Half elves fall in love chapter 32

Chapter 32: At Trot´s royal capital



Anzeros found us a mid-class hotel in Schrantz. Well, as the ancient capital with tourism resources, it is quite nice to say that it is medium sized.

We can’t stay too long”

Dianne who saw the table of the rent was high enough to make a bitter face.

“I´m sorry. But when it comes to the number of elves, the cheapest place……”
“Will turn us down”

Anzeros smiles with an awkward feeling. We are certainly eight people in total and more than half of them are elves and will be faced with a bitter look at most of the hotels. No matter how much Trot became a part of Celesta, elves are still not welcomed in Trot and even if the prejudice of the manager is subtracted, it becomes the seed of trouble with other customers only by being there. As it drinks there, customers deal with them as customers, and when it comes to an accommodation that can deal with anything in the unlikely event, it is not very important and a third rate place.

“Well, it may be okay, we will leave for the royal city tomorrow, so this town is just a resting place”
“……It is true. We don’t need to stay here in earnest”

That’s right, but I feel sorry for a moment.

“I might have wanted to go sightseeing for a bit”

Jeanne also agreed.

“It is the first time to see the streets where such fine blacksmiths are lining up and I wanted to look at the workshops slowly”
“……Are you interested in blacksmithing, Jeanne?”
“Why shouldn’t I? There are only a few dwarves who are not interested in it”

Speaking of dwarven blacksmiths imaginarily reflects a macho old man owner, but it is not surprising that even a girl can be a blacksmith as there is no discrimination among dwarves.

“Either way I will be your right arm if I quit the army”
“Does 10-man captain also want to become a blacksmith?”
“……I didn’t say it before, but I am the son of a blacksmith. ……Well I will keep being a soldier for a while, but I think I will become a blacksmith after going through the blacksmith training”

I haven’t thought of it very deeply, but going back to Polka means I will face my hometown that I neglected in response to my embarrassment. My father may get angry with me who has become a part of Celesta´s army, but if he told me to do the blacksmith training again, it is time to organize and that way I am going back.

“Just think that 10-man captain is a natural serviceman”
“Wherever you look, that’s how it is like Anzeros”

Anzeros was a bit disappointed.

“Although I have sword skills, I’m not that much of a soldier”

I point at Anzeros, as she said: “I’m not that much of a soldier” even though she is in the crossbow corps.

“Well then, it’s for what? As your subjectivity”
“……U, Uuh”

I started to worry.

“……Sw, swordsman……”
“Swordsman not a soldier”

Swordsmen who are not related to the military are few and are adventurers or bodyguards, but I don’t think that Anzeros is suitable for such things.

“……Then, that……emm, maid?”
“What are you laughing at?”

I was surprised when I imagined it and laughed. Maid. A maid? Recently, Anzeros has become a girl and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at last. It might not be bad to see Anzeros cleaning the room with a frilly mini skirt. But.

“Are you good at housework?”
“……Th, that……I will memorize it when necessary”
“That, it’s different from the direction you don’t want”

It was slightly dented.

“……Then, what are you asking me to do?”
“If you stop the army I will also quit and after that, I will take care of you”
“……Is, Is that so”

……Wait a moment.

“I think that it doesn’t seem to be related to this”
“My My. Maybe you can think about it separately”

Dianne interrupts.

“100-man commander what will you do?”
“I… I guess I will become a doctor again”
“That’s my job”
“Sister would have her clinic in Talc”
“Dianne-chan, it’s mean. ……When you’re done with me, will you threw me away Andy?”
“Emm, no, I won’t do that, but I think that you’d better seriously wait for your husband to return”
“In that respect, I’m relieved, I will make a herbal farm in Polka”
“Ho. Then shall I pretend to be a flying dragon from time to time?”

The girls are talking about their future work occupation in a lively talk. Meanwhile, only Aurora holds her head.

“……Well, I have a job in addition to my sword skills……”

Go for it, young girl.


The next day, we climb the hill along with the dawn and get on the carriage again. Among the light of the golden dawn, the ancient capital seen from the hill, the fields, and orchards as far as the surroundings can be seen were exceptionally beautiful.

“It is rich when you see it. It’s a pretty scenery that is different from the deserts and mountains of Celesta”

Viewing the land of plenty from the entrance of the horse carriage, Dianne is attracted to it.

“I wish I could trade it peacefully……”
“Originally the people of Celesta are strongly indigenous, originally they are not very interested in the land of Trot etc. In the last war with Trot, it was only necessary that the industrial power of Trot was absolutely necessary as an urgent task, There were only 8 dwarf-mines in the whole of Celesta, while Trot has 33. The industrial power was absolutely necessary for the battle against Alfilm, but Trot saw the immediate enemy which was us and blocked diplomatic ties”
“So it has broken into a war……”
“Well, Trot talked about an exchange between the Sword St. Brigade and Alfilm´s paladins, as they did not have a bad relationship with Alfilmand they were proud of their Sword St. Brigade. Even if we´re attacked from either side, I guess we would still knock them down. ……Andy. Do you know why we don’t release the royal family of Trot and don’t destroy the Kingdom of Trot and keep it in the form of dependency?”
“We don’t have the effort to reconstruct the commercial capabilities of Trot, which we wanted. When we destroy the nation’s framework, the commercial ability of the area will decline for a while, although we were never a weak country, the ability to rebuild a broken country and the power to cultivate helpless refugees isn’t enough. It is irresponsible, but Celesta´s merchants want to be good at Trot kingdom. It will not be completely territorial in the future”
“……Is that so”

That means that I can’t become a Celesta citizen unless I throw away my hometown completely and continue to naturalize on my own. If I were to wish for both being together and starting a new life, that would be a big wall anyway. Dianne just silently explained, but the real intention will definitely be there.

“Is it okay if I start flying soon?”

Dianne closes the door.

“Please, Laila. Let’s go”

When I ask Chibi Laila that appeared in the carriage, I heard flapping wings from outside.

“Let’s go”

On top of that, we are approaching the fragments of our future. While holding on to that little fear.


A few hours later we arrived near the royal capital. The capital which is also named Trot is a large city with a population of 100,000 with three dwarf mines around it. The dwarf mines are mines with dwarves inside. It isn’t limited to the mountain accurately and it refers to a vein that also serves as a large-scale dwarf colony. Their ability to detect veins is a miraculous thing that transcends magic, the more rare metals, the more dwarves gather in the larger veins. When it reaches a certain size or more it is called Dwarf mine. Even though this one is quite a big one, there are three areas that are characteristic of this kingdom and the dignity as the capital of an industrial power country. Of course, it is the authority of the blacksmith industry that it is the home place for many blacksmiths and the swords that can endure over one hundred heavy power slashes are made in this kingdom.

“It didn’t change since the last time I saw it……”

When I look at the capital from a distance, a little scary feeling, as well as nostalgia, comes to my chest. The last time I was there was just before the end of the Trot war. It’s until the draft recruitment and the basic training is received. After a while, the war ended while undergoing combat training in the base near the border and I was brought to Celesta as it is. It is already seven years ago. How is the capital now under the dependency of Celesta? The workshop where I was, the lodging house that I borrowed, the dining room that I had always eaten, what would have become of the park where I looked at the sky often dimly. Were those places erased without any trace? When I was thinking about such a thing, I was hit on the back by Anzeros.

“Let’s go”
“……A, Ah”

A few kilometers south from the capital, near the carriage station. Here again, we hide our carriage and entered the capital.

“For now, Aurora will come to the command center with me. And…… Laila too”

Laila looks surprised. Laila´s existence has been kept secret until now. Which is surprising.

“I’m going to get approval for the domestic activities of Trot from now on, nominally I will say” Laila’s movement between Dragon Palaces and incidental attendance by accident by knowing that”
“Let’s say it without hiding it”
“Even so, if we don’t do it well, Andy will be surveillance during his lifetime”

……That’s correctly so. Dragon is still untouchable for humanity. Whatever the reason, if there is a guy who is going to ride around it, he would not normally let himself off as an army.

“Depressing. So it seems like it will be fine”
“Stop it. ……No, do you want to go with that kind of attitude? You are domineering and arrogant, a dragon who doesn’t care about humans or elves, when you show your face according to my persuasion but eat those who get in the way, You can do it with the attitude ”
“Well, I can say, that humans are hard to eat and unpopular among dragons, cattle and horses are more delicious”
“It doesn’t matter what it is”
“……Well, that’s it!”

Dianne easily gets angry. After all, it affords of a strong man.

“Selenium and older sister, please organize clothes for cold weather”
“……It will definitely snow from now on when we travel towards Polka”

Selenium claps her hands together. When she says that, it will be so. At Basson it rarely is snowing, so I didn’t care about it at all in recent years.

“Can Andy and I……can we look around the kingdom a little bit?”
“Well, be careful. I don’t have to worry about Anzeros, but Andy is helpless when something happens”
“I already know”

Anzeros salutes with her fist on her chest. It is a manifestation of intention not to relax, but since it hasn’t been long since the black armor is gone, Anzeros feels a little awkward even if she puts her fist on her chest that is wearing thin clothes.

“Well, you don’t have to be too damn tense. Let’s go, Anzeros”
“U, Uh”

Lightly hitting Anzeros´s shoulder so that she relaxes and we head for the carriage station.


The city area of the capital remained the same from seven years ago, to say clearly. What has changed is that there are a few elf-based tribes that can be seen outside of our peers.

“……That’s great!”

I and Anzeros who know the past are surprised by that alone. In the past, if a half-elf (who can not be distinguished from an elf by a stranger) tries to walk without covering the ears, the adults would take some distance and show a look of disgust, while the older people hit them with their canes and the youngster throw stones.

“But……what kind of elves are they?”

I talk about what I thought.

The white elves in Celesta are the only inhabitants of the forest territory, right? In the last few years, soldiers from the forest territory came out. But are there still few elves outside the forest”

“Now that you say that……aren’t they from Alfilm empire?”
“I guess that the skirmish is going on, such a foolish thing”

No way to go to bother to listen, I and Anzeros take a distance to think while watching them.

“I´ma resident of the northern elf territory, negotiations began little by little with the positive trade policy of Celesta”

I was surprised and turned around my neck while Anzeros moved a bit faster. Behind, there was a figure of a young soldier wearing a beautiful breastplate.

“Welcome to the capital. Are you on a trip from Celesta?”

Although being stared at by Anzeros, the young soldier raises his hand lightly and greets us. He has a gentle face with slender eyes. He looks younger than me.

“Who are you?”
“Ahaha, did I surprise you a little too much”

The young soldier hit his chest on top of the breastplate.

“Trot kingdom Army, Royal Sword St. Brigade, 48th corps member……but that was a while ago”

Sighs. The emblem on his chest belongs to the Celesta army.

“Now I’m supposed to be a 10-man captain of Celesta army Trot corps, the 7th Infantry corps, Erik Randall……”
“Sword St. Brigade……”
“Yes, Sword St. Brigade. I am a little proud. In case of Celesta, they should be called Ace knights, but I find the Sword St. Brigade is cool so it is awful to call them Ace knights as I´m also one of them”

Aahaahaa, the young boy laughs.

“A Sword Saint at that age……?”

A little surprised, Anzeros muttered. As far as Trot ‘s army corps, the Trot Sword Saint exam is still continuing, but now the formal title is Ace Knight.

“Yes, indeed, I am the last one who passed the Sword Saint exam so please don’t tell anyone”
“I haven’t said anything”
“Ahaaha, I’m sorry I was bullied for it before and got a trauma”

What kind of Sword Saint is he?


Anzeros stops and stretches her spine. Have you judged that this guy isn’t someone who will hurt you anyway?

“We are members of Celesta´s northern corps and are from Trot. We came here as we are on the way to Polka so that I can recuperate my leg”
“Hee. With this pretty girl”
“I´m not a light fellow and I don’t like you”

Anzeros tried to say something else, but she controls her attitude. As she is actually pretty, it’s not a loss if she is called pretty.

“I am Andy Smithson of Polka”

Anzeros needed a few moments.

“……Angelina Neumann”

She named a strange name.

“……In Celesta, I pretended to be a human and made a false name while this is my real name when I lived in Trot”

It is a new fact of shock. I mean, she is actually a psychic, isn’t she?


Erik murmurs so and twists his neck.

“Elf, Neumann?”
“……That’s enough. He and I are in a hurry”

Erik grabs my shoulders after chasing us and walked towards Anzeros.

“I remembered”
“I don’t know what you remembered, but until next time”
“You are the daughter of president Neumann of the Sylpheed company.
“It doesn’t differ, until next time”
“Please wait a moment”

Erik caught up with us as he followed.

“I am not married!”

Anzeros and I are surprised and she looked down with her face. Erik saw us stopping, sighs as if he is relieved.

“No, the story actually is……”
“What do you mean”
“……? Haven’t you heard from president Neumann yet?”

Erik looked strange. ……What is going on?

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