Half elves fall in love chapter 46

Chapter 46: Late confession of love – part 2 [Anzeros]



When I finished pouring five shots of semen into Aurora without any problems, Aurora had already fainted. I was feeling that my consciousness was almost flying at the fourth time and I thought that it was enough, but I couldn’t pull out because of Selenium´s reminder.

“It’s not good to be in a place where you don’t see it”
“I, I guess……it’s like being fucked in a state without consciousness”
“Well, is not it wonderful?”
“Do not say anything on your standards”

However, as it is likely too late to complain, I will do my best and pour into Aurora.

“Ah……A, Aaa……aa”

Aurora is shaken with empty eyes. Her dignified princess behavior isn’t there. But, well, even if it says that she was fucked while she fainted, I certainly feel that she would be happy just as Selenium said, so I don’t hesitate to finish my mission to come a fifth time into her vagina.

“Now, next is you, Anze-chan♪”
“Hang in there, Anzeros-san♪”

Hilda and Selenium make irresponsible cheers.

“U, uu”

Anzeros is in a warm place but still hesitates how to say the first word. I still wait. Aurora already has done it in front of her, so Anzeros should be quite comfortable. Still, Anzeros surged. Hiding her face a bit with her long hair.

“……Ah, Andy”
“……I, I want you to be kind to me”

Anzeros saying that while watching the tense Aurora.

“Don’t do that!”

Hilda-san is interrupting.

“No, for a moment”

I stop Hilda and leave it to say to Anzeros. Yup. Rather, these requests, such as being more persistent, are not as sticky. There is no doubt that Anzeros is a lewd person.

“Thank you”

Anzeros looks down and whispers to me.

“……If possible, I don’t feel like this, I want you to embrace me as usual Andy”
“Because I was always by your side, I always depend on you and I think it is manly. ……So don’t make strange acting, more……that, I want you to be pretty ordinary”
“I don’t understand at all”

Hilda complains. But I was more pleased with this one.

“Emm……that is, not being bullied separately”
“Yeah. I……that, I like the usual Andy……those who want to change the usual Andy, like you always like, pretty, cute, loving, lewd, I don’t mind it……but it is useless”

Anzeros says the words I want to say casually.

“I would rather be obediently obliged even by I. Anzeros, come here”

It’s a little spoiled by the other guys. Anzeros who is a weak character sexually gets wicked as soon as I told her I love you. She comes nearby stroking her long hair carelessly with one hand before she takes off her clothes and we got close to each other.

“How do you want to do it? Position and tenderness”
“……Emm, that……I want you to hold me from the front and want to do it while kissing”

Yes, this is it. It is comfortable now that I can be normal rather than saying that I sealed my original character and became a devil by force. …… In the timing when I feel breathing in such an etiquette, in this kind of situation, in some sense Anzeros may be reading the air the most.

“Hehee. ……I am a little happy”
“It is now that Anzeros is said to be normal”

When I say so, Anzeros smiled and tossed off the last piece and sits on my knees.

“I’d like to do sexual acts with you, like always from now on”
“Because I was always a delusive person, I would suddenly attack you walking next to me”

“You are not a devil, I can’t wait while suddenly hugging you, so I want to have sex right now……that’s why I resist a bit of resistance on the roadside till the end of the road when being fucked”
“Understood Understood”

In other words, it seems that she still feels bad that she couldn’t get fucked in the process from going back from the forest territory and desert and returning here.

“It’s not only that, when we return to the corps from now on, I hope you will attack me suddenly during training or during bathing. Every time you say” I love you, Ange” I’ll forgive you until my waist is gone……♪”

This truly fantastic habit is strong enough not to lose to Aurora. Yup. But.

“I love you, Ange”

Is it possible that I cant realize that delusion by this small half-elf swordsman who makes a happy face while shaking alone? It is a real and imagined future prediction that doesn’t come from a slave. Anytime, anywhere, a future that I will casually do ecchi things with Anzeros by the side as a colleague. ……Yup. She is very attractive and excited.

“Well then it is the sign of ecchi in the future”

The two of us rub our cheeks against each other while being in our own world, as we got a great chorus coughing from around us. Noisy.

“Andy, Anzeros. ……Don’t messily make a sign of ecchi in the presence of your commander”
“Uu…… I envy people who are usually hanging out……”
“I, I’m doing something like that too, Anzeros”
“……There are also such approaches……”
“I don’t understand anything”

Okay. Anzeros won.


I slowly insert my penis into Anzeros´s crotch.

“U, kuu……”

It’s not that it’s not wet. I mean, it’s already muddy, but still. It is not the intention to do wildly. The feeling that this slowly unites is also an enjoyment. Because I’m going to “make love” with Anzeros.

“Ah, Andy’s cock……enter, inside……♪”
“Kiss me, Andy”
“Aa……n, chuu!”

We united deeply and I embrace her small back with a hug. Anzeros also enthusiastically embraced my head while and doesn’t let go of it while kissing.


Taking a breath, I start changing my waist while looking at Anzeros who has completely switched into a lewd person with one kiss.

“Hauh……a kuu……Andy, it’s too hard……inside the stomach, a lot……♪”
“It is bad that you are so cute, you lewd person”
“I`m not a lewd person as Andy’s woman……even though you´re doing so much for a woman, you´re just saying I’m lewd……♪”
“You want it”
“Very big welcome”

As a repeat-like fellowship with no content, we are like abusers of idiots. A fairytale that seems like nothing. However, every time I answer, I find that every time an answer comes back, which increases love and security. A straight and greedy favor. “Idiot” “Lewd person” only contains love. Thin and breakable waist, small boobs, small butt. A face that can only let you say a beautiful girl is full of lust. I insist that all of her is mine, because of the collar. Everything is like a sweet dream.

“Damn, I will do it when we return to the corps! As soon as you become one, I will say 『I love you sucking my penis, Ange』”
“Pervert, Pervert Andy! Say it before we go back to the corps, idiot! I haven’t gotten used to sucking your penis yet!”
“Then I will say 『I love to pierce your ass, Ange』”
“That’s why saying it after coming back to the corps! If you say it, say it now! If you inject semen into my womb, you can just say it♪”
“You are determined to deposit! ……But, I love you, I love you, Ange! I’m cumming inside!”
“Kku……a, aa……♪ It’s natural if you put it out inside as it’s a cum shot! Sperm is used to let it flow into a woman♪”
“You say something, Dianne would say”
“Haaa. haaa……I am a girl so……haa, haa, I love you so much, I love you, I wish you would only want me♪”
“Well, I love you, so just let me cum in your womb!”

While launching my semen into her uterine mouth, I let the pleasure rise. Anzeros hugs me with fully-opened eyes and takes it.

“Ku, aaaaa……!!”

Then we stick together and wait for the ejaculation to end. Anzeros´s belly grows steadily. A lot of my sperm boosted by magic flows in.

“……Pr, pregnant, I, I”
“Th, that’s right……nkuu”

Anzeros has a complex face. ……Nn?

“……Anzeros, was it better to go out after all?”
“Ah, noo……if I get pregnant before returning to the corps, I think regrettable that I might not be doing what I said earlier”
“……You truly defeated Aurora and be required insults”
“No, no, that’s a little overkill?”

I keep filling her pussy with semen while not letting go of her waist and we make a flower bloom in a stupid story. I guess they can only think that it is hot.

“Yes Yes. Then Anze-chan gets contraceptive magic as a punishment”
“U, Uwaaa?”

Hilda-san casts magic behind my back waiting for Anzeros to slide her mouth.

“I, I want you to spell that kind of magic……”
“Don’t make such love sex in front of us”
“It, It isn’t an outburst of anger!”

Anzeros protests against Hilda-san while hugging my face. I only have to lick the nipples of her modest chest.

“U, ahh…………why are you licking me?”

Cause you push my face against your chest”‘

I mean.

“……Did your chest grew a little?”
“Anze-chan is already growing, so it should be like this, but……”
“But it seems like it was small a little ago……”
“Is it the power of the spring?”

Hang on, Aurora that was sleeping until now wakes up.

“Th, that effect……!”
“Oh, Aurora?”
“U, Uu…… I will do it, dizzy……I will go to the hot spring now”
“Wait, Aurora! Wipe your crotch at least!”

I don’t dislike those with small boobs.

“I wonder if it will grow bigger when I go in once more……”
“No, no, I that……in the future I want to be like elder sister Laila……the reason is that, I too”

However, the feelings for the proportions of female members seem not to be easy.

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