Half elves fall in love chapter 37

Chapter 37: Miraculous Spring Recuperation



Polka’s morning greeted me after a long absence as I sleep in a more fluffy bed than necessary.

“……Uu, cold”

Inside the accommodation that Dianne arranged. It is nice to have a comfortable and fluffy feeling than the bed I used at that house, but thanks to it it is hard to get out and it can’t be helped.

Polka has the miraculous spring, sometimes not only from the north-western plains but also from other parts of the continent people gather for seeking healing, so the accommodations are very abundant. About twice the population of the town, there are enough rooms to stay. Thanks to it, the inn was smooth and helpful.

“Yes, Andy-kun, try stretching your. Yell”

At the inn’s cafeteria, Hilda-san made a morning examination. I drank the water of the miraculous spring yesterday and soaked in the hot springs. That means my leg should be getting better.

“……Ah, it worked”
“Ha……Hahaha, it worked, it is truly a miraculous spring”

Somehow I was afraid to know the result, so I hadn’t attempted seriously until I came to the dining room, but the ankle moved a bit forward.

“But, even if it is a miraculous spring, does it just improve this much……?”
“You are wrong, look a bit Andy-kun”

Hilda-san turns my knee and traces around the scar.

“In this area, the healing power of the miraculous spring is in conflict with the engraved crest to stabilize the transplanted deer meat”
“……Haa, is that so?”

Even if Hilda-san explains the concept, I don’t understand it well.

“The essence is that the crest of the deer part is disturbing for pure regeneration, but if I erase it suddenly, I cant use my walking resurrection magic on it and the blood vessel might blow a bit. I will cut the crest little by little and the healing power of the miraculous spring should be replaced with stabilization measures of the crest of the foot”
“I guess it’s about a week if calculate carefully, perhaps I can go for it if you heal in the miraculous spring while adjusting the engraving every morning and evening”
“O, Oh!!”
“But it is amazing, the healing water is pushing even the magic of medical measures. I want to do a research”

Hilda who has recently begun to shine at the part as a doctor, hides a full color blur. If there was no such person, I couldn’t do more than use the power of the miraculous spring. I am grateful.

When everyone was having breakfast, Apple, Selenium and a good-looking mustached old man appeared in the Inn.

“Well, Baron-sama”
“Let’s get in, Missis”

The moustached Baron comes in comfortably. The nobleman governing Polka, Baron Duran Guto himself. He should already be over fifty years old, but he still looks like to be in his thirties by the effect of the miraculous spring.

“Andy Smithson! I heard that the memento of the Smithson’s family is here”

I raised my hand.

“Oh, Andy! It’s been a long time!”

The baron who came close to us. actually, in the old days, I was acquainted with this person.

“Your wife is energetic?”
“Oh, she is fine. She gave birth to a 5th child recently”
“Wait Baron, your wife is already over 40……”

The baron blocked my mouth.

“Ah, Andy, I don’t know where she is listening, but don’t talk about her old age”
“……Does she care?”

Well that annoying wife is too old to care about her age…… And the baron coughed, as if to clear his throat.

“Let’s keep the story around here, I heard from Selenium in advance, are you really in the northern corps of Celesta?”
“I wanted to contact you, did you hear about your father?”
“……It was a pity for him. Romeiro also works hard, but again it is a big loss of Polka that someone as good as blacksmith Smithson has gone”
“……Thank you for your words”

Although I cried hardly yesterday, as soon as I receive the condolence from the Baron, I´m about to cry again with the regret that remained in my chest. After a while, the dull air flowed.

“……Well, that story aside……it seems that you immediately made Apple awake”
“Her memory is lost quite a bit and she has also been considerably wary”

Haahaaha, the baron makes a bitter laugh. Apple is listening to our exchange with Selenium that smiles bitterly beyond that, with an unspeakable expression.

“But please be relieved, I will take care of her safety, never again will I let the elves in the north harm her”
“M, My safety?”
“Yes, yet still, there is a part where peace is kept because the sniper incident split the opinions of the northern elves”


Do they regard Apple as a “Family member” or “An outsider”? That opinion is divided among the elves. If it is a problem only of the relative without the objective person, only the outsider such as half elves are good. However, Apple was in a position intervening by humans. For humans, Apple is also a fellow of elves and is also a part of them. In this sense, humans who fulfilled the duty of rescue go through morality.

Meanwhile, elves who came to the means of shooting in the name of “Sanction for greedy people” at that time. The situation of murdering a half elf which is originally a third party position, irrelevant to a human by misjudgment, is a major blunder and it is also a moral view from the human family that they couldn’t rescue her. This greatly hurt the elves ‘opinions which had been rejecting Trot’s humans as barbarian people. Indeed, Apple is known to the identity at first. It is a girl who draws blood from the northern elven, although the clan is different from what turfs are around here. Undoubtedly from a human tribe, it is a close relative of the northern elves, sin is by no means small. Her painful appearance has weakened the elf’s tone largely and it has become a symbol that progressively advances diplomatic negotiations so far.


“But what about their attitude when she awakes……they still don’t know”

The baron gave a small sigh.

“A person who is sleeping cannot ask anything. But once that person awakens, it is not a quiet symbol, but a selfish creature. If you talk about the extreme, it’s possible to insult the family and punishment it again as a “foreign object”, and it’s also a way to treat our attitude to cure”
“That…… how can the elves be so cowardly? Have they no pride”

Even the elves are just mere people who live long and can cast magic, so are they supposed to imitate snobbers like that? But.

“It’s not an unlikely story”

As she said that, Aurora in the table near me took her tea cup.

“The northern elves are stubborn and famous. It is because there is a comfort that none of them are committed, so they can ask you to abandon the resolution of things at the end of the last and let you withdraw”

The Baron is bewildered whether it is not thought that Aurora is my companion.

“Well, is this elf lady with you?”
“Eh, well ……around here everyone is my co-worker or boss”
“Ho, you’re telling something else to others”
“Ah, is it not so?”

No, please be silent as it is confusing. …… When thinking, the baron embraced my head and whispers.

“……Yo, Your doing. You gathered beautiful dressed woman, isn’t it?”
“No, that”
“Because you came to Polka, will you introduce the hot spring? Good job, as one would expect from Andy”

This middle aged man and I. ……15 years ago, we were in the same hot spring peeping group. When we peeped and were found out, he promised me 10 gold coins and I purposely made a flashy escape so that the Baron has time to escape. ……Ah. shameful memories.

“I’d like to introduce myself, as it is a good opportunity, I’m Duran Guto, Baron of Polka”

Lightly arranging his mustache, the baron elegantly bowed towards our group. We looked at him and introduce ourselves in turn.

“Celesta Northern Corps Crossbow Corps, 100-man commander Dianne”
“The same, 10-man captain Anzeros”
“Klaves forest elf and Dior´s daughter, Aurora. Pleas to make your acquaintance”
“Jeanne Crax of the desert labyrinth, I’m counting on you”
“Emm, I am a doctor at Talc in the south of the desert and my name is Hilda♪”

And the last one is Laila who is standing up and walks until the window. Opening the window to a big snowy field. With that window behind her, she looks like a cool model.

“The Lord of Russell labyrinth´s Dragon Palace and Andy Smithson’s mount, Black Dragon Laila”

Bachi, Laila took her off clothes daringly and became naked. Don’t take them off.


Baron´s mouth grow long. ……And the sensation that the brain is shaken. After a moment, Laila´s appearance suddenly disappeared and a black dragon appeared on the snowy field outside.

“U, Uwaaaaaaa!?”

Baron and Apple withdraw. Ah, Selenium is calm.

“Don’t take your clothes off so suddenly! You don’t have to be in your dragon form!”
“Hoho, playful, playful”

Laila returns to her human form immediately. Good grief. She took up the taste to surprise people.


From daytime I am onsen medical treatment. Sometimes go up and ask Hilda to rewrite his crests and relax at the hot springs one day. …… I was doing that, but it turned out to be strange on the way.


After entering the hot spring many times, I go out and I go to Hilda-san’s place. Hilda-san says something strange suddenly while touching my leg.

“That’s right, let’s enter here together♪”
“Older sister!?”

Pounding and taking my hand, we went to the female hot spring. ……Wait what. Anyway, it is a catastrophe if I enter the female hot spring now that I became an adult as I´m indeed no child anymore-

“Wa, Wait Hilda-san!”
“Yes, Dianne-chan, Anze-chan and Laila-chan, everyone is coming! Therefore its okay if you go with everyone♪”
“That’s not the problem!”
“……I see, it is truly my older sister, is it the meat wall operation?”
“Dianne-san, I´m not convinced!!”

In that way, I’m really being thrown into the female hot spring.

“Uu……and when I´m found out by a local woman……”
“Alright alright, if a local woman comes, we will built a circle that surrounds you, so that you won’t be seen♪”
“Huhu, like that, I don’t know if I will find out as I get fired up”
“Jeanne, don’t swim!”
“Anzeros, don’t be stiff♪”
“Hoho, good hot water. Whichever, on the occasion doesnt one or two of you want to become pregnant at the same time? Isn’t it a powerful miraculous spring that echoes through the continent, that it’s easy to get pregnant”
“Muu, which reminds me, Andy, did you sleep alone yesterday?”
“No, that’s, why do you talk to me alone at least, Dianne”

I enter the female hot spring while being guarded by women in all directions. It is dangerous if I’m found out. I have a strong erection as this is too erotic as I only see naked bodies wherever I look. What should I do. ……When.

“Ah, Dianne and the others”

There, Selenium and Apple appeared. They are both here since the morning. Of course they are both naked. The feeling I saw Apple is a bit bigger, with big boobs and a nice butt.

“Apple-chan, could you organize your heart a little?”
“Emm……not yet”
“Well, it is hard to say that it will be perfect from yesterday to today, so please do it slowly because you have time. Your skin became rough as you were having a long sleep, right, so will you immerse slowly?”

Apparently Apple seems to be very fond of Hilda-san. Well, it’s a bit. Selenium is peaceful with Dianne and Anzeros. Apple sometimes glares at Selenium with a glance.

“After all, is it hard your close friend is occupied by someone else?”

Apple´s shoulders become stiff firmly. ……Ah, I see. They said that they would be together forever. Unnoticedly, Selenium has many friends now, so is she lonely?

“……There is no choice that everything is changing so much suddenly, as it can’t be rewound, so accept it little by little. ……Alright, both Selenium and Andy love you all the way. There is no doubt”
“Because Andy has been kept thinking about you for 15 years, for us it is a something to be jealous”

Apple has a complex face.

“But you guys are wearing collars, with that person’s name engraved”

Selenium, Anzeros, Aurora, Laila and Jeanne. It is not removed by them even when they entered the bath.

“Everyone is talking about slavery. Isn’t it that you are too conservative?

……There is no sound coming out.

“I dont mind”
“Doctor and 100-man commander who are not wearing collars or are all friends. 10-man captain is sure to make us all happy”
“In Celesta, one woman isnt necessarily determined to be a single woman”
“……Well, that. He didnt ask us to put on the collar as he embraced us”
“I think it is abnormal”

Apple’s argument is unilaterally correct. ……Yup. I’m not saying a single word (As I hide behind Aurora and Laila) but it’s an extraordinary damage. Well this morning she won’t approve of me either.

“…… I think that it is abnormal”

Apple repeats. Stop it. My life is gone.

“……But, why, when I look at that person, my heart aches from time to time, even though I shouldn’t know him at all, I’m curious”
“……Apple, chan?”

Apple……? Maybe, she remember me somewhat……?

“For me, my life was almost like nothing except that I met selenium. There was no good memory. There was no place anywhere……nobody wanted me”

Apple hangs down her ears.

“That’s why I don’t mind disappearing for about 15 years. Selenium is healthy, and I’m living here, too. Sex with people you don’t know if you’ve gotten so much better once in a while, that’s fine. I think I can understand that”
“But can you do it?”
“Yes. ……What scares me the most is that this is a kind of feeling”

Apple started to appeal to Hilda-san.

“Even though I don’t know anything, I also don’t remember anything, but when I see that person at all, the core of my head is numb, the back of my stomach is numb, my heart is squeezed, I’m afraid of this feeling……!”
“I won’t accept it……I want to choose my favorite person by myself……fate, instinct, those are only excuses. I don’t want to yield, to such……!”

……Apple. I see. That’s right. Even though she doesnt know how to love, only the soul arbitrarily wants an partner. It is romantic depending on what you say, but it is a feeling of bad feeling that it is the same as being brainwashed. Especially for half-elves who are at the mercy of all, such as power, tribe and society, other than their own will, it may be abhorrent than anything else.

“……I, see”

My voice went out unintentionally.


Unintentionally. In other words, I was inadvertently heard.

“Ah, Andy-san, are you here……?”

Selenium stops smiling and trying to rejoice to see me in the same situation as last night. Apple was stiff with her eyes wide open. She trembles with a shudder and begins to cry. And then.


Goonn, a intense straight. I got nosebleed and sink into the hot water.

“Ah, Apple!?”

……When she gets confused, she is much more violent than Selenium.

“Ho, great miraculous spring”

Good grief.

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