Half elves fall in love chapter 216

Chapter 216: Until after midnight 1 [Laila Jeanne]



The night before the festival is strangely quiet. The entire town may have been oppressing itself for the day of the Spirit Festival. Or maybe it wasn’t such a spiritual thing, but a careful preparation and a rest to enjoy the day to the fullest. The extraordinary 「Festival」that was originally created cannot be something that starts slowly or continues lazily. People can safely remove the tag and enjoy it because of the enthusiasm of the day. Human sensibilities cannot endure unlimited enjoyment. Only with collateral such as 「Because it doesn’t happen many times a year」 or 「Because I paid a lot of money」 can I forgive myself for being intoxicated with pleasure while keeping myself for my daily life. ……That’s the theory that the priest of the temple in Polka said in response to the innocent wishes of the children, 「I wish everyday was a festival」. Well, that’s true. I know when I grow up. Adults need a reason for something. There must be a reason for both fun and pain. Without it, I can’t help but look for it. Conversely, you can enjoy it if you have a reason. Tomorrow is a fun spirit festival. Tomorrow, not today. Tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. Have a precious day once every six months.


Next day. When the sun was up, at 9 o’clock in the morning, the city made a quivering noise. Most are trumpets and gongs. Or clapping or stepping. In this city with many dark elves, some make magical and dreamy sounds. It’s a signal to inform the spirits of this festival.

“Wow, great sound”
“Naris, Luna, Jeanne. Here. Andy too”

Dianne catches Naris, who is surprised by the miscellaneous sounds heard from the outside and hands her a small whistle. I also receive it. Like a horn made of pottery, it’s really for kids. However, the sound of the start of this festival is still good. Anyway, it is important for everyone to make a sound.

“I’ll blow. Keep ringing as much as possible”
“This is the first time I didn’t do it in a colony”
“Well, do I do it too?”

The group that was handed the whistles makes a goofy sound that echoes in the sky.

“What´s with me and Laila-san”
“Make a sound that you like with magic. To the extent that it’s not thought to be an accident”

Dianne also chanted magic and made an accordion-like sound through the window. Laila and Aurora look at each other and follow suit. It would have been a problem if I was told to make a sound as I like. I make a similar noise and becomes muddy.

The spirit festival began suddenly after a few minutes of loud noise.



Julio-san, one of Dianne’s older brothers, holds a differently shaped weapon in his hands. His left hand is a top heavy barbarian sword and his right hand is a rapier with a cup fist. I wondered what kind of martial arts master he was facing, but it was an ogre-sized plaster rock. On the other hand, deep and deep, he sat down to the point where his crotch was about to touch the ground and after a few minutes, suddenly opened his eyes and jumped high at the plaster rock,


Swinging both swords around the rock, making a strange voice as if it were a monster. Gagaa! Gaa! Gagaga, shugaa!! Ragged destruction sounds continue for a few minutes. And finally, he threw his sword out, stretched out his fingers and slid into the plaster rock at a speed that was unnoticeable.

“The end – Completion. The title is 『Rebec Peak: Hit purplish red spirit light』”

He screamed an unfamiliar title, but it was a life-sized stone statue of an old Ogre who was nearby. Although it is a simple work, it is still a kind of magic-like art to finish a rough pose with a good weight balance and a statue in just 10 minutes.

“Old man Igor. How is it? Do you like Julio’s work?”

When Carlos asks the old ogre reverently, the old man nods deeply.

“When I was young, I looked good, but I wonder if it was made from the current me. I don’t know the exact name, but you’ve finished my three horns precisely. Good. Let’s buy at the asking price”

Carlos-san smiles with a grin.

“Then 300 gold coins”
“……Hey older brother, I don’t want you to sell my skills so cheaply”

Julio, who picked up his sword, sharpens his mouth. As with the technique, the way of speaking is also strange. I wonder what an artist is like. By the way, 300 is quite cheap. If you take a little high-class inn in the city, you will fly at once.

“I said the asking price. What is it, do you despise this me’s bosom at the spirit festival?”
“No. This time, I was well indebted to everyone at Trident for the construction. Our motto is to give maximum hospitality to good allies. And it is our merchants who look great at the spirit festival. I want you to understand that it is the true value”
“Huh, virtue? It’s something to say to an ogre”
“Yes, virtue. I haven’t lost money in the last 500 years, not just an ogre”

The old ogre jerks his chin on his subordinates near him and causes him to put out a gold coin bag.

“Hey, sculpture making youngster. I’ll buy this guy for 300, but I’ll build a hall for this. Always come to my mansion whenever you want to be proud”
“Nu……I’m sorry to trouble you……”

Julio corrects his posture in the eyes of the old ogre. The quiet power of the old ogre has something to correct anyone’s habitation.

“Now, Julio. This time it’s a bust for the young lady over there”
“Nuu. Next time, I’d like you to give a reasonable price”

Julio, who carried the weapon set, turned to the next customer.

“It’s amazing, that older brother. It’s strange”

Naris was impressed as she opened her mouth. Dianne smiles bitterly.

“If he doesn’t have that eastern rash habit, I think he is an older brother who does a lot better work”
“Why does he sculpt with weapons?”
“Hundreds of years ago, he saw the acrobatics of warriors in the Eastern Mountains carving wooden statues with swords. Since then, he’s been self-styled, saying that if they can do it with a sword over there, he can do it with other weapons”
“……That, it’s probably this kind of self-defense sword and it’s a spirit image over the palm of his hand, isn’t it? It’s sometimes in the Renfangas army, but it’s one of the hobbies of Great Knight Chief Lister”
“Maybe, but if you continue for hundreds of years, it will be such a trick”

The statue Julio made is quite realist and it does not make the person himself pose, but creates a dynamic pose. It’s amazing to do it without any sculptural gain, even if no failure is allowed.

“I also want to be a craftsman who excels in such a single art……”
“I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. Andy would have just tightened up during this time if he had the right skills”
“That’s right”

Well, it’s a decent technique before a ridiculous technique.

In addition, many events are held in the large courtyard of Carlos-san. Probably Dianne’s sisters, an acrobatic cooking show by three Dark Elf sisters, a chorus concert by Birdmans who are known for their beautiful singing voices, where they came from.

“All of these events have been pulled by my older brother and siblings. Saving money”
“It would be so”

Dianne’s mutter was answered by Nancy, who hides half of herself in her cloak while beautifully decorating her safe half.

“It’s not infinite to say that you have savings. And even though there are many talented people, there’s no reason not to bother to use them”
“Maybe. But as a family, it’s a big party once every six months with all the power of Onyx……rather, it seems strangely strange because it’s more like a hidden art competition for the whole family”
“No doubt. It’s a hidden art competition. Which one will you play with me? A dance competition?”
“I’m fine, but older brother Carlos gets angry with me”

The two who giggle and laugh look much more like real sisters than the other brothers and sisters. By the way, Luna seems to have hit it off with the three cooking sisters and she is doing an improvisational sideshow of catching a flying dish in the air. That’s why its great, Luna. Whether she can do it with Anzeros and Aurora. Laila and Jeanne are in a good mood with a nice drink in the bar space near the edge. Naris rushes into Julio’s place and imitates the sculpture……it seems that even if there is no problem with the handling of weapons, the sense will not be helped, and the plaster rock is crushed and depressed. And where did Aurora hide, she wore a dress that was extravagant than usual, as she followed me and Dianne. Most of the dark elves, ogres and humans, are fascinated by Aurora´s beauty of her dressed terrifyingly eye-catching. As soon as you take your eyes off, a handsome man comes up to pick her up from there.

“I don’t think a white elf lady comes to Onyx’s party. Would you like to dance for a song?”
“I’m sorry, I´m here with my husband”
“Hou. Which young noble”

Aurora smiles at the handsome dark elf who behaves as if he can’t see me.

“You’re a stupid person, so are you going to snuggle up against me?”

I hold Aurora´s hand, who is quietly and mentally ready to fight. I’m sorry for both Dianne and Carlos-san if I make a noise here.

“Aurora, do you want to dance? Apparently I looked like Julio-san’s sculpture”
“Oh, it’s a warm sculpture”

I walked out to the dance space with the laughing Aurora. Against the backdrop of Birdman’s songs, I work hard to take steps. My outfit is by no means a nobleman, but if you’re a little embarrassed, it’s not a bad way to organize the place. ……I’m glad I learned how to take steps at the Spring Festival in Polka.

“……You´re rude. Isn’t Andy-san’s proof and collar still not enough?”
“Don’t make any more flashy appeals. If I can make sure I dance, I’ll dance as much as I can”
“Then, please dance for a while♪”

Stick together like hugging each other. It’s okay for me to rebel as much as to give a little challenging look to the handsome guy.

“Huhuu……I didn’t expect to see such a gorgeous stage, but sometimes it’s fun to do socializing♪”
“Well, if Aurora has fun, it’s the best”
“By the way, could you touch my butt nastyly and show off your heat?”
“That is……an ant in social circles?”

It’s normal to appeal with a kiss.

Before I knew it, the fun party was over and it was night.

“Yo, Smithson”
“Nu? Ah, Pecker, vhwat ale youu toing heerre”
“Swallow, then talk, bad manners”

100-man special duty commander Becker was dressed in crisp formal wear with his hair set neatly instead of standing in the usual traveler look with a boromant. It’s a little different. He always thought he was a handsome middle-aged man, but he really looks like a theater actor.

“Introducing. My wives Rose and Ariel”

Behind him is a beautiful Tricorn Ogre who is the same as or a little older than me and a dark elf girl who is much smaller than me.

“……Two people? Both?”
“Why, I don’t know what you’re saying when you have more than 10 people”
“No, that’s right. I was single until last year, but I don’t think you would be married at all”
“That’s what I don’t want you to say!”

……Yeah, I was a virgin until last year.

When talking about such things, a particularly bright magic light is lit on the central stage. Slowly appearing there was Nord-san, who had a larger see-through area than her everyday clothes and stretched out a number of long thin cloth feathers. It seems to be extremely difficult to move. While thinking, I was looking at the food while carrying it to my mouth and Dianne and Nancy approached me.

“Andy. My sister dances”
“I really think that Nord’s dance is the best in Celesta. It seems that she doesn’t dance seriously many times a year, so take a closer look”

As Nord-san advances to the middle of the stage, passionate music by a dark elf orchestra and a birdman choir begins.


Noor looks at me for a moment, flips her robe of feathers and begins to move.

From there, it was a beauty that should be called an illusion.

The feathers robe hasn’t touched the ground since she started moving. Not entwined. Not only the violent movements, but the facial expressions expressed by her limbs change abundantly, yet the series of movements don’t feel wasted, and every moment is full of surprises. I cannot help wondering if a woman and a dark elf can express herself so attractively.

“Uh……ouch!? What is Rose!”

100-man commander Becker makes a strange voice as to whether he was pinched or pulled, but it’s a waste to take a moment to confirm it. The values ​​for dancers change completely. Nord-san, a little naughty Dianne’s older sister, even looks like a goddess who brought beauty to the earth.

Such a moment.

It was terribly regrettable that it ended in just enough or so. However, Birdman’s song is mercilessly over and the sound of the orchestra’s strumming instrument sinks. After everything was over, all I was waiting for was a boiling ovation. I was also clapping and cheering loudly.

“Older sister Nord´s dance is just a treasure. I don’t mean to be inferior in physical ability, but I’m not confident that I can dance even one tenth of her”
“Yes. ……Well, she’s saying,『If you do it for eighty years, it’ll be about this』”
“A genius is in trouble because of that”
“……It’s a word I don’t want to hear only from Dianne”
“Eh, ri, right?”

I forgot to enter into the conversation with Dianne as I was ecstatic for a while. Amazing. I wonder if I should choose a larger bar when I come to Talc next time. I was thinking fluffy with a feverish head, and Nord-san came down from the stage before I knew it.

“Well, I’m enthusiastic. Personally, it’s a top-class response in the last decade. How was it, Dianne?”
“I’m not used to seeing it all the time. It’s as beautiful as ever”
“It’s not good. How about Andy-kun?”
“No, that……I’m going to go to a big bar next time”
“Eh, lie, did you fall in love? You want me to do this?”
“I’m not in a position to say it lightly, but I’m honestly in love with it. I want to see it again and again”
“Ah, Dianne-chan is sullen. It’s okay, I’m the only dancer, so it’s okay to praise me as much as when I really danced. My sister-in-law and Dianne are simple”
“Hahaa, no doubt. Why doesn’t Dianne learn to dance a little on this occasion? It’s not a bad thing for a woman to make herself look attractive. Especially if you have a man you like”
“Y, Yes……”

Dianne-san is no match for these two older sisters. And.

“I, I want you to give me guidance”
“Ah, I want to try it too……”

Aurora and Luna took the lead over Dianne and approached Nord-san. After all, that is amazing.


Midnight. Dong, Dong, the bell that signals the end of the day ring in the city that has been making noise tirelessly. Unlike in the morning, no one is strumming this signal. In sports, it’s not the start or the end, it’s a signal to change the rules. From here, the rules of the festival will change. Merrymaking was fun, but all hints. If the spirits are also entertained, they will quietly watch over love exchanges.

“Don’t you know where Naris went?”
“She wanted to go see the city from around dinner……for the time being, I have one of my free sisters act as a guide”

After midnight, people started to leave as the tide went down and when I asked Carlos-san, that kind of answer came back. Most of the other friends know the purpose of attending this spirit festival, or there is no reason to go away. But not only Naris. I can’t blame her. In fact, I don’t know how much she wants to enjoy a foreign festival and I want her to fully enjoy the strength of Celesta in a good way.

“I will slowly immerse myself in the 『Remaining Spirit Festival』with my wife. You too……no, do you want me to refrain from enjoying it for a moment……”

At the end, Nancy hits Carlos-san with a cane, who is trying to show a good point but gradually becomes disturbed.

“You’re just clumsy that you have fewer partners than him. How many people have you ever refused to marry from other merchants or warriors?”
“No, Nancy, that’s not the problem”
“That’s the problem. I understand Dianne’s cuteness, but don’t disturb the night they spend convincingly”
“But! But!”
“Ah, Andy-kun. You can say it. It’s an endless remark anyway”
“Nancy, take my position a little!”

Nancy-san sends me off and I go back away.

And at the distance, everyone had already gathered in one room and had a chat.

“Ho, the protagonist is here”
“I’ve been waiting♪”

Laila and Jeanne raise a cup together.

“I’ve changed my dress. Did I get a little more sex appeal?”
“Nord lent me her leftovers. How is it?”

Aurora wears a different outfit from the time of the party and shows around. Luna, also wearing a gorgeous dress, spreads her hands gently and waits for a brief comment like a child.

“It’s cute. Aurora is also a real princess”


“Dianne-chan looks good in these clothes too”
“I’ll wear it if Andy is happy, but……it’s kind of unfair to stand next to my sister……”

Diane-san, who wears a dress completely made of transparent cloth that she doesn’t want to hide completely, goes forward in front of me……and Nord-san.

“No, why are you here? Nord-san. It’s past midnight of the spirit festival”
“Can’t I be here?”
“……I’m eager to have sex with everyone here……”

Even though I have no plans to have sex with just one person, it would be a problem if I was sprinkled with sex appeal more than anyone else. With boobs. Neither the crotch nor the nipples are hidden.

“It’s not good. It’s okay for everyone to finish it, so let me join in. It’s lonely to spend the night of the Spirit Festival alone”

Isn’t it a little too free? After all, she is Hilda-san’s younger sister, right?

“I haven’t heard that”
“Ho. It’s a strange sister to be willing to mix in while there are five people”
“Well, I just felt like that. She is similar to Hilda-sensei”

They react to each other.

“Dianne, is this okay?”
“……Well, it’s a crazy night in the city. I let you do what you like about my sister. ……I tell you, she is not the kind of person who can be tied up, so don’t think of putting a collar on her”
“What’s up? I showed you a dance of conscience, but that attitude”
“Is it related……”

Nord-san smiles and makes a sexy pose that emphasizes her breasts. I’m in trouble because each gesture is attractive.

“When you decide to dance really beautifully, it burns. It’s like my body is waking up”
“It is not well understood……”
“It’s about feeling integrated with dance. ……I don’t know, with a feeling”
“I don’t understand”

In a sense, what art people say with sensitivity is more difficult than the theory of magic.

“Hmm……I mean. While dancing, the wavelength went up in your eyes and I was in the best condition. When you are masturbating with the intention of having sex, the imagination enters more than you thought, and it feels like you are a point?”

Difficult. It’s hard to have an artistic conversation. …..I ask for help with my eyes, but the other girls are a little confused.

“Give up. Only a sister can understand the reasoning of a sister……”

Dianne says that I shall give up again.

“Well, that’s not good. I’m lucky I got one shot while I was there☆ That’s it”
“……That’s fine, though. I really don’t know what to do”
“Hohoou. It’s good, after all, the child who has a lover is different from what you say”

Nord-san smiles challengingly. ……Speaking of dancers, they use their waist. She seems to have a lot of experience. However, this one is innumerable with Hilda-san’s super technique and Irina’s natural masterpiece. Will I lose?


“Ehehe……I don’t think this is so much”
“Hoho. It’s a good opportunity”

Jeanne’s young limbs ride on Laila’s plump body. Hugging each other naked and sticking their pussies tightly together.

“I have decided what to do. I don’t wear anything♪”
“It gets dirty, but……well, I’ll wash it”

Next to Laila, Aurora and Luna push their hips side by side. There are no panties under their dresses. Is it a taste to have sex with them while wearing a dress? And Dianne and Nord-san are pushing their plump bodies on my left and right and they are working together to squeeze my dick.

“I thought it was really big or rugged, but it’s not”
“It just hurts to be big. Andy doesn’t rely on things like that. And it’s going to come surprisingly, this angle”
“Hee……I’m looking forward to it☆”

Hilda-san and Nord-san are certainly similar in temperament, but it seems that she doesn’t have the tech to let me taste the pleasure hell like Hilda-san. It’s just a normal handjob. All right, not all Dark Elves are such erotic emperors. I know Carlos-san.

“Then, from Laila and Jeanne……”
“Oh, is it okay to handjob? Isn’t it put out once?”
“Older sister. This woman is holding out her crotch just asking him to put it in. Andy cant do some wasteful shooting”
“Ah, I see……I’m sorry, I haven’t experienced multi-person sex before”

Well, I don’t think that’s usually the case. ……Being released from the hands of the two, I put my penis between Laila and Jeanne’s crotch.

“Which one do you want to put it in?”
“Ho, it doesn’t matter which one. I wonder if it will be poured in order anyway?”
“That’s right”

Neither of them imagined that I would get sick on the way. I’m happy with the trust, it’s heavy. ……I’m a little lost and insert it from Laila.

“N, kuu……enter, kioru……♪”

Laila trembles in her comfort. I started shaking my hips, rubbing Jeanne’s little ass over it and tinkering with her vagina and asshole like a habit.

“N, u, ku, nu, huuu……♪”
“Ehehe……it makes me feel weird when I’m sandwiched between older sister Laila and Andy. ……It looks like I´m mixed in with my parents´s sex”
“Mu, do you have sex with your wife while booking your daughter’s pussy with your finger?”
“Ho, that’s another……it’s a pretty burning story♪”
“I did it many times in the cat colony……”
“Andy is a great pervert. You usually can’t live a lifetime”
“Ho, but, the taste is different between the daughter of another person and the wife of another person. Eventually, they will all be their own real thing……”
“No, I don’t even want to commit my real daughter”

Don’t say scary things.

“Hehe……then Peter´s younger sister, lets make her soon!”
“Why are you so motivated?”

It’s out in many ways.

“Hoho, it’s a pity that I can’t get pregnant with Hilda’s technique……I’m going to give birth to my daughter, so I’ll ask, owner♪”

However, Laila seems to be quite excited by her imagination. She tightens up. I can’t stand it and ejaculate on Laila and immerse myself in her feeling of openness pouring in gushingly.

“Now then……it’s a reserved daughter pussy, daddy♪”
“Are you going with that setting?”

I mean, it’s very immoral to be called dad by someone who just gave birth to my child the other day. ……I think it’s pretty bad for me to get on the setting and scream vigorously while being negative by my mouth.

“If that’s the case……how about papa´s cock that has been raping mom´s pussy until now, Jeanne!”
“Huh, nnn……hehe, it’s a slapstick. Yeah, daddy´s cock, my womb, it’s messed up……it’s a bad dad to break into your daughter’s womb♪”

As Jeanne said. In Jeanne’s narrow and small vagina, even though it’s well moisturized, my dick is trying to push the uterine ostium open and push it in. Jeanne sticks out her waist to welcome me. Jeanne is a masochist, multiparous woman and a dwarf. Laila also grins and holds Jeanne down to help her.

“Hoho, you´re a good girl who looks so pleased when mother and father hold you down and bully you♪”
“Ngu, nu……nga, uuu……enter, enter♪”

With two people. I break through Jeanne’s uterine ostium. Then, while pushing my glans into it persistently, I shake my hips finely and violently.

“Jeanne, let’s go……daddy’s impregnated juice, drink plenty with your womb!!”
“Na, a, aaaaaa♪”

Ejaculation. The sperm flows into Jeanne with violent momentum. She has already fallen over Laila, who has semen overflow from her crotch and Jeanne breathes satisfactorily.

“……I’ll do it with almost no rest, I saw it yesterday”
“Andy is a lecher”

A little proud sister to her sister who makes a surprised and impressed comment. Tonight, the collapse of domestic morals is serious. In many ways.

“……But I and Luna-san……”
“Terrible lecher……Andy. Do your best”

Recently, a strangely breathtaking young group invites me with their asses. I pull my dick out of Jeanne’s womb and head for them.

……The night of the spirit festival has just begun. I have to make two rounds.

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