Half elves fall in love chapter 317

Chapter 317: 16 tits of 8 beauties



We have 12 rooms in our house, excluding the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and storage room. ……It’s quickly becoming insufficient. Assuming that I, Dianne, Anzeros and Aurora can’t move because we’ve already brought in our personal belongings, we already have four rooms here. Laila and Maia don’t have much stuff and they’re not attached to their beds, but they have two more rooms. Selenium and Apple are still in the Baron’s mansion, but I can’t keep kicking Hilda out. Luna is also my child. That’s two more rooms and when the four Gauntlets take over, there will be four more rooms. So far, we’ve used up the original volume, but I’ve had to give up the room for old Dan from the room that Laila and Maia are going to use (which is still to be determined). Well. Where should I have the four blue dragons waiting?

“……I’m really sorry to say this, but you’ll have to wait at the inn until we leave on our next mission”
And then I’d have to bow to the Gauntlet Knights. In fact, I’d like to share a room with a few of them, but even Elmo and his friends can’t make double the number of beds in a day or two. And Elmo and his friends have already started construction on their next house. This is the house that Dianne and Irina ordered. I’m worried about letting only the dragons stay in the inn……I don’t think they’re convinced, and overall, it was realistic to move the four Gauntlets there.

“Eh. I thought I was going to be able to save money on lodging”
The first to speak up was Naris. Tetes also looked a little sad.

“It’s a hassle to come out to the inn, so after all you won’t come crawling at night……”
“Tetesu-chan, that’s right……shouldn’t you just think normally and give up?”
Almeida nods heavily to Naris’s plunge.

“It’s not four dragons. Andy’s lower body is the main interest. ……I hope they don’t squeeze him to death”
“I’m sure they won’t. It’s Smithson-san”
Sharon trusts me, but if they actually get serious, I’ll probably wither away. There are four of them who can probably have sex for months if not days.

“Well, I’m not going to rely on them until I bring my mother……and then I’ll do it right again when I come back here from the demon territory”
“Are you planning to bring Marie-dono……what are you going to do about Marie-dono’s bed?”
“……Th, That is……in the direction of temporarily requisitioning Laila´s room”
Both Laila and Maia will be out of accommodation, but they can spend time together in my room. Rather, Laila usually drinks in the dining room or goes to the hot springs and I rarely see her lying in bed. Maia is usually guarding the baron’s mansion at night, so again, I don’t see her sleeping except when we’re having sex. It’s probably not a good idea to take advantage of that, but maybe they don’t plan to spend much time in their room in the first place.

So the housing arrangements were finished and we were ready to accept the four of them. I asked Irina and Christie to take care of them and after I brought my mom, we were ready to go on our mission.

“Haa……it’s become a big deal. I’ve been working on this myself”
I took a break in the hot spring at night. The moon is beautiful. And the snowfield is shining faintly.

“It’s just a matter of making use of the power……that moves when the lord turns his mind to it. You can always use it for something like this, you know”
“The palace is boring as hell. Especially our Misty Palace has few dragons and is rarely visited because of its remote location”
“Hu. I’ve heard that in other palaces, mischievous humans and subhumans sometimes sneak in”
“It’s a story I’ve never heard of in our palace, sandwiched between barriers and mountains”
……This is the men’s bath. But I don’t care at all and there are many busty beauties such as blue dragons surrounding me. No, it’s not like it wasn’t until now, but Dianne and Laila. However, the two of them joined this circle and Hilda and Sharon were there, so it was more like a boobs bath than a men’s bath.

“If so, as long as Andy is there, you can help maintain this town……is that okay?”

When Dianne pointed water at the four of them, the dragons all looked at each other strangely.

“Maintain the town……?”
“From what we can tell, the town doesn’t seem to be in too much trouble”
“If you are asking us to serve the town……we refuse. We can’t make a deal with someone who is so vague”
“If you are referring to the lord’s mother or that dwarf, then your duty is clear”
……Well, I remember when Laila said that too. Dragons basically have nothing to do with society itself. Only 「Personal justice」 with the power to make decisions drives dragons. Dragon riders are the only line between that and society.

“It’s not that difficult. You simply have to protect Andy’s home. All you have to do is show us that”
Juline still tilted her head.

“This town is now also a place that is being watched by multiple large organizations such as Celesta, the elven territory and Trot. If you, blue dragons, are determined to keep your hands off this place, no matter what your goals are……then there are other forces at work besides the dragons under your direct control, such as Laila and Maia. It’s a great insurance policy for those nations that are extremely afraid of dragons and can’t do anything about it. All you have to do is come and visit us once in a while”
“But wouldn’t that put the human lords in an even more difficult position? The reason why we dragons do not get involved with humans is not for our own safety. But because our power causes chaos in the power structure and eventually human society will lose its order. That would be the end of the matter”
Airi pointed out as she put out her arms and leaned her elbows on the edge of the tub. She grinned as she absentmindedly lifted a hand to her puffy boobs. She said it was okay to touch them. I reach out with both hands and play with them.

“Lord Guto of this land is a friendly person. But he’s also a good lord who’s willing to fight against outside pressure. Above all, he loves Andy as if he were his own son”
“……That’s all well and good, but”
“It’s a good thing, but Andy trusts him so much that he entrusts his children and wife to him. ……This is why he was able to accept dragons and other warriors who were too strong for him and he was able to make friends with the elven territories that were at odds with him. ……He has no power of his own and controls his power only through justice. This is a great way to understand Andy and rule in harmony with him. That is why I want you to help Andy. Let’s realize justice. Let’s fight without worrying about our patronage”
“……Indeed. In other words……”
Hilda-san supplemented me with a side hug as I played with Airi’s tits.

“Andy-kun’s children will continue to be born and please be the backing of the Baron who protects them☆ He feels like♪”
“So that’s what this is all about. I’ll accept it then”
“You’re asking me to be an 『Immovable force』 in addition to a moving force”
“Originally, I want a contract for power, but……well, if I feel like it, it’s okay”
Asti and Michela agree. I inadvertently say something while some difficult reasoning is flying around, so next to Airi’s boobs, I kiss Juline’s boobs next to it and ask for a reaction. Juline, the youngest of the group, blushed when I tweaked her tits, but she lifted the white globes with her hands to make it easier for me to suck on her nipples. Incidentally, with one hand, I also tweaked Hilda’s cunt in the hot water.

“Ho. When you have a dragon, it’s not often that you get challenged. It’s not like you’re going to be fighting. Frequent appearances are enough. It is not worthy of a contract of power, or even a contract of knighthood”
Laila floated a tray in the hot water and poured herself a drink while grinning at me as I played with her tits one after another.

“Can I suck on Dianne’s tits too?”
“You don’t have to ask, but……don’t you think you should interfere a little, Andy? I’m talking about your use of power”
Muchu, I put a kiss mark on Dianne’s boobs.

“I’ll leave it to you. I’m just too busy with erotic things”
“Don’t be so sure”
“Ho, good. You’re a man with that kind of attitude. ……That’s fine. A man who just loves the woman he likes and makes her happy. This is why it is worth supporting”
“That’s right. A man who looks only at the top is also a problem”
Laila and Hilda are defending me, who is in many ways a complete failure. I have a lot of backing now, so I can give them that kind of support, but if I think about it normally, I’m probably just an ordinary monkey. I’ve been enjoying the hot water for a while now, but Sharon smiled and continued.

“It’s hard not to be ambitious when you’ve got this much potential……in your hands. Even so, Smithson.san, who considers us, the female slaves, to be his true love……is still a rare person”
Everyone giggled and laughed peacefully.

“No doubt”
“He’s a man of no real consequence, except for his dirty guts. Well, he’s a dragon rider. It’s not his fault that he enjoys women to his heart’s content”
“You have that much energy☆ And I think you’re about to get turned on by all the pussy teasing”
“Have you had enough of my breasts yet……?”
“N, Not at all. Let me suck Sharon”
I sucked her tits all over. Laila and Airi reach out to the lower half of the body at the same time and after a little glare, they grab each other at the same time.

“Oh, you can’t ejaculate in a hot spring, so no dicks”
“Ho. He can do whatever he wants with it. He can even have the women here compete to suck up the floating semen”
“Oh, I have to work hard”
“As expected, the lord, is thinking different”
“Wait a minute, I didn’t come up with this idea!?”
While I was doing this, the baron and the gatekeeper duo who had come to take a bath in the hot spring opened the door and stiffened.

“……Well. I haven’t heard……Johnny. Is this a women’s bath?”
“N, No, I don’t know either”
“Hey, Johnny, get out of the way, what’s going on!?”
……I pulled my face away from Sharon’s tits and cleared my throat.

“It’s the men’s room”
“……Is it okay to enter”
The Baron and Johnny looked at each other and coughed as I did.

“Then, be my guest”
“Sorry to bother you, Andy”
“Get out of my way……eh, what a paradise”
The Baron and Johnny, with their noses outstretched, rushed into the dressing room with their steps in unison like a musical. Keel then appears and is stunned.

Harry, the old shoemaker, appeared from further behind Keel and nodded vigorously with a serious face. I’m not sure what he was talking about.

“Hoho, its lively”
“This is the end of the secret story”
“Andy-kun, do you want to show off?”
“Sm, Smithson-san……that, are you still sucking……♪”
“Maia’s been a great help”
“You are the Baron. I see, you have good body language for a human being”
“You guys……ah, when I first saw the lord……”
“You are the two who were running away”
The three of them are delirious from taking a mixed bath with big breasted beauties. Old man Harry stares at us after soaking in hot water at a distance. He is staring at everyone´s boobs without moving or blinking. ……He is the most reserved of the three, but he may be the most desperate.

That evening.

“Here we go……”
Juline once became a dragon outside and it was a lot of mats that she took out quickly. It seems to have been given to her by the silver clan.

“I’m going to put this in……someone’s room. The room assigned to me is fine”
“Are you sure you want to carry the furniture out?”
The mat was laid out in Juline’s room (formerly Tetes’ room), and all the furniture inside went into Michela’s room next door (also formerly Naris’s). A room that becomes rather cramped when furniture is put in will become quite large if all the rooms are vacant and mats are laid out.

“……What, do you feel more comfortable here since you have to sleep with other people in the Misty Palace?”
I ask a question and Juline and Michela roll their eyes as they throw their clothes away, wondering what I’m talking about.

“Sleeping isn’t really necessary. Didn’t you allocate the room to have sex?”
“Juline and I will always be waiting for you naked from now on, so if you feel the need to ejaculate, you can always come over♪”
She was more motivated than I thought.

“Wait. ……It would be reasonable for you to give it to me tonight”
Then Airi broke in. She quickly strips off her cloak in the corner of her room, showing off her slender and beautiful back. Or rather, she shows us her ass. And more.

“Don’t be greedy for the whole night, Airi”
Eventually, Asti came in and all the dragons were there.

“Hoho, serve. Blue lizards”
“I wonder if the dragons are in a good mood tonight”
“Well, that’s fine, but don’t spoil it too much. Andy-kun’s penis belongs to all of us”
“Everyone´s thing……”
“No, my cock belongs to me! I just do what I want with it!”
I protested to the big-breasted group that had followed me from the spa together. Then all four of them backed off and pulled me into Juline’s room.

“Y, You’re gonna fuck all of us?”
“Yeah, already. Greedy♪”
“A, Am I good too?”
“It’s okay. If you do it, I’ll do it!”
At any rate, I decided that it was not a good idea to leave them alone from the start. And to show that I’m not just giving the blue dragons preferential treatment and that I’m the one who decides who gets laid in my house, I’m adding more people. We’re going to be friends for a long time, so I can’t keep making the dragons feel like they’re special. I’ll have sex with them as I please. That’s the rule in this house. ……Or rather, if you don’t do it like that, there is a danger that the appeal battle will be out of control as Irina says.

“Are you going to meet this many people?”
“So this is a continuation of the previous bath”
“Mother, why don’t you bring out……the thing?”
“Yes. Give me a minute”
In response to Juline’s request, Michela shook her tits and chanted a small incantation. And she took something like a large bowl out of the air.

“What is that?”
While taking off her clothes, Dianne made a suspicious look.

“It is a medicinal mucilage that stops the cold”
“It helps us to hug each other comfortably even when our skin is burning and cold. We spend a lot of time naked and the temperature on our bodies is often below freezing”
“It’s not really necessary for us dragons, but it comes in handy in the winter when we’re with other species”
The dragons smeared each other with the slime. ……The white skin of the dragons shone brightly in the magical light as they entered the room.

“It’s naughty, isn’t it? It’s more than just tits……”
I also take off my pants and mutter my impression. Hilda nodded powerfully while wearing a pair of panties next to me.

“Indeed. ……We also use lotion for talc strip dancers, but after all the dragons have beautiful skin and I’m sorry I haven’t complained about the proportions”
“Do you understand?”
“Of course”
“In that case, may I remove Hilda´s panties with my own hands?”
“Oh. Mou, you really like that, don’t you☆”
Hilda giggled and thrust her hips forward. I put my hands on the remaining piece of fabric on Hilda’s hips and slid it over the curve of her ass, sliding it down her thighs. I kissed and rubbed my cheeks on her exposed brown buttocks. Oh, the happiness.

“Sm, Smithson-san, m……me too, that……”
Maybe I look too happy, but Sharon offers to do the same when she’s in her underwear.

“Of course. ……I mean, can you slowly turn your hips toward me and take it off?”
“Y, Yes……♪”

Sharon does as she is told. The white cloth slides over her white buttocks. The light brown anus that had been hidden is now exposed. Her hairless labia peek out. Sharon’s profile, which is ashamed but cannot hold back expectations, invites lust again.

“Ho. I should put on some underwear too”
“Well, I think you should. Andy, what about me?”
“……I’d love it if you’d take them off and show them to me in a sensational way”
“You’ve got really good taste, don’t you☆ Sensei is going to squeeze your cock from behind”
“Da. No, you can’t. It would be a shame if you came just by watching”
“Hoho. Of course it’s a man’s job to ejaculate in a woman’s womb♪”
“I, I’ll take care of that for you. You can go……right now and use 100-man commander Dianne’s as a side dish inside me……♪”
Sharon suggested something perverse, but I don’t need to do any of those nonsensical acrobatics to ejaculate with anyone. What are better lovers than mine. I just want to take my time and watch them take off their pants.

“I don’t have to ejaculate right now……rather, Hilda-san and Sharon should be painted”
“I like it. Can you share it with me?”
“Sure. Do you want me to paint it for you?”
“I’ll paint it with Sharon-chan. Come on, Sharon-chan, paint it, paint it, paint it”
“Ah, hey……Hilda-san……!?”
Hilda smears Sharon with slimy mucilage with a mischievous look. Sharon writhes in agony.

“Hilda-san, don’t play too much with Sharon. You’re going to overdo it”
“I know. This is just Sharon-chan being too naughty”
“Haaa……haa, th, that……rather, it’s just that the slime itself is kind of……irritating to the skin……”
“I wonder if that’s the case. Apply it to me too”
“Yes……it, it’s like this……”
It’s a miracle that a naked dark elf master and a big-breasted elf princess are able to spread slime all over each other’s skin. And Dianne, who took off her panties while shaking her ass, also participated in the slimy slimy coating with Laila.

“Th, That’s true……this will make you feel strange……”
“Hoho, it’s a good thing, isn’t it? That’s what it’s for, isn’t it”

And so, before my eyes, eight naked beauties with big tits glistening in the sun. It seems that the warmth of the medicine has stimulated their skin, making them feel more excited than I expected.

“So……can I fuck you now?”
“Of course”
“You could have started any time you wanted”
“I, I’ll start first”
“That’s why Airi, don’t be so pushy”
“Huuu……this, does not work……”
“Hoho. Now, I think this is what you want, owner”
“Nuru, nuru, bless, hey, hey, ecchi☆ You don’t have to worry about anyone♪”
“Hot……it looks like I’m burning……♪”
I clenched my crazy penis involuntarily.


“Dan-kun, it’s better to go home soon? You can stay here for free, unlike me”
“Who the hell is Dan-kun! Who the hell are you to go in and out of a place where there are five or six dragons? You’ve got some fucking nerve, head!”
“No, no, no, I’m afraid of dragons!? Ah, I’m full of beer, Cute-chan”
“Me too!”
“……I wonder what Naris-chan’s dragon phobia is these days. You said you couldn’t have sex, but you got used to it”
“Something poisonous, Tetes-chan!? It’s really scary!”
“Or perhaps I should say, Naris-chan is invincible at the point where you can easily realize the presence of a dwarf that you normally dislike just listening”
“……I’m here too”
“That’s Jeanne-chan. If you’re a dwarf, Jeanne-chan is a great dwarf”
“That’s true”
“……I feel like Tetes’ respect for me is decreasing by the day……”
“Cheer up, Almeida-san. You’re not going to get any respect from me if you have a lot of splits, Tete-chan”

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