Half elves fall in love chapter 396

Chapter 396: Touring again, spring festival 2



I’m going to make a few appearances here and there to let people know that I’m back safe and sound. I know it’s safe with two dragons and Dianne, but it was a hard march and I’m sure many girls would have been disappointed if I had to miss the spring festival. ……If I had said two years ago, I would have been so self-conscious that Williams and Keiron would have laughed to death.

“I’m home. ……Was Luna here too?”
“Nya, Master♪”

When I went to the cat beast house, Luna, Marone and Barbara were surrounding Cute, who was dressed in a pretty dress.

“How pretty? Will you dance with me?”
“Oh. It looks good on you. How did you get those flowers?”

Cute wears a white and peach-colored dress with colorful flowers woven into the knot of her ponytail.

“This morning, Savory-san and Oregano-san asked me to use them as decorations”
“They´re so thoughtful. ……I should have at least prepared some accessories for everyone”

I usually only make men’s silver jewelry, but if I wanted to, I could make colored ceramic pieces as well. I was able to show my skills in various ways and it would have served as a service to the girls under the guise of a festival. I regret it now.

“That’s another time……this time, I’m just glad Master made it in time for the festival”

Marone smiles embarrassedly as she combs Barbara’s hair. Next to Cute is Barbara and each seemed to take turns grooming the other.

“Are you going to Miril and the others too?”

Luna stands up quickly.

“I’m going, but Luna will also be dressed, right?”
“……I’m too embarrassed to wear a dress, it doesn’t suit me”
“That’s not true. I think Luna would look really pretty if she were dressed up”
“……I’m going to be on a mission right after”
“The only ones who will be moving soon are Isaac and the others. We’re not in that kind of hurry yet”
“……I told Aurora I didn’t want it”

Was Aurora supposed to lend it? ……Or rather, where the heck does Aurora keep the outfits……?”

“If she said she’d lend it to me, then she had it ready, didn’t she? Why don’t you just say that I told you to wear it after all?”
“But I’m kind of embarrassed”
“Yeah, already. Maia!”

Maia, when called, opens the front door and comes out in no time at all. ……I guess she’s been following me since I went to the Baron’s mansion.

“Tell Aurora to have Luna’s outfit ready”
“I didn’t have to say it, as she prepared it. It looks like she’s going to catch Luna just before the festival and dress her up at the clothing store”
“As expected of Aurora”

She knows exactly what I want.

“Don’t run away”
“Hunyaa……d, don’t grab my tail……”

I catch Luna as she tries to run away. I give Marone a hand sign and say, 「Please take care of her」.

The sky is clear and the wind is calm. It is the perfect day for the spring festival. The town has already put up its holiday cards for the festival and children who can’t wait to get going can be seen running around and amateur bands and choirs are assigning their parts to the festival. This year, the crossbow corps, which has doubled in size since last year, joins in the festivities, adding to the festive atmosphere. The plaza, which normally would be enough for the merchants to set up a market, is now too cramped.

“Hey, Andy. You’re here”
“Aunt Lindsay”
“I’ve got a special today, free lemon water with Lindsay’s seal. Would you like some?”
“Are you sure it’s okay?”
“What, the water from the miraculous spring is free to begin with. The gold coins I always get are like a donation”
“Eh, I thought you said it was for material cost?”
“Apart from me, all the spring guards are taking small change as a blessing fee, aren’t they?”

……I thought so.

“Rather than that, what are you going to do with that child? Isn’t she still in a military uniform? That’s rude. At least give her a hair ornament”
“I know. She’s just embarrassed”
“No, it’s not. It’s just a hassle”
“You said it differently, Luna”

Maia and I hold her by each arm and take her into the clothing store.

Inside the clothing store, Oregano and Aurora were busy dressing and hairdressing the other members. Aurora is mainly in charge of dressing and Oregano is in charge of hairdressing. It seems that neither of them is a specialist, but it may be because Aurora has more knowledge about dresses in the outside world and Oregano is a bit more dexterous as she braids those fine hairstyles by herself every day.

“Aurora. I brought her”
“Oh, Andy-san. You came back?”
“Did you ask me to bring her back, Aurora-san?”
“No, I’m grateful……especially since if I had done everyone else’s work, I would have been too late for the festival to start……if I had been chasing Luna-san around the festival”

Aurora is busy dressing Azel and Rizel in matching dresses (slightly different colors) and Oregano is tying up Anzeros’ hair in a luxurious way. And among those being given such treatment was Neia.

“……Wh, What is it?”

Her hair, which is always floating, is carefully combed and trimmed and while it is a cute hairstyle that merges the fine braid that seems to be Oregano’s work, it is a barrette with a large bluish-purple jewel that shines well against her golden hair, making her look like an aristocrat. The dress, while not revealing too much (It was early spring when the snow was still falling), was thoughtful enough to subtly emphasize the richness of her bosom and above all, the fact that Neia was wearing a skirt was also fresh.

“Isn’t she pretty……!”
“E, E, Emm……that, I cant say that straight……I mean, I’m the only one who can say it so straightforwardly……”

Neia hurriedly picks up the old hat lying nearby.

“No, No, wait, wait, you don’t have a hat with that outfit, right?”
“……Is it not good?”
“Not good”
“I, If possible, just bring it”
“None! Leave it with Jeanne, along with the flash sword”
“Jeanne-san!? I, I’m not particularly fond of her”
“She’s the one who gave birth to my child. Not trustworthy enough?”

She’s decided to look like a princess, but can she make such a stupid mismatch?

“You’re pushy, Andy-kun☆”

The one who was giggling was Hilda-san. She was dressed in a sexy long slit exotic dress. Her hair is tied up like a conch and she has taken off her glasses. She is a beautiful woman and when she is dressed differently than usual, she is a beauty, too. And then there is Miril.

“I’m not a confident dancer, so I’ll stay with Jeanne and the other singers”
“It’s okay to just dance, older sister, let’s dance too”
“That’s right”
“I’m sure Master will be tired. I’m not the only one”

Miril points a finger at her younger sisters. She doesn’t have to worry about it.

“Well, but this might stand out……Aurora, you’re too excited”

Anzeros laughs as she looks at her own outfit in the mirror.

“Good. The materials used by everyone are superb, just as they are suitable for Andy-san’s glasses. If you wear simple attire, you will look out of place”
“That’s right, isn’t it!? I mean, maybe it’s because of the spring, but everyone’s hair and skin are so smooth and fun to touch!”
“Oregano, it’s time to change your clothes too……”

For some reason, Oregano, who is on good terms with Aurora, is tsukkomi by the usual maid-look Savory. By the way, Laurier is there too, but she’s in a dress.

“Don’t you dance Savory?”
“Ah, I’m in charge of replenishing the dishes. I’m an elf, so if you want to dance, there’s plenty of time, even before next year”
“Because you’re an elf……”
For those who have a short life span, it may be difficult unless they are young, you know. But if you are an elf, you don’t have to worry about your age even after 20 or 30 years”

Luna, a little puffed up, suddenly chokes Savory out of the corner of her eye.

“Nyowa!? Wh, What are you doing!?”
“I felt like we were being made fun of”
“No, it’s not just about handing over! What would you do if you lost your eyes like that!?”
“I’m fine because I’ll be healed”

However, Savory was dodging the scissors with an amazing sway. Not bad.

“Savory. Don’t be insensitive”
“Was I insensitive!? No, it’s not normal, but rather Master should have said something like, 『I have to dance with such a pretty girl even though I’m fifty』”

Another blow from Luna to Savory. This time, it was a blow to the nose.

“Are you going to make a fool of yourself even now!?”
“It was simply annoying”
“Master, this cat is ferocious!!”
“No, I think you should be a little quieter”

Savory, while working at the tavern, you’ve become more vulgar and like Naris.

“Please don’t move”

And meanwhile Maia had been made a princess by Oregano and Aurora. Anzeros became the male lead and taught Naia how to dance. Laurier and Cute, the Maple sisters’ cuteness, made Hilda wiggle and happy. The lively and fun atmosphere almost makes me forget the time, but after a while, Fennel enters.

“It’s about time to start, Savory, come out……oh, master”
“Hey. Are you doing well?”
“Yes. Let’s make this a fun festival♪”

The management is busy and having fun on the management side.

“Alright, let’s work hard!”
“Luna, we still have a little time left, so please don’t move”
“I’ll get this over with”
“Yes. I’m fine with the current steps”
“S, Sorry……I’m not used to this kind of thing”
“Master! Let’s go together!”
“You two, don’t get excited now!”
“……I wonder if I’ll be made to dance with the children”
“Nyaa. Isn’t it better than dancing with Uncle?”
“You’re a good woman who can dance gracefully even with people you don’t want, Laurie-chan☆”

When I went out to the square, the Baron was looking around from a higher place. When he met mine, he mischievously closed one eye. I wish I could be an old man who looks good like that.

In the distance, I hear five bells ringing in the church, signaling ten o’clock.

It’s the sound that signals the beginning of the festival.

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