Half elves fall in love chapter 40

Chapter 40: Law and Peace [Selenium · Aurora · Apple]



The blue dragon and young elf are sitting in the snow. It was Dianne and Laila who made them to sit straight. There is no forgiveness with their eyes because I felt dead in the gap that I didn’t see in the stones. Well since General Lucas, it was the second pinch for me they didn’t come in time. There will be self-reproach as it is. By the way the blue dragon was forced to change into its human body by Laila. And because it was naked, the young elf tried to put on clothes on it in a hurry, but the gym clothes that Dianne kicked out of his hands were burned outlessly by Laila.

“You guys have to restraint a little bit more……”
“Well, I think it’s good enough for them that as we haven’t killed them yet”
“Because I am planning to make them to never pull out the bow again, it’s still the beginning of the line”
“Please stop playing such cruelty”

These people are serious.

The blue dragon’s girl named herself Maia. I have the feeling she looks pretty young. Is it between 14 and 15? Even though the bulging breasts and the pubies are kept seized on the snow as they are rolled out, there is no indication of cold. As expected she is a dragon, especially an ice dragon. Instead, a deep desire to give up is emerging in her expression.

“Maia, why did you aim for my master and that slave?”
“……Phaser said that both this human and that Impurity will come to destroy the misty palace. When we open the forest, they will do so either way”
“Hmm, it was a previous era”
“But Phaser absolutely said that”
“Well, you mean to impose all responsibility to that man?”
“That’s not it, I will receive punishment, but I am not sure why”
“This girl says so”

Laila directed her gaze to the young elf called Phaser sitting next to Maia.

“If you are a dragon……”
“Watch out for what you say”

Gan, Laila kicked the face of Phaser. I really see such a arrogant and ruthless Laila for the first time.


The girl, Maia, looks worried but does not cause to come up and watches him standing still.

“Yo, you know as a dragon, humans are savage creatures. When they enter the forest and know the palace of the ice dragon, they decide to kill and deprive the treasure. In that Misty Palace, there are only old dragons and female dragons who are not accustomed to fighting”

Is he afraid of the future of the Fire Dragon War? Elves are particularly longevity races, so it is said that many people say that at that time vividly.

“That reminds me, in the Fire Dragon War, the ice dragons rarely participated in the fight and didn’t listen to every continent”

When Dianne turns her gaze to Laila, Laila explains, keeping looking down on Phaser coldly.

“To begin with, it should have been a part of the coalition. In the first place the blue, white and silver of the ice dragon race live northward, in the northern continent……”
“The ancient boundary of the elves and the demon territory”

The northern elven forest is protected by the boundary of the ruins civilization period which can’t be broken by current magic technology. As long as northern elves don’t open from the inside, no one can enter it. If there was a dragon palace behind it, the dragon slayers who were led primarily by humans wouldn’t have been able to reach out. Beyond the Canyon Ranges, on the northeast side of the continent there is a lawless zone called the demon territory. It seems that the occurrence of monsters is particularly intense due to the destruction of labyrinths several hundred years ago, and it is not in the state where ordinary races can live. The dragon palace there probably was probably untouched. It is convincing that many black-red yellow dragons of the fire dragon race in central and south of the continent were the protagonists of the Fire Dragon War.

“Dragon Palace is protected by the elves in the north……that’s why”

And they lent their hands by being obsessed with the obsession of elves who keep protecting them.

“It’s foolish, even if it’s young, it’s a laughing kind, as long as the dragon is protected and left to sit”

The girl, Maia, will do it. As she is still a young girl, will she be atrophied to a matured dragon like Laila?

“Black Dragon besides that, is it true that you are the dragon rider of this human?”

Phaser hangs on Laila with a face that doesn’t agree.

“What’s wrong with that?”
“Such weak a human, are you crazy, to have him as your dragon rider! What have you got stared?”

He is a man who can’t clothe his teeth.

“I’m not as strong as you say, but I´m on a dragon”

When I countered, Maia answered, not Phaser.

“You´re not a dragon rider if you ride on the back of a dragon. …… Laila-dono, you’re not teaching”
“I didn’t need it. The Dragon and the people of the outside world pierce the inviolable and seldom meet”

Maia begins to explain with a quiet voice after seeking Laila´s eye contact with the nuance of what to say.

“He is a dragon knight. The contract with me only lends the wings and power to help him, not more”
“Somehow, knight seems to be great”
“……Are you really making such an imprudent a rider?”
“I should have said you should be careful of your mouth”

Moreover, I hurry and pull Laila´s hair who is trying to hurt Phaser and stop. Maia looked delicate and still kept on speaking.

“We have signed a contract between rider and dragon, already”
“……What about the collar?”
“That’s right. ……Isn’t a collar the highest grade, Laila-dono. Have you fallen in love with this man?”
“HoHo, enviable”

……I don’t understand somehow.

“To become a dragon rider is to give righteousness and belief to the dragon, to give meaning to the empty power, best supremacy of shoving that way of living together”
“Yeah, I heard that”
“You are burdened. Phaser……not taking responsibility. For fighting with me, he just swore it”

Maia has a slightly sad face. Phaser starts flaring up again.

“It is the power of the dragon! It must be surplus in the small things! It can’t bear responsibility! That man is sworn only to swear by his own mouth, it will only be taking advantage of your power!”
“Maia, I wonder if this can be regarded as an insult to us”
“Can I kill him”
“……I have no right to stop you”
“Ma, Maia-sama!?”

Hey. That blue dragon, you abandoned you own husband.

“Let’s choose to burn and die or break apart”
“Lala, Wait! Don’t kill him for such a little thing! You aren’t such a character!”

I desperately pull Laila. Laila looked frustrated.

“Even if you let him live, he just envies us”
“But it is useless! I don’t want to see you doing that!”

Laila is outstanding. Next, ask Maia for the real intention. It is too much admission to kill too much.

“Your, that, knight, why can you kill that easy?”

Maia laughed thinly and said ridiculous things.

“Laila-dono has even the right to kill me here now”
“Ri, right?”
“Have you ever heard of the legend of the dragon rider, human?”
“……A little”
“Then, do you even know that dragon rider punish evil dragons?”

One beat.

“Dragons forbid the killings of family through a coalition. Killing family members will be punished by the whole family”
“……Is, is that so?”
“But the exception is a dragon rider, a dragon that carries justice, and that even a family killing is only recognized, a dragon without a rider isn’t allowed to go against the coalition”
“Th, That……eh?”

Shocking facts.

“I shouldn’t have said it, Andy. A dragon rider is a good existence to manipulate the power of the dragon with its heart. If evil is drowned in power, it is permitted to sever it. It’s the same thing with dragons. It is the justice of the dragon riders that can be refused”

It is too extreme.

“I won’t disobey Andy-dono, Laila-dono. I will accept punishment”
“I say that”

Regardless of Phaser, he isn’t convinced of Maia’s overwhelming preparedness.

“But I say many times, I’ll aim again if you leave it, this kind of idiot

Surely it is……so. There is a good idea.

“Then we will take Maia as a hostage”

Everyone on the spot freezes. I guess it was unexpected. Yes. I thinks its a nice idea.


Phaser is droven back to the forest and we ride on the back of Laila and return to the inn.

“……No way, you have to solve it in such a style”

Anzeros makes a bitter face.

“Hoho, he is indeed my owner. I can’t get out of his hands anymore”

Chibi Laila laughed pleasantly.

Maia sacrifices herself to the dragon’s law. Phaser is a foolish idiot stopping as if he pick up a new weapon. The two already diverge. Then, if you threatened Maia as if you could kill her at any time according to the dragon’s law, you can drew her into this team? ……Yup. It’s the best answer. They won’t be able to attack us until we kill Maia. Maia will not run away from Laila either. And to Maia, if she understands that the current Trot, Celesta and the outside world are not going to kill dragons and the story becomes faster. Their argument of keeping the forest closed in order to protect the Dragon Palace will collapse.

“Haahaahaa, young man, indeed is only accepted by a dragon, the vessel is wide”
“No……well, I just don’t want to see humans die in vain”

Sir Bonaparte……no, I´m praised even by a traveller.

……Oh, that’s right. It is not good to die. I want Polka to be a more gentle place. I want it to be a healing and peaceful village, welcoming the injured ones. I want my hometown to be so.


And. Although we managed to get settle it peacefully. I was left with an arrow in my arm. It’s already late at night, but it’s better to heal at the miraculous spring as soon as possible. I want to go to sleep but it hurts a lot. ……So, I get into the hot spring with help from Selenium.

“It was serious, Andy-san”
“Well, reasonably. It was a lot easier than General Lucas”

Well, the opponent was a blue dragon, but I wasn’t in such a great pinch than at the time with Lucas. Bo……thanks to the traveller. ……How comfortably it is when you immerse in the hot spring, but then a sound comes from the dressing room. When turning around, Aurora and Apple stood there with a little awkward faces.

“……Sorry, we left you behind while we escape……”
“Its okay”

It was a bad timing if the old traveller didn’t come, but if I lost Apple and Aurora that helped me through that time, I might not loss.

“It’s good. I was pretty cool in front of a woman, I am quite satisfied”

This is also quite true. Since my leg got injured, I was just relying on my mouth and I was not in a good shape. I wonder if it was limited to this time, that I was cool and useful.

“Andy, san……”

Two people are still apologizing. When I look at Selenium, she also nods small. At this time, Selenium which has done the long journey together can be easy communicate with.


Selenium turns around behind Apple, pushed her and let Apple fall in front of me.

“Se, Selenium-san!”
“Hey, Aurora-san, too, hey”

Aurora is hugged and falls down. Both, the thin cloth which had been applied spread at the same time as landing, taken off and expose their white skins at full throttle in front of Andy.

“Wh, What are you doing……?”
“What does it mean?”

I grab hold of two shoulder, I should better say boobs from behind and hold them.

“Wh, What……”
“You’re both naked and you will be punished, right?”
“Yes Yes. Andy-san is so lewd♪”

Whether it’s a bit wet clothes or a momentary grass, but this is fine here. Rising up in the hot water, I push down the two from behind compassionately. Adding Selenium to the two people lying on rocks at the edge of the bathtub, three hips arrange in front of me.

“Hehehe. Elves and half elves, a comparison of three different flavors of different regions”
“Th, That, Andy-san is……”
“……It is already vulgar♪”
“But this is Andy-san, a lewd person♪” w

Rubbing three hips, I lick the white skins floating in the dark. And start the party with the nearest hip. First of all, Selenium.

“Ua……uu, it feels good, Selenium……!!”
“Ehehee……because it’s a hole exclusively for Andy-san to use……♪”

Stirring up the hot water by creating waves, I grab the butt of Selenium and start the act. My left foot still doesn’t work, but there is a cover by somehow shifting the center of gravity. Tasting one after another, I went next to Aurora.

“Ya, h……mou, Andy-san, you like to play greedy, aren’t you……?”
“To be precise, it becomes a luxury play in the present large household if you are not careful much”
“Well. ……But this is this, as a preference……I don’t dislike it♪”
“A female slave completely attached to the board”
“I’m honored to receive compliments from you……♪”

After having tasted the sensual vagina a bit more, I finally went to Apple´s vagina.

“A, aa……♪”
“Andy, saann……♪”

When I look closely, a collars hangs on Apple’s neck again. Selenium brought it out and returned it to Apple during this time, but it was still hard to get fit.

“This collar……”
“Yes……attach……I attached it, somehow after all, nostalgic……encouraging……after all I, I thought this was important, I really thought♪”
“Haha……is that so. ……yaba, I am very happy”

While stroking the collar, I accelerate naturally and pierce Apple. The reciprocating motion in a tilted posture is quite a burden, but here is the miraculous spring, so it’s no problem. And I am.

“……Ku, uuu, it has increased……”
“A, Andy-san, I”
“No, my inside”
“I will pull it out……♪”

On top of three people who gather their buttocks one after another, I released my semen grandly.

“A, aaa!?”
“Mou…… I get pregnant, I wanted, is……”
“Pulling out……”

Three people raise unsatisfactory voices while my semen is released. Well, can you stop complaining?

“Th, this is just because I wanted to do it once as a trifle taste……I will have sex with you one by one from now on, so be prepared for it”
“If you do that, I won’t be dissatisfied♪”
“Pl, please!”

Three superb women show motivation again. ……I will do my best.


I ended up cuming twice each after all. Afterwards we came back to the inn. The time passed midnight and the lights in the hallway are almost out.

“Haa…… it was too close”

While immersing in a somewhat satisfied feeling, I went to my room while stumbling and hitting the wall. I was touched on the shoulder on the way.


Is it Dianne, Laila or Jeanne who have night vision ability? I thought that the voice was a low and deep voice.

“There is only a wall there, youth”
“……Ol, Old man?”
“Yes, its me the old traveller”

He is laughing satisfactorily.

“……When I become a old man like you, will I understand the wall with a sign?”
“No way, I don’t feel any signs on the walls. Well, there are people who can walk through the labyrinth even by closing their eyes by relying on the reflection of the sound. ……In my case, my eyes are special”
“I can see, I can see both the darkness and the blizzard, I got good eyes”
“Give it back”
“I got it from the holy beast of the holy land. That guy is immortal. Even if it is killed, it will be resurrected in a few days. It is clawed in three days even if eyes are passed. ……I lost my right eye in the war. I tried to heal here a few years ago because it had gone bad while I was retreating, but it couldn’t heal.That’s why the Holy Beast gave it to me”
“Th, The holy beast is the guardian of the sacred place, right? ……Isn’t it forbidden to hit it”
“Ah, hit it, more or less I had a duell and receive the eye as spoil of war”
“……You made a duel with the holy beast for one eye?”
“Ah, I was a bit inconvenient”

This man is too out of the standard.

“……But, aren’t you old enough to retire slowly? Is not it something you don’t have to do with all that kind of blood?”
“Haha. It is often said”

For a moment he drops his voice. It was like being stagnant in the nature and the heart clouding his voice rather than being conscious of something.

“But I could do it before I die”
“Old man”
“……A day off, youth. Your room seems to be there”
“Ah, yes”

The dark low voice, somehow, left something that hangs heavily down in my heart.

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