Half elves fall in love chapter 283

Chapter 283: Blowjob Trio [Anzeros Aurora Apple]



The next day. Nord-san seemed to be exhausted from the stones and did not get up easily, but Hilda and Dianne were truly dignified and completely revived in the morning.

“Andy-kun☆ Let’s go shopping♪”
“I’m not afraid to carry luggage, but if that’s the case, should I bring Laila along?”
With the application of illusion, Laila can carry far more luggage than she looks. But Dianne stopped it.

“I’ll borrow Laila. You’ll have to ask Maia to take care of that”
“Eh, it’s still too early to go to the Cat Beast Colony……”
“Becker’s got some strange information and I want to check out the royal capital. We should be able to make it back here by the end of the day and the rest of the team will have the rest of the day off as originally announced”
“Oh, dear. Be careful, Dianne-chan”
“I don’t need to be told that. And with Laila and me, it won’t be a problem unless a dragon appears”

Dianne slung her cloak over her shoulder and left the tavern. We look at each other and shrug our shoulders. I want to know what’s going on, but I don’t have the right to make a decision based on what I’m told, so waiting for an after-the-fact report won’t make much difference. But the royal capital. What is it?

“This and that. I knew it was distributed in Basson, Onyx soap♪”
“Pitch black soap? Is it any good?”
“After washing your skin, it will have a different shine♪ Even in Polka’s miraculous spring, you want to fuss over it”
Hilda-san began to shop happily at the general store. I’m looking for the cigarettes that the Masturbation Brothers asked me to buy. They also asked me to buy ham and liquor, but I want to go to a proper store, not a grocery store. It’s cheaper there.

“The two of us have a total of 20 boxes of cat ears marks……hey, hey, take it easy on me……”
The ones on the shelf weren’t enough, so we asked the owner to get us some more. As he moved the crates around, the owner spoke to me in a friendly manner.

“I’m not sure I’ve seen you around lately, 10-man captain Smithson. I thought you might have been transferred”
“I’m here for the time being……and I might be moving soon, but not yet”
“Keiron-chan, too? 10-man captain Isaac hasn’t been here since New Year’s Eve”
“Isaac is already a 100-man commander now. He’ll be back soon, though”
“That’s right. An old lady from the ox-ogre tribe has been coming around lately and she’s probably 10-man captain Isaac’s sister or something”
“……Isaac is only thirty years old”
“Ah, then his mother?”
Isaac seems to have been seen much older due to a rare race. Well, it’s difficult to know the exact age of an ox-ogre because the males have a cow face aside from females.

While we were making small talk, Maia had found a hair ornament from somewhere.

“Is this expensive?”
“No, it’s not that expensive”
It is rare for Maia who lacks greed.

“Uncle, how much?”
“Seven gold coins”
“……For this hairpiece? Three, at most”
“Seven gold coins”
“I’ll buy as many cigarettes as you want”
“……Five gold coins”
“Four gold coins”
“Ah already, alright……”
“Ha, Handsome uncle”
I’ll buy it for Maia.

“I’m wearing Celesta hair ornaments, Maia too. I thought that accessories were basically a norm for elves”
“Mother and Juline told me that male owners would appreciate it if I dressed up a little more……”
“Yeah, Asti and the others had a good point”

Maia can be a bit stoic in that area, so it’s important to have that sense. Or rather, I’d be happy if she was interested. Maia, who has low greed, is in trouble with rewards. I can make my own accessories in addition to ready-made ones, and it would be very good if she is more interested in fashion. ……And.

“Huhuhu, I’m so glad you woke up, Maia-chan”
“Eh, kyaa!? Hi, Hilda!?”
“You can use a brooch or a bracelet to tighten up your fashion, but you can also use earrings to change your mood♪ With an different impression, Andy-kun will be in high spirits, so don’t feel troubled and lets try out various things”
“Ya, that, I’ll get used to it……!”
Maia is caught by Hilda-san and made to be a student of a small course in front of the mirror. ……Poke my elbow at the counter and the owner’s uncle looks at it sideways.

“……I’ve been worried about it since a while ago, but those two are what, 10-man captain Smithson”
I couldn’t help but laugh and cover it up.

I walked out of the store and into the city and soon met a familiar face.

“……Eh, 10-man captain Smithson! And Hilda-sensei and Maia-san were here, too?”
It was Boyd, who was walking with Sylvia on his shoulder.

“Sylvia-san, are you having a day off today?”
“No, I’m just taking her to work”
A young girl being taken to and from work on the shoulders of an ogre. ……It’s a little surreal.

“Is it time to call me back?”
“No, we´re just stopping by for a break to exchange information with General Kingfisher and others in Renfangas. According to Dianne’s calculations, you’ll be on leave for a while longer”
“I see……”

Boyd looks a little disappointed. ……Are you bored with your vacation yet?

“You know, Arnie-kun, you’re a little too well-behaved for your own good”
Sylvia-san on Boyd’s shoulder, hurriedly followed him.

“My father was a little disappointed with Arnie-kun……that, I’m embarrassed to say this, but he’s been berating him on a daily basis, saying, 『I think the army has abandoned you』”
“It’s not often that you get such a long break, so what my father-in-law says isn’t too much to ask”
……This is very graphic. No, if the fathers of my female slaves lived nearby, I would be punished with a similar attitude, but that’s it again. ……However, if you know that you’re making a sloppy child by arranging your ass naked, it’s not enough to get rid of it. I’m meaninglessly terrified.

“But you know, it doesn’t happen often, so you might as well enjoy it. You never know when or how much time off you’ll get next time”

Hilda-san advised. It’s true that Boyd, in particular, must also aim to become an Ace Knight in order to become a 10-man captain as soon as possible. When the current vacation is over, he will have to spend all his time training on top of his work and he may not be able to rest.

“Y, You’re right”
“Yeah. Arnie-kun, don’t worry too much about my father. If it gets too bad, I’ll make him cry”
“Ah……don’t do too terrible things, Silvia-san. I know that if I had a daughter like Silvia-san, I would be overprotective”
“Mou, Arnie-kun……♪”
Praise one’s spouse. She naturally speaks fondly of her lover without any hesitation. ……Masturbation Brothers, your imagination may be generally correct.


A lump of ham at the butcher shop and two bottles of Ogre Killer at the liquor store. The bulky cigarettes were also a hassle, but these were heavy. I returned to the barracks at noon, thinking that I would have been at a loss if Maia hadn’t been there.

Instead of going to the women’s barracks, I went back to my room in the men’s barracks. I’ve been living here for years and have a lot of personal belongings and it should be my nest, but lately I’ve been having trouble feeling at home here. ……Thinking that I should greet Mikagami and the others at dinner, I start rummaging through my personal belongings to see what I can take to Polka. I’d better take my mother’s sweater with me. The erotic picture scrolls are……well, I like these, but I’m not sure I’ll ever masturbate in them again. You might be happy to take it to the Masturbation Brothers, but you might also want to leave it behind and give it to someone in the squad. And tools for crafting……. As I was rummaging around, a knock sounded in the room.

“……Anzeros, what’s up?”
I think it’s a message that the food is ready. Normally, you would ring the bell halfway to let everyone know, but since Mikagami and the others are the only ones in the room right now, such a method of communication would be troublesome. Or rather, once it’s transmitted to the women’s corps, it’s transmitted to everyone, so I’m the only general soldier in the men’s corps, so it’s faster to call me pinpoint.

“E, Emm……if you had sex with Hilda-san yesterday, you wouldn’t have a bath. The remaining hot water from yesterday is still beautiful and I’m thinking of washing your back”
“……That’s it?”
“No, Nothing”
I was a little wondering if I could get angry, but now there are only my female slaves here, except for Mikagami and the two food supply soldiers. I don’t have a problem with a back flush.

I opened the door and found Anzeros waiting for me with a bath set. Her hair was in a simple ponytail. In this corps, I always imagine the half-male Anzeros about two years ago, so when Anzeros with a girlish hairstyle comes out, I’m confused by the gap for a moment.

“……You too”
“You’ve become a girl, haven’t you?”
While stroking her hair, I also wiped off the dust on my bath set……and held it.

“What do you mean?”
“I thought you were a little cute when you were standing there with a washbasin”
“Let’s go. ……Wash me a lot”
“O, Okay, but we don’t have much time before lunch, so don’t play too many tricks on me”
“Can I have some?”
“……It depends on the content”
We cuddled up together and went to the bathroom.

Then, when we took off our clothes and entered the bathroom, they were all bathing in Aurora, Apple, Luna, Neia and even the Mikagami sisters. When I walked in with Anzeros, the place went silent for a moment.

“Kya, Kyaaa!?”
The Mikagami sisters and Neia panicked and sank into the hot water. The other girls looked at the behavior of the three of them with disbelief.

“……Anzeros. What do you mean?”
“I don’t know, no one was here when I saw it earlier”
At any rate, I was pushed back into the changing room.

“I’ve seen Mikagami and Neia completely naked before”
“But not until they get up there! ……I have only seen that”
In the changing room, Anzeros noticed my erection and sighed, her face flushed.

“……I’m not saying it’s okay, I’m just saying that the only thing that gave me a hard-on was your ass and your permission to play with it!”
“I didn’t say it was okay! I just said it’s okay, depending on what it is!”
We lightly tussled with each other in the open. Then a sigh.

“……But I don’t have time to take a bath because it’s lunch right after I wait……I have to do something about it before that”
“You can leave it alone, though”
“You know, it’s kind of embarrassing to eat with your dick all big”
“The Masturbation Brothers have no problem getting erections while eating”
“Don’t let them be your role models”
In disgust, Anzeros kneels down and extends her tongue to my cock.

“Hey, suddenly……”
“”I have to hurry. ……I’ve heard Hilda-san’s lecture in the barrier prison since then. Don’t think that my tongue technique……is the same as before?”
Anzeros chuckled and kissed my cock. ……And then Apple and Aurora came back to the dressing room, too.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to put a partition in the illusion, so I can too, Andy-san……”
“……Ah, Anzeros-san, it’s not fair for you to suddenly sneak out of the room”
They protest against Anzeros, who is hugging my lower body and swallowing my penis. But Anzeros keeps a cool face.

“I just wanted to calm him down because Andy told me he had an erection because he wanted to do something with me……”
“Th, That’s my specialty, after all!”
“I can’t afford to lose in service”

The door to the dressing room is left half open and Apple and Aurora also kneel in front of me.

I poked and prodded each of the three elf girls in line a few times, changing their mouths.

“Huh, kuhu, gaa……ngu”
“Nchu, n, ngu, nnnn……haa”
“Muhuu, nhu, n, nnn……♪”
In the middle of the dressing room, three beautiful girls kneel naked and my cock dives into their mouths without mercy and eats their pleasure. Anzeros has a small mouth but tries hard to take it deep, Aurora rhythmically stimulates her mouth in a shallow position and Apple accepts it as if it were natural, no matter how much it is slammed into her. It’s as if Apple knows how to please a cock with her throat. And I stroke their heads as my son get sticky with the saliva of all three of them and it feels so good. They were willing to let me ejaculate even if I couldn’t bathe them and they were willing to give me their mouths side by side. I was glad that they were sincere about giving priority to my cock. I shake my hips vigorously and decide to ejaculate into Anzeros’s mouth for now. The lovely Ace Knight kneels down and offers only her mouth. My serious female slave.

“I’m going to come, Anzeros……it’s about time……!!”
“N, ngu, nn……ngupuu!?”
And then ejaculation. When I released the valve, Anzeros’s eyes widened. I also noticed one second after I started ejaculation. ……Sperm hell. A little too much.

“Ngu, ngu, nguu……geehuu……!!”
She tried desperately to swallow, but the volume was too much, the thickness too much. She immediately gagged. And the cock that left Anzeros’s mouth sprayed cum all over her chest and belly like graffiti, but it wasn’t enough.

“Unn……ngu, nku, nkehuuu, kehuu!!”
In a hurry, Aurora’s mouth, which was stuck in the form of a tentative one, was filled in the blink of an eye and coughed. Anzeros and Aurora suddenly became covered with semen and their own saliva on their faces and bodies.

“A, Auu……say it sooner if you have sperm hell applied to you……”
“I can’t drink all of it……I’ve spilled so much”
“I, It’s okay if you don’t drink it……”
But I was so excited by the two Ace Knights who were struggling to drink the semen and half-heartedly failing, that my dick kept getting even harder. It was Apple who grabbed it quickly.

“It’s no good, isn’t it a waste?”
She looked at them with a bit of dismay, but her full breasts swayed and clung to me.

“I’m going to show you how it’s done……Andy-san, please give me lots more……♪”
She starts sucking on me aggressively. ……And it starts to feel thick and nice again. Unlike when she’s being attacked by me, when it’s her turn to use her own lips and tongue, Apple’s improved skills really show. It seemed that she had also been listening to Hilda’s lectures on erotic techniques to raise her level. Apple sucked, licked and swallowed my cock. The dynamic and disgusting service to my cock stunned the other two……as well as the Mikagami sisters and Neia, who were watching from the changing room, forgetting to hide their tits.

“A, Amazing……its on par with Kerry-san……”
“Kerry-niichan cant do that……”
“……Ah, that……please finish as soon as possible, I just want to come in”
Such a line of sight arouses excitement. Apple seems to be getting more excited and understands that I’m thrilled, sucks my glans deeply and guides my ejaculation.


The next ejaculation was also intense. The cum hits Apple’s throat and fills her mouth. Apple spilled it from the edge of her lips, but Apple didn’t cough to the end and daringly drank it.

“……N, haaa……♪”
“D, Drank it”
“……Ehehe, I was able to drink……it was a little dream and even when Andy-san was in this state, I tried to make a meat urinal……♪”

Apple smiles as she slurps semen that drips from the edge of her mouth. It’s a ridiculous skill, it’s ridiculously healthy……it’s ridiculously cute. My cock is pulsing again with love.

“I’m going to put it out many times……at all. I’ll take care of it, so this time……”
“Please wait, it’s my turn”
Two sticky people fight and try to hug me again. In the meantime, the Mikagami sisters and Neia in the bathroom took the opportunity to slip into the changing room and try to leave……. My gaze is involuntarily attracted to the new female body.

“That, Smithson-san. I don’t want you to take a closer look”
“D, Don’t look at our bodies with greedy eyes!”
“My older sister and I have Kerry-niichan´s baby……but it smells so good, I think I’ll go crazy after five minutes……”
But it’s a misunderstanding that I’m staring at them or looking at them covetously. I’m just humbly glancing at it. Mainly Neia’s ass.

In the evening, Dianne and Laila came back.

“How did it go?”
“……The royal capital was in a celebratory mood. I heard that a prince was born the other day”
“The king and queen are both young humans. It’s no wonder. The problem was that Lord Buster had sent a huge gift as his congratulatory envoy. More than Celesta and Afilm”
Then Dianne rubbed her temples lightly.

“In the name of a return visit to that envoy and a reward for the protection of the Sword Saints in the last great invasion, the former king is moving to Renfangas”
The former King!?

“How can he move?”
“Originally, it seems that King Ruth was sticking to visiting himself. As a Celesta bureaucrat, I can not do it for good reasons. As Celesta, he turned his hand out too much and became a troublesome existence……as a compromise, it seems that the former king came out. However, even though it is a retreat that is no longer authoritative, the former king cannot move it alone”
As a result, we have succeeded in sending the force properly. With the extraordinarily troublesome charisma of the former king.

“Probably, if you take root to that extent, Celesta will have to break……it’s a bargain that was prepared from Trot, including the movement of Lord Buster. I don’t think this kind of action can be done by a young Ruth……is it a plan from the former king or Duke Gardner? If this goes on, I will participate in the exploration business”
“Although we are ahead with dragons and intelligence brigade’s Ace Knight, if we have the advancing power of that former king and the Sword Saint Brigade, we can’t throw away the danger of taking delicious food”
That old man, would you like to be quiet after all? ……It’s probably because of Trot, but I just hope that it won’t turn into an enemy in the future.


“Oooh, that’s amazing, 100-man special duty commander Becker! I didn’t expect that Nord-san to be here by chance!”
“Hahaha……well, you know”
“Naris-chan, do you know that person?”
“She is 100-man commander Dianne´s older sister”
“Hou……she looks like her……is she strong?”
“Naris, what does Celesta recommend to drink?”
“Well right……when it comes to the Knight’s mouth……umm”

“Hey, Becker-kun, what’s with that army of beautiful women who are so fucking loud and yet strangely seamless?”
“……Is a group of girls who have been chummed by Smithson. Except for the smallest one”
“More than that, help me pour alcohol, Jose-san”

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