Half elves fall in love chapter 281

Chapter 281: Desert Jewelry Butterfly 1 [Dianne]



Nord-san’s dancing was brilliant even on the stage of a small bar.

Sometimes she jumped on empty tables or stair railings to show her unpredictable movements and her bewitching curves and sharp turns that made us gasp from time to time kept us watching. Depending on the tune of the song, she would use the lively steps of a young girl or the tenacious hips of a mature woman and she would also perform light-hearted kirimomi gyrations and somersaults that flipped her costume to its maximum extent. She also does not forget to serve her customers, such as putting her hands around their necks and riding on their knees and drinking out of a ceramic cup offered to her without hesitation. Her face is full of lively smiles and the fragrance of the flowers she sprinkles around easily intoxicates the men. It was the same goddess of beauty on a small stage in a distant land.

“I’m so excited. It’s been a while, Hilda-neesan. I wonder if it’s been about two years”
“I don’t know. I don’t think we’ve seen each other for a while……Nord didn’t come to the clinic, did she”
“Well, I’m not much of a homebody, you know”
While receiving her ceramic cup from Hilda-san, Nord-san smiles with a shining smile. Diane smiled bitterly as she wiped her sweat with a handkerchief.

“Make it at home……. You´re not a cat”
“It would be helpful if you could think of me as a cat with a tendency to run away from home, because you’re the one who’s trying to hold me down”
Nord-san said with a pout and drank the contents of the cup.

“Oh, it’s delicious. This strange Ogre Killer is a little fruity, isn’t it?”
Then, setting the cup down with both hands, she turned to face me and Becker-san for the first time.

“So, it’s been a month……almost two months, right? Younger brother and Becker-kun♪”
“It’s been a month. I never thought I’d see you here”
“I’m pretty sure it takes about a month to get from Talc to here on foot or by carriage”
We flew on Laila’s wings, so it only took a day or two, but originally the stagecoach would have had to bypass the desert, so it would have taken quite a while.

“Huhu. I begged my father to let me take the flying dragon to Officlade”
“Ah, unfair. Master Ashton rarely gives us a flight”
100-man commander Becker frowns a little. The Flying Dragon is a high-speed means of communication for the military and it flies around the country busily. It is said that even the soldiers of the Intelligence Brigade are not allowed to ride it freely, because the top priority is to move urgent letters and important people at the level of ministers and generals. It is a clear abuse of authority that Nord-san was able to board one. ……Well, I don’t think even 100-man commander Becker will really blame it.

“But why so far north? I’m sure older sister’s territory is the southern part of the desert and the Greater Armonica basin at most”
“Hmm, well, sometimes. I was interested to hear that Dianne and her friends had set up a camp over here”
Nord-san tilted her glass in a clear manner. But one of the Dark Elf musicians, who was putting away his instrument, was looking at me with a grin. He seemed to want to say something. 100-man commander Becker sees this and offers him a plate of snacks. It’s an unspoken signal to come in and talk.

“Hehe. From the very beginning, the young lady had a straight line to Basson. I had to go to the trouble of confirming with the minister where you were all enrolled”
Nord-san threw a spoon at him. The dark elf, called Jose, grins and catches it with his fingers, turns it around and puts it on the table and then walks away with a funny step. ……Soberly showing off unusual reflexes.

“Jose……is that 『Red Sand Jose』?”
“You know him, 100-man commander Becker?”
“He’s an Ace Knight who was active for a while in the Second Southern Division. He retired before I joined the army”
The second south……was as elite as the third infantry corps of the western corps. It was privatized and dismantled by General Lucas. ……So, Dianne supplements those of us who are stunned.

“He’s one of Onyx’s merchant members. He has been guarding our sister for a long time at the request of our older brother and father”
“So you’re saying he’s guarding Nord-san in disguise as a musician?”
Nord-san, who was a little dissatisfied with seeing off Jose’s back, sighed violently.

“It’s not so much a……disguise. Originally, he’s a master of stringed instruments. Well, I wonder if our father lending a flying dragon flight is because of him being an overlooker”
“Is 『Red Sand Jose』the role of an overlooker….I think I had a pretty close relationship with your father, but I think he still have a lot of hands, that man”
100-man commander Becker says a little happily and raises the cup. He seemed to have a good record of battle, from the point of view.

“Returning to the story, why did you go to Basson? As I recall, we talked about it a little bit at the Spirit Festival, but we’re not a unit that’s sitting around so much……”

Dianne asked again. Nord-san stammered a bit.

“……S, So”
“It’s no good if you don’t know when you’ll see each other again. I thought this would be the best place. I also had to see Hilda-neesan……”
“Oh. Me too……I, I’m sure you would find me easily. I wonder if you wanted to meet Dianne”
Nord-san glanced at me. It seems that the movement of her gaze made him realize everything and 100-man commander Becker shrugs his shoulders and leaves the table. If you look at it, Dianne also spread her hand to do it.

“Wh, What? You’re the one who told me to avoid having sex with other people as much as possible”
“Ah, yes”
……She’s more disciplined than I thought.

“So, you’re the new female slave……?”
“No, Maia”
It’s good until I read the air, but it’s still difficult for Maia to distinguish. I mean, it seems like they’re misunderstanding me other than Maia.

“This person is Dianne’s older sister, so my sister-in-law. It’s just that she likes to have sex with me a little bit on……”
“Wa, Wait. It’s a subtly unconvincing explanation, isn’t it?”
“Did you make a mistake?”
Nord-san fell silent and held her head with a drink in her hand.

“……It, It’s not wrong, but I think it’s a bit of a misnomer”
“I’m sorry. ……I’ll give you a proper explanation again”
I was also troubled by the fact that my relationship with Nord-san was a little difficult to describe accurately. It’s not a lover or a female slave, that’s for sure, but there’s no doubt that it’s a sexually charged relationship.

It seems that Maia was wondering about it with me, so I suggested a closer description.

“Maybe close”
When I responded, Hilda and Dianne looked at each other.

“I don’t think so. Isn’t a female slave as close as you can get to a mistress?”
“Sister-in-law and mistress are amazing characters”
“Huhuh. I and Andy are sister and brother-in-law, but also female slave and master”
“You’re a married woman, Hilda-neesan”
“My win☆”
What is it, Hilda-san?

“It, It doesn’t matter. …… Mou, I’ve lost my mood after all that dancing”
Nord-san empties the glass while bulging and orders the next cup of alcohol.

So, despite the fact that the mood disappeared, the recovery was quick.

“Huhuhuu. Th-ere-fo-re. As for me, I would like to do something about my brother’s overbearing attitude as soon as possible. I’m a very popular dancer, you know. It’s the superstar of the night that all the men in Celesta long for”
“I, I understand”
Surprisingly, the alcohol came around quickly. Hilda and Dianne aren’t too drunk.

“I thought everyone in Dianne’s family was a strong drinker……”
“It’s not that Nord-chan is weak either. Looking at it from a while ago, she has been drinking a lot”
“Well, I can’t say I don’t understand why you would want to gain momentum”
Nord-san returns her eyes to the support of her sisters.

“It’s because Dianne and the others are like that that I’m being neglected!”
“What are you talking about, older sister……?”
“Dianne-chan. Drunk people are invincible☆”
“We, Well, I can see that”
“I! As soon as possible! To my younger brother! I want to teach my younger brother about the family hierarchy! Dianne and Hilda are a little disappointed! Dianne is a child of my family. Anyway, I have to tell you that I and Hilda are going up……”
Gradually, the excuses were getting stronger. Atmosphere that seems to be pulled to the bed soon.

“I’m Andy-kun’s female slave, as I said before☆”
“I’m different! What’s your older sister losing!”
Nord-san slammed her fists on the table. I put my face close to Maia’s ear.

“Then, I’ll take a room……can you prevent us from being peeped by 100-man commander Becker?”
Maia knew exactly what to do and marked Becker with her eyes. He is talking with Jose at the counter. I’ll talk to the lady and get a room. Ostensibly, it’s because Nord is about to collapse, but well……the point is.

“Then, let’s take it and stand, Nord-san”
“Al, All right. Well said, younger brother!”
I was going to accept Nord-san’s challenge head on. I’m sure Nord-san has a desire to have sex with me, and I’m sure she doesn’t want to give up. This person is free-spirited about sex, but she is not the one who loses her whole life. She’s not the kind of woman who’d be suitable for a female slave. More than anything, she’s someone who would probably be crushed by boredom if I caught her. She is in a unique position in many ways, but I have no desire to reject her. So I’m not going to wait until she’s fully sobered up to attack me. I’m going to be the first to attack her.

“Huhu. Well then, let’s go, Nord☆”
“Dianne is coming too! Don’t let anyone tell you that dark elves are easy! We’ll beat younger brother together!”
“Yes, yes……, a little too much alcohol”
It took three of us to push Nord-san into a room on the second floor of the inn.

And I’m the first to take off my clothes. I’m not going to muddle through and face the morning in a muddle. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it and it’s going to be serious.

“O, Ooh……you didn’t run away, younger brother”
Nord-san also lifts her hair and puts up a bit of courage while flirting with the power of sticking out.

“Imagine having sex with Nord-san”
I’ll be honest. I’m a little drunk myself. But I don’t want to embarrass her. If I do it, I won’t wait. I’m going to fuck her. I will.

“Older sister. ……If you’re going to challenge Andy to a fight, you’d better be prepared to drown in cum tonight”
“You’re right. It’s only the three of us”
Looking around at Dianne and Hilda, who are about to take off their clothes, Nord-san mumbles while returning her slightly alcohol-dominated eyes to the sanity side.

“……Only three”
“Andy is a guy who has sex with an average of ten people a day, even if he doesn’t put up much of a fight”
“As a result of playing with various things, the amount of semen is more than average☆”
The last time I played around in Talc, Nord-san was one of the six. This time, it was half of that. And the two on Nord-san’s side aren’t going to be the main ones.

“Nord-san. ……Thats why it’s a rematch”
I approached Nord-san and Hilda and Dianne both held down Nord-san and took off her clothes.

“Eh, what, wa……wait, Dianne, Hilda-neesan, why are you on younger brother’s side!?”
“I’m always on Andy’s side”
“I’d like to say that I’m on Andy-kun’s side too……, but that would be boring and as a big sister, I’ll at least teach Nord-san a few skills. Practice. Today I’m doing a pouch-tied lesson☆”
“Eh, a little Hilda-neesan!?”

Dianne holds down Nord-san and Hilda-san caresses Nord-san’s body. She was gaining momentum because of the alcohol, but she seemed to 「Make」 Nord-san, who wasn’t as prepared as she expected.

“Hua, ya, ne, nee-saann……that, stop……well, I don’t even use magic……♪”
“Andy-kun will use it as a semen bag, so I have to prepare it well. I will open it fully. Special illusion caress☆”
“Hiaaaa!? A, Auaaaaa!?”
Nord-san bounces her body with a slightly worrisome voice.

“What are you doing……”
“It’s a kind of sensory illusion that directly stimulates the pleasure center in the waist. Some children get blurred when they drink alcohol, so I got one without any adjustment☆”
She’s a demon. Nord-san is blowing the tide in no time, cramping her hips. In front of such a Nord-san.

“Dianne-san. ……No, Dianne. I’m doing some prep work inside you”
“Huhu, that sounds awful. ……I’d like you to tell me that I’m going to screw you over first. The 『Preparatory movement』 is likely to be thrown out before it hits”
Dianne squeezes her hips at me, laughing a little at my domineering words. Dianne holds her limbs down, Hilda entangles her hips from the side and Nord-san blows the tide intermittently. The skin of the three voluptuous elf sisters intertwines with each other. My penis, which is at the height of excitement, is screwed into Dianne, who plays the role of wrapping on the outermost side.

“Nku, huu, aa……♪”
“Well then, I’m going to screw you down. ……I’m going to make sure you get plenty of it, okay?”
While whispering into her ears, I begin to shake my hips as if to convey a shock to Hilda’s head and Nord-san’s hips below.

“Kyaa……ah, testicles, hit my forehead……♪”
“Haga, aaaaaaauu……h, haaa♪”
I ignored the older ones moaning downstairs and fucked the youngest sister as hard as I could. Hugging brown skin to my heart’s content, grasping her breasts and enjoying a tight vagina in a wild manner.

“Haaa……haaa, haaa……”
“F, Fierce……my womb is being poked and prodded so hard…….♪”
“It’s my womb……”
“Yeah……it’s Andy’s reserved womb……you can use it however you want, it’ll make you feel good……♪”
“Ah, ……Dianne, feel good with my semen……!”
At first, the 「Calling out」 was intended as a momentum booster to conquer the three women who were in a higher position than me and who were a little over my head. But at some point, it turns into irresponsible lechery and through Dianne’s flexible acceptance, it turns into a somewhat distorted sense of unity. As we embrace as if melting together with our upper bodies, our hips and lower back devour each other as if we were separate creatures, sprinkling our love juices over the two below.

“Andy……Andy, to me……my, inside……”
“Yes……cum, I´ll let you say it with my sperm……!”
I grabbed Hilda-san’s ass and pressed my index finger against her asshole and ordered her to do it.

“Hilda-san, sperm hell, right now!!”
“Ahh……s, suddenly, what……♪”
Hilda grabbed my balls, which crackled against her forehead and cheeks and cast a spell. Whether or not the magic will be effective, at a delicate timing……I can’t stand it and punch out Dianne’s womb with my ejaculation.

“GGu, nuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………♪”
“O, houu……!!”

I felt that the womb was distorted and shook. Backflow semen is sprinkled on Hilda. After getting a refuge, I can finally feel my ejaculation. It’s a long, intense ejaculation that’s unique to this magic, as if I’m pissing my pants. It runs down Dianne’s vagina, passes over Hilda’s head and Nord’s pussy and drips down.

“……Andy. It’s a great way to get your mind ready for……this kind of ejaculation……”
Dianne suddenly had a hard time and she took a deep breath and lay down.

Below that is Hilda, who wears semen on her head and Nord-san, who is absent-minded with her crotch open. I turned my still undying penis to the next victim.

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