Half elves fall in love chapter 214

Chapter 214: Desert Spring Water 4



After sleeping overnight and waking up, Carlos-san’s garden was finally in a hurry.

“A lot of ogres come and go. ……That’s just tricorn”
“There is an earthmoving building only for tricorns. Did you decide to use it this year, older brother?”

The tricorn ogres are a relatively small number of ogres with three horns. It’s not as rare as an ox-ogre, but it’s rare enough to catch your eye. By the way, the most numerous are dualcorns. Double horns. There are few monocorns with a single horn and it feels like a tricorn that is less than half of them. ……If you look at the garden work with Dianne from the window in the corridor for a while, you can see the general design of the venue.

“Is that side the stage and the main food and drinks is that side?”
“Maybe. Well, if it’s just a dinner show, you don’t have to use your head. Maybe you have some gimmicks”

Nord-san and Hilda-san and Carlos-san + wife. Dianne´s siblings have strong acquaintances, but many are capable. It is a festival that brings together the power of the family. It will be flashy.

The cafeteria I visited for breakfast was filled with dark elves all the time. Although it is large, it seems that there are not enough seats in the cafeteria for dozens of residents than usual and they take turns eating meals.

“Hey Dianne”
“Older brother Clint. It’s been a long time”
“Ah, Dianne. You’re here”
“Older sister Melissa. How is your husband?”

Dianne is stopped by her siblings one after another even in the midst of such a flow of people. Certainly, as Nancy-san says, she seems to be popular among her siblings. And among them, it was 100-man commander Becker who suddenly appeared.

“Becker. Did you get in touch with your wife?”
“Thanks to you. Actually, she was really waiting in Quíka, but it seems that she came back from work in anticipation of my long-term mission……I was caught easily. If I was over there, I’d have liked to ask Laila-san for a flight again”
“Ho, that was good”
“……Rose herself is fine, but……I’m not really good with that old man. Oh, please say hello from me to Master Carlos. I have to go to the base as it is”

The hand was raised and 100-man special duty commander Becker turned away.

“Writing a report?”
“I don’t really want to do this until the day before the spirit festival. If I don’t know when the spirit festival is over, I’m afraid I have to get the job done as soon as I can”

That said, Becker-san vanished in the blink of an eye. He seems to be really in a hurry.

“Hey, good morning Dianne. And Andy-kun. It’s a refreshing morning”

Carlos-san was quickly approaching the cafeteria. He may be greeting everyone all the time. He is a surprisingly free person.

“Now, you thought, 『He is free』?'”
“N, No No”

Correction. A good person.

“It’s very important to confirm everyone’s safety at the time of dinner, isn’t it? Hey Dianne”
“Yes. It’s time-efficient because it gathers naturally. When trying to bring people together, that kind of detailed contact is also important”

……I see.

“That’s why Andy-kun. It’s a special menu for you. Freshly picked fresh vegetables with fresh vegetables”
“Why don’t you just say vegetables!”

The development has already given up, but I just rush into it.

“What do you say!? Don’t make a fool of the fresh vegetables that the farmers in the lake area brought to you early in the morning!? It’s fresh!”
“I think I only have bread, soup, and fruits”
“That breakfast has been here for many years”
“That, the position of the farmers who brought it to us”

……No, I don’t care anymore. Take out 「Purifying salt」 from my chest. Carlos quickly snatches it.

“Ah, wait, return it!”
“I want you to enjoy fresh vegetables with their natural taste”
“Salt is good, isn’t it!”
“If you can’t do it, don’t do it! Come on, eat! Your older brother wont allow you to leave”
“A line or devil that is about the size of a person’s head!”
“You´re getting along well, older brother and Andy”

In the end, I managed to get through the morning by mentally mimicking a cabbage worm. Or rather, I had to get through it.

“Is there any magic that changes the taste, Dianne?”
“I can’t use it”

I’m looking forward to the spirit festival, but the food here is depressing. How many more times will I eat raw vegetables as punishment?

“By the way, there are more than ten of my brothers who have woken up to vegetarians because of that punishment”
“Isn’t the damage enormous?”

Or perhaps I should say it’s Carlos-san´s finishing move.


I can’t be a cabbageworm every meal, so I go out to town with a few girls who want to see Talc.

“Roundo Company’s spirit thank-you bazaar, great service from 9 o’clock tomorrow!”
“At the Trident Weapon Store, a bargain sale of bleeding resolution until midnight of the spirit festival! What about a long sword from Trot for 50 gold coins!”
“There’re still tickets for the tower emblem-sponsored dinner show!”

Merchants are raising their voices here and there. Distributing villas is unique to a large city with paper productivity.

“Hohou. They’re doing a lot of things”

Naris seems to be having fun while wandering around. Bikini armor, a super light cloak, isn’t so noticeable in a desert city (Dianne doesn’t really change that much in terms of exposure), but the white elf’s appearance has a little impact. ……But it seems that Naris himself is not aware of the discomfort, probably because she is accustomed to being rare. Well, as long as she’s a rare white elf in the dark elf sphere of influence, she won’t completely block the strange gazes, so she can’t help but be careful. ……Meanwhile, Nord-san, who came with us, firmly holds Naris’s arm, which seems to be sucked into the store.

“It’s better not to get in a narrow place for a child who doesn’t stand around here, such as an elf or a beastman. If you’re shopping, it’s a good street vendor, even if it’s a little expensive”
“Hoe? Why?”
“I don’t want to say that, because Talc has a long history, there are many gangsters. Aside from the locals, who can be a source of big fights in the event of an emergency, they are bullish on those who understand that they are rootless grass. There are times”
“Hohee. It’s a learning experience”
“When you go there, humans are strong. It’s surprisingly difficult to reach out because there is a certain amount of power everywhere. I hear that Becker-kun often goes in and out of a you-know inn. Andy-kun, do you also like that?”
“I’m not proud of it, but I’ve never been close to sex customs”

I can’t really boast. ……But there are really scary people in the back at such stores, so there are few people in the crossbow corps who like to go in and out of customs. Surprisingly, there are many people who are not strong in fights. Unlike the infantry, you hardly learn the technique of striking each other.

“Well, Andy-san can have as many partners as he want without paying money”
“Oh well. That collar is a sign of a female slave, but is it true? Aside from that dragon child or Luna-chan, it feels strange to have an elegant elf like you”
“It’s a fact. ……Well, the nuances are quite different from the 『Female slaves』 by other standards, but if Andy-san is willing to do that, it’s not daytime or nighttime, it’s just a single-mind. That’s not because it’s not a little”
“Don’t say strange things in traffic, Aurora. Or rather, don’t shake, Nord-san”
“Huhuhu. That’s right”

Nonetheless. It seems to have been clear to the side that my frustration was accumulated because I was shown only a lot of ecchi figures from yesterday.

“Nord and Naris went over there”
“Shall we stray soon?”
“H, Hey, Luna, Aurora”

I think that straying is a word when it is not intentional.

“Andy. ……Mou, you don’t have to hurry anymore, right?”
“Recently, I was a little dissatisfied with Andy-san’s strange demand”

Aurora and Luna hold both arms. Seen from the side, I have two flowers in both hands called a beastman and a elf. Very noticeable. ……But no one cares about it.

“It’s just light. I learned from Lord Buster illusion handling. Nothing disappears”

Illusion magic can completely erase it. However, it is not inefficient and it is not uncommon for those who can use magic to stand out. ……Is it also effective to adjust the recognition to the extent that it feels inconspicuous?

Taken by them, we enter the back alley. After passing through the busy road, you will find yourself in a green area that seems to be maintained as a park.

“Break break”
“Because we got lost♪”
“That’s why let’s have a break in the bushes……”

Well, I know the purpose, so I can’t help it. Stop plunging without profit. It seems that the forest can be maintained because there is a groundwater source here as well. We enter the bush, which is a little damp.

“Then……Andy. I guess”
“It’s still before the Spirit Festival, but……we are female slaves. We are always willing to accept your lust”
“It smells a little accumulated……I mean, you´re quite patient”
“If you told me, I would have always dealt with you even if I got up……♪”

Elf and cat beast. Two young girls slid their pants down towards me and showed their asses. Sticking out their hips as if they were hugging each palm tree.

“……Aurora. I apologize for a moment. ……Far from getting up, I made a vaginal cum shot while you were sleeping”
“Oh, I thought it was a play that put up with the reaction”

After all, it was exposed.

“Sly. Andy, attack me while I’m sleeping, too”
“I wish I had the opportunity”

Aurora raises her skirt and lowers her pants to her knees. Luna lowers her short pants and pants down to the middle of her thighs and invites me.


In the dense bushes, I put my hands on their butts. After seeing which one got wet first, I decided to choose the one who made my cramped erected dick rise first.


“Th, That, Nord-san, where is 10-man captain Smithson!?”
“Hmm……see, over there”
“U, Uwa……”
“It’s bold……I wonder if I’ll take a look”
“Isn’t it embarrassing, Aurora-san and Luna-chan……umm”
“You dont look”
“Wh, WhWhWh, th, that!”

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