Half elves fall in love chapter 42

Chapter 42: Confessions of love and group sex – part 1 [Jeanne · Laila · Dianne]



In my room at the inn is Selenium, Apple, Dianne, Hilda, Laila, and Jeanne. A total of six women. It is decided to do that, but there is one problem. It is in order.

“There’s no atmosphere for rock, paper, scissors……”
“Umm. I suppose six people will……”
“You don’t have to attack early for a win?”
“But it was almost always so from the southern time, is not it?”
“Emm……that I am new, so that’s it”
“I prefer a person who is fucked more than anything”

Six girls on the bed, twist their heads around. In fact, when I can go freely, it’s no fault to just jump from one girl to the next. However, as I expected, six people are exceeding the limit number that can be enjoyed together. Because it is good, there is only one choice to use. However, if the magic to restore my leg is used, I will have sex with them under a time limit and I don’t want to force the sex. ……Well, there is time. It would be good to make them decide to consent.


All of them twist their heads. Halfway I have been neglected, but when I think that all these beautiful girls are seriously fighting out the order in which they are fucked by me, my penis doesn’t whether yet. But.

“…………Yeah, it’s still quite safe!”

When the story got stuck, Jeanne jumped and stood up.

“The point is that it is in order of 10-man captain and a good atmosphere!”

I just sit at the end of the bed and wait for the conclusion of the discussion, when Jeanne sit down and look into my face.

“10-man captain”
“Ye, Yes”
“……E, Ehehe. ……I love you, 10-man captain”

Jeanne had cut down the discussion by acting proactively as fastest. Well, there is no such thing as there is no chest at all. Instead, she entered a strategy that makes me feel that way with a passionate confession.

“I’m happy if I get fucked by 10-man captain’s penis. It’s only for attacking my vagina and releasing baby juice inside. I’m a dwarf girl, but I’m not that great. Only 10-man´s captain´s penis, it can attack me anytime anywhere. I, I want to be pregnant with your child. A child is raised in this stomach while being poured with semen from 10-man captain every day. Hey, 10-man captain”

*Gulp*, I swallowed my spit. There is still a small panty under the mini skirt and a little tender young dwarf genital. Ah, yes. Jeanne is the same age as me, but her body only looks young. That body is already in estrus learning the taste of my dick. She is hoping that her light body will be harvested by me. I reconfirmed the fact, that my penis grew hard.

“Well, I don’t want to endure because I haven’t been fucked by the 10-man captain. I want you to ravish me violently a lot”

Once appealed so far, I will no longer be possible to ejaculate in Jeanne’s mouth. While it is simple, it was Jeanne’s extravagant voice and expression, as well as her young and beautiful limbs, were charming.

“……I will fuck you as I want!”
“Nyaha, the 10-man captain, is a devil♪ Yes, my womb is ready♪”

Just grasping the panty from Jeanne’s skirt, I get rid of it, tearing it off and push my penis.

“Ga, aaaa♪”

My penis is oversized for Jeanne´s small pussy, which is forcibly pushed in and there is an illusion that somehow a sound is heard. However, Jeanne seemed happy.

“A, Ah……long time, yes……10-man captain, I’d like you to overrun me at the same time……♪. I am afraid of this thing inside me, but I missed it, hit all of me……♪”
“Ehe……I am not in the middle of the case like Apple, I´m not strong like Anzeros and Laila-oneesama, I’m just saying I can’t do anything without 10-man captain”

Jeanne pushes her pussy against my body by herself and laughs happily.

“But if I do get it, I can clear 10-man captain´s feeling, I will serve 10-man captain, I’m so glad that I can get caught up in the fight over 10-man captain, without hesitating to use my pussy. Both are the best in refreshing. ……Up to now, I have been patient to tell you because I won’t be a great woman but……10-man captain can use my pussy to vent your anger♪”

I knew that Jeanne was a pervert like Laila, but she thought of thinking that far. I am a little happy though.

“I can do something else to vent my anger, this is a wonderful pussy”
“10-man captain”
“If you want me to be rough, just say that! Do not turn on a strange reason, to the habit of helping out your own liking!”
“B, but……naaa♪”

Holding Jeanne in my arms, I grasp her waist and lift her up. Far away in shallow depths, we have sex violently. Jeanne screamed while being fucked by brute force without able to think.

“Agu, auu……1, 10-man captain, really……venting your anger, hey, so!?”
“You……you’re getting into it by having my penis thrust inside you!”

Sucking the tongue stretched out by Jeanne, I swallow her saliva, overlap our lips and suck each other’s mouth. Holding tightly with both hands, I don’t let the impact of the thrust escape. I took the escape place of Jeanne and pushed my penis around her womb with full force.

“Ngu……uuu……I, I’m, I’m more like a tool”
“If you get tired of doing it normally I can use you like a cock accessory”
“But you are overlooking love-sex too much, first try drowning in it with your whole body and then go to a strange hobby”
“……1, 10-man captain how far are you going to color me……?”

Jeanne looks happy from the bottom of her heart. I reach my limit now.

“A, gu, haaaaaaaaaaa♪”

Semen is poured vigorously and the lower part of Jeanne becomes bigger and bigger. Because of that, my semen is flowing inside her vagina without stopping.

“Kuhuu…..1, 10-man captain´s, sperm……sperm……that, aa♪”
“Ah, you can hug me, you pervert girl”

While stroking her head and saying that, Jeanne smiles like a cat and buries her face in my chest.


When I pulled out the dick from Jeanne, semen flashed out of her vagina as if it finally found an escape.

“It’s a waste……♪”

Selenium drinks it as a matter of course. Apple is a little shivering at the action.

“Hohoho. It is still a place that hasn’t changed as usual……is this going to be a taste for you to embrace your love in the order of whispering?”
“E, Emm, depending on judgment”

I make an escape path. However, Laila laughed from her nose.

“Do you think our love is so flimsy that you can’t even stimulate our libidos plentiful?”

Laila tosses off her clothes in front of me. Contrary to her usual way of unclothing, it is a bit of getting off.

“I’m looking forward to being conceived by you. Don’t underestimate the loyalty of a dragon. Let’s do all the service we can. It is my pleasure to fly in the sky for my master, to burn the enemy, of course, to wipe your penis with my hole. If it is fine for you, you can put a chain on me from now on and I think that it is sweet to spend the life holding out the womb without moving♪”
“……You must live for hundreds of years for me”

Dragons should have survived about 1000 years. I don’t know Laila’s age well, but she is still young. Even if I’m told that she is going to spend the rest of her life in such a state.

“Hoho. never imagined that you will die. I will be your mount and live as a lover, only for you. You are not going to use my power, etc., and it is likely that I will be mainly your mount and pleasure hole”
“Th, that’s……well, is that so?”
“If you have decades to go with your own mount and pleasure hole, don’t hesitate to use it, do not worry about breaking anything♪ It is a good property♪”

After all, as Laila said, I am erected and I can’t endure. The best woman with a beautiful appearance and great thighs invites me to do something obscene while showing her naked body. I couldn’t resist after all.

“I understand, I understand. Show me your butt, you nasty dragon”
“Hoho, take a good look♪ Indeed, I´m greedy, my master♪”

Laila kneels, turning her butt towards me as it is, and swaying to entrance me. White, round and the highest butt invites me with the estrus smell… It seems like a dream to think that the owner of such a soft and pleasant but is the strongest creature that makes it easy to destroy a town easily and that it is permanently my possession. But, it is fact. And it is also the fact that her favorite hobby is to be violated by me roughly and being seeded.

“Ah, ……I will taste it all, this pervertedness!”
“N, aaa♪”

I begin to have sex by tightly grabbing Laila´s butt. Jupu. Jupu. And, the semen clinging to my dick and the love juice overflowing from Laila´s secret hole mixes together and produces pleasures.

“A, Au, uu……ha, aa……again, your violent mating is unbearable, nuu……♪ Now, it is also loving……I feel like I’m touching myself, I´m so happy……♪”
“Crazy for it, then I will see you as a dedicated woman for my cock, I will put a chain on you and keep you naked in my room for my own use!”
“Haahh……♪♪ You’re such a sweet talker♪”

Laila keeps her throat fulfilled and makes a fresh expression.

“……Sweet Talker……”

As expected, Apple wasn’t able to understand as she was not familiar with the ecchi Laila. ……I have to follow up later.

“Ku……Laila, cum……I’ll cum inside your womb! Accept it fully!”
“Hiaa, a, come, come, inside me…..fill me with your juice!”

While grabbing the collar and Laila´s boobs, I shake my waist. Laila should feel pain, but she is bright red and waits for my ejaculation to happen. ……And, to fulfill the promise, I cummed inside Laila´s vagina.

“Nha, aaaa!!!”

Tightening. And Laila’s belly is also becoming bigger, as it swells up from my ejaculation.

“Ku, huu……Hi, Hilda……this magic, can you teach me……?”
“……Eh, why?”
“You are going back to the south……Andy wants to keep pouring in a lot……♪”
“……I definitely can’t help you, Laila-chan”

Hilda becomes angry. ……No, does she want to stay forever?


“Now. ……Will I also be bullied like Laila?”

I’m raising a voice, but I don’t mind Dianne´s suggestion.

“Is it unpleasant?”
“No, no, it isn’t”

But devil mode with Laila isn’t my real mode. Yup. I feel that Selenium has given Apple an extra misunderstanding. Dianne herself seems to misunderstand a bit but without feeling. Teasing sex is only a special hobby of Laila.

“It is a pleasure to be made to surrender to you……I am always unconsciously distracted by being bullied by you, I will be able to return to a nasty little girl who just loves you”

No, no, you were no nympho nor anything before you had sex with me (half a year ago). ……However, it seems like a pretty nympho came out after I started to have sex with you. It is about Hilda’s sister’s level that is reasonably acceptable. I see. Well, it is the others who have been fucked until they become horny so far. Dianne is said to be a fighting god, even she corrects the residence of that Bonaparte. Even such a person is strange enough to be fucked by me like Laila. But that is why. Because she is someone called the strongest, it may be impossible for me to be honest in the world to compare with force and power. Perhaps because I am not strong at the battle, this person may obediently abandon myself strongly. ……When I think so, she seems to be pretty cute, I clear up my throat and take care of myself, hurry up for the most meaningful self.

“Then, confess your own pervertedness like Laila”

Dianne also follows obediently and takes off her clothes.

“……When I´m bullied by Andy, my nipples and clitoris will soon get erected”
“The inside of my body seems like an erogenous zone, the love juice doesn’t stop and even my heartbeat is felt……I want you to touch my skin soon and I will want you to be rough”
“Hey, is that really okay with that, 100-man commander?”

I deliberately scoff at the calling method I didn’t use recently.

“What, are you whispering nasty things at my ear during training?”
“……A secret to everyone. I want you to put my dick inside you secretly”
“Is it a battle?”
“I will annihilate the enemy at the fastest speed in order to get it done”
“……If there is no one?”
“I will make a lot of efforts to ravish you till someone comes”
“You are the only one who has in mind to fuck this honorable 100-man commander”
“I always think about serving you and make you become pregnant with my child♪”

Dianne who is totally naked smiles a little while holding her hands on my lower half body and caresses it.

“After all it’s nothing but sex”
“Yes, I am a woman who is not thinking about sex with you……♪”

An atmosphere that seems to be a pretend of a class reversal. Dianne enjoys it from the bottom of her heart.

“Well, in order that your men will not be unhappy, you have to fuck a lot when you can do it”
“Yes♪ A lot of semen, I will be happy when your semen is released inside my body♪”
“Everyone will hate you?”
“I don’t mind being hated by everyone, your love is more important”

Dianne who says so while equating herself with a very happy face.

“Okay……then, as you wished, I will make you my woman with my cock!!”
“A, hh♪”

I push down Dianne. As self-reported, Dianne made her crotch wet by herself. A pink rift that opens on a wheat-colored skin revolves around the lamps of candlelight. I bumped into it strongly.

“U, kuu…..!!”

Dianne’s genital hugs my penis and is trembling thoughtlessly. Nevertheless, she never refused me to enter her womb, as she knew how to tighten it right for me to put in and out.

“Andy……Andy, I love you……I love you!”

Since I thrust into her already, I will blow off meaninglessness and character attachment. We´re absorbed in the comfort of each other’s genital and start to furiously shake our waists. A breath-taking, connected, reciprocating movement of the heart doubles the effect of each other’s movement. Both psychologically and physically, impulses that gave us a sense of comfort and greedy overlapped with impulses that were close to instincts, and Dianne was extremely profane.

“Andy, Andy, Andy……aaaaaaaaaa♪!”
“Ku, uoooo!!”

Then, I pulled out from Dianne, released semen like urine on her brown skin.

“HHa……a, aa……a, a……?”

Dianne stares vaguely at the white semen staining her skin. It comes down slowly from the top of the pleasure after it becomes a state as being graffiti with a cream.


Then, after taking a deep breath, she started to mess with my sperm on her skin with a slightly frustrating face.

“……Vaginal cum shot was good”
“……It’s contextual”
“Th, The smell of the pies are pretty good”

Oh really. ……Dianne does not have such a sad face.

“Surely it was a safe day, but don’t you think that it is a pity to waste this sperm?”

It was said with a super serious face. ……Please don’t say it so sorrowful because I didn’t put it out inside you. Anyway, the winner is one of billions.

“Not good Dianne-chan. Putting it out outside is also a sex culture”
“O, older sister”

Hilda-san on top of Dianne licks my semen from her skin.

“Oh, surely this is……zuzuu”
“Ah, please don’t suck everything”
“H, Here, is sperm that is put out for me”

Naked Selenium and Hilda lick the semen from Dianne´s skin, smile and have their energy revived. ……What, did Selenium learn how to get energy from semen from Hilda-san? Hilda-san may be pretty good looking though. And, with Apple, three people come closer to me.

“Well, thanks”
“Next is us!”
“Okay, I will……do it”

Ah, yeah. There were still three girls left.

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