Half elves fall in love chapter 34

Chapter 34: Bet yourself



In the morning, when I woke up, there was no Anzeros. Most of the personal belongings have also been cleaned up.


In haste, I put on my clothes and jump out of the room. I bumped into Dianne.

“Mmm. ……Andy? Anzeros, she just got out”
“What……why won’t she wake me up? No, it’s not the case that you are saying that”
“Well, calm down because the scout follows her”
“S, scout?”
“It’s Selenium”

Haa, Dianne sighs.

“Now that she can use illusion magic and she understands the originality of Trot she is the best for being the scout. If there is any movement, the crossbow corps can be flown here as soon as possible”
“Believe in Anzeros. ……For now, you should take your breakfast early, as it may not be possible to eat in the day depending on the course”

It’s frustrating. ……But I know that it is not good to be too hasty at such times. The other party is a state authority. I was not able to give a clear answer to Anzeros, but it was certainly not what would happen if I jumped out without understanding the reason.


“Good morning, mother”
“Difficult Ange obeys respectfully. …… your answer is?”
“……It is a face that doesn’t want to leave”
“Mother……does mother want to be Count?”
“Who knows”
“Who knows, please say it”
“That’s good either. Ange, don’t blame me for the decision. If I told you that I could be your master separately, would you follow me? If I say I want to be the Count, would you marry Randall’s son? If it’s about that, don’t pretend to be troubled from the beginning”
“What is so good about that guy? If you ask me, he is just the son of a blacksmith, who can’t use a sword and is handicapped for his whole life. To such a man, you sold yourself out and put on a collar like that”
“Di, Different!”
“……How is it different?”
“I will listen to anything as much as it is for my daughter, so please take as much time as you need. Please tell me what happened while you were away from me until you were satisfied”

“It was after the Trot war that I first met him”


“Hmmm. ……Did it work?”

A few hours after I took breakfast. Dianne, who had kept silent for a long time, moved her ears while passing over the cold weather clothes that Selenium and Hilda bought from a store to Laila to store it.

“What happened”
“……Older sister, Laila, and Jeanne advance our journey preparations, we will go as soon as the talk finished. Aurora, Andy, come……we will go to the big arena”
“Big arena?”
“It seems that it is becoming such a story”


“……I see he was pretty gentle”
“Even so, I still misrepresent myself as a man”
“He actually did not recognize that you’re a woman?”
“Even if, ……he is irreplaceable to me”
“But Ange. There are so many men who are kind. Don’t be so narrow-minded. Even in Trot you……”
“Different. Andy is gentle, but without any strength, but he is strong”
“Yeah. He’s strong. …..Because I understood it, I was anxious to dedicate everything, but I wanted to dedicate. The collar, in reality, he was against it. But if he was willing to hold me at ease, I could be a slave or a pet, so he wrote me his name on the collar after I begged him”
“……Ange., But that boy Erik is also strong, he’s a good child, he will surely make you happier than anyone else. Honestly, I can only think that it’s momentum, It is somewhat doubtful whether he holds the same thought in a year”
“…… It’s impossible for him to say such a thing”
“Ah. ……Then how about these kinds of things?”
“Then how about you see the good side of that Erik boy, he seems to be really strong, as he is a great swordsman of his own rankings, it is worth seeing as you are also a swordsman”
“I’m sure it’s not too late”
“What do you want me to do?”
“… As the chairman of Sylpheed, I´m also threatened by that old man. As a mother, it isn’t a bad story to sell out your child, as I want you to receive the most important thing I can leave behind for you. Territory and a house that protects you forever”
“Nevertheless, Angelina”
“As Linda Neumann……as an adventurer who gave birth to you with that idiot elf guy. If my daughter pierces the world and decides her own way of living I never want to stop it”
“Angelina who is not responsible for my way of life, Angelina, not to blame others for my bearish, my Angelina. If you decided to buy cheap, you would be delighted with the leftover money. If you buy luxury goods, don’t mourn the money you used. There is no talk only of the world good. Life is what you have to choose when choosing. You just have to pay for convincing enough to get what you want. To throw away something for that, at least throw away at your own will. Don’t shoulder the pain squarely. To live proudly that’s what it is”
“Now, what do you do, Angelina”
“……I……no, I am”
“What are you going to do?”


Big Arena. Apart from the royal castle, the capital has one or two large buildings. There is a big ground where a horse race can be held and half of the citizens can take place in the audience seats. In the basement, there are countless fields for training, which is a dedicated training ground for the Sword St. Brigade. Even though Sword Saints are called Ace Knights, they didn’t change fundamentally, and it seems that only the owners of the title Ace Knight are allowed to enter this big arena, except for special exhibition days.

“……I wonder what will it be?”
“Even if it is told, in the case of those who aren’t Ace knights, it is a rule that they can’t pass without the permission from the Corps Headquarters”

Dianne made a shrewd face to the poor answer of the guard. Aurora plays the role of a supporter.

“This person has the ability not to be inferior to Master Knights, she is famous in Celesta”
“Even if such a thing is said, I was born and never got out of Trot”

For now, only Aurora can enter and exit this big arena. Even if you go into the headquarters and get permission if you don’t have too much motivation it will be meaningless to enter. That Anzeros is doing something here, that information is certain. I must get through here by then.

“……It can’t be helped, come back, Aurora, you enter, please keep watch even if we don’t make it in time”
“I understand”

Dianne returns her heels, Aurora gently nods and enters the arena. I chase after Dianne.

“Are you going to get a letter of acceptance?”
“Indeed it won’t be possible to wait that far”

Dianne says so in a loud voice, pulling my shoulder and dragging me to the back of the alley. And then.


She suddenly took hold of me.

“Don’t be noisy……────!!”

A lightly dizzy sense.

“Is it an illusion?”
“It’s a personal designation, well, as we fly around in the future, just for sure”
“Fly around!”
“Let me handle it……don’t raise your voice”
“Well, maybe you are going to cross the exterior wall and enter the arena!? That over there is a height of 20 meters”
“I can afford”


I experienced a 20 m vertical jump while being held by Dianne.

“Did you see your weight a bit sweeter? It was a little dangerous”
“I thought that it was useless”

It seemed to be chilling. In any case, Selenium greeted us who succeeded in infiltrating the big arena.

“Anzeros-san, she is already here”
“What is Anzeros doing?”
“Something like a competition with a guy called Randall”

I don’t really understand the meaning. ……I thought that when the gate of the ground opened and someone came in.


Selenium and Dianne cooperatively put up an illusion of space designation and conceal our appearance. It was Anzeros who came in. And for some reason Aurora. After a while the gate of the auditorium opened, Linda and several swordsmen entered. Are they Sword Saints? And after a while, King Yurisys came in.

“Hmmm, explain to me, Linda”
“Is it necessary, your Majesty?”
“Unfortunately this senile old man´s mood is severe”
“Hah, often said. …… As you can see, a match. Between 『Anzeros』and Randall´s little boy”
“I am asking why it will happen”
“The Life of the Ace Knight of the Celesta Army [Anzeros], and the awesome Sword Saint Érik Randall. Who is stronger. My daughter is clumsy. After all, she said that she won’t recognize it unless it’s a serious match. That’s it”
“Haha, are you saying that she is unyielding to you, Linda? If she loses, is it a taste for accepting fate as “Angelina Neumann”?”
“Don’t say fate, old man, such a cheap rut”

They are hypocrites fellows. ……After a while, Erik who wore armor neatly appeared from the gate opposite to Anzeros with a complexed face.

“……Erik Randall. Sorry, for all that so sudden”
“No, I don’t care. Either way, it is my daily routine to train here”
“Is that so. ……When I was a child I had a dream, that there is a day when I go to the arena and hone my skills among many of my colleagues”
“Now, if you live in the kingdom you shouldn’t have any obstacles to do it, Angelina”
“Yes, but I don’t feel like living in the kingdom”
“If you win, I will be your bride, but I will do anything not to lose. I want to overcome you, I believe that I have cultivated the ability to do so. 15 years after seeing the magnificent Sword Saint march and 10 years since I moved to Celesta. The whole time I spent trying to be my own self instead of the half-elf who is the daughter of a merchant. Let me surpass you and show it, Erik”
“……It won’t happen, but you can dream about it”

Erik slightly bites his lips, pulling out the sword, standing on the ground and grabbing the handle with both hands. It is manner as a Sword Saint. Holding her short sword up in front of her chest as if praying Anzeros matches him. Aurora which had been silent until now changes position and moves between those two. It seems that she is planning to be the referee.

“There is one rule until someone admit defeat, no time limit, no hitting of vital points and no grappling moves. However its a game held in front of your majesty, so show a fight that is worthy of a sword”

Two people set up slowly. And then.


Aurora waves her hand. They spread the stance at the same time. They won’t jump in yet. It is the stage to read each other’s hand from each movement.

“I feel sorry for saying something arrogant”
“I am quite strong”

Erik drops down and steps in. It is the basic exquisite cutting one flash. Anzeros is trying to get rid of it, somewhat losing.

“I also kept exercising for a similar period of time since I got a sense of mind…… I don’t want to say such a way of saying, but if it is the same traditional style, men have more power and of course, it is natural”
“I see, the same……”

Anzeros slowly repositions and grins with her lips.

“There is also such a thing”

At that moment, Anzeros accelerates all at once. It is not difficult to follow her with the eyes from long distances, but if you look from close range, she probably rushes like a blast. Striking the torso of Erik, without stopping, she strikes from behind.


Erik managed to receive it but tension ran on his expression. Anzeos´s new tactic, high-speed maneuver.

“I see……but”

Erik breathes deeply.


Breaking in. That speed……he will approach Anzeros!

“I said it, I am quite strong!”

Gakin, Gakin, Gakin!

Anzeros retreats while avoiding the heavy slashes of Erik. As one would expect, Erik Randall is like he said.

“That boy Erik is not bad”

To Linda-san´s words, the Sword Saints in the surroundings nods.

“The fighting power of 10-man captain Randall is amazing as his youth”
“Healthy, basic type of serious type, so there isn’t much space”
“His breadth of the field of view and the assembly of tactics are quite substantial, if he has a career record, in five more years he will be a Great Sword Saint……even being a Master Knight won’t be a dream”
“I see, I don’t quite understand, but I guess that it will go so far”

Linda-san sniffs. ……There are only a handful of swordsmen who can become a Master Knight. It’s not so strange. Meanwhile, Anzeros is chased. She didn’t seem to be able to push back though she correctly surpassed the slash fight with Erik at first.

“Dianne, that one”
“It’s not good. The fact that it’s the same type and somewhat stronger is the best engagement”
“After all, is Erik better?”
“The flow is also bad, you will have to attack first and push it by the number of steps, but if you allow the opponent to do this too, the momentum won’t come back easily.”

The size of Anzeros is small. The product is also short. If it is the same type, same skill, it will resound greatly. Unlike Aurora, Erik seems to have endurance and seems to be unable to find a breakthrough in that area.


Anzeros somehow managed to take some distance, shaking her sword and creating a large shockwave. Erik avoids it. It didn’t hit him but his body collapsed.


There is one more shockwave. If she can catch him and raise her opponent in the sky, the momentum turns into Anzeros´s favor. It was a trump card. However, although Erik collapses, he destroyed Anzeros’s shock wave…… with the same shock wave, that intercepted.


To drown out. The surprised Anzeros stops moving. The Sword Saints around Linda-san nodded.

“Those who are using shock waves as attacks aren’t uncommon for swordsmen, though it might have been able to pass through an Ace Knight of Celesta who has no speed, it is an easy for 10-man captain Randall to handle it”
“It seems like that”

Linda-san clicks her tongue. No matter how much Anzeros loses it talks, it seems that it isn’t interesting to see that her daughter is completely sealed down by a swordsman under her age.

“……Let’s stop it”

Erik stops his sword while remaining in his shock wave striking posture. If it pursues Anzeros as it is, she probably will be pushed out with momentum, so he stops.

“After all it feels strange to decide our marriage by an exchange of swords, for whatever reason I think I’m wrong to attack my woman with my sword and doing what I want”

Again, Erik is different from General Lucas.

He can be emotional.

“……Anzeros what will you do next?”
“If he had ambushed Anzeros obediently yet, Anzeros would still fight back, but if he says that, will she stop peacefully?”

As Dianne says. If I were in the position of Anzeros, will I still continue to have my way?

“The worst, you think about throwing Anzeros away, Andy, are you ready to become a bad guy?”

If I think about Anzeros……I don’t feel like letting go of Anzeros. As I´m useless anyway, it’s good to do that. I whispered love to Anzeros yesterday. It is not disarrayed with such adults as wishing for the opponent’s happiness, it is an irresistible childish love that wants to monopolize. So, I won’t be hesitant to enter anyway, regardless of whether the future will continue. ……However.


Shortly after Dianne releases her control, I jumped out of the illusion and shouted to Anzeros.

I left my crutch behind, so I can’t walk satisfactorily now. But, by hanging out with my body, rolling down the stairs of the audience seats, crawling on the stone floor, I raise my voice.

“Don’t run away! Don’t be bearish! Try to fight back!!”
“Ah……Andy! Why……”
“Don’t give up as long as your technique doesn’t work!”

That is. The words I heard when I was at Trot kingdom and I didn’t know anything other than a blacksmith.

“Don’t give up because the enemy is strong!”

Unreasonable, aggressive.

“If you don’t have a weapon, throw a stone! If there is no stone spread sand! Don’t give up, do as many things as you want! Do you want to maintain yourself?”

Still, someone’s words that were told to me are a big advantage over anything living.

“You haven’t lost yet, you haven’t lost anything! You haven’t done anything yet!”

My cry leaves a reverberation in the quiet arena. Other than that it was restless. When.


The laughter was heard from an unexpected point. Beside Linda-san and the king. One of the Sword Saints.

“……I see. ……Hey boy, it’s been a long time”

That Sword Saint turns his eyes upon me. At that time, I noticed.

“Instructor ……”
“It’s been a while, Trainee Smithson”

The bearded Sword saint. The man who gave us a quick soldier education. I can’t remember his name. But it was surely him.

“Well, I see, you don’t understand”
“What do you mean, 100-man commander Grants?”
“I am disrespectful……I thought this time Neumann´s daughter would fight because she is selfish and was corrupted by someone wicked”
“It’s really rude, isn’t it?”
“Hahaha. But…… if it is trainee Smithson, if you fight to prove the time you spent with him, it’s different”
“……How different?”
“He is a prosperous Trot soldier. I assure you. Having the Trot Kingdom Army´s soul inside him in the past and even now.

The bearded Sword Saint, 100-man commander Grants looked at the two at the ground with a smile.

“It is our descendants to fight to testify of their strength. It is the Sword Saints who aren’t bastards and succeeds the soul of the kingdom. As a Sword Saint, a clumsy pride of self-fight, this is the fight”
“It’s going to lift my educational results quite a lot”
“I can not believe it, what Sword Saint, what is proud of what? We have succeeded. And he and she succeeded. You heard what he said”
“Ah……such a pride”
“Wonderful, isn’t it? But a warrior is a clumsy thing by nature. It is the glory of continuing to fight to win. Tenacious was the biggest plus for the Great Sword-St Brigade in the Northwest Plains”

Anzeros looked at me and nodded, apart from hearing the conversation of 100-man commander Grants

“Is that so……was it encouraging every time you heard of t?”
“Yes, but it is not only that”

I breathed in deeply. ……It’s getting warmer to yourself, to myself trying to say what I want.

“Do not lose in such a place! I will love you until you break when we return to my hometown, so absolutely win!”


“……This idiot”
“Why are you saying that……”

Anzeros and Aurora looked down on the ground. ……Well, yeah. That’s true. As 100-man commander Grants said, I´m an exemplary soldier of the Kingdom of Trot and he was a wonderful teacher for Anzeros before she went to Celesta. As for me……at least now Anzeros and I don’t think that it is not a connection of pride of Trot but that we are both individuals searching the best purpose, so we must clearly make it clear. Sure enough, Linda-san, the Sword Saints and Erik are flabbergasted. And, Anzeros.

“I can’t lose absolutely if you say such a thing”

She turned bright red as she said so. ……Yup. It feels like I did something, but we actually are like this.

“Ah, Angelina-sama……?”
“Let’s start again, Erik”
“Don’t worry about me, it’s just a personal hobby”
“Ha, haa”

I feel a little sorry for Erik’s puzzled face. However, Anzeros stood there with her spine stretched out holding her sword and with a confident face as if she had been reborn.

“Let’s go”

Anzeros dashed. Erik intercepted with a thorough attitude……when I thought he did it, he suddenly was blown away into the air.


Everyone who was watching took a breath. Anzeros…… didn’t thrust into something. She didn’t move from her first standing position and shakes her sword. What’s going on?

“……Ah, Anzeros-san, illusion……!”
“Eh, Anzeros can do such a thing……”
“You can do it! Anzeros-san, you can use illusion magic!”

I remember being told it by Selenium. Yes, Anzeros had succeeded in making a rudimentary apparition on the road to Helicon. Thud and Erik fall from the back. Anzeros slowly raises the point of her sword and talked.

“I forgot to mention but I can do magic”

She just did it for the first time, even though the limit is to show a small hallucination, Anzeros is fearless.

“Did you say the same style? ……I’m sorry, but I’m a Celesta merchant and Ace Knight surrounded by all kinds of races. You’d better not think of me in the frame of a Sword Saint of Trot”

Erik rushes to Anzeros to shake off his inferiorness. Swinging his sword down. But Anzeros isn’t there. She stood right behind Erik.

“My Master told me……at least, I will pursue you by all means from now on. Let me throw you down if you want. I’ll hold on to the collar and get dragged by my master”
“I am not going to follow a person who is weaker than me”

No, I’m seriously weak? As I crawl, I made a tsukkomi just in my heart. Selenium softly embraces me.

“Damn……why did she say it in this way, what will I do if I am challenged by Erik, I am not strong at all”
“Andy is strong, at least for Anzeros you are better than anyone”
“Take me……”
“Anything by accident. Anyway, Anzeros saw Andy-san’s cool side and Andy-san had never been disillusioned by Anzeros-san. That’s enough”
“……A big misunderstanding……that clumsy girl”

Dianne also came down to my side and chuckled.

“It is not an equal fight. If only strength is that it isn’t it, no one can win against the Sword Saint Brigade”
“It’s a difference in the meaning of the words, they don’t want that strength……when you got weakened, you were strong, when you gave up, you didn’t give up. You are strong, at least in your heart”
“Only that can be seen”
“For a woman, it is enough to see it”

While talking about such things, Anzeros was using an illusion to trick Erik. Erik is a Trot soldier and not an elf. Even trying not to be misled by illusions he can’t get used to it easily.

“That’s not enough”

The shock wave that Erik gave off hurriedly also vanishes swaying vainly. Beware of being blown away by the shock wave that hid in the illusion, he made a shock wave to assault, it becomes big, it is a form to be dihedral the pseudo-attack, and blow number of times increases. A slight difference sounds greatly with similar skill. Just a reversal. Anzeros, who strikes back with the difference of illusion instead of reach, had really overwhelmed Erik.

“This … … this, a little deceived, I am”

Erik who received a direct hit of shock waves a few times and was hit against the wall, bit his lip with a feeling of regret while tangling his legs.

“10-man Captain Randall, don’t underestimate illusion magic
“The Sword St. Brigade lost to it, it is the most effective magic on the battlefield”
“But, I don’t want to admit that I can’t win against such a distraction……”

100-man commander Grants gently laughed, lifting his eyes at the next moment, he raised his voice.

“Naive Randall! What do you think of this fight!!”
“I should have taught you that war is not a battlefield!! Were you thinking that everyone would fight with swords, bows, and spears alone! Because we forgot the taste of blood, the Sword St Brigade ended without being able to do anything!!!!”
“Se, Sensei……?”
“The cavalry stopped in a mere pitfall. The infantry was scary of a mere fire. Even a person with only one leg isn’t able to do anything. The Sword St Brigade was also annihilated by a mere illusion and crossbows!! Don’t look sweet, you immature! In a battlefield, a man like you is never useful!!”

Erik who has teary eyes falls on his knees. Anzeros closes her eyes and upholds her sword in front of her chest with a cool face.

“To that extent”

Aurora made a decision.

“……Anzeros-san got the victory”


“Hmm, it’s an interesting result”

King Ulysses stands up.

“Does this result mean that you refuse the engagement with Randall and abandon your house?”

Anzeros looked up at the king while she put the sword in the sheath.

“Yes, that’s right”
“Hmm. ……I thought you had a heartless girl, Linda”

Linda shrugged her shoulders.

“Hah, after all your daughter, was caught by a guy who is not even a rookie”
“Well, it’s not bad, no matter what kind of guy she likes”
“But, she passed, you are definitely a dutiful daughter, Ange”

Linda smiled.

“What do you mean with dutiful?”
“Don’t you know, grandpa…… She believes in me and goes to seize my happiness. Good, energetic, happy, best parents. I don’t want my daughter to be unhappy to only protect her parent’s property. Hey, I’m the big merchant Linda Neumann, I will start over again if I need to go to another country. Shall I move to Quika?”
“Hoohoo, that’s a problem. What will Trot be now without the Sylpheed company?”

……Ha? Wait a moment, what is with this gentle conversation.

“Mo, mother……?”
“Sorry, king. I used it a bit to see if my daughter is happy because she wears a collar at all”
“I know, I did something wrong with Randall”

Erik looks up at the king and Linda with an unbelievable face.

“When I was playing chess drinking tea yesterday morning at Linda´s house, Linda began to read letters and began to orchestrate, as I listened to it”
“I was relieved that Ange as well. She’s a grown-up girl, but she doesn’t know what’s going on in front of her. Especially if you are deceived or if you are being held weak”
“If you are a little chased, what relationship would you come to see?

……Ah. As said, perhaps neither I nor Anzeros would explain our relationship so much.

“If you’re not clear, you can come back to my home, or you’ll be good to run away”


“Kuu……your mother is the worst!”
“Yeah, I got angry this time”


Linda and the king laugh. What do you want me to do? No, I can’t. Dianne and Selenium also made amazed faces.

“An old man with bad personality”
“What are you going to do, Andy-san? You made a strange promise”
“Hee, strange promise?”

I shouldn’t have said I’d get married.

“When Anzeros-san wins and comes back, you will ravish her until she breaks?”
“……Does it count?”

As I murmured thinking about what it was, Anzeros came up to the audience as she came up with Aurora.

“If it not counts it’s a terrible story, so is not it good?”
“You never will be broken”
“……Well I don’t mind letting you faint”

What was that Anzeros?


At first, I was scolded about the illegal invasion to the big arena, but I wasn’t fortunate that it was well within the range of expectation. In the first place, there are important things, mostly for the Sword Saints. I guess there is no danger where something got in.

“Andy Smithson, you´re free to have any hobby, but I will destroy you with full power if you throw my daughter away”

On the way back with Anzeros, Linda-san threatened with a smile.

“That……Angelina-sama. I will advance, someday, when I get stronger, then that time”
“Ah, let’s play again”

Erik gives a subtle expression with a smiley face. ……I think he was trying to make a love confession more like this, Anzeros. I don’t know if you don’t understand.

“Trainee Smithson”
“……Since seven years ago I´m not a trainee, I am a 10-man captain of the northern crossbow corps”
“Is that so. That’s too quick, seven years already”

The bearded Sword Saint, 100-man commander Grants calls out to me. In the past he trained the new recruits, now he is the instructor of young Sword Saints like Erik. I wonder if I was taught by a great person again.

“Do you remember the names of all the students?”
“Well, especially at that time there were a lot of kids who weren’t intensely fighting, so it was a hard time for all the children, but I remember everyone”

He has an amazing brain.

“Is that the crossbow corps leader over there?”
“Yes, this is 100-man commander Dianne”
“Hu……that is scary”

Well, is she the natural enemy of the Sword Saints? Dianne, I don’t want to be attacked with a grudge. No, she is a person who will manage somehow in the dark.

“If you have the opportunity to drink, we should drink together, unlike in those days, you are an adult now, right?”

I was a little happy.

Finally, King Ulysses slowly approached me.

“I will ask for the Kingdom of Trot”

Why? I am a Trot citizen but I am a Celesta soldier. I still know if you talk to Anzeros or Erik.

“What, young people are healthy and relieved”
“Ha. haa……”

I don’t really understand. Well, he may say it to all the young people.

“King Ulysses”
“……Something, dark elf young lady”
“Northern Corps Crossbow Corps, 100-man commander Dianne, three times of your life”

Dianne bows to King Ulysses and asks, I ask.

“King, why are you so impatient?”
“……Impatient, what do you mean”
“We gathered information in town and corps headquarters. Recently you have been promoting rejuvenation in each direction suddenly. The big nobility is advancing by the king’s advice and the substitution is proceeding and the Trot´s army young chiefs have become conspicuous in the headquarters, I don’t believe that the case of Anzeros and Erik Randall is now irrelevant”
“……The elves are unreserved”

The king sighs.

“Are you sick?”
“About that. ……I reign now for forty years. This body has passed over 77 years as well. When you look at common sense, whether special illness or not, won’t it be something that will last longer?”
“Do you want to abdicate?”
“It won’t be possible for us to live with my existence”
“Depending on Celesta”
“Well. ……The throne of such a country, there is also a story of who wants to do it”

King Ulysses smiles lonesome.

“I told you I was sick. Oh, I am sick, this country is sick.”
“The country?”
“Okay, thanks to the support of sturdy merchants like Linda and the efforts of the bureaucrats of Celesta, it looks ostentatious, and this country seems to turn around without problems so that the people of this country will be at a loss. Yes, we are unable to do it, so we strongly unite in the same way, because we had strong old pride, we don’t know the art of standing up from defeat”
“Celesta commercial country, I will not say that they are bad, rather they are trying to make good use of us. Since then, this country is sick……I’m sick”
“If you do come true, if yes, if you win, put your good young people back to the earth of Trot again, beautiful elf, you need energy in this sickly country.”
“……It’s up to them”

Bowing again, Dianne turns around.

“……Let’s go”

For some reason, Dianne was severely harsh.


Getting off at the carriage station, we stand on the wide plain again. It is the place we hid our coach.

“Come to think of it, Anzeros what did you talk to your mother?”
“No, because something has broken up quite a bit, you said that you talked quite well since the morning?”
“Well. ……After I met you for the first time, it was known to be a woman recently, and it was helped during this time, so I talked about everything until I was embraced by you”
“……He, Hey, I don’t remember the first time I met you?”
“I wonder, are you an insensitive person”

……It hurts a little. But, I smile happily with Anzeros.

“When I was assigned to the crossbow corps for the first time, I was short and cheeky and I couldn’t allow fine things, moreover, as everyone wasn’t familiar with white elves, they got noisy and didn’t talk to me”
“……Is that so?”
“But you came and talked to me, you smiled and said that half-elves can work hard with everyone, that’s why Celesta is a good place”
“……Did I say that?”
“I thought you’d forgotten it”

It wasn’t a bad wind.

“There was a time when you got drunk, you mistook me for someone inside your brain and hugged me, I was insulted as you were persistent, but since that time everyone in the escort infantry became familiar with me ”
“……I can’t remember at all”
“Yeah, but it’s the accumulation of that kind of thing, that you have a bond with me”

The lascivious Linda’s face appears in front of my eyes.

“When you wanted me to help you, when you wanted me to be saved, it was you that always protected me without any kind of intention, even if you know I was a woman, you constantly were unchanged. ……I think the importance of a little courage and gentleness when necessary is more important than something like strength when there is nothing”
“Guu, it’s only coincidence……”
“Is something wrong? Laila, Jeanne, Aurora, Dianne, and Selenium, have not liked you without coincidence”
“Oh……well, that’s right”
“Timing, it’s love”

Anzeros pushes me into the carriage after saying what I understand. And in the darkness, she kissed me enthusiastically.

“……Huhu. I love you, Andy”

She hurls her ears and smiles happily. However, behind us, there are people with expressions that tell they don’t care or they find it unfair.

“……Ah! Anze-chan is stealing a march!”
“Older sister, allow it for a while”
“10-man captain! I also want a kiss!”
“Well, I guess you haven’t forgotten my appreciation for this time because you only care about Anzeros, right Andy?”

The others get on the carriage.

“I want you to be a laborer because I ran around quite a lot this time too!”
“I am your slave, you can order me to straddle anytime, right?”

Oh well.

“Because it’s okay! Everyone, let’s have sex tonight!”

Everyone became serious for a moment.

“Did you say everyone at night?”
“Umm. I heard it certainly”
“Well, everyone must do everything, Sensei will get angry?”
“It was a promise to cum inside everyone every day♪”
“Because Laila and I, didn’t have sex the day before yesterday and yesterday, are we the priority?”
“Ho. Selenium is sometimes sensible”
“Ah, I haven’t done anything!”
“I’m flying!!”


“My king, a message from the sacred place”
“What’s wrong?”
“The treatment of Lord Bonaparte’s eyes seems to have succeeded”
“Hasn’t he given up halfway, but that’s very joyful”
“To be sure, he went to the miraculous spring of Polka”
“Hohoho, finally. ……Well, let’s write a good conclusion, Arthur”
“…………My King, what are you planning?”
“Hohoho, I’m just an old man who can sit down and can’t do anything, Linda”

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