Half elves fall in love chapter 41

Chapter 41: Recovery celebration



The dining room of the inn. Every morning we check the street again.

“I guess it’s about time”

Muttering so, Hilda rewrote the crest with a medical engraving pen. It is a direct drawing that doesn’t leave traces carved with ink (A elf can read the crest carved with its own eyes, so it doesn’t have to use ink) though it cant be read in detail, I understand that it is different.

“How do you rewrite it?”
“Hmm? Well, I put the counter in all the crest that I carved up to now”

A counter in engravings refers to a counterpart figure, that is, a crest of the opposite effect to the existing one. When drawing this from the top for a while, it compensates the effect of the figure below and magically returns to a completely flat state. In other words.

“And soon Andy will be able to walk normally, maybe in the afternoon”

Truly Polka´s miraculous spring. It is said that my leg really cured. No, I believe it, but it seems like a little dream. I´m really joyfully. And the moment when I jumped up I landed on the ground with pain in my leg.

“O, Ouuchh!”
“Ah, since the crest is erased, the connection part is not stable anymore. You should go to the miraculous spring as soon as possible and start taking medical treatment”
“Ha, as soon as possible”

My eyes tears while crawling on the ground. ……Well, if I consider it well, it’s a story that I understand and I carelessly bad.

And, the annual morning bath. When I entered men’s bath in a form almost dragged by Laila and Hilda, there was a previous guest inside.

“Oh, youth”

It is Sir Bonaparte, the traveler old man.


Laila and Hilda are slightly nervous, dragging me and taking a position away from the old man a little.

“Is, Isn’t something alright, Laila”
“U, Umm, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a man who will screw me down if you care about it”
“I, that uncle isn’t a little kind……”

Was there a type that wasn’t good for these two people either? ……Sir Bonaparte, who was soaked in hot water and heard it, had a subtlely complex face.

“I’ll tell you I have a wife and child, and to put it another way, since the war seven years ago, my little sword isn’t very lively”
“……Is it not easy to get up?”
“Umm. Thanks to a mistress those two ran away……u, uoohoh”

Sir Bonaparte in a panic disguise. Regardless of Celesta, it seems that Trot is concerned about not being wonderful in relation to multiple women. ……Behind us, there was a sound of someone walking in the water.

“Is that so? That is bad”

It was Dianne. The spine muscle stretches, her eyes are never loose, but she is not as wary as Laila and Hilda.

“……Dianne-dono. It is a man’s dream to soak in hot water alongside the famous 『Black war god』”
“Aint I always immersed in the same hot water as the men of my corps?”
“……Hey, youth. Is the Celesta Army a paradise?”
“No, probably it is only so as Dianne said”

Well, this guy is also quite nice.

While I was immersed in the hot water, the severe pain in my leg also got softened. Now it’s okay to put a little power on and kick the hot water.

“Yeah. ……If the movements can be made, it will be nearly complete healed, afterward, if you can heal all the scars in the surface, no matter how it moves, you don’t have to worry”
“Go, Good. ……This time there is no 『But』, is it?”
“Alright, Alright. Believe in Hilda-sensei☆”

……At last. At last. One month and a half of hardship. Finally, I returned, almost (almost) to satisfaction.

“Ha……Hahaha, good Health is wonderful”
“Everyone says so when they leave the hospital, do not forget, Andy-kun”

I stagger and fly, kicking hot water and frolicking halfway. And Laila and Hilda who catches my leg, pull it down slowly in the hot water.

“Hoho. In other words, we don’t need to be shy anymore, are we?”
“Andy-kun. Do ​​you want to see a medical fee later?”
“……Th, that”

I forgot. If they say so, these people are horny but now they are holding down.


In the other side of us, Dianne and the old man soak in the hot water and I hear what seems to be a memorable story while looking at the mountain range of the far away Snake Mountain.

“I knew in that battle, our time is about to end”
“It will be a problem even if you give up that one……so well, I will not deny that there was a way for you to win”
“Haha……we boasted strength through tradition inheritance but it is too obsessive with it, confident in the tactics that cant compete with crossbow tactics of the new era. Because I also knew that the magic of sense strengthening which aimed at a longer range than the thought as long as the crossbow had preserved the battlefield’s pride had also existed among elves, the tactics which understood the possibility. It is our highest-grade responsibility that we never set aside many of our subordinates on the battlefield again”
“I am in trouble even if you boast of old-fashioned by this degree. I surely will be two hundred and seven years old this year”
“Hahaha, this is disrespectful”

It is surprisingly peaceful.

“Excuse me. ……Huu. This hot water is nice, as I am immersed, I feel like I’m still going to fight.”

The old man scoops the hot water and is washing his face quickly. That’s because the scar on his face will also send a spiritual spirit to the right eye.

“In fact you´re still able to fight, saying that you tried to handle a blue dragon”
“It would have been dangerous without this eye. Blizzard Breath is hard to do because I can’t see when it will expire even after it is over”

The white of the eyes is blue, red pupil, a staring right eye. The old man is walking with goggles on when he usually walks around. Perhaps it is because he doesn’t want to show this eye. Honestly, it was eerie as a thing to fit in the human orbits.

“Is it the eye of a holy beast……which holy beast did you get it from?”
“Is it something I can tell by saying to other people……it was a shoegazer?”
“Ah, the heavenly tiger”
“Hohou? You studied well”
“I have been to the Holy Land ten years ago”

Heavenly Tiger. I don’t know what is going on in principle, but it is a tiger that pulls the air. There are only five in the Holy Land. ……Well, when she came to make me made that knife, did Dianne went to the holy land? Even though it is elsewhere or elves, it is too good a heartbreaking.

“Don’t say that the eyes of the heavenly tiger will read the space. ……This may not be able to touch my hands when it comes to getting to know us next”
“Hahaha, if you fight me with Celesta again, I will cause a revolt in a rock. The punishment of the Black War God is enough already”
“Let’s hope so”

Although there are a few thorns and fine thorns, both of them talk about war, in a state like a public talk, calmly than I thought. That was strange.

“Old man”
“……Are you scared of being hateful or not to Dianne?”
“Hahaha, I may be afraid, but I do not think I hate her. The war is over”

The old man giggled with laughter.

“Nice youth, war isn’t to be hated, it is necessary because it is necessary, don’t make a mistake”
“Ah, yes”

“Soldiers die because it is necessary for the hands to become bloated with blood, not because of hatred. The things that wield power must not be rational. If you are a soldier also remember the battle of soldiers and why it is not necessary, it may not be necessary to have hostility to the opponent until peacetime. My pain was necessary, that’s it”

“……I see”

As one would expect from a Sword Saint. There is a clear, firm belief. ……Dianne looked at the face of such an old man, she looked strict on his face.

“……Mu, what is it?”
“……Then, is it necessary for you to regain the power to fight……?”
“I won’t be troubled even if you ask for a reason to that. Satisfaction is important for sending up for the rest of my life”
“Ah, yes……of course, of course”

Dianne still had a strict face. ……Is there something to worry about?


When I walked back to the inn, Selenium, Apple, and Anzeros who had lunch had rounded their eyes.

“Your leg is alright”
“Yes. There is no hindrance to walking already”

I will leave the rest for the three more weeks to the end of my vacation and my goal has almost been reached.

“Andy, congratulations!”
“We, We have to party…… ah, bu, but, I have never cooked……”
“Let’s do it together, Apple!”
“Ye, yeah”

Selenium and Apple are pleased while holding hands and jumping around. They really seem like sisters. Anzeros and Aurora say that they will help and Laila and Jeanne are extremely delighted that they can drink alcohol. And Dianne and Hilda-san are looking forward to such friends. ……And, in the meantime, Maia, the blue dragon is standing around with a troubled face as to what she shall do.

“What’s wrong, Maia”

Maia looks up at me and makes a troubled face.

“What shall I do for the celebration?”
“……You should also eat and drink?”

I don’t know why she is troubled. Laila was amazed at her face.

“You think that girl can innocently celebrate, you are a dragon rider, I rejected that girl’s dragon knight”
“……That’s why I will not stay here”

I still don’t really understand the values ​​of a dragon.

“……You have brought down the girl’s combat with the authority of the greatest dragon, it is the enemy, so to speak, it is said that if there is such a thing in the celebration seat, it is annoying”
“Were you an enemy?”
“……Why do you have to worry so much about being killed?”

Laila is seriously amazed. ……No, but as for me……what?

“But you don’t feel like attacking me anymore, are you?”
“……That is because you are a dragon rider”
“Well then, I want you to experience Polka´s liveliness so I want you to bridge Phaser and other elves so that they will feel free shopping in this town”
“I’m not human. My name is Andy Smithson”
“……No, well you can also call me boy or 10-man captain”

Laila doesn’t say 「Boy」 recently, Jeanne, as usual, says 10-man captain. ……Aurora and Anzeros are also 10-man captains.

“Well then, Andy. …..If you look at me, I’ll eat”
“If I told you to do it, I wouldn’t do it. If you’re a dragon rider, you have to be responsible for what dragons do”
“……No, no, I’m watching it properly, but I’m Laila´s……”
“If you look at me”

As it is, Maia diverts her eyes from me, sits on the table at the side and waits.

“Ho. Anyway, she is a pretty spoiled blue dragon”
“……Is that what you’re doing?”
“What else does it look like? ……I’ll tell you, Andy, I’m not impressed with the increase in women anymore”
“Hu, increase”

Wonder if she is a woman, not a dragon.

“You, at best, only at the moment when you are face-to-face in the evening, is not it a nightmare indulgence, is not it?”
“……Please forgive me for not being too easy because there are other customers”
“Why do you become polite?”

It is a meaningful thing.


That evening, Selenium and Apple´s presided party was held at the inn’s dining room. The Baron also seems to have invested a little. Thanks, Baron.

“Nyahahahahaha, the northern alcohol is great! It feels like my favorite dwarf alcohol!”
“Umm. It is high degree and the taste with a wild atmosphere is made to be good, too”
“You guys, if you drink than also eat some dishes……don’t drink too much elder sister, you’re different from those two, so you will get drunk”
“U-hu-hu. Andy-ku-n? Sensei was just trying to be with Andy-kun. It’s about time, I thought I was in full swing and my heart and body were dyed to your color”
“Hilda-sensei, you drink too much”
“Apple, do not let your guard down, because Hilda-san is a person who might pretend to show a gap and go for it with full power”
“I, I see……I will study as a woman”
“……Anyway, that’s not it, Andy. I think. I think. I wonder, what was that story?”
“You drank too much Anzeros, do not get caught up in the pace of Jeanne”

Alcohol drinkers, healthy fellows and sexually unhealthy (Hilda). They are enjoying it together.

“Ah, Andy-san, I tried to make this”
“O, Ou. Thanks”

Apple has a tense face as she brings the chicken steak covered in a thick starchy sauce for me to eat.

“What do you think?”
“……It’s pretty delicious”

Why does she have such a complex expression?

“Go, good……I was a little uneasy because I couldn’t do well like Selenium”

What is selenium… I wonder if she can do anything I don’t like. She is talented that even Dianne might be hazy when the sword can be done in this. Sober. If it was compared with that, I understand.

“Above the middle”

Maia who ate it and made a side straight face said so. Apple pulls subtly.

“Don’t worry, Impurity. I have been treated by a great cook of the silver clans. Rating it as above”

I hit Maia´s head.

“The word Impurity is forbidden. The next time you say it, I’ll let Laila really bind you”
“……I’m sorry”

She apologized unexpectedly. ……I mean, I felt like Maia was slightly higher than Jeanne, it looked a bit less than Angelus so I casually tapped it, but I wish I could lean on the roots. It’s a pointless pounding.

“Hmm, youth. Are you drinking?”
“Ah, old man”

The old man also appeared in the dining room. With goggles attached as usual. I invited him because he helped me once.

“Hou. This is 『Big Ice field』. More than ten years’
“Old man also has a great taste”
“I like it”

He drunk a lot. He sat down on a stone chair and snorts.


And then he lied his head down at the speed of sound.

“Weak……such a weak guy……”

Maia shows a very delicate face from the side. ……Uh well, the intensity of swords and alcohol is not proportional. Yup.


And the party ends at midnight. ……Official.

“Ehehe~ Andy-ku~n♪”
“Hoho. I’m seriously mating here, are you bullying thoroughly tonight?”
“Ah, emm……at, at great pains, I, too……”
“Apple, you ought to have to spoil your husband properly?”
“I, I haven’t been held too much these days, so……please don’t hesitate to pour it, okay?”
“I can hardly wait for it, it feels like a good thing……♪”

Everyone except Anzeros and Aurora who drank too much and fainted was pushing me into my room.

“Well it will be a great job”

But, I can embrace them as I like without time limit, my motivation was quite satisfactory.

“Huhuhuuu. Today will be free and easy♪”
“Umm. I’ll have you pregnant today”
“Ah, amm……e, emm…… female slaves, is it good to become pregnant……?”
“Good good♪ You have to give birth more and more♪”
“I´m, I’m not likely to get pregnant……but, I don’t need to refrain”
“I’m in the middle♪ Ehehe, this little tiny stomach may be the first who will be pregnant♪”
“Everyone calm down”

Well, I´m not the calmest.

“Huhu. Then, sperm hell magic, after a long time, again♪”

Hilda-san casts her magic with fun. ……It looks like it will be a long night.

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