Half elves fall in love chapter 30

Chapter 30: Cat beasts colony Midnight’s party【Anzeros · Laila · Cat Beast people】



A carriage that flies over the desert at night. Or rather a dragon that grabbed the carriage. ……It’s a surreal sight, but it doesn’t really matter in the carriage.

“Selenium, light, can’t you turn it on?”

“It shakes up and down considerably, so don’t you think candles are dangerous?”

“Is there a lantern?”

“Uuh……there isn’t. It looks like a torch, but it was a blind spot”

In a horse-drawn carriage, which sways much more dynamically than a pulling horse (rather than leaning), although there is a tray, it is dangerous with a candle and a torch is even more dangerous.

“It’s hard for you to see”


Dianne and Jeanne murmur in the dark. Well, surely they don’t need it.

“Well, it’s late at night. If you want we can stay in a suitable place”

Standing quietly on the back of the seat, Laila……a palm-sized illusion of herself. It is an illusion image made for conversation as it is a bone to talk to the wagon carried on the back. It is cute but has Laila´s habit. She is totally naked.

“It’s in the middle of the desert you say we should stay, sandworms will eat us whole as it’s a horse-drawn carriage, that’s why isn’t it dangerous?”

Laila´s illusion image shrugs as she listens to Dianne.

“Russell desert is my garden, I don’t need to find out where there is a good place to stay”


“There is a colony of cat beasts nearby, in about 15 more minutes we will arrive”

With Laila´s words, my body tilts slightly and I know that the course has changed.


“Ah, bad”

I apologize because it gave me a light covering over Anzeros sitting next to me. I returned to the level and the posture is returned, Anzeros sticks to me as it is and pulled me down.


“……Good, isn’t it?”

“Uh……well, it’s okay”

Anzeros began to depend on me in such a fine part after being etched. This is a little cute. But.

“Sly, Anze-chan”

“That’s right, I’d like to stick to Andy-san too”

Hilda looks at me conscientiously and Selenium also capitalizes me. I will be hugged by three people on the seat quickly or will be assembled and fixed.

“You guys, calm down a little!”

“Ho. I envy you. Shall I join in?”

“You fly neatly anyway!”


Bashira, this is the sound that Laila lands. Then, the horse-drawn carriage is slowly lowered and it feels like getting familiar with the ground.

“We arrived. The Cat beasts colony is under this rocky mountain”

“Got it”

In the neighborhood where colonies are often found, monsters are hard to appear. That is why such a location is chosen as a village and often the inhabitants eradicate monsters by themselves to ensure safety.

And on a rocky place, the probability of monsters appearing is even lower. You could rest in peace here.

“When will we get out of the desert? When will we start to get off again?”

“From here we will be going to Oficlade which is the nearest town at noon in the morning. If it’s okay to pass through the evening a bit, we will arrive in Trot´s royal capital tomorrow”

“I see. ……Well, there is room in the schedule and we can make a small toilet break if someone can’t endure”

“Ho. That’s right”

Later, the door of the carriage opens, Laila in her human form enters the carriage, her illusion image disappears.

“Ho, tomorrow we will cross the place called national border, is it going slowly?”

“…… Really, you have an incredible time sense”

I admire while throwing a robe at Laila. A one week trip with a carriage was done in a day. A carriage isn’t something that can keep running for a long time in a day. Even the horses will get tired and they are creatures who are easily injured in the first place. They ran only a distance with a margin, arriving at an inn and wait until the next day to resume operation. It can only proceed to the extent that it does not go as much as twice as healthy people walk in a day. It is this high speed that such feeling of time jumps at a stretch. I understand a little about why flying dragons are cherished.

“Well, you are my rider, if you wish, we can advance at this speed anywhere at any time, so will you appreciate me for a while?”

“……My appreciation is high”

If we fly to Polka at least at this speed, I can recuperate for more than a month. With that, if I recover properly I won’t have to stop the military. I can certainly appreciate that, then without Laila, I would have retired and been unemployed living in Polka.

“If you are thankful……will you entertain me for tonight?”

“……Eh, what are you saying?”

“Well, I thought, you could express your thankfulness in other ways, right?”


That’s right. If I think carefully I can’t provide anything that will please Laila, apart from sex.

“……Uwaa, super-pimpish”

Anzeros caress me who is troubled. *TapTap*

“You’re not a pimp, master”


“Also don’t forget that the number of women you are keeping isn’t one”


Anzeros shows her throat, *TapTap* and hit the collar with her fingers. What kind of pressure is that?

“Ho. I’m also your woman”

“Is it fine?”

“……Well, you´re our master. One or two shots won’t raise a sound”

There is no escape path.

The outer rockwall was a collection of fragile rocks which can be kicked if it was sandstone and there was a sand pool if you look for a moment. If you put a thick cloth there, a little bed is completed.


“Hoh, could it be the first time to take off outside at night?”

“No, no, but……when I was in the corp, I was bathing in secret, so not really…..”

Anzeros, who takes off her underwear slowly and exposes her naked body under the moonlight, looks at me with a feverish sight. By the way, my leg is okay as Hilda-san has applied her magic properly.

“It’s the first time to get naked outside in order to be embraced like this”

Anzeros is stark naked. Truly, Anzeros who throw away one of the strings that fasten her hair is still beautiful. Her breasts are small, but I think that she voluntarily exposes her small slender body as she expects to be fucked by my son and my excitement will also rise to no degree.

“HoHo, if this guy becomes a lord of a castle, there will be the idea that he will make every woman stay naked all day so that he can embrace them at any time. It will be fun looking forward to this day”


“Yeah, isn’t it”

Such ideas come out from where.

“From where comes the idea that I will have a castle in the first place”

“You are a man without ambition, you can handle a dragon with a limb, so you might as well be a general”

“I am not going to use you to kill or fighting for power. I don’t want to flirt with a woman for a reward. I think I want to travel around the continent at most”

Laila laughs happily.

“I’m looking forward to it”

Anzeros got closer to me slowly, kneeling in front of my waist and becomes bright red.

“……I thought you meant having your own house”

Oh. I see. Having my own house, having my own shop, have my own workshop. That’s why I might be called 「Castle owner」.

“I having a house, means that you, Selenium, Dianne, Laila and everyone else is naked and spend the whole day in estrus during holidays?”


It isn’t impossible, though. Sometimes it gets into a state like that and it gets messed up.

“I wonder if you will do such lewdness in my volition. Everyone”

“Aren’t you pretty foggy in the middle of H?

“What is it?”

Anzeros pulls down my pants while vomiting a disgusted sigh and tastes my son. There was not any hesitation as saying that it is her job to hold it naked.

“N, chuu……waru……nchuuu……. We’ve said it many times, don’t we?”


“You……nchuu……mou, if you want……at anytime, anywhere, you can ravish us as you wish……without sacrificing any consent, suddenly pushing in, thinking kindly I guess……nchuuu, n, nn……no one will hate it, I’m sure”

“Hoho. At least I’m always waiting for your favor?”

In the midst of H, Selenium, Dianne and Laila had delusions as they were in heat. It is a scene that is a little too far away from reality and the others imitate them as they talk about something similar.

“……Do you really want to do that?”

“I’ve been waiting for it”


“…… I’ve been waiting for it……remembering that I´m your woman……n, churuu……hugu……n, nn, nnnn……p, puhaa, my libido doesn’t stop, if I’m raped and knocked down suddenly, what to do……no matter how comfortable it was, I always think about it…..n, nkuu”

She was a considerable mental masochist.

“That’s why it’s okay……you can always think of me as a cunt. I want you to do me when you like because you can use only my vagina. Violently, forcibly, I want you to teach me I´m livestock for you……♪♪”

“……Escalating too much”

Sucking and licking my dick while sipping the pre-cum, Anzeros start to spiel the delusion that her libido is messed up gradually. Beyond the age, the naked Anzeros who looked like a younger version of Aurora is a beautiful girl that touches that kind of thing under the starry sky desert. Mismatch in many ways. That’s why it burns. It burns.

“Hoho, I also exist. Please don’t forget♪”

Laila also shakes her butt on all fours wearing clothes. She invites me to her crotch and I’m about to drool. Swallowing my spit, I first try to fuck Laila……. The next moment, the number of naked girls suddenly increased by two in front of me and I blinked my eyes.



Laila and Anzeros also make their eyes round about this sudden event. I got tackled by two girls who appeared suddenly and are kidnapped at a horrible rate.

“Hey, who are you guys!?”



Both don’t answer.


As it is, I was taken to a different place somewhere in the same rocky mountain.

“Wh, what?! What do you want from me……?”

“You who”

“……No, I can’t listen to it”

It is a small waterfall, on the banks of a stream. Some undergrowth is growing and I sit down on something soft. I was taken here and was thrown away quickly. The girls who appeared suddenly scolded me, one with silver hair, one with brown hair close to gold, slightly wild appearance……ah, with ears and tail.

“Cat beasts?”

“Here, our colony, who are you?”

“I am……”

“It doesn’t matter”


What, they don’t talk to me?

“It doesn’t matter, lets mate”

“No, explain seriously”


Suddenly the silver-haired cat beast straddled me. There is no way to do, I will be reverse raped…….


Buchiri. The sense of taking a virgin suddenly. It is too much for a sudden development.

“E, Eeh!? Virgin!?”

“Bad Yaritin” (TL note: Yaritin means a man who has sex with many women)

The silver-haired cat beast glares at me with watery eyes. I noticed it now, but her tits are quite big. Watching us with lustful eyes, the brown-haired cat beast moves her hands to touch me and finally put her head sideways under the butt of the silver-haired cat beast and forcibly licks my balls.

“Wh, What What……tell me what you mean!”

“You don’t have to know anything if you do get upset, quietly mate”

“Hey Hey!”

As it is, silver-haired cat girl begins to move her waist, while the brown-haired cat beast stares at it with sparkling eyes. And then, someone came up to us and hit the silver-haired cat beast with a wooden cane.

“What are you doing?”

Then the brown-haired cat beast is hit. By the way, as I was quite elevated to Anzeros, the moment the silver-haired cat beast was hit she tightens and I couldn’t withstand it anymore and came.



“……Hey, come down, you idiot girls! Good grief, doing such a thing!”

As the silver and brown-haired cat beasts reluctantly step aside, there is an old female cat beast wearing a loose robe.

“……Could you explain it, old lady”

“Kaa, good grief, even at times like that, I thought elder sister lied”

The old woman just threatens a moment, while grumbling, she whistles by putting her finger in her mouth. Then in about a minute Laila, Dianne, Anzeros, Selenium, and Aurora gathered.

“Ho, have you found him?”

“Stupid girls aren’t found. What’s the reason to mate near my colony on a full moon night?”

“Hoho, I didn’t think such a thing will happen”

It seems that there is a relationship between that old woman and Laila as she casually abuses Laila. The old woman sitting next to the silver and brown-haired cat beasts watches how Selenium and Anzeros help me get up (The magic expired) and sighs

“I am Donna, Donna Basil, the colony leader”

“Ha, Haa. I am Celesta´s northern corps crossbow…”

“I don’t care”


Is there a kind of legend that this colony will die if they ask for people’s name?

“……That being the case, young man……are you confident in sex?”



Beastmen have a lot of constitution to modulate when its full moon. Cat beasts are also one of such a tribe that doesn’t leak out. They are almost in estrus. The sensory accuracy improves in estrus. Especially the sense of smell which is said to be dozens of times stronger than humans and elves. Laila and Aneros’s estrus pheromones and my sexual odor are carried by the wind. Especially the two who lived in the place close to the mountain jumped out instinctively as they were being influenced by the full moon, As soon as they found me, they took me straight away and tried to receive a shot as they are in estrus.

“……Incredible sense of smell. If someone cuts cheese in the colony, everyone will be offended by that smell”

“Only on full moon nights”

Old woman Donna shakes her head.

“Thereupon… There is a man now in my colony”


“The flow of mind was bad, or the time when a boy wasn’t born for a while continued, so only the number of girls has increased. In this state without a man, the children and old people get exhausted and families decline, as the amount of males which remained is few the families of those males moved away to protect their man”


The reason for that is that the number of males was reduced by war and hunting, fighting like the Ox-ogre colony, they are like humans still continue to monogamous. However, when it comes to being able to attack a woman like this, it seems to be a catastrophe just because the population ratio collapsed.

“Colonies that originally had only a few hundred people or where there are no male pawns as they left, they can’t go out, as there are no men, so the number of children won’t increase, so that’s the situation”


“You don’t need to be reserved. You can mate as you want and like. As it is the women will decay just like that, so they are willing to give birth to a half and don’t mind it……”

“…………Even if I’m told”

“A poor story”

Hilda-san is moved to tears. ……Why.

“After all we will only perish. It’s fun to be with girls, but there is no one who wants to do it. Everyone has the desire to have a child”


“Let’s do our best then, Andy-kun. Hilda-sensei will help you”

Hilda-san gently clenches her fist. The rest sigh.

“Older sister”

“It’s alright, Andy-kun can do it”

“……No, I cant. No matter how large the colony is every 30 minutes, the load will prevail, or do you want to stay for a few days”

“Leave it to me the magic doctor”

Hilda-san winked.


A wooden house that isn’t large. I go in there with heavy feet. ……The inside is full of cat beast girls. Everyone is in estrus and a lesbian. And I keep my lower body bare. I came here walking through the village while dripping ahead. The cat beasts who look at me and are frightened come to a stop so as not to get near me. As soon as one of the cat beast girls came close to my son with vague eyes, she couldn’t bear to eat it.



“……Gr, Great……”

“Yaaa……what’s this……smelly……!!”

The semen which came out in a great momentum is licked while the cat beast says a surprising thing to everyone. ……And, after one minute, everyone was completely determined to have my penis.


Hilda-san. It is too reckless.


“With my technique now, I can control the amount of ejaculation, threshold to ejaculation and sensory power freely”

“In reality, it’s a worthless technological strength, older sister”

“Shut up. ……In short, you only have 30 minutes to finish mating. If you plunge in and you can mate nonstop, you won’t be fine”

“……I don’t feel comfortable”

Anzeros says absent-mindedly.

“Good, once you make a child we can manage it by ourselves afterward”

“That’s right. ……However, you’re an unpredictable doctor”


Lady Donna and Hilda laugh with a friendly grin. I am not sure what is swirling in their minds right now.

“Well then, it seems that it’s already half an hour ago……eii☆”

Hilda-san goes on casting spells one after another.

“……However, there are girls who don’t necessarily come out when being called. Doctor, what do we do”

“I will manage them somehow. Yes, treatment ends. Please stay naked as it is, you will only get dirty, no matter what pants you were”

Hilda-san shakes her hands, taking away my pants and shorts.

“……If it was a city, I would be arrested”

“Anyway, you can seize young girls here who are hungry for men to make children only”

The strategy of excessive chaos…….


However, Hilda-san’s speculation is true.

“Nyaa……nyaaa!! Nyaaa!!”

“Kuu……u, next one!”

The seeding like 「Just throw away sex」 exactly is progressing as I move to the next buttock when I ejaculated by fucking the cat beasts who are fighting and stick out their hips one after another, I deprive them of their virginities and fill their wombs.

“Nyauuu……more, moorree……♪”

“Human penis……human penis, feeling good……nyauuu”

But despite having been filled up enough, some cat beasts try to tempt me by spreading the buttocks further, stretching out their tongues and rubbing their breasts. And since I’m so sensitive that I will ejaculate quickly anyway I repeatedly ejaculate immediately as I thrust into the requesting cat beast.

“Hinyaaaa♪ Iku, Iccyuuu!!”

“Coming in……coming in, let it out more”

“Penis, Penis, I caught a penis, nyaaa!”

“Da, mn……hey, swallow, get pregnant, damn it!!”

The silver and brown haired cat beast girls from a while ago are also lining up here.

“……This playboy”

“I also……child, want to give birth……?”

I nod and ejaculate inside the two of them. ……Already, I just thrust my dick in the hole before my eyes and soil it with a cloudy liquid. Half an hour of that heavenly hell, I survived with all my strength.


A shocking spectacle awaited when I was ridden severely even after my feet stopped moving and I was rescued by Selenium in a place where the majority was satisfied at last and we returned to grandmother Donna’s house.

“Ah, Andy-kun, mission accomplished for today”

Hilda-san looks back. My wonderful fine dick grows black in my lower body.


“From now on, you´re going to ravish the rest of the young women approved by Donna-chan”


Are you serious?

“Well, not all of them, but most of them were seeded, so I think it’s fine”

“It’s not like you’re going to be poisoned by a plate♪”

“Unless it’s a trauma, yes”


And I had looked at Laila’s clairvoyance illusion about the place that Hilda-san went to. ……I wanted to go see it firsthand, but I was really powerless. It was impossible.

『……Yes……tonight will be the cat beasts colony ecchi party……♪』

『……Nyaa……!? Y, You, what the heck……?』

『I´m Hilda-san a representative of Andy Smithson-kun, born in Trot and a lady-killer of different races……』

Please don’t say my name with a strange article.

『……And so, I came lending Andy-kun´s penisー』

“Don’t lend, I don’t lend it”

When thrusting, Anzeros and Aurora who were watching the same illusion answer unpleasantly.

“…… It’s the same as Andy’s penis. The size”

“Yes……even the taste of the sperm which comes out of it is the same”


Or more precisely, you drunk it Aurora.

『Pe, Penis……lend……!?』

『Yes☆ I’m a doctor and I can do that. ……』


I am troubled. I mean she wants to mate with them. No matter how much estrus the cat beasts won’t stop, but there will be individual differences in calmness though.

『……Pl, Please……do it……』

『Yes Yes. Honesty is the best♪』

It wasn’t cool at all.

『……That girl is more of a lecher with a quiet exterior than others』

Grandma Donna nods. This colony is useless. Meanwhile, the situation progresses in the illusion. Hilda-san who took off the sleep-wear of that cat girl rubs her breasts, rubs her chest, stroke her butt, play with her big ears by using her tongue and touches her tail.

『Ya……a, like that, I……penis……』

『Yaaayooo. That penis isn’t just everything you want, right? Let’s have more fun……or rather enjoy♪』

……You, my penis or rather ejaculation in group sex what.

『Hi, ya, stop not my ears!!』

『Huhuhu. I´ve seen a lion beast girl before, and you show the same reaction at that time. Are all cat races like this?』

『I, I don’t knooww!!! Nyauu……』

『Your tail is also sensitive, right……nhuhuuu. ……Eii』

『Hi, nyaaaa!?』

When thinking Hilda was playing with the tail of the cat girl, she suddenly put the tail into the pussy of the cat beast girl…… pushing it inside together with the magic penis.

『Nya, Nyaaaa!!? Nya, what are you doingg!!!』

『Huhuhu, good tight……how is it, being fucked by your own tail……!!』

『No, Nooo……this, noo……』

『It isn’t so……your body is delighted……here, your boobs and clitoris are so lively like this』

『S, Stop, Schtoopp』

『Such a thing, is inside, is it?』

Hilda keeps whispering while pulling in and out with her waist. I am a little worried around here, but Hilda doesn’t condone it at all.

“It is just ungrateful……”

“Older sister……”

“Umm, it’s unpredictable”

Grandma Donna and Dianne have distant eyes while Laila giggles.

『Huhuhu……this girl is lewd. You´re reluctant……having a tail in your vagina and being ravished by a penis!!?』

『Hiaaa……yaaaa……honra, noo』

『Hey lewd girl, you will be a mother soon, so calm down♪♪』

Hilda moves more violently as she says that. She twists the nipples with her fingers and pulls it while keeping the tail pressed so as not to escape while keep pushing into the interior together. And, she slams her hips with great momentum and stops.



The lower abdomen swells steadily. It seems to have grown up more, even to sperm hell.

『……Huu. Mating ends. ……Arere? Falling asleep?』


I am stunned. Hilda-san should understand. She removes the dick, wears her underwear, gently put out the candlelight and leaves the room.

『Huhuu. I should have to do it. ……Enviable』

……And when the room got dark, Laila ended the illusion.

“……That doctor also wants children”

“My older sister wanted a child as much as you guys wanted a child, so it seems that considerable frustration has accumulated since her husband left”


Do not make me think in that way. Perhaps Hilda-san may be like this, so maybe she has a strong mother’s desire to have children anyway. What should I do as I´m often forced to do ecchi things with that married woman? ……I hope her husband will come back if possible. Maybe somehow I should think about something in the direction that will mitigate the burden on my heart─

“Andy-kun, you also have a complex face. …….Maybe something wrong?”


Suddenly, Hilda-san who was just dressed in white panty returned and came back to me.


“Ehehee. I said that I envy them, Andy-kun’s child, they can give birth to one♪”

“How far are you reading my mind? Is it magic?”

“No, it’s different. ……But Andy-kun, when you’re delusional to give a girl a baby, you look happier”

“How do you analyze that kind of thing?”

“Huhuu. ……was it true?”

……I can’t survive. I can’t survive this person.


Along with the dawn, we decided to leave. ……Surprisingly, Jeanne was sleeping all the time from landing to takeoff.

Looking out of the window, a few cat beasts came to see us off at the feet of Laila who tried to fly away.


I was slightly surprised. The silver-haired cat beast was also there.


“W, What?”

“……Name, say it. It really doesn’t matter”


I heard that it is a custom not to ask a name at the time of sex. Custom made with nature when the number of men became less. It doesn’t matter who you are, no need, because only children are made.

“Andy Smithson. Andy Smithson of Polka”

“……I am Luna Basil. ……This me may go searching for you sooner or later”

“……I will come to see you before that”

“Ho. This lady-killer”

Chibi Laila said so. And the next moment, her wings start flapping and we closed the window.


Flying for a few hours.

“By the way, Laila. How do you know that old lady?”


When I asked Chibi Laila (TL note: The illusion image of Laila), I saw a distant, happy look.

“……Same as Jeanne. Once upon a time, I met her in the labyrinth and played with her for a while”

“I see……”

“This dessert is my garden. ……Master, at times, will we come and stay here?”


The northern desert end is visible. Goodbye to this dessert for a while.

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