Half elves fall in love chapter 39

Chapter 39: Blue Dragon attack 【Aurora · Apple】



On my lower body, Aurora had started the second round. However, the upper half of my body continues to be embraced by Apple who began to depend on me.

“Uhuhuu……that’s right……really, you wanted to do so, right……?”

Aurora whispers into Apple’s ear while shaking her waist which spills semen on me. Apple sucked on my lips instinctively and nodded suddenly.

“Nuu……after all……after all, I was scared…… I, I don’t remember anything……n, chuuuu……I don’t even know why I love you, nmuu……I was scared”

Apple repeatedly kisses my lips in between her words and seemed to breathe love instead of air by just kissing me.

“……But, only my body doesn’t stop……I thought that only I was excited and hated it……n, nnn…… I, really, I’m not really loved and I’m not the only one unilaterally tempted to ask for this person……chuu……because everyone else says they are female slaves, I thought that everyone is manipulated by some kind of method and I´m not restrained by misunderstanding the other party who only wants to have sex well……nmuuu”
“Well, it was a despising thing”

Giggling, Aurora doesn’t stop moving her hips to grind my penis with her vagina.

“I, Dianne-sama, the dragon Laila-san, Anzeros-san……we didn’t simply fall in love with Andy-san´s penis. Andy-san is a courageous person. You´re a person who has the courage to be able to choose not only the courage as the hero who knocks down something but also can have a hard time very much for the ones that you want to protect. I fell in love with the warmth of your heart that cant exhaust by the depth of your chest”
“……But, I, I don’t know anything like that……I don’t know……therefore, nchuuu, I was scared……I’m sure, even if I was deceived, say you can run away once the roll……if you like me, no matter how good you are alone, you will not be able to get away…… that will make me understand”


I, that’s why. I confess to Apple with the power of the whole body.

“Well then swear I won’t let you go, maybe I will die before you grow old, but surely everyone will never die earlier than me, but while Apple is alive, you are mine Apple, because I love you”


Apple trembled.

“I……a half-elf, why?”
“I love half-elves, it’s because of you, I don’t feel attracted to ordinary people”
“You are poor at cooking?”
“Cooking can be done quite by myself”
“You can’t use a bow or a sword?”
“I can’t use them”
“Is your bottom big?”
“A reward isn’t it?”
“Dancing isn’t good at all either?”
“Aa, mou!”

How many complexes this girl has. ……Because Selenium is talented, she might think that she is incompetent.

“I don’t know if I can’t do anything about that! You can see the big buttocks and breasts! What I like about you is not the problem of such a part, but I want you anyway!! Because I believed that you´re my lover for a long time, even if it is said that it is different now it is troublesome! Even if you can’t be asked, even if you can’t show it, rest assured that you will reveal and rest assured that you don’t have to worry! You’re mine, you have the obligation to be loved by me from corner to corner!”

Apple shivered strongly. Did she realize that every nook and cranny of her body is aiming for me? ……What a terrible confession. While listening to that confession, Aurora also shook her waist and lightly waved.

“Well……. Andy-san. Such a hot confession, can I ask for it too someday?”
“Oh, Aurora……you”
“Even if I’m an elf, if I imagine how my beloved will confess, it will be just like that. Apple-san……here♪”

Looking at it, Apple is completely moist, her breathing becomes rough and her waist is shattered. Even if she is raped by a child now, she won’t be able to resist. It was amazing enough.

“……U, a……u!”

She narrows her eyes, sticks out her tongue without knowing and the back muscles constantly suffering from convulsions. Apple is perfectly in estrus, perhaps imagining her body following the same fate as Aurora something overflows from the crotch in front of me. Adaptation is about to end even while being embarrassed by such body and mind.

“Huhu. There is no helping it”

Then, Aurora raised her waist and my muddy dick appeared. Pencil that has been intersected with someone else until now, there is also a degree of obscurity. I take Apple’s hand and lead Apple on my penis. Aurora who has semen dripping down from her crotch and keeps herself upwind helps me and leads Apple, by taking off her clothes and make her become naked while I’m watching.

“I am jealous of your breasts”

And as Aurora keep rubbing both of Apple’s melons, she guides the waist over my dick. I attach my hands to Apple´s waist and set it in place. Apple is at the mercy of all. And her groin was getting wet as if it was a tough match.

“Apple. ……I want to do love with you”
“Ye, Yes……”
“My lovey-dovey is terrible, it doesn’t end by three or four shots without pulling out. You will still be violated even if you have a full womb. Of course, we will kiss constantly and I will massage your breasts and butt until marks are attached. Maybe I’ll end up messing around with your butt hole, too. Therefore, are you sure?”

She said it. Although it was a most threatening warning, Apple shakes her head vertically. I nodded towards Aurora that looks like feathering behind Apple.

“Okay……I will start”

I pulled down Apple’s waist.


Apple’s young vagina, seen many times in my dreams. She is not in a coma during this time, Apple is in a perfect state of real estrus.


Apple seems to have come by it. Her squirting vagina, shabby expression, and the gushing tide are telling me. However, I don’t take hold with knowing it. I don’t want to stop it.

“Now……a lot, let’s move……♪”
“A, yaa……aaa!?”

Immediately, Aurora stuck tightly to the back of Apple and forces the swing to resume. There were two people and no escape place. I will hunt down the chance that Apple is in estrus. This time Apple is mine. I suppose I wanted Apple so badly that I can’t wait. ……What Apple was looking for is certainly here. We compel Apple to have sex without breathing as if to beat it. ……Apple itself wanted to be taught by stepping and destroying reason. It was strangely transmitted to Aurora and me.

“Ya, au, naaa……great, this is……this is, I…… I, I wanted it that time……”
“That’s right…..my penis……sex!”

Apple swings her waist as if she was shaken by Aurora. I thrust up too hard. Again and again. I was overly impressed and I myself ejaculated many times inside Apple’s crotch, even I myself didn’t know the moment of ejaculation. Even if Aurora got tired once and got caught aside, Apple moved her hands on my chest or attached them to my head and constantly moved her hips. Promptly I ejaculate constantly and we repeat kissing more than I seek.


When I noticed it was dusk.

“……It is evening, isn’t it?”
“Ah……I have to go home”

Even if she got exhausted on top of me, Apple that is loosely moving her waist has remembered to “Call home”.

“Hey, Apple. Apple”
“……A……a, e?”
“Let’s continue at the inn”

When I caressed her head, the estrus finally calmed down and she seemed to be sane.

“E……a, eee? I……”
“Tired. ……Regrettable, but we have to temporarily stop”

Apple tries to get away in a hurry but she is running out of physical strength so she fell down on my waist before trying to get up.

“Li, Like this……”
“Very normal”
“Yes, it is normal if you love each other”

Apple is curled up between Aurora and me. ……However, Aurora, even if it thinks of the tolerance power in spite of the least by far the best age, she is a vessel too.

When we dressed firmly and then went outside, the sky became dark, the flickering snow was accompanied by a strong wind and was able to hit from the side.

“……It’s a snowstorm”
“Th, this is……cold”

The forest territory where Aurora lives is quite in the south. It’s not as tropical as it is, so it will rain and snow there too, but there’s not much to be piled up and the snowstorm won’t appear.

“Don’t leave my side, don’t lose sight of the way”
“Wait a moment”
“Co, cold……”

I pull the hands of Aurora and Apple and begin to advance the road to the city. Suddenly Aurora´s hand was nervous.

“What happened”
“Lie down, something is……”

Following Aurora´s instructions, Apple and I crouched into the snowy road or almost a snow entrance. Aurora puts her hand on the handle of her sword……at that moment, she cuts through the curtain of the snow. Kinn!


Metallic sound. In other words, Aurora’s sword repelled something.

“Arrows! In this blizzard……northern elf, if you´re proud then say your name!”

The answer is an arrow. Again Aurora repels the arrow with her sword. ……Such a trick can be done only by Aurora who is an Ace knight. I can’t even react first.

“Kuu……northern elves, it sounds like more difficulties than I thought”
“Are you okay, Aurora!?”
“I’d like to say, I’m okay… At least my vision and footing are good”
“Damn……let’s move by crouching and walking if we reach the town, they surely won’t follow us”

Taking Apple and Aurora, we slowly move through the snow entrance. Nonetheless, my foot hasn’t fully recovered. Since the sensation is backwardly blurred, there is no worry that bone fractures or sprains are occurring, so I can move using my knee, but doing it does not deliver a satisfactory speed.

“……Sorry. I wish I had healed my leg a little more. Apple, please go ahead and get Dianne or Laila. And Anzeros”
“Andy-san, probably the other’s aim is Apple, it is not good to let her leave alone”
“I, I see……well then rather leave me alone and the both of you go together”
“Th, that can’t be done!”
“Your heart will be pierced through!”

Is it useless? it’s no use. I am anxious, but I only have to go forward… At the moment I thought, the blizzard stops for a moment. And the sky which was originally dark becomes darker.


Looking up, a shadow. Four legs, wings and long neck.

“No, its body color is blue!”

Aurora pushed me away as she jumps. Apple also jumps. A blue dragon ……a blue dragon landed at the place we were just now.

“I found you, impurity!”

From the back of the dragon, a young male elf with a bow appears. ……Oh my god! The extreme guy who the Baron mentioned! Besides, he is a dragon rider!


He releases an arrow without being interrupted. In a panic, Aurora stretches her sword, but she doesn’t make it in time for the ray.

“Damn it!!”

I hurriedly reached out my hand. And my arm was hit.

“U, gaa!?”

The arrow stuck in my hand which stretched in and stopped. Did I escape penetration thanks to a thick leather coat? But it hurts.


Aurora and Apple scream at the same time.

“Run away from here! Apple, Aurora, hurry!!”

Now that the opponent’s aim is completely focused on me, there is no point in protecting me. I kicked the two who hesitate and I desperately throw my crutch after them. ……There is no reason to escape in such a way. The opponent is a winged dragon and a skilled archer. Still, as long as Laila and Dianne are at hand, we will manage. If I can earn a long time even for a moment until their arrival.

“Do you feel like escaping!!”

The elf further releases more arrows. Those aimed at Apple are prevented by Aurora that fits perfectly indeed. The elf clicks his tongue and turned his eyes on me.


It seems that there is no such rule that doesn’t involve a person who is unrelated apparently.

“Shooting the unarmed, you coward!”

At least for the resistance, I cried for stimulating the opponent’s pride.

“A human that will ruin the forest with shoes and feet talks about morality”

The elf said it in a cold voice and turned his bow at me. Is the target my heart? Head? I only have to sacrifice my arms and avoid fatal injuries. When.

“Hey youth, I want to ask for the way”

A man in a cloak with a horse was standing in the nearby shade. The young elf and I were startled.


“I lost sight of the road in the storm”

The man with gloves, a cloak, and goggle with thick glasses, spoke to me without regard to the dragon standing in front of his eyes and the elf on its back.

“Un, Uncle, run away! Aren’t you seeing that!?”

I was astonished and shouted at the man.

“……Oh, wait a moment. My visibility is bad”

The old man scoops goggles with casualness. Then, he stares at my fingers, following the direction and acknowledges the figure of that huge dragon.

“Uoo, huge”
“Don’t say huge!, Runaway or you will die!”
“Well don’t panic. Let’s hear the way anyway. Which way is it to the city?”
“That way! Go quickly!”
“No, No, wait wait. Young man, you are struck by an arrow, you need some medical treatment”

What is this uncle?

“……Foolish human, do you even understand the danger?”

The young elf nock an arrow. The old man doesn’t interfere and walks towards me.

“Old man! Get down!”

I shouted while praying. Although I don’t mind at all, I don’t want to see people who aren’t related to being killed. The arrow is released. And then.


The old man took a step back with his feet. The arrow grazes the uncle’s chest and stabs the ground.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

The old man looked up at the elf and complained, he resumed walking towards me as it was. What kind of nerves does he have?

“Are you mocking me, human!”
“Don’t be so. A demon will be born in your heart when you are too angry”
“Die!! Die!! Die!!”

I don’t know what really makes him angry, but the young male elf shoots arrows toward the old man one after another.

Basun!! Basun!! Basun!!

The uncle smoothly avoided them with staggering foot movement. And then, he sighs.

“Please put an end to it”
“What, you!! Eei!!”

Even if he shoots the old man, he judged that he wouldn’t hit him, so the young elf points the arrow to me again. At that time, the old man showed a bad mood for the first time.

“I’m saying you should put an end to it”

And the arrow is released toward me. The old man moved forward with one step and took the arrow with his stretched cloak.


The avoidance of the arrow may be a coincidence or magic. But this is at least an Ace Knight’s skill.

“Old man, are you a swordsman?”
“Although I am a traveler, I used to be one before”
“Well, then you will know about a dragon’s danger”
“Ah, I was still young. I wasn’t alive 100-years ago”
“That’s sort of a problem……”

The uncle dropped the hood behind and looked up at the dragon and the elf. His brown hair mixed with white.

“I think that it is worthless, so why don’t you go home and sleep?”

The young elf turn his arrows again. The old man cracks his hands and fingers. An arrow is released. The old man protruded his hands casually.



A shockwave occurred. The male elf is blown off. ……Not swinging down, a shockwave with a thrust!?


The Blue Dragon opens its mouth for the first time. It was still young and was a girl’s voice.

“Dragon, it’s not the right time for a fight. Why don’t you tell that elf?”

The dragon turns to the old man. The old man took some distance from me and looked up calmly.

“Youth, there is a sword in my horse’s back, can you bring it”

No matter how you look, he his no ordinary person. As the uncle instructed, I walked desperately toward the horse and take the sword. It was a great sword that seemed to be one and a half m long.

“Old man!!”

When throwing, the old man caught it firmly with one hand. With the next move, he sweeps away the sheath.

“Do you feel like experiencing a dragonslayer?”

The old man replied and the dragon answered.

“I´m just a traveler, this is just a self-defense”

I thought that the dragon was underestimated, but its eyes glow with anger. Then it spits out a blizzard breath.

“Old man!!”

Dragon breath is the only way to generate flames and cold air of scale that can mass murder in a moment. And there is no way to prevent that which can be said to be inexhaustible at the moment. The uncle received a direct hit of it. I thought that he was an ice pickle. But when I look closely I can see an unbelievable sight.


He pushed the sword against the ground, hammered a shockwave with his hands at a speed not visible for the eyes, making a barrier in the air. And at the moment when the barrier is fluctuating in a strange way, he pulls out the sword and breaks through a thin place of the breath. He was flying just beside the blue dragon’s face with a big jump. Raising his goggles. And swing down his greatsword in a second.


As the dragon is pulled up with a huge hand, it blows off to the side and rolls over the snowy field.

“The weakness of a dragon is too strong, as it believes not to lose to a stronger and more frightening dragon slayer”

The landing old man says quietly.

“Don’t underestimate humans, foolish dragon and silly elf, next time I won’t strike with the flat side of my sword”

Saying that quietly, his right eye´s white of the eyes is blue and the iris is red. Obviously, it wasn’t an ordinary eye.
Then a black dragon comes flying from the city.

“A friend?”
“It is mine”
“…… Hou, youth. Are you a dragon’s retainer?”
“I seem to be classified as a dragon rider”

As I said so, the young elf who fell down on the snowy field saw me with astounding eyes.

“Idiot……you, a dragon rider?”
“What. You too”

……? What does he mean?

Laila flies down beside me. On her back are Apple, Aurora, Dianne and Anzeros.


All four jump off the back. Laila doesn’t return to her human form and Chibi Laila appeared on my shoulder, while Laila looked at the fallen elf and the blue dragon without disappointment.

“……It is a dragon of Misty Palace. It is near here”
“Here, a dragon palace near here?”
“Anyway, that’s what I know. ……Well, it’s the territory of the elves”

I hear it for the first time. Is there such a thing?

“……And how did you defeat it? That blue dragon shouldn’t be a weak one”
“This old man is”

The goggle-wearing old man nods lightly

“A traveler passing by”

Anzeros saw him and is surprised him before she put her fist on her chest.

“Yo, you!
“……I say that I’m a traveler, can you read the air?”

The uncle raises his eyebrows somewhat awkwardly.

“……It’s my first time, Sir Bonaparte”

The old man who ignored it looks sad.

“Sir Bonaparte?”
“……You don’t know? Count Arthur Bonaparte”

……It seems like I heard it somewhere before.

“Sword Saint”
“……Sword Saint!?”

Old man……Sir Bonaparte seemed to intend to stick to it to the end.

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