Half elves fall in love chapter 38

Chapter 38: Orphan’s hesitation, provocation of beauty 【Aurora】



Three days have elapsed since I started the miraculous spring recuperation.

“Hunhun♪ ……I guess it’s okay until this time. Yes Andy-kun, move your leg. No, No that is your penis isn’t it”
“No, no, it’s inconceivable to force the cock only to put on the lower body with full power”
“Is it also true?”

In front of Hilda-san’s eyes looking at my leg gently, the left leg gently lifts little by little. About 20 degrees. It is severe even if I snort roughly more.

“Thank you for your hard work. the feeling is coming back?”
“That reminds me, I’m a little fuzzy, but somehow I feel like my foot is coming back.”
“I see. Yeah, correct upward calculation, I wonder if I can finish in three more days”
“Ah, it’s the number of days before you can walk without a cane. I think that it still takes a week before the scar disappears completely”
“Scar……will disappear?”
“Or rather, the lesion part will be completely destroyed by your own tissue. I wonder if it feels like I’m getting in the way now, the deer meat line is getting shorter every day and I can see it. Look”
“……Now that you say that”

As Hilda-san points out, the transplanted part supplemented with venison has become about 2/3 of the original. When this disappears, my recuperation is completed. It is clear that I can go back to a body that doesn’t bother anyone in any way.

“Even so, it’s amazing,”
“I’m really entranced”

Hilda gets enthusiastic. ……I thought that she was impressed only by the effect of the miraculous spring, but she seems not to have been fascinated apparently.

“Andy-kun, when will you restart ecchi?”

I was about to answer Hilda-san.

“Hey Andy”

Johnny of the liquor store heard a bit apart, his eyes were staring at the lower half as he was approaching with a smiling face. It’s a suspicious face.

“What’s going on, what kind of relationship do you have with Hilda-san in the first place?”
“No, no, that”
“Ehehe. ……Emm, for now……”
“Hilda-san, let’s keep silent for a while”
“Generally this bastard! Even if you have the pair of Apple and Selenium, you still want a beautiful married wife who is a dark elf, has huge melons and is a doctor!? I can’t forgive you!”
“Yo, You also have a pretty wife!”

Jessica the florist seems to have married him. I met her a while ago, but she still has great boobs as usual. I think that they are a happy couple.

“In the first place, that Hilda-san, this is the men’s hot spring? Although it is for Andy’s treatment, it is enviable that you stick to him only, no, we are glad to see your boobs, is not it? When will Andy attack you? ”
“Uhuhu. It’s okay, it’s not a body that you want to do in the bath yet, so don’t worry about it as I will hide it properly as soon as you recover”
“Hiding? What do you want to hide?”
“Of course it is”
“Hilda, stop fooling around and make it difficult only because you have fun”
“Eh, I just said a fact (plan)”

Only being brought into the female hot spring is pardoned, so it will be a problem for girls to enter the men’s bath so to speak, so it’s a few days to decide to have Hilda alone, which is the minimum necessary in the first place. Hilda-san was talking about the Talc rule of the example and the temptation intention to me at the same time, even at the early stage even the thin cloth equipment was thrown out and she bathed with me in full nudity. Well, there is no such a great swordsman in Polka, but it would have been lightly as Hilda was skilled in the use of illusion magic even if she is attacked suddenly, but I wonder if it is too much to do it.


Selenium and Hilda’s savvy efforts have shortened the distance between Apple and me at a rate as fast as the feeding of wildlife. Apple and Selenium who usually stay at the Baron’s house came to eat in the inn and took a seat near me, training to repair the relationship began.

“Hey, Apple, Andy-san knows that you have no memories, so he won’t attack you suddenly”
“Oh yes, Andy-kun is a demon to you who will surely forgive him, but other than that it is comparatively poor. I’ll be the first to attack you when it comes to it♪”
“Ah, Hilda-san sly, me too”
“Pl, please do something strange in some place elsewhere……in general, I’m not scared of Andy-san, it’s my own self-forgiving!”
“……Should I not be able to hear such a confession?”

I hear it all.

Relationship repair strategy, part 2. The venturing date. …… However, Apple wants to keep a distance with me more than necessary, my foot still needs the cane and we both aren’t bright in the geography of Polka now. It is not going to throw out such two people suitably even though it is a date, and it is limping that someone of the companion does not follow. Therefore, it becomes a date with the tour attendant of the state that there is a person between two people every time of the date. ……At least, if my feet go back to perfection, I can take her even if there is something.

“I’m a little unwilling to send salt to my rivals, but well Andy’s first is I’m sure that she feels safe and comfortable”
“Aurora, you don’t care whether you are willing to cooperate or not”
“I don’t want to hurt at least Andy-san’s intention, but I’m not going to give up on my pride that I´m the best woman for Andy-san”

By turns, this fellow is accompanying us to progress little by little.

There is nothing in the vicinity of Polka even if you say you’re on a date. Speaking of anything, it is about the miraculous springs, miraculous spring, miraculous spring, the hot springs and the hunter hut used by Apple. There may be other things but at least I don’t know them now.

“We were living here, didn’t we?”

The hunter’s hut. It is located in the vicinity of the forest and a hunter-based facility when hunting for animals. Even though Polka’s hunter is a seasonal work (because it is hard during winter), pilgrims’ partner gets more money than hunting so it isn’t be used at all even if you notice it. It is a place where Apple was.

“It is supposed to be”
“……In such a place, have we lived for more than ten years……?”

When I open the door of the hunter’s hut, it is full of the smell of dust. It was quite different from when I knew. The bed is a bright colored quilt that seems to be liked by Selenium. Pieces of equipment necessary for daily life, such as pots and dishes, are much more comprehensive than when I was hugging Apple, but they were all dusty over the last two years.


Apple seems to be touching them and making efforts to bring out her memories.

“How is it?”
“Eh, ah, wait, yo, you don’t come close!”

It is sad that Apple is so super wary.

“That’s not the way it sounds, is it?”
“……I´m, I’m sorry. I remembered something…… I remembered a bit, but that”
“Did you remember?”

Well, this is great progress!?

“No, that……I, I don’t understand!”
“……S, So?”

When Apple says that she doesn’t understand what it is, it is better to have her withdraw. Those who are listening don’t know what Apple felt. ……When Apple took a deep breath, she mutters something.

“……Th, That’s just what I was doing, just a little bit……I looked like I was in the middle of a torn picture scroll”
“……Somehow, the image hugging a boy naked……letting him touch the inside of my body as requested, tiny boys, that, penis……with my mouth”
“……That was me”

Apple stared at me with a bright red face.

“Well, what kind of kid was that! It’s such a tiny habit!”
“……Only that it was my favorite child”
“Th, that’s……I don’t feel comfortable, I feel somewhat badly impatient…… after you are gone, I comforted myself……”
“…………I didn’t mean to be afraid, just then I just did not know that you had a dick”
“Te, terrible……what kind of baby are you! Really!”

I don’t know the meaning of the relationship too much. Think about it now. ……Aurora took a sigh. My face is red.

“Andy-san, it’s been a long time since you were a kid……was it flourishing?”
“W, Well, that can’t be denied”
“And so……it was that she tried to make you pleased from the position of being a female slave or the like because you were about to leave her behind as if she tried to make herself mellow in her impatience……And that was continued by Selenium-san”
“……I hear bad, but it may be so if I see only the facts”

It’s amazing gratitude. I 15 years ago. Aurora again sighs.

“Su, such a service can’t be forgotten and she has been frustrating for 15 years, as Andy-san’s begun to have different lovers……so is it, right?
“I can’t say that”
“……That’s why I said not to stay away! You don’t understand why your body responds like that!”

……She is reacting. Waving her hand to such Apple, Aurora turns to me.

“Well then I will be comforting him instead, are not you complaining?”
“Apple-san will be left out……. I won’t accept it that you lost your memories as you are consent of this event. So now we are here to make a firm love with you”
“I’m not going to start fighting something that you don’t see abruptly”
“Although I am burning you so much, I complain about Andy-san’s long-lasting love with you and I am unnecessary to refrain from a woman who is excusing the attitude of her back quarreling, so it’s useless here. In other words, this place is the origin point, the coma in the corner of the cascading game, so to speak, even here, neither do I want to lose”

“As every day there are extremes, you do not understand what will come the day after tomorrow!”

Laughing at Apple sitting at a distance with a snort, Aurora takes off her clothes. Apple that gets hooked by this elf princess presses her body against me looking at my surprised eyes.

“……Eh, you´re an elf……you’re not half-elf, but you´re not like you’re in a lonely situation……?”
“Who decided who is in love with people is a half elf’s privilege? Originally elves are stronger than humans. It is not only half-elves that want to have sex with humans”
“Th, that’s right……but if you’re such a good-looking elf, besides”

Apple’s words, let Aurora snatch.

“Shut up, please. I like what I like and want what I want. What is it that is tied to the heart and love? Such a classification is sure to be good by reason or instinct or the pretext. I like what the world says because I have decided to like it. If you are disturbed, you can kick the world. It is good if my love is permitted in the world. Living in the present is not to mourn the past. To dream of the future, to be determined by these hands”

A dignified speech. ……I wonder if parentheses have arrived unless she rubbed my penis.

“Th, That……I can tell you that you’re not a freak……”
“Oh, what am I a freak now? The love that instinct demands, very much. What is the obstacle to doing that? You are only accustomed to your poor circumstances. Aren’t you just afraid to be disillusioned with yourself, poor, and being greedy and happy?”
“…………Do don’t say the things I knew”
“Oh, surely I’ve been talking too much. ……Andy-san, I have kept you waiting. I’m sorry……”

Aurora has a smiling face and she starts sucking on my lips and slowly pushes me over the dusty bed.

“You are so sympathetic to yourself at best. I will reach out to what I want in the meantime♪”

Do, don’t bully her too much, it’s not Apple’s own fault that she doesn’t remember”

“No, fear of the past, fear of itself, fear of the world, continuing the standstill is definitely that woman’s own problem. Defeating the stated past, the courage to trace the steps to the future on a blank sheet without drafts is not available only in time”

Aurora straddles over me and welcomes my son in her hot vagina.

“You, that is……so, to walk into the future with you, to support you, and to bask in your love, it can be in exchange for the pride of my past which is not boring”
“I, I´m not such a big guy……”
“No, everyone admits that you will make every woman happy, so that if you keep on walking for just that”
“Because you keep this good woman, you haven’t given up anything about that woman♪”

Apple gazed at Aurora who wiggles on me. Aurora continues to suck me up with her youthful and plump genital as ever, giving Apple an eye full of confidence and compassion.

“……Aurora-san, you……”
“Huhuu. ……I love Andy-san. It does not remain to the grain of this body and the ovum, and Andy-san’s is adoring. That alone won’t let me lose to anyone. I will accept anyone’s challenge♪”

Apple stands up. Holding down her pulsating chest she walks up to the bed by herself.

“……Not yet, I can’t remember with my mind”
“The feeling I liked you hasn’t come back yet”
“……But still, would you please love me……?”

Apple cries while crying.

“Can I behave like a spoiled child?”
“……Ah, as much as you like……!!!”
“That’s right……!”

Our hips move at the same and Aurora and I climax lightly together. ……Semen is poured mercilessly inside Aurora´s pussy. I don’t think to try to put it out outside for a moment. Apple trembling with instinct from the back of the waist while watching it. I embraced her as it is. ……It was my first hug with her.


“The snow is blowing violently”
“Hmm. Andy will he be alright”
“What do you mean with I’m alright?”
“I smell something uncomfortable……”
“……Dianne, somewhat it may be dangerous”
“What happened”
“……This snowstorm smells of a dragon”

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