Half elves fall in love chapter 359

Chapter 359: Female Slave Market [Oregano, Savory, Laurier, Michela, Laila, Fennel]



I loved Maia twice and hugged Laila after sending her to her room. The four elven girls are in visiting mode.

“It’s late and I think we should go home……”
“Ho. I’m not sure, owner will be able to handle this many people”
“No, it’s not that I’m timid or anything”
“Hoho. Don’t be so cautious. I don’t want to see you being reserved. I’m sure you’ll be ready at dawn, even if he has to fuck you at random”

Grinning, Laila kissed me. Her gentle fingers stroked my cock, which was wet with Maia’s love juices.

“I’m not sure if it makes any difference to me whether you do it one at a time or all five of them together. Even if you keep them away, I can still hear them yoga on your cock if they are close enough. It’s just a matter of whether or not they are in my line of sight”
“……You’ve got a bad temper, too”
“Hoho. I’m not as good as Dianne. And if you enjoy it, it’s not a loss”

Laila loosens her clothes. She headed in the direction of mixing in the flow of the story, so the four elf girls also stood up and tried to take off their clothes. But.

“Stop. Don’t take off your clothes”

The four girls stopped.

“I’m going to let you play with those costumes”
“Indeed……how about this”

I grinned at the lineup of faces. Fennel the merchant, Oregano the hunter, Savory the lady and Laurier the clan leader. And Laila and Michela, naked. It looks good, doesn’t it? ……If I think about it.


Fennel coughs.

“Eh, today I would like to recommend to Smithson-sama some poor elf slaves I caught in the far northern forests. Ei”
“Ah, uh……”

Fennel tugs at the chain and Oregano, Savory and Laurier poke their hands out, drawn by the collar.

“The number one slave who hunts for a living. She’s completely frightened, but it’s worth it”
“Hee. I’ll have a taste then”
“Go ahead. Feel free to check how it feels”

I squat down in front of Oregano completely naked and smile in a sneaky way. Oregano looked up at me with her ears drooping and her voice like a mosquito.

“E, Emm, don’t be awful……just a little”

She was supposed to say, don’t do anything bad, but suddenly Oregano is out of line.

“It’s different”

Savory struck her back head. ……The first order was to make her really hate it, but that turned out to be too cold a play, so I changed it to, 「I have given up on being violated, but I was scared」. So. Now, at this late hour of the night, the Smithson family are my own personal slave market.

“I haven’t bought you yet. I’ll just show you how to use your pussy in order”
“Y, Yes……”
“Open your crotch, you little slut”
“……S, Slut……a, huaa……♪”

The crotch that was forcibly opened has no underwear. I stripped it off first. That would be more like a slave. The number 「001」 written on the inner thigh with a finger using a pigment that gives off a branding iron-like color somehow gives it that feel. Oregano, in her hunter’s costume, despite this miserable situation play, let out an expectant sigh at the moment she was held down by me and had my slimy cock pushed into her.


I entered Oregano’s vagina with a sloppy thrust. Oregano, who was pinned against me with her hands behind her back, expressed the joy she could not hide with just a squeal. I just shook my hips a few times without hesitation, forcibly spread her vagina that couldn’t get wet and then suddenly pulled it out to throw Oregano away.

“Yes. The second slave seems to be the daughter of an influential person. You taste this one too?”
“Of course. It’s free, isn’t it?”
“Yes, try her as you like”

Fennel, smiling wanly, holds out her hand to show Savory. If it were true, it would be a miserable and extremely abusive scene, but as long as I fuck her, whether it’s a taste or a takeover, it’s free of charge.

“It’s a good bounce. Even if you go wild, you’ll still be violated”
“You’d better get it over with, you little shit!”

Savory is acting with more enthusiasm than Oregano. Even so, completely rejecting acting is troublesome, so she’s just swearing at me. Still, her beautiful pale blonde hair adds color to the evening dress and if this is the human world, she looks like a fine daughter. In the first place, not everyone in the human race is as good-looking as the elves and in lands other than Polka, you can usually tell who they are by the way their skin is shiny and their hair is well groomed. If she is well dressed, that’s all you need to know to say she’s a good-looking young lady.

“Get your ass out here. I’ll make sure you elves are nothing but sluts”

On all fours, Savory’s ass still had no underwear and a 002 on her inner thighs. Grabbing her arms from behind and pulling her upper body and forcing her to twist between her legs……like. The truth is, she’s pretty soggy from me having sex with Maia up to this point or being rushed by the situational stuff.

“Arent you already wet, isnt it an erotic girl?”
“Th, Thats……drug……hua, aaa……♪”

I’m going to make Savory sound by shaking my hips. By the way, it is such a setting that she is wet with a drug. I’m not really using it. And then, after enjoying it for a while, Savory was also suddenly released.

“Huaa……ku, oh, remember……♪”
“She seems to be a direct descendant of a clan head. She’s a stubborn girl, but would you like to give her a try?”
“I’ve always wanted to try the pussy of a great elf”

Laurier is wearing a robe that looks like Irina’s everyday clothes. I grabbed her chain and laughed at her, but with little reaction, I gently rolled her hem. And then.

“……I’m usually testing out the white clan chief”

Come to think of it, aside from the setting on the girls’ side, I haven’t decided what the setting is on my side. So it’s just 「Andy Smithson」 and there are specifications for interpretation like……where I’m buying additional slaves. And. No, no, no.

“You’re a cheeky little girl, aren’t you? You´re not going to let me impregnate her on a trial basis, merchant?”
“As you wish”

If I take Laurier’s meta-questioning to heart, I’ll end up in a mess. I dared to ignore it and forcibly thrust my penis into Laurier.

“Huguu……a, huaaa……”

I broke into the straddle with the branding number 003 written on it and inserted myself. A little innocent penis is thrust into her little body and I squirt Laurier by turning her muzzles and her hips.

“Hahaha, aren’t you suddenly soaking, princess?”
“……Ku, haa……b, because……c, conceived……right?”
“What 『Because』?”
“……As a nasty representative, I’ll take it in properly……♪ You, a pinch-eating man……♪”

Laurier laughs slightly and challengingly, sitting on my hips. I don’t know what the play is.

“Look……pregnant, then put it out properly……♪ If you don’t put it in the inside of an elf, you can’t get pregnant……♪”

Laurier used her hips against me. If I stay like this, she’ll make me ejaculate. I don’t mind if she does, but I don’t like the idea of doing it this way.

“Oh, give it up, you slut!”

Pull it out of Laurier´s vagina. Then, I stood up, catching my breath.

“I’m not sure if there’s any other female slave you’d like to try!”
I stuffed myself into Fennel, reassuring myself that I was arrogant slave-buying rich.

“Yes……it’s a takeaway. Two of the finest females I picked up deep in the mountains. They are the rarest dragon slaves in the world”

The two glamorous, naked women, who had been waiting in the corner of the room, step out with a stately gait that one would not expect from slaves.

“The secret treasure, the 『Dragon-sealing collar』, has sealed all their transformation abilities and magic powers. They are now only available to satisfy your carnal desires”
“Hou, that’s great”

Of course there is no such thing. If there were, it would be a great historical event. However, the two who were pretending to be 「Captured female dragons」 based on the premise that such an item existed were flirting with me in an amusing manner.

“You will buy us? I can no longer fly or burn. It’s not bad to be used for comfort……”
“Please keep us. I have no power, and the only thing I can do is work as a female”
“Kukuku, a dragon, the champion, is nothing more than a cunt once its wings and power are taken from it”

I mutter like a villain as much as I can. Laila and Michela went back for a moment and looked at each other.

“……I can’t think of any counter-arguments”
“So I guess we can have a relationship with people and not get in trouble with each other……”

No, let’s argue. ……I don’t want this to go on and on, so I’ll get back to it before the conversation spreads.

“You guys also open their crotch there. You’re only here for me
“Oh, strong……♪”
“Ho, we can’t resist”

I motioned to the table and Michela and Laila sat down side by side at the table and spread their legs. I plunge into Michela first and shake my hips.

“Kuu……this is again……!!”
“Huhu. Are you ready to buy me, my future master……?”

Michela’s vagina doesn’t feel much different when I put it in, but when she begins to wriggle, she calls for pleasure and doesn’t stop. Her somewhat gentle mood changed as soon as I inserted into her vagina and she began to aggressively wiggle her hips. That’s right. Michela was such a woman. ……If such a woman were to appear on the slave market, she would be treated as a cursed whore. And even though it is for the sake of 「Setting」, Michela is whispering 「Future Master」 to me while lovingly caressing her collar. No. This is not good. I felt in my gut that if I lost, I might be forced to become a rider, so I pulled out of her and took refuge in Laila’s vagina next to her.

“Ah, nn……you could have put it out……”
“Hou……you rushed into it again……♪’
“You’re really the star of the show……, at least, you have to do your best so far……!”
“Kukuku, you’re being childishly stubborn……♪”

Guchu guchu and Laila sit down. After all, it’s the longest and most familiar body in this face. It’s been less than two years since I met her. I feel relieved. With her personality and the feel of this vagina, I think Laila is a dragon tailored to me.

“Hoo……you, already……”
“Iku……Laila, I’m going to cum……!”
“Good……kuku, your seed, firmly……♪”

Ejaculation. I ejaculate into the back of Laila’s vagina, my whole body shaking with a thump, thump, thump. Suddenly.

“……Hey Laila”
“Are you willing to give birth to my child?”

I’m concerned about that. She is not overly concerned about sex and she puts everyone else’s circle first. Sometimes I wonder about Laila’s 「Intention」 a little. And Laila is.

‘Hohoho. ……If you really want, I’ll give birth to dozens of them eventually. I don’t want Jeanne to be the only one who has to play mother♪”

She reassured me, after all.

And finally.

“Huu. I enjoyed myself. I’ll buy them all, merchant”
“Thank you for everything”
“But I’m still a little underfed. Can I have one more?”
“This is all the slaves I have for you today”
“I know what I’m doing”

I whispered into Fennel’s ear, who was beginning to look somewhat expectant. I rolled up her loin cloth and stroked the 「004」 on her inner thigh.

“You’re 『Product』 too. ……Let me have a taste of you”
“I can’t compete with a customer……ah, haunn……♪”

Although it is decided by the script. The situation of 「Buying」 the beautiful merchant herself is strangely exciting.

“It’s free until tasting”
“……Even if you purchase, you won’t be charged for it……♪”

The beautiful merchant says this with an expectant look on her face as I put my hand inside the loincloth. I had no choice but to take it.

“An, every time……no, ah, thank you for your help, master……♪”

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