Half elves fall in love chapter 282

Chapter 282: Desert Jewel Butterfly 2 [Hilda Nord]



Nord-san’s moderately toned and tall body opens up in a lustrous manner. Hilda is wiping the excess semen from her face, or rather her head, with her hand as she happily shakes her ample naked body. Both seem to be hit by the scent of semen that spreads out and the sigh is mixed with the sound of estrus that cannot be hidden

“That……the secret of my family……?”
“That, sperm hell♪ Well, Andy-kun can’t activate it himself, so it’s a subspecies to be exact”
“Th, That……its coming out……”
“Ah……I don’t think you’ll get a chance to see in person, Nord-chan”
Oh? I thought she knew about it.

“It’s essentially a male magic. If you don’t have sex with older brother or father, or peek at them, you won’t be able to see it”
“Ah, I see……”
That’s what I was told.

“So, how do you know about this technique, Hilda-san? Did you have sex with Minister Ashton?”
If so, she has to change her mind a little bit about that father’s nature.

“I’m not having sex with my father, of course! ……I’m sure you got Brother Clint drunk to get it out of him”
After all, Hilda cant feel like that for her real father. Just a little relief.

“But I feel like I had someone actually use it and stole it……I’m not confident because it was hundreds of years ago”
“I don’t like to do it with my father, but it’s not like I haven’t had the occasional drink with my older brother……”
I knew this woman might be dangerous.

“Ah, but it’s a story before marriage? You’re not really talking about Danna and brother-in-law, right?”
“No, let’s skip the complicated story”
Well, I knew that she was originally an erotic genie who was eating patients and that she had such an idea that she could just step into the sex scene of her younger sister. Also, when I imagine myself as a younger brother, it’s hard to complain because it’s true that I wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of such a sister pressuring me to drop my brush. I don’t have any sisters myself, so my avoidance of them is a bit personal.

“But for now, Hilda-san will be punished with a series of shots”
“Ah, yahh……i, is that okay? I’m sorry to say this, but if you shoot too many times in that state, you might dehydrate”
“I’m pretty sure I’ve done it before in this state, so I’m fine”
I’m not confident about the facts, but I’m sure. It’s okay, if I inject my seeds twice in Hilda’s womb, I can afford to have about three shots for Nord-san.

“Sometimes let me attack you hard”
“Mou……it is inevitable……♪”

Hilda-san turns her ass quickly. Sure enough, her vagina, which is really responsive to sex, was moistened with dripping joy juice.

“Right, Nord……just looking at it is boring, isnt it?”
“It’s also called technical training, so how about this?”
Hilda chanted another spell. It’s not directed at me. When I was wondering something, Nord’s eyes gave a strange impression for a moment……no, her pupils suddenly opened and closed.

“Eh, what……!?”
“Then, study, Nord-chan……♪ Come on, Andy-kun☆”
“Are you sure?”
“Please full throttle☆”
Hilda wiggled her bewitching hips and opened her labia in a mischievous, puckering manner. I almost instinctively plunged my cock into her vagina.

“A, Auii!?”
Hilda and Nord, the two sisters intertwined with each other, shouted at the same time.

“Wh, What is it!?”
“Mostly……you can expect it, right? I’m sending my feelings directly to Nord-chan through an illusion♪”
“E, Eeh……!?”
Nord-san raises a confused voice.

“I see……older sister. If you can, please me too…….”
“Uhuhu. Alright. Dianne-chan, get a little closer to me. ────!!”
Dianne, who had been lying quietly until then, seems to have connected her feelings. While feeling the mysterious feeling that……I’m rushing into the vagina of three sisters, who have completely different personalities, at the same time.

The three of them writhed in agony at the same time. It seems that they were properly connected.

“Uhuhu, it seems to be fine……then Andy-kun, lets have sex♪”
“It’s really a raw performance, but……”
“Huhuhu. It’s not natural for me and Andy to have a vaginal cum shot in the womb, whether it’s practice or production. So……good♪”
Hilda’s hips are strangely tense. While I was thinking that, the entrance suddenly closed tightly.

“U, Uwawa!?”
“Pouch tightening. ……You can see where Nord and Dianne are putting their effort, right? You may not be able to do it right away, but practice it♪ Andy-kun, you´ll be pleased to know that there are many different ways to tighten one´s pussy☆”
“A, Ah……Hi, Hilda-neesan, just a little, I’m coming so hard right now……!”
“This is……a good way to use this illusion……when Andy has a bunch of people lined up”
“Well, it’s best to be pleased, but sometimes you’ll be satisfied without knowing it and in some cases, why don’t you do it from time to time?”
I’ve had a lot of girls who are left alone and it’s sometimes hard for me to have sex with them, so sometimes it’s good to make them cum all at once. I want to make them respond well to my cock when I can. I don’t feel like talking about myself in order and I start to poke around Hilda as I feel. ……The impression of the vagina changes with this tightening method. Hilda’s vagina, which is sensitive, completely clenches only the entrance and does not allow my glans to escape. But when I pull it out to the very end, it seems to feel good for both myself and Hilda. I squeezed Hilda’s round buttocks together and before I knew it, I was thrusting into the shallow part of her body like crazy. Of course, the pleasure seems to be transmitted directly to Diane and Nord and as I rampage with my cock, the three beautiful sisters writhe in agony like a shaking toy box.

“Huya, auaaa!? Hi, Hilda, neesan……b, breath, painful……!!”
“Haaa, haaa…………ol, older sister, love Andy´s dick like this……a, huu……pl, pleasant, receiving Andy´s semen……♪”
Dianne’s labia, which she had knelt down to press down with her hands, were splattered with white juice in time with my thrusts. It’s a blessing to see the semen I’ve squirted flying from underneath her brown ass. But as soon as I was distracted by this, Hilda added more movements to her hips to torment me.

“N, ah, auhh……a, haaa♪”
It’s not the mouth that protests, it’s the vagina that protests, this slutty doctor. I also stand in response to it and pour my second ejaculation into Hilda’s vagina, which continues to tighten her vagina.

Hilda raises her voice to an inaudible octave and shakes with satisfaction. Dianne leaked out my exceptionally large semen and Nord……ah, squirting and fainting.

“O, Oooh……mou, so weak”
Hilda shuts her pussy and spouts juice from her crotch, letting it through without worrying about it and checking Nord’s appearance.

“……She´s okay. Huhu, Andy-kun, let’s continue……♪”
“Is it okay if you don’t solve it?”
“Just be careful♪”
Hilda wagged her butt. When I had no choice but to poke it again and again, Nord certainly woke up.

“Aya, aua……ha, aa……♪”
……I feel that my consciousness is quite dangerous.

“Ahaha, it’s in a great state. Ignore contraceptive magic and get me impregnated☆”
After Hilda received her second ejaculation, she wiped her crotch with her palm, which was still not sloppy enough. Or rather, she’s stroking and licking. As expected, Dianne had climaxed so much that she looked like she was having a hard time. And Nord, who is not used to this, is completely deflated in a big way.

“Come on, Andy-kun. ……Let’s do it☆”
“You should at least pretend to be on her side”
“U, Uh…….”
No matter how much my expression was covered with love juice and my whole body was cramping, my desire for Nord didn’t stop. I don’t need to be told that I’m going to fuck her. I pulled her limbs, which were scattered on the bed, spread her legs and inserted it in the missionary position.

“Ku……but the dancer is completely shapeless when it’s completely like a tuna”
I whispered to her in a mocking tone. Then, it seems that consciousness remained and power returned to Nord’s eyes for a while.

“……Ch, Cheat……only, don’t be so proud of your victory……”
“I didn’t cheat”
“……N, Now, sure……hips, come out……ahh……st, stop, don’t use my hips, don’t poke my womb……I’m in the middle of talking……♪”
“We´re in the middle of sex. ……A pussy full of cum is not bad. I’m going to ejaculate”
“C, Cover all over……you, are cheeky……!”
Nord desperately puts effort into it. The vagina tightening was decided by chance.

“O, Oh……!?”
“H, How is it……♪”
I was so happy that there was no point in the acrobatics at the moment when it seemed to be lively and whispered while dropping a kiss.

“……Huhuhu. Do you want to be conceived so much……Sister-in-law? ……Nn”
“Nmu, chuu……ha, nmuaa……if I could become pregnant is good……a dark elf´s womb is formidable……♪”
I love the tongue that melts like that. After all, I may love this person. Maybe I can’t keep her at hand.

“Human semen is also amazing
“……M, Maybe, but……”
Perhaps she remembered the feeling of ejaculation that Hilda had just made, Nord was stuck in words for a moment.

“I won’t get pregnant while you’re cheating like this……?”
“……Then I’ll conceive you head-on next time……k, ku”
“Tsu!? A, hiaaaaaa!?”
Dokun and mass ejaculation. Nord, who was a little sane, received it and shook her whole body. It looks like she fainted. But.

“……I’m still going”
“……A, Ah……aaa……”
I don’t care, I’m going to keep fucking her. Nord also sprinkles a large amount of semen from her crotch and looks like her sisters.

“You’re really going to impregnate me, Andy?”
“Well, I’m not convinced by Nord-chan because she’s about to come to have sex so far. Don’t hesitate to do it☆”
“Sometimes I don’t know if you’re a sister or not”
“I respect your free will☆”
By the time I finished ejaculating for the second time, Nord woke up too. ……The third time, she passed out again.


“Oh dear……”
“What’s the matter, Becker-kun? Are you afraid of that little girl’s eyes?”
“Don’t be silly. You know she’s not just a little girl, don’t you?”
“Hihihi. Well, yeah. Is that the dragon the chairman’s been talking about?”
“One of them. She’s pretty strong as is. Damn it……, I can’t fight with that thing”
“Hiihiihii. A ruthless master of killing says the cutest things”
“I’m not going that far. I just wanted to have a look. ……Is it better than that? Nord-san, she’s about to get her ass handed to her by Smithson”
“It’s okay, isn’t it? I’ve never been asked to do anything like that by the chairman or the minister. I don’t care who his daughter likes to fuck. I don’t care if she gets involved in a kidnapping or a knife fight. I’m not going to let the chairman’s family’s love affairs get too complicated. I cant manage it”
“……I see”
“……By the way, there’s a rumor going around that ……the sly old fox has moved again on Trot”
“Eh? ……Hey, what do you know?”
“Hihihi. It’s a good idea to keep your guard up with Young Lady Dianne. I can’t really get into it anywhere, but I think I’m in a bad position if I’m forced to take the spear the most”
“…….Tsk. It’s just his daughter’s selfishness that flying dragons don’t fly. I can’t make a living at all, Master Ashton”

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