Half elves fall in love chapter 286

Chapter 286: Cat girl group medical treatment



Two carriages transported a total of more than twenty people, including the woman who had been brought in with her bed. We were lucky that one of the wagons was a cargo wagon that opened backwards, so we managed to get the bed into the wagon.

“I cant let my guard down on this child’s condition. I used a spell earlier to reduce the activity of the body and stabilize it, but there is always the possibility of a sudden change, so……hurry as much as possible”
“I know”
Maia nodded (in the illusion of Chibi Maia) to Hilda’s request and flew to Polka alongside Laila. We were in a hurry and didn’t have time to say goodbye to the colony children, but that’s okay. We will come again soon.


We bypassed Basson and went straight to Polka. I wanted to take a break, but some of the children were in danger of dying if I didn’t take my time, so I couldn’t take my time. Thanks to Maia and Laila’s hard work and the good wind direction, we arrived at Polka before nightfall after leaving in the morning.

“Laila-chan, Luna-chan, take care of the rest of the kids for me! Maia-chan and Andy-kun, help me take the one in bed to the hot springs!”
If Maia were here, I wouldn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, but as you can see, she has small hands and isn’t suited to moving large objects with care. With the help of Hilda-san, the three of us hurriedly took the female cat beast wrapped in a blanket to the women’s bath. When I looked at her again, she was so pale and thin that I could nod to the words of Grandma Donna that her death was near.

“What are you apologizing for? Your world is about to change☆”
“Trust me. You can live. You can be happy. You can be healthy, have babies, be a mother, even a grandmother”
“You two, take her clothes off later and let’s get her into the hot spring”
At Hilda’s instruction, we bypassed the changing rooms and went to the hot spring. There were a few Polka ladies inside, rolling their eyes at us, wondering what was wrong, but when they realized that there was someone very sick, they looked after us without making any fuss.

“Anyway, give her some hot water. Get it from the source over there”
“I’ll go tell Lindsay. The spring water she makes is the most effective”
Each of them forgot to hide their bodies and flocked to the very sick cat girl……or rather, to the point of disregard. After soaking her in hot water, Hilda-san also took off her clothes on the spot and took a bath. One after another, she pushes magic light on the sick cat beast, who feels a little easier, and treats her.

“……Don’t worry, there’s no serious deterioration yet……with the healing power of the spring water, it shouldn’t take more than a month……to regain your activity……I’m sorry wives, she might vomit blood or something”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine soon. This is a miraculous spring”
“You’re still young, but you’ve suffered so much from your illness……”
The ladies were kind to the unfamiliar cat beast. Many of the sick people who come up to this point are dying after being thrown by a doctor, so I think they know it.

“And how long is Andy going to stay there? I don’t care how old you are, you can’t just stand there”
I thought they were going to ignore me completely, but it wasn’t so.

“Andy-kun, you and Maia go and lead the other girls. Also, contact Chris-chan or Irina-chan. ……Ask them to arrange a place to stay at”
“Y, Yes”
I’ll do as Hilda says.

Irina looked reluctantly at the number of 22 new people.

“Again……you bring in a big operation without thinking.
“I’m not saying it’s impossible, but with the cat girls getting jobs a while back, it’s going to take up a lot of space in the inn. We already have a crossbow corps……so I wonder if they can still fit in”
“I was thinking of renting a place on the edge of the elf territory……in case of emergency……”
“It’s still impossible. It is only because you and your slaves obeyed your commands that we were able to enter and leave the forest and rent space”
Come to think of it, it was originally difficult to get in and out. Linda-san, who has a certain position and ties, didn’t pass through smoothly. ……The Baron and Christie support me from behind Irina.

“The inn may be difficult, but you can get a vacant house like you did with Fennel-kun, Andy”
“If you ask, it seems that there are only people with disabilities……it’s a great relief project for Smithson-san. I’m sure we can get the Cherry Blossom boys to help”
“It’s not that it’s admirable……it’s just that Luna and the others came up with the idea”
It seems that the person in charge is me before I knew it.

“But thank you. I’ll take care of it depending on the situation”
People’s compassion is felt.

The cat beasts have been injured in various ways. It’s not surprising, since we’ve gathered only such girls. Many of them are very serious, so it is not efficient to just let them recuperate slowly in the miraculous spring. It was necessary for Hilda to assist in their treatment.

“After all, I can’t just do a little pre-treatment……and then leave the rest to the spring. I’m sorry, but I can’t go back to Basson”

The new bar. Hilda, having completed her medical treatment, sipped her drink with both hands on the ceramic mug, looking exhausted.

“I really wanted to do something naughty on the road, but”
“Please refrain from making such statements because it is a public place”
Well, it was still sparsely populated, so there was no reaction around me. The sun hadn’t even set yet. In a little while, the crossbowmen will probably arrive and make a scene.

“I’ll also stay behind. It will be hard for everyone if they only have Hilda and Azel and the others to rely on.
Luna is also staying. So I’ll have to take Maia and Laila and return to Basson with practically no crew.

“Well, I don’t think it’s going to be dangerous enough to really need the two of you over there……”
“Yeah. So please tell Dianne-chan”
“It is I who should say so, this is the place to cheer up those children”
Hilda nodded with a face that seemed a little apologetic, but with a sense of mission and fulfillment as a doctor. There, from behind me, I heard the voices of Williams, Johnny and Keel.

“Oh, it’s Smythson, isn’t it?”
“Andy, what’s up with your sweethearts? I don’t see them”
“Hey, buy me a drink. Come on, you’re at the height of your happiness”
These guys don’t know anything about this yet.

“Didn’t Keiron, Lantz and the others tell you? Another mission.
“I really have no idea what your unit is doing”
Yeah. I don’t need Johnny to tell me I look like that. It’s like a personal thing half the time.

“Ah. That’s right, Williams-kun and those two over there”
Hilda points at them.

“This is your chance to be popular with girls☆”
“No, I have a wife”
“……Le, Let’s hear it”
“The job of escorting a girl♪ I just brought them in, but I want more people to help me with my medical treatment”
……You want these guys to help you?

“Al, Alright. Please keep it a secret from Isaac and the others. That ox face is popular with strange women, so I feel angry”
“I’ll pass……I don’t want Jessica to hear about it”
“Oh, I, I´m useful! I’ll do my best!”
Williams and Keel came forward. You can trust these guys to a certain extent. They’re not bad guys, though they have a voyeuristic streak. And it’s hard for me to say that I’m related to these girls, so even if they do end up having a good relationship with someone, it won’t be awkward.

“So I’ll need your help tomorrow. Andy-kun, I’ll borrow them”
“No, you can’t borrow these guys from me. Girls anyway”
“Ah, you just claimed the girls as your property”
“You’re cheeky, Smithson!”
“Hey, hey, stop drinking, I’m leaving now!”

We took off after dark and were back in Basson before dawn the next day. I was indeed tired.

The next day, Dianne’s order was given.

“I’m done gathering information and working on Luna. I think we’re going to enter Renfangas today, does anyone have any objections? There’s plenty of time in the schedule, we can be a little flexible”
No one objected. While we were away, they had finished their Celesta tour in Basson.

“Then all hands prepare for departure. We’ll take off in an hour”
With that announcement, things suddenly became hectic.

“10-man captain Smithson. Good work”
“Oh, Boyd. Sylvia-san too”
The fact that they are in civilian clothes suggests that they are seeing us off. The two of them, as well as Nord-san and Jose, had come to the camp.

“It’s not my place to make people wait. It’s my specialty to keep people waiting”
“That’s not very noble, young lady”
“Shut up, Jose. ……The next time I see them, don’t expect me to be so relaxed. Its like Hilda-neesan did this time”
“Yes, I’m looking forward to it, sister-in-law”
Nord-san turned bright red even though she joked. Dianne is also smiling.

Neia looked dazzlingly at such an exchange from a distance.


One hour later, Maia took off with the carriage. The target is Rennesto. ……It seems like it’s been a long time.

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