Half elves fall in love chapter 218

Chapter 218: A town worshipping a dragon



Carlos-san greeted me with a bitter face when I woke up in the afternoon.

“……What is it”

Carlos-san sighs halfway while trying to open his mouth and say something. When I was having trouble with the reaction, I heard the sound of a prosthesis that I was familiar with in a few days.

“In the end, I’m in trouble with what I advised you, who would have been crazy with Dianne”
“… I’m not wrong, but please don’t speak for me, Nancy. I’m not in a position”
“I’m sorry about this. But Carlos, you did it with satisfaction, too, right? It’s not something you talk too much about your sister”
“You are the one who was satisfied. I finally used a secret medicine……”
“Yeah. I did my best. I love you Carlos. But it’s beautiful during the day”

Certainly he can’t say anything about me, as we had a conversation like that.

“There you are……”

When I was eating a salad of fresh vegetables instead of the cabbageworm food that Carlos-san brought silently, Naris appeared flatteringly.

“Good morning, ouch ouch ouch”
“It’s already time to say hello, Naris. I can’t say about people”
“……I guess so”
“What were you doing yesterday?”
“After going around the city´s festival, I ended up playing strip poker while drinking in the basement here”

Naris turns red while staring at me as she stands up.

“Was there such a wonderful event or an evil beast!”
“Just for girls, this house! Boys are forbidden! Limited to no boyfriend!”
“No, that’s it”

Naris drinking alcohol and playing poker with the Dark Elf sisters naked around the table. I want to see it very much.

“By the way, it seems that the boys did something similar”
“That’s particularly fine”
“Well, that’s right”

However, it is a house that has a strange event on the night of the spirit festival.

“But the Ogre Killer was an effective alcohol. It’s a little hard to drink”
“It’s the alcohol that Celesta is proud of. Personally, it’s hard say which one is better when you compare it to the Great Ice Field
“I wanted to drink it to my heart’s content, but……”
“I want to drink it every night if possible”
“I prefer wine for dinner……ueepu”
“If you’re going to vomit, don’t go outside”

All the girls around me are extremely strong with alcohol or almost never drink, so a child who can talk about alcohol like Naris may be a little fresh.

After eating the green mountain, I stand up. When I got up, I saw Nord-san, who had disappeared from the bed, at the entrance of the cafeteria. Our eyes meet. She is staring at me in a little angry wind.

“……E, Emm?”
“What did you do to Nord?”

Carlos-san, who suddenly found out something, squinted his eyes. Determinedly Nord-san approached me when I was wondering how to make an excuse.

“You did well yesterday”
“Ha, Haa”
“This is the first humiliation in the last fifty years”

Carlos-san’s gaze is painful.

“What happened, Nord”

Nord-san ignores Carlos-san. And a strangely stomach-aring few tens of seconds of silence. You can see that the other brothers who were eating in the cafeteria also glanced over here. Meanwhile, Nord-san sighed.

“But it’s a promise”

She muttered and suddenly pinched my chin and kissed me.


Nord-san’s beautiful face is a few centimeters in front of me. Or rather, it’s so close that it’s out of focus. It’s just a kiss between two lips, but the situation makes my head become white.

“……N, nn”

Nord-san makes a noise and leaves.

“What do you mean with this Nord!? No way, Nord, are you his lover, his wife, or a female slave?”
“I just paid because I lost because I said I was going to bet a kiss. The contract was fulfilled. It’s not what older brother thinks”
“Gu, Gununu……”

You can see Carlos-san clenching his teeth. Can’t you blame it as a merchant when it is said, 「Contract」? He is a more disciplined person than his father, who has just started without confirmation. ……But what if the content of the match turns out to be erotic?

“But this time……”
“Well, the story beyond that is over there”

I’ve just finished eating, so I’ll push Nord-san’s back and leave the dining room.

“The next time we meet, I’ll let you say hiihii. Be prepared, little brother”
“Ha, Haa”
“So, it’s a face that I don’t think you can do! Don’t underestimate here”

Sometimes, if you think that it is a minor change of Hilda-san, this person is quite fun.

“Even though things may appear this way, my sister is popular! Even if elder sister Hilda is not there, if I feel like it, there are a lot of practice partners……!”
“……It’s a bit complicated for a man to be declared to hone your skills with someone else’s dick”

Honest real intention.

“……Indiscriminately, you can line up a lot of girls”

Nord-san’s low voice informs me of my actions. There is no guu sound. But. But. When I stared at Nord-san with a little irresistible thought, after staring at me for a while, for some reason, Nord-san blushed a little red and turned her gaze away.

“It’s not good to see it with your eyes. Foul play”

I could see it.

“I, I understand. ……If I can meet you again before older sister becomes lonely, I won’t imitate that”

For some reason I compromised.

“Totally, you´re a spoiled child……”

Apparently I look like that to Nord-san. I wonder if the man in the latter half of the 20s will be tickled by her older sister’s attribute or maternal instinct. I don’t know how dark elf feels.

“Can we meet with the intention of meeting?”
“……I’m not responsible for that, either. If you want to meet, do your best to find me”

However, she is certainly a free person and she doesn’t seem to be so tied up.

“That’s why this is a service”

Finally, with another intoxicating kiss, Nord-san disappears. ……Somehow, I wondered if she would go on a trip as it is.


From the afternoon, everyone prepares to leave Talc. Originally, it was an itinerary that wanted to come to Celesta at the Spirit Festival. If we’re going to celebrate the New Year’s festival in Polka, we can’t be too sloppy.

“I really wanted to enjoy the busy oasis”
“I even feel like you were a brother in a previous life, Smithson”

100-man special duty commander Becker looks far in the distance.

“I don’t think everyone has an open bathing landscape”
“That’s right”

Some people say that the hidden one burns, but I fully support the oasis where the naked bodies of dark elf girls are seen openly.

“So where are you going next? After all, crossing the desert to go to Basson?”

Laila answers Aurora’s question.

“I want to see what Helicon looks like right now”
“Helicon……? That, near the forest territory?”
“Umm. It’s a city that welcomes me. If I think I haven’t been to see it for another year, I want to take this opportunity to see it”

Dianne supplements it.

“Well, there’s a week before the New Year’s festival. Even if we pick up Lantz and the others at Basson and return to Polka, it’s a reasonable two days trip with Laila’s wings. We have plenty of time, including Naris’s Celesta sightseeing tour”
“Thank you for this opportunity”

Naris put her hands together. Apparently the hangover went away. Or maybe someone from Carlos´s mansion got some medicine.

“There is also Laila’s mansion over there”
“Dragon Palace……?”
“Nnya, it’s the villa she received last year”

Jeanne is proud to explain it to Luna. Even so, the souvenirs that the brothers and sisters gave to Dianne are thrown into the carriage one after another with her small body.




While being sent off by Carlos-san and others, we hide in an illusion and take off quietly. We reach Helicon when the sun goes down and fly for an hour. Laila is amazing when you think that it is a few days away with a carriage.

“I wonder if I should land a little flashy”
“What do you do with unnecessary confusion……can’t you say that in this city?”

With the consent of Dianne, we landed from the west on the main street at dusk.

“W, Why!? Again a stupid adventurer entered the Dragon Palace!?”
“Run away!! Run awayーー!!”

Annoying screams.

“……I think it’s not just the merchants who were there at that time. The difference between those who are in a hurry and those who aren’t is remarkable”

Dianne analyzes calmly. Well, merchants are very fluid. Sure, the confusion isn’t much more than before, but the people in a hurry are super desperate.

“Hey, run away! I’ve seen it, it’s a real dragon! Why can’t I run away, the city of dragons, a town revitalizer!?”
“Black Dragon! It’s the strongest species of fire dragon!”
“Come on. Settle down because it’s okay. You can tell by talking. The dragon is smart”
“Retract the lizard guy!”
“AA!? You are the only ogre who is trembling!”

Laila barked as the unintelligible quarrel was about to begin in the immediate vicinity. The noise stopped and the screams went up. And Laila’s shadow disappears. She must have turned into a human again.

“It’s me! It’s the desert black dragon Laila! Are the people in this city forgetful!?”

Standing in front of the people of the city, perhaps naked and listening to Laila’s voice, we get off the carriage.

“Sorry, the regiment of military policemen was supposed to be in such a mess, but……there was a big sandworm attack last night. More than half are on sick leave……”
“Ho, sandworm?”
“Ha. On a scale for the first time in a few years……it was a big uproar with mercenaries and adventurers in the city participating. We managed to get rid of it with the wonderful magic of a female dark elf”
“What can be done with the magic of one person against a group of sandworms……?”

Dianne tilts her head to the explanation of the military police captain.

“Anyway, I would like to welcome Laila-sama’s visit again from the hearts of the townspeople”

When the military police captain kneels, the townspeople who remember last year cheer and the lizardmen try to line up with tribute.

“Wait, wait, the sandworm case comes first. There may still be a flock nearby. I regret that I should have helped in such an emergency, but I have to make sure that the next one does not come”
“Are you going to crush them?”
“What, I used them to play around in the past. When I kick the ground, I just cut them into pieces and eat them. Leave it to me”

Laila throws away the cloth that she once wore and transforms into a dragon again. ……But how does she get rid of sandworms? Perhaps they came by in response to the fuss of the spirit festival.

“Dianne and the others go to the villa first. Townspeople, at your own discretion”

The townspeople cheer again for the majesty of the dragon taking off quickly to protect the city. And we are.

“Welcome to Laila-sama’s companions!”
“Uoo! It’s the day after the spirit festival, but today is the dragon festival!”
“Oh, I saw the change of a dragon for the first time. It was a super beautiful woman……it was a good take off……!”
“Huhuhu young man, you know. We, the regiment of military policemen, are also known as Laila-sama fan club!”
“I heard this sign for the first time! I will enter!”
“Sake, sake, sake! If it’s money, give it to the mayor!”

Is it really okay to suddenly splurge on the day after the spirit festival? However, when it comes to drinking alcohol for free, I’m still happy.

“Hello! I don’t know what it is, but it’s nice, Celesta!”
“Cheers elder sister! I’ll drink after toasting!”

Naris and Jeanne knock their pottery mugs together. Even if Laila herself isnt there, there is no refrain at all. Me too.

“Follow me! I also drink!”

Carlos-san’s garden party, which was a little luxurious, was good, but I like to drink in this kind of messy atmosphere.

“Oh dear. Well, do you want to stay overnight?”
“Ah, alcohol again……can I have a drink?”
“Captain Dianne, I´m going to pour it in for you”

The townspeople, who had a delicate face at first (probably not a year ago), also participated in the turmoil and then the flute, lute, and drums were brought out and the music started. There was an older sister who got drunk and took her clothes off to the music and another woman was caught by it and started dancing in a sexy fashion and it was already a very enjoyable drink.


“……That fiery red hair. What you look like, those strong eyes. ……I see you for the first time. It’s a precious way of sky blue.”
“Oh. ……You too are in the forest territory……? No, isn’t there another white elf walking in Celesta?”
“Yes. Although it’s the last seat, it belongs to the sky blue. First of all, it’s full”
“It’s fine. ……Even though it’s near the forest, it’s different when you go out”
“My little adventure compared to the princess. ……I heard that the wind rumors left the Southern Corps for a special job. What is it like here?”
“It’s like a shore leave. I tell you, I have no particular need to return to Klaves”
“That’s……sorry. Now that the power of your prince has weakened, let’s burn hope to the people just by looking at the princess’s face”
“Now, Lucas-sama is ostensibly a reserve force……but as long as Ashton is in military service, it will be difficult to reinstate him. It is a de facto expulsion”
“It’s my own business. I want to form a galley that can’t be ignored in military operations and I like the fact that my father is sweet and makes the forest territory a cloak of invisibility. It’s better not to be connected to a galley, such as using a dragon slayer”
“My relatives are too favored, the people of the forest. There are few elves in the northern forest, but there are many masterpieces such as my older brothers that are incomparable. Is recognized as one of the strongest without any price. An older brother who is proud of his swords inside will not work outside the forest. Master Knight is a proof of a hero, but it is to protect the people in the future It’s just an application”
“But that’s why. That’s why I think the figure of the princess is necessary in the southern forest”
“I’m amazed by my older brother, but I’m like you trying to make my older brother, who hasn’t lived for 20 years, manage the constitution of the southern forest that spoils him. I’m amazed by the people”
“Wait until I’m awarded the Master Knight rank, I’m going to use that as a flag and build a clan with elves. If you don’t get together and take advantage of it, face humans, dark elves, and beastmen. Isn’t that the same as my brother’s childish concept?”
“But it’s true that many people still have high expectations for your dignified and noble heart and the genius that deserves it. It can be said that it has swelled during the time you left the forest”
“…………Can my father and mother do anything about that kind of public sentiment?”
“You’re a masterpiece……even with your parents, you can’t make a mistake”
“Excuse me. ……Good night”

“…………. Klaves, is that it?”

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