Half elves fall in love chapter 215

Chapter 215: Desert Spring Water 5 [Luna Aurora]



Luna and Aurora are the second most among my female slaves, counting from the bottom. Of course, it’s not about love, it’s about age. In terms of appearance, it’s a great story to think about the fact that it looks below that, but even so, they are the top in the fundamental 「Feeling of being a young girl」. ……Jeanne, Irina, Maia, etc., because there is a surprising amount of mental leeway for the age.

“I didn’t think I would be invited in a place like this”
“I’ve been enduring for the last few days……”
“Even if that’s not the case, with Andy-san these days, if you get a little stuffy, you’ll end up with dragons and Irina-sama……with this, there is no position of the main family semen urinal”
“Are you the head of the family……?”

Two people who took off only the place to use, that is, the buttocks. When I touch the crotches with each hand unpleasantly, after all, Luna who has endured the full moon gets wet overwhelmingly fast.

“Luna is more naughty, so it’s Luna first”
“Mu. D, Do you say I’m not naughty?”

I don’t think it’s a place to look sullenly.

Aurora is sticking out her butt and wants me to tease only the really minimal places and only the really naughty places. It’s okay to do it naked and open, but this situation also excites me. I don’t take off my pants, just pull my dick out. The lower abdomen will become quite dirty, but well, I’ll have Aurora hide it with her magic.

“Luna, let’s go”

I feel free to rush into her secret place where I feel a lot of moisture with estrus. Both of Luna’s ears are folded over and her tail wiggles without hesitation. ……She has less experience than the other girls and the more she is focused on, she covers it with her intense estrus. Only my dick is wrapped in Luna’s hot vagina.

“It’s good to take it off easily like this and put it in immediately”
“……That’s right. If you want to do something a little, just put out the vagina like this……tell me”
“I want to have more sex because I have the time and spare time”
“Huhu. Andy-san……you like doing it like this♪”

With her pants halfway down, her skirt rolled up and her ass tucked up, Aurora stretches her upper body and kisses me. ……Yup. I like vagina and one to one lovey-dovey, but I also love being pampered like this.

“Please give it to me soon……Andy-san. I will remember you today”
“Wh, What?”
“I’m much more naughty and longing to be devoured by Andy-san”

Aurora smiles with a sweetly smile. ……That’s why I forget that she is younger than Luna. She became an expert in temptation. Nonetheless.

“Then I have to do my best for Luna first”
“Yeah……do your best. scrubbing the entire pussy……Andy’s dick”

Grabbing her bare ass with both hands, I start repeatedly thrusting into Luna. The back of her military uniform. Trousers that have not been taken off enough to take off. The contrast between the everyday wear, the feel and heat of the vaginal folds and the slimy and clenching feeling of a large amount of joy juice. It’s odious. The waist that feels the instinct to seek seeding is terribly exciting. If I shake my hips honestly, Luna changes the angle she receives in search of her comfort with each stab. If I push it to the back and turn my hips in a difficult way, she intentionally makes irregular movements and enjoys the violent feeling of my dick. It feels irresistible for her, who is still a teenager and only knows me, to do such a nasty move naturally.

“Nn……, n, nn♪”
“Luna. Okay, let’s make your womb more firm……”
“N……Andy……do you feel good……?”

A tail that swings supplely. Even though its in the bushes of a park, it’s just a few meters away from the street. Few people are walking, but it’s not empty. I can’t speak openly or change my position, but that’s why I’m excited. Estrus copulation only with genitals. Mating that seeks only genital pleasure. ……Soon, the end will come to such a secret rubbing of genitals.

“Luna……it will come out, it comes out……”

I’m wondering if vaginal cum shot is good or outside is good. It may be a little difficult inside, but it’s even more troublesome if I try to put it out on her clothes. When I think about it, Aurora whispers.

“Please put it inside”
“Huhu. Until the next bath, Luna and I will spend time collecting Andy-san’s semen tightly. From now on, while looking at our tummy, imagine that your semen is now swimming around there……be happy”

My spine reacts to Aurora´s whisper and my pelvis reacts to the shiver. At the same time, I push the dick deep into the depths of Luna and begins the ejaculation.


Byuku, Byuku, Byuku. ……I cum into Luna’s womb. Then, as I dragged my dick out of the body of the breathless Luna, Aurora broke out and pulled up Luna’s pants and trousers.

“Huhu. Andy’s sperm that you received with much effort will leak out……right?”
“……I, If you don’t use a plug anyway, it will come out in my pants……”
“Let’s do our best. ……Hey, Andy-san. My womb is waiting for you♪”

Aurora pinches the edge of her skirt and turns her ass toward me. When I finally laughed, I immediately thrust it into Aurora.

“Nasty Princess”
“Huhu, a slave of a very naughty master……it would be rude if I have to work hard to become very naughty♪”

I think it’s useless to think about what is rude. Anyway, while kissing Aurora’s ears happily, I hug her slender body and begin to seek only the genitals. I understand when I hold her. I can see it by inserting it. Aurora is straightforward. The plump folds greeted me happily while being overrun by me many times and her hot body and sloppy hips weren’t as calm as they seemed. She controls her passionate body with pride. Rather than being horny, it’s easy to get hooked. With her strong will, she controls the body that burns to the bottom without reason to me. It is not really correct that the personality is challenging. I think the reality is that the instinct is overly greedy, but with an acquired personality……or rather, pride and reasoning that it is 「Challenging」while doing well. So I release it.

“Aurora……more, feel more, my meat slave princess……!!”
“……Ah, I wonder why……when Andy-san whispers while being fucked, it’s irresistible……♪ Meat slave princess, what a sweet sound……♪”

She shook her ears as she trembled.

“You fell in love with a human cock even though you don’t have the best life as an Ace Knight……if someone was told that a perfect beauty like you would be a female slave, a normal guy would be in a straight line of corruption……!”
“Huhu, Andy-san……ah, huaa……it’s not normal……♪ Even if you have a dragon, you have a strong self……one or two, female slaves you can rely on……”

We violently shake our hips. The tip of the palm tree sways, but I hope it doesn’t stand out.

“I’m the one who swallows it and never gets tired of it……♪”
“……Let’s say greedy flirtation”

Luna kisses my side face in return for Aurora’s horizontal spear.

“But I like it”
“Good grief, you guys really are pampered……”

I’m gonna get in shape. …… Lurking in the back of a nice meat body, I single-mindedly aim and poke at the uterus of Aurora that gets wet with love juice.

“Hua, aaaaaa♪”

Aurora writhes. She exposes her crazy nature, she gets crazy and she writhes. And I am.

“Aurora, let’s go, I’ll pour it in……ah, I might imagine you here and come back again, but then……!!”

Aurora smiles with her dreamy, hazy eyes.

“Just as I expected♪”

She caught my ejaculation and accepted it.


It’s too late after we’ve made it. Well, there was a fountain in the park, so we could make a wet washcloth and wipe ourselves, but it’s useless that my pants got wet.

“I cast the usual 『Inconspicious』illusion. It’s okay if I don’t take action that draws attention in the dark”
“Yeah. Thank you”

……I just look at the lower abdomen of Aurora and Luna. Yup. Is my semen in the middle of this? Not bad. We left the park thinking about it and when we tried to find Nord-san, we found Nord-san waving and Naris turning her back in the immediate vicinity.

“Thank you for your hard work♪”

What. ……Or rather?

“Hey Aurora, proper illusion……”
“……This method should be very effective for those who do not intend to pay particular attention to us……but for those who intend to pay particular attention to us”

Wait. In other words.

“Even though it’s a normal position with normal parentheses, it makes me quite erotic with such a conversation of words”
“Did you see it all!?”
“Naris-chan saw it too!”

Naris turned around and shouted with a bright red face.

“I, I wasn’t really interested in it. 10-man captain Smithson, please take your own weight. It’s in the city! Kids are playing around there!”
“It’s okay, it looks like I’ve cast an illusion that let them not notice it”
“It’s not such a problem!”

Naris waves her hand vertically. I think it was a little more erotic and dry before. To know that I don’t get down to myself.

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