is still bright and sheds a soft, cold light between me and Carlos. ……There was a characteristic sound like a cutlet.

“You’re just worried about people, Carlos”

Nancy slowly approached.

“I would have been told the same thing over and over again”

Eh? ……Carlos-san?

“I can’t give birth to a child, I have no hands, no legs, an ugly woman……I’m not suitable for Onyx’s general. You would have been told many times to divorce and get a young, five-body satisfied and good-willed dark elf as your second wife”
“Don’t be silly, Nancy. Are those who say you’re ugly on my side? Are they my friends?”

Carlos pushes his glasses. He seems a little unreliable and sincere, but the impression of a worried old man disappears. There is a genus of the war god Diane, who quietly burns anger. He was so called and he gave a glimpse of something as fierce as he was.

“Your enemy is my enemy”
“……Carlos. Then I don’t understand. ……Ah, your thoughts have nothing to do with reason or result. Then Dianne and Andy-kun are also so, right?”
“What do you mean?”
“What you need isn’t such a clever reason. Just like me and you, it’s just a thought. Other than that, it’s nothing”
“……I said that to you”

Carlos-san sighs. The scary thing he showed for a moment was completely hidden.

“……Let me worry about my sister. He is really dangerous, isn’t he?”
“You don’t have to take everything upon yourself. She has a good family lesson, but she is already an adult”
“……Haa. Well, for now, let’s do that”

Nancy winks with only one eye. ……I wonder what it means? Carlos-san turned his back on me.

“Protect your allies, give your friends, entertain your guests and kill your enemies”
“It’s the family motto of our house……remember that. I´m protecting it”

……Ah. After all, this person must be a good brother. That’s why he is keeping a close eye on me.

“So even if you don’t have any meat or fish for your breakfast tomorrow that’s not particularly hostile. It’s just harassment”
“……What should I do?”
“And dressing is also prohibited”
“……Carlos. It’s too childish”
“But Nancy!! He, He is!?”

……After all, it might be strange.

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