Half elves fall in love chapter 4

Chapter 4: Casualty discovery



“Nunananananaa, na, na, naa.”

As soon as she saw my face, the elf-like girl became bright red. Walking a few steps back in the pond, she slipped and swung both hands with full power.

“Cal, calm down.”
Looking at my face. No, she isn’t looking at my face. If I follow her eyes well, it is not my face.

It was my crotch that Selenium was sucking.

“Th, This, This……shameless Smithsonーー!!!”
She grabbed the wooden stick that was around, jumped into the air with confusion, turned around lengthwise with a rough movement ignoring the axis of her body. The wooden stick strikes on the water as it is. Bashaa! ……Zabaーーー!!!

Apart from the water pillar caused by the wooden stick strike, the water column was split apart and the water column went straight ahead as if a giant scratched the water surface with its finger 5 meter long extending towards us. Selenium and I got up in a hurry, and we separated to evacuate from the water column. Nevertheless, I was blown away by wind pressure.

“Yokeru!! You are Anzeros!!?”
I was convinced at last by this strange sword skill. This girl is Anzeros.

“Who else should I……”

The long-haired naked elf girl was silent for a couple of seconds before she checked her body and her own hair that was spreading quickly.

She got confused further and raised a cry before she threw the stick straight at me.

While spinning, it exactly hit my temple. It hurts so terribly.


“……This shameless man. Shameless man. Shameless man. Shameless man.”

We finally calmly faced each other after wearing our underwear. No, I really wanted to wear proper clothes, but the clothes are so tight. The circumstances were the same for Anzeros, the armor which she always wears were hanging down on the tree branch while dripping with water. And wearing a bloody chest armor on top of her underwear, it was a very crazy state.

“You were really a woman.”
“Shameless man, shameless man, shameless man.”
“Talk to me!”
Anzeros was somewhat sulking. She didn’t hold a serious look while diverting her line of sight from me. As I looked at her, Selenium in her underwear flared up as usual.

“Even you are shameless.”
“You have pretended to be a boy! So far you’ve seen Andy’s defenseless appearance all the time up till now!?”
“Naa……di, different!”
It was a criticism from a fresh perspective, and Anzeros stuttered. ……Don’t stutter.

“Andy-san is doing something fairly agreed upon!? Anzeros-san who had been peeking is much more shameless!!”
“No No No, Wait a minute, wait a minute.”
The super theory of Selenium was useless indeed. I mean, it’s not good to know who was more shameless.

“Why are you dressed like that?”
Her hair that had spread a long time ago was not conspicuous when wearing an armor. It was packed and tied and her hair was put together under the armor like a rope bundle. And the too big armor hides her physique, hiding to the extent to which her shoulders and chest are inconspicuous, but even so, it is a splendid crossdressing because no one really noticed.

“I am from the royal city of Trot.”
While diverting her eyes, Anzeros buried her mouth in the chin guard plate and speaks with a muffled voice as usual.

“You will know that there is a half-elf discrimination in Trot.”
“But when I was a child, I wanted to be a sword saint.”

The young Anzeros grew up in the house of her mother who was a wealthy merchant. It was unusual as a half-elf, but it was a very blessed family environment. There was not a single inconvenience in the house, but she was forced to live outside. Of course she had almost no friends, she also seemed to have a girlhood who can not imagine what she was going to become in the future, while receiving a gifted education from a family tutor who was invited from a foreign country such as Celesta (A person from Trot would surely make fun of a half girl). The turning point of Anzeros’ life was the Imperial game held in the arena of the capital. The trump card of Trot kingdom, which consists of various races, was 「The swordmaster brigade」 that shows many of its brilliant skills. Anzeros was touched by their splendor and racial freedom. There were some elves in the swordmaster brigade. She can do this. She can become one herself. Anzeros thought so and begged her mother who was with her to invite a swordmaster who will teach her fencing and she would bet her life to the sword after.

“By the way, what is the imperial match.”
“Ah, 15 years ago it was the time of expansion of the swordmaster match”
“……Ah, I see.”
“? Andy-san, what do you mean?”
“At that time, or else that year, there was an elf swordmaster, I remembered that at the workshop that I worked on they produced a prototype of light armor for elves and my masters were very busy.”

It was just the year I entered the workshop. In the guise of a cultural exchange with the Afilm Empire in the west of Trot, 50 students called “Paladins” were having an exchange with 50 swordmasters of Trot. Well, I don’t know much about politics, but in short, “Our swordsmen are so strong and this is just the tip of the iceberg!”, it seems to have become an event with the intention to intimidate each other. In that year, the match was also gorgeous compared to the usual year (which seems to have been a show-off between the swordmasters brigade and the paladins), it was a big event like a royal marriage. So, the Afilm Empire has a friendly relationship with the local forest elves. It is quite abundant that there are quite a lot of elves who become swordmasters or paladins with mastery of longevity like our 100-man commander. In fact, about 20 out of 50 paladins were elves. And, the naïve Anzeros saw it and misunderstood it. Because her mother didn’t care about the military, at any rate, it was difficult for her daughter. A few years later, Anzeros, who improved her swordsmanship greatly competed in the preliminary selection of becoming a triumphant swordmaster.

“Then, Anzeros who was beaten black and blue realized the extent of the world……”
I teased her in a troubadour manner.

“I wasn’t defeated! I was the winner as the fellow who used brute force!!”
Anzeros was disappointed.

“A few days later a messenger came to my house and disqualified me.”
“Because I was a half-elf, a female, and a little girl.”
“I tell you the truth!”
Anzeros was reminiscing her regret and went out of her way. Because she was only wearing her underwear under her armor, Anzeros was troubled that her small chest was visible because of the too big armor.


Anzeros’s mother, who heard it, seemed to be very angry and hit the messenger with a chair. Even if such a thing is done, a messenger only conveys the message. It is an unfortunate story. Anzeros´s mother advised her to go to Celesta. There is few racial discrimination in Celesta and it is easy to live because of her mother´s personal connections. The title of Ace Knight is equivalent to being a swordmaster of Trot, that’s why Anzeros decided to depart. However, having a serious trauma being a half-elf, a woman, or a little girl, Anzeros concealed her identity with her current style. She always wears the too big armor inherited from her family and her long hair is hidden in it (the hair is a woman’s treasure indeed and it seems that her mother stopped her from cutting it) and hide her ears with a custom-made helmet. It is said that she entered Celesta through a third country next to the mountains range of the east. That was ten years ago. It was at the time when I made that strange knife for a strange person who was the 100-man commander Dianne.

“I have a question.”
“I never saw you wearing a helmet.”
“……In Celesta, I didn’t need it because half-elf discrimination was loose. I ceased to wear it after becoming an ace knight.”
“There is hardly any discrimination in Celesta even against women.”
“It, it can not be helped!! For the time being, I became an ace knight as a man and I was assigned to the crossbow team just after that! Do you know a woman who can live forever in such a man’s garden!”
I tried to say 100-man commander Dianne, but it certainly is too extraordinary. Mentally and physically (in terms of combat power rather than boobs) as well.

“But if you talk about it before assigning, you wouldn’t have to play a man for a long time.”
“……That might be true.”
“You often said that I’m bad.”
“Shut up. I’m worried.”
After talking about everything, Anzeros is exhausted.

“You have a good mother.”
Selenium had finished listening to our conversation with teary eyes. Which reminds me.

“You, after all, did you participate in the war with the Trot kingdom?”
“Hmm……well, that’s true.”
“……I heard something bad.”
No one would want to do a war that might kill their parents. However, having Anzeros here means that she couldn’t give up her dream even if she is pressed. She already belongs to the Celesta army because the war with Trot has already ended, so if there is a possibility that Trot will be becoming an enemy in the future when Celesta is attacked by another enemy then she won’t do anything. Anzeros would laugh at it.

“My mother will probably not be killed, because it will be politically indiscreet to kill her.”
“I think it is quite famous. Don’t you know the Silpheed company?”
It is a large company of Trot that has business relations with many countries including Celesta and Afilm. I have heard of it. It is because the value of the Silpheed company is too large and Trot isn’t so miserable in spite of being a defeated country. I heard the head of the company is a woman.

“You´re an incredible daughter, I will treat you to something next time.”
“…………Do you think that it is necessary to treat me?”
By the way, it seems to be audible that the bloodlust of the calm Anzeros is burning up a little.

“At such a time in such a place you´re doing such a shameless thing, keep looking at my naked body. What’s with this super stupid 『I will treat you』 bastardーーー!!”
She pulled out her short sword. I protected my head with my crossbow unintentionally. However, with one beat, Anzeros sighed and poked my head with the short sword.

“……Well, I don’t have anything to do with you, I will forgive you by giving me a drink at the usual bar.”
Anzeros laughs a little gently. I was frightened by her shy smile which I had not seen before. Selenium is blistered. 

And then.

“Are you done talking?”
A voice suddenly came from behind and I trembled. Even though there should be no one except us. As I turned around, 100-man commander Dianne was there.

“Wh, Why are you here”
“I wasn’t too late to hear a small interesting story.”
With a little grin, I´m pecked by the ears. I was taken aback. Come to think of it, the crossbow stock is an ear replacement for 100-man commander Dianne.

“……Di, did you hear everything?”
Anzeros turns pale. I couldn’t say it. Sex impersonation might not be troublesome.

“Well, I knew you were a woman, didn’t I?”
100-man commander laughed devilish.

“Well, keep explaining 10-man captain♪”
At that point, the companions from the corps eavesdropped and made up a thumb up sign. There are quite a lot. And now Anzeros was in a sexy shot of underwear + armor. Anzeros turned pale and our companions laugh at the same time.

“10-man captain Anzerooosss! Please marry me!!!”
“Oh, oh, I want an impure sex relationship with you!!”
“Not good! Anzeros! I love you!”
“10-man captain! Haahaahaaju, ju, 10-man captain!!!”
Passing through the side of me and Selenium, our companions rushed towards Anzeros.

“U, Uwaaaaa!!! n, no, stop, don’t come near, don’t touch me, I will kill you, idiots! Listen, you shameless bastards! Smithson, help me, n, noーーーーーー!!!!”

As one would expect from the ace knight. She was really strong. It seems that she was terribly tired.

“10-man captain Anzeros actually is a woman” this news swept across the corps within minutes. They should have worked in a dispersed way. It is reliable because my companions worked together to spread it. And suddenly Anzeros rose up to the top of our corps popularity ranking with Selenium and 100-man commander Dianne.

“Selenium-chan is 10-man captain Smithson´s female slave! Which means she is already taken! Damn bastard!”
“I heard that even 100-man commander Dianne is in a relationship with her fiance!”
“However 10-man captain Anzeros is still free, a native-born heroine. If you look closely, she is in no way inferior to 100-man commander Dianne!”
“I don’t care if she is a man or a woman!”
“No, she is scared of us!”
Ah, there are a lot of singles who are starving because this is a comparatively new corps.


“Smithson, accompany me for patrol.”
“I can’t accompany you. I am tired because I was cleaning the building.”
“Shut up and accompany me. I’m scared that there will be someone jumping at me suddenly while being naked!”

I seem to be the one responsible for Anzeros´s exposed secret, so I´m treated like a guardian, or better said, a follower.

“What if I jump at you naked?”
“Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I will chop your thing off!”
“I am sorry for making a joke.”
Well, in my case, I have a reputation for the lack of physical strength in the crossbow corps (Natural because it’s a technical system) but I’m sure of it. I always trust that I was good at it……I want to think so.

“But you have come to look like that, so you should fix your wording as well.”
Anzeros began walking without wearing her armor from time to time. In such a case she won’t tie up her long hair and let it flutter. I think that her hair is so beautiful that I couldn’t believe she was hiding wildly for a long time. After all, I think that the blood of an elf is unfair.

“Be, Besides, I haven’t admitted that I am a woman.”
“Now I’m just admitting that I’m not a man.”
“I don’t know the difference.”
“It’s completely different. Definitely different. Heaven and earth.”
It’s refreshing.

“I will keep using that armor firmly, that is my pride.”
“Yes Yes, I think that it would be better to re-tailor it……”
“I don’t want it.”
I might not be able to understand the logic of half-elves.

The moon is beautiful tonight.

I jumped in the bath and took a breather. After cleaning, I accompanied Anzeros on patrol, and after, it was time to go to bed. Not only maintenance and training, the crossbow corps also has physical strength training. There is no one who stays up too late. The big bath is only for me now.

“I wonder how Anzeros is taking a bath. She probably doesn’t.”
“She seems to have bathed in the mountain or secretly in Basson’s public bathhouse. I have seen her a couple of times.”
The 100-man commander stood soundlessly behind me. When turning around in surprise, she came near me with a smile.

“Even dwarfs and ogres will take a bath during the week and as she didn’t show up when the half-elves were bathing, I knew she’s a woman, but I didn’t care.”
“I, I see……but why is 100-man commander taking a bath so late.”
“It’s my second time. And I wanted to talk a bit with you.”
Somewhat close. Our shoulders seem to touch each other. It is unbelievable that I can see her breasts at the edge of my sight, as expected.

“Recently if you are in your room, your female slave will be there and otherwise Anzeros is sticking to you. I don’t have a chance to talk to you other than in the bath.”
“We, well, that’s right.”
“Watch out on how to get away from Anzeros. She is a half-elf who is wealthy and has enough love for her parents. If you give her a little affection, she won’t be able to go back soon.”
A casual erection has come. I hope she won’t misunderstand it.

“Now to the real issue. Do you know that the dark elves’ spirituality is often said to be close to half-elves?”
“No, not really.”
Calm down. Calm down.

“Ah, come to think of it, you were from Trot. You don’t know the dark elves’ temper and life.”
“That’s right.”
“……A dark elf is said to be an elf heretic, a species being in the same nature as a beast. It is only speculation because there is no proof, but the fact is that we are looked down at by the elves for a long time now. We are called a lonely race that is an elf, but not really an elf.”
Putting her elbow on the edge of the bathtub, 100-man commander talks in a comfortable way. She is too bad at concealing her big and good shaped breasts. Ah, at least the distance is so far away that I can masturbate. I can understand the feelings of little Lanz and Goto.

“That’s all. Once you fall in love with the opposite sex, the loving features are similar to half-elves. I don’t want to return again if I have to float my feet from there for a minute of solitude.”
“Well……I thought I was quite special, but I´m a typical dark elf.”
Suddenly, when raising up her body, 100-man commander headed towards me and she caught my lips tightly soon after she stopped talking.

“Nn……. Huhu, I admit it was a misunderstanding. But in my misunderstanding, I’ve been trying to marry you for 10 years already. I was just thinking about holding you. Prepare yourself, Andy Smithson. The half may not leave you, but I won’t let go of you”
“N, haaa……we, well, even if such a thing is told……100-man commander, please move a little away.”
“You can call me Dianne-san, not a 100-man commander. Think about it.”
“Kuu……Di, Dianne, san!!”( I think he is actually stuttering her name here)
“……Hmm, it sounds a bit awkward, but I will be angry if you don’t call me Dianne when we two are alone.”
“I, I understood, so please let go of me.”
“Hmm……I think I don’t want to do that at all.”
“Hey, don’t worry about the erection. Energetic things are good.”
“Are you violating me!?”
“……Ah, that’s it. It’s a good idea.”
“U, eh!?”

Chatter. Chatter.

“Thank you. If you don’t take a bath for many days, Andy-san will be unpleasant.”
“It’s nothing……when I told you to take a bath with Smithson in the bath of the corps house, it was only because I was related to the disciplinary committee. There are other places where you can take a bath.”
“Huhuu, thank you very much, Anzeros-san is a surprisingly nice person, right?”
“It is selfish to think that unexpectedly, but it does not mean that we are friends”
“Well, I’m sorry.”
Pashaa. Pashaa.

“……Emm, Selenium. Smithson, that……”
“We are doing it three times a day♪”
“Iii!? N, No that……re, really?”
“He has quite a breasts fetish.”
“Fe, Fetish?”
“He loves boobs.”
“Don’t be elated with your success! You are an ungrateful woman!”
“I am not triumphant. It doesn’t matter to Anzeros-san.”
“……surprisingly you are aggressive.”
“You think so?”
“Hmm, well……it is so.”
“Is it paranoia, or will you acknowledge that Anzeros is related to this?”
“……That’s not it.”
“Do not laugh at me.”
“No, You’re cute.”
“Wh, What cute……!”
“……You don’t have to have such a complicated and happy face.”
“It, it is wrong!”
“……I feel like Andy-san knows how cute you are.”
“That’s wrong! I don’t remember being cute!”
“Eh. Th, that’s too bad.”
“Kuu. What is this defeated feeling”

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