Half elves fall in love chapter 47

Chapter 47: Intermission – The illusion of the Blue Dragon Girl 【???】



Maia is a 62-year-old blue dragon. Dragons also mature early to keep the physical heyday for a long time, but unlike elves, it is not as mature as 20 years or so. A big mega dragon is the main body. However, if it is about 60 years old, it is reasonable. She doesn’t say she is an adult but if she works hard for moment copulation is possible with her age. It depends on the Palace if she is treated as an adult. But Misty Palace, which is near the entrance of the northern elf territory, has only three children, including Maia, bred in the last 500 years and Maia was cherished as it was.

The elven clan 「Silver clan」 who turf near the village is unusual for exchanging with dragons as elves and continues exchanging with the dragons of Misty Palace for 3000 years. Some of them were deeply related, such as those who were to become dragon riders and those who bore those who born a dragon’s child, but 「Silver clan」 was strictly forbidden to put out the mighty power outside. That power was the last trump card in this northern elf territory. The northern elf territory has been promised to be a kind of comfort by the ancient boundary arranged in the ruins civilization period, but that is not absolute.

There is a relic of a barrier crusher (the actual thing is rolling in the white family clan in the central part of the barrier), so if the same kind of things were found in the ruins of any place and used, the elven comfort will easily end. The northern elven parliament expects Misty Palace to serve as a guardian to prevent it. It was because of that time that the 「Silver clan」 was actively involved in Misty Palace, both 「Silver clan」 side and Misty Palace side agreed. That’s why the 「Silver clan」 side, trying to establish the deepest possible relationship, will decide to add one elf of the same age to a newly born dragon as a talisman. Phaser was such a talisman elf. However, Phaser had some problems. Perhaps he was too much of an elf or it was hard to say flatly. This guy, in fact never has traveled outside the forest.

Yet, by trusting the narrative prepared for the education for dragons (or admonishment for not acting as if selfish), believing in the ugliness of humans and savageness of humanity, he appointed boxed protection on Maia. In order to make Maia not interested in the outside world, he talks about the narrative of the dragons and elves that went outside every night by telling a story. To believe.

「Silver clan」 and the Dragon Palace side didn’t want to raise Maia without knowing the world of the flower garden system in the brain separately, so they were careful about it again, but Phaser’s wrong boxed education didn’t stop. Eventually, he started running into a dangerous idea to change the rotten world by him and Maia alone and change it. It is pretty much from the viewpoint of humans, but the elves have quite a few of these closed self-washing brains. Many people are not good at compensating for long-lived or self-denial and sympathy.

Cruel talk time. Since Maia was brought up with such a Phaser as the main source of information, there was biased information. First of all, if a human town is entered by three steps, she will be entwined with the pervertedness of muscular ruffles which hardens the whole body with spiked armor and have a knife like candy and quickly want money. What Maia thought was a place like that. Even if you are looking for something like that in Trot rather than Polka, that pervertedness is not easy. The misunderstanding about it has been solved recently. And now one thing remained she had no knowledge of and that is sex.

Sexual knowledge was completely blocked by Phaser for example, she knew the mating of animals, but she had spent almost 62 years without knowing about sex. For love affair, if she knows where she is going to get it, it won’t make her quite obedient. Because children don’t know well about the actions that draw attention to each other, harassment becomes the main communication. That is why Maia was growing up as a strange girl who does not know the behavior of giving it to others, despite living a long time. She witnessed sex which is the best thing of love affection there and she is confused. Laila was looking at the imbalance of Maia as a good toy.


“Hoho. Maia, that is mating, it’s the best way to show love for men and women”
“……That elf, she almost fainted”
“Receiving enough pleasure to lose consciousness……well, as Aurora said she may not have been accustomed to mating”
“……So, do you feel good?”
“Well, for that girl, it’s very pleasant”

Laila talks with Maia while peeping on purpose. Still. Maia just started to be interested. It’s more of a bit of a bite.

“Why isn’t Laila-sama doing it?”
“It is okay so today. Today its Anzeros´s and Aurora´s turn. Hoho, I´m only one of many of that boy´s girls after all and I will be too embarrassed to beg”

Maia looks up at Laila in a strange way.

“……For Laila-sama, isn’t it fun to mate so much?”
“It’s funny……or not, at least that guy is obsessed with our bodies, hugging like being greedy and being seeded is a great deal of happiness”
“Hoho, could it be a bit difficult for a young girl?”

Laila throws Maia aside for the time being. As long as she lives close to Andy or Laila, she will come across many such scenes. Taking it slowly and carefully, she will tilt to Andy’s favorite pervert girl. A frustrating ice dragon that seeks for Andy´s penis with half crying. Laila thinks to produce such a moment.

“Well, this time it’s Anzeros”

The scene changes after a while and it turns into truly amazing sex with Anzeros who seems to be really happy and Andy who obediently desires as they are exchanging kisses.

“……It’s different from before”
“Ho. Andy also tries to use various ways of having sex with his partner”
“……Anzeros, she looks happy”
“She is also essentially a spoiled child, so let’s be filled with it”

Maia is watching closer than a while before. To know intuitively.

“……Are you envies?”
“I, I don’t know”

She shook her head and Maia still gazed at the sex between Anzeros and Andy.


Unlike Laila, Maia seems to be envious to envy such sex. In the case of Laila, the man is firmly grasping the reins, being bowed down, sometimes being praised is just right. That’s because Laila has had extraordinary power (even within the dragon’s community), there is nothing else, her only wish was that she wanted a man who did not care about such “Strength”.

First of all, Maia is not only “preserved” but also never received “Love”. As Anzeros does now, she has never been expressed lovingly with all her power and she hasn’t been asked to do it, so she may be hungry for such a thing with her whole body.


Laila gently pulls Maia.

“Do you want to receive love like that?”
“I don’t know. Because I don’t know anything about him and he doesn’t know anything about me”

Laila is at a loss. Just being told, unlike just wanting to satisfy her sexual desire, if she is hungry for love……just to have sex, she can’t give it up. This is difficult as long as Maia doesn’t realize that she is hungry for someone’s love. As long as there is no partner who can at least like her. However, Maia does not even seem to have a relationship to love in such a way, so she feels like she has lived.

She lives in a sturdy, surrounded by the northern elves with the purport to maintain the status quo. Even if she returns to her present life without experiencing anything here, the same days will continue for several hundred years as it is. Laila felt sad about it. Laila who loves a man and knows that remembers mercy on a small dragon living a life lacking such an opportunity to “know”.

“……Then, do you want to practice it yourself?”

She wanted to be mischievous a little, not wanting to drag Maia into her colleagues, but rather a kind feeling, Laila thrusts one finger on the forehead of Maia.

“In an illusion, there is no harm ……Well, there are things that are so comfortable”


Maia lost consciousness. No, she was instantly dropped into an illusion.


While slowly falling in the dark space, Maia wonders, it makes her feel a little excited. Pseudo experience with illusion magic is a sharing of memories and images. In other words, share the mind. You can experience how a dragon touches the rider with what kind of feeling. A rider is a longing for a dragon. A partner who she can entrust all of herself. It is a partner who will carry out all the selfish nakedness which can’t be understood and the powerful power becomes meaningless and emptiness too easily. A dragon is too strong, just living can’t help breaking everything around it.

The oaths that those who do not divide the guilt of that destruction separately for their entire lifetime, even if they do not care about the power of authority, oath, even with the feeling of restraint, the dragon race makes a sweet promise to anything above all. What does it mean to get it? How do you feel when there is such a partner? Maia was longing for that.

When noticing, Maia is laying naked.


She knows that it is an illusion, so she still waits. Andy immediately appeared before her. From now on, as he always does it with Laila, it will be done with Maia. She understood that it was an illusion. But the Andy, before her, pulled her hand and raised her up and gazed into her eyes.

“Why can not you say a single word?”
“……Wh, what, I……”

Maia instinctively sharpens her mouth. At that time, she finally learned that this is not Laila’s sexual experience and that she can move on as she likes.


(Hoho. That is the “Dragon Rider Andy” I know. Quarrel to your heart’s content, act violently, behave like a spoiled child)

Picking up Andy in Laila´s heart in an illusion. That’s why Maia should practice herself ahead of time. That man, in front of her, even if he contracts with a powerful dragon, he will become a dragon rider. Such a man appears and it is pleasant for Maia.


Only by that, Maia tilts to the front. It’s a great illusion than she thought. Such a partner is in front of her. For Maia, Maia is supposed not to be Laila. What kind of temptation shall she make?

“But, I don’t know anything about you!”

Maia unintentionally pressed herself on a grudge and tried to keep her ego. It would be nice if she can pursue Andy’s spirit with Lala. However, “Maia”, who is an ice dragon holds the dragon’s justice, there is no way she can be pampered suddenly by a man who she doesn’t know.

“I know that”
“You´re lonely and you always want someone to be staring at you but you can’t say such a thing even if your mouth opens. You can fly in the sky a little and your breath is cold”
“……Th, that’s I don’t understand!”
“What you want me to do”
“……Wh, what do you mean?”

Andy gently smiles, strokes Maia´s hair and presses her head against his chest and hugging her on his own.

“Don’t feel depressed only because you are a small girl”
“I’m big enough to eat you with a bite”
“That’s true. But I can only see a girl who is trying to keep up with honesty. You don’t feel like going against Laila at all, because you´re afraid of being gentle and being scared”
“……Such a thing”
“You can be cute, though. …..But if you do not tell me what you want, it means you will be a child that is meaningless forever”
“Th, That……differ…”

Maia remembers Phaser. Phaser eventually didn’t try to figure out anything about Maia. Maia thought that if she taught everything to Phaser, she thought that he would be her rider, but as soon as she brought out the story of the contract, he didn’t take responsibility and orders Maia around without permission. She was disappointed about the bottom of her heart.

After all, even at that time Phaser did not make an effort to understand what Maia wanted to do. A dragon is too strong. Because they are too strong, everyone will respond only whether they will go ahead or follow up. The partner who adjusts eyes is very precious in front of the eyes of fangs that can eat anything.

“You, you are not as brittle as you think”
“No, noisy……”

In the midst of Andy’s moment of raising a rough voice, the illusion collapses. No, it changes.


“……A, a, uu!?”

The next voice that came up wasn’t Maia’s voice. Pleasure piercing through her body. Her brain is shaken with pleasure that she had never imagined before.

(If you become obedient, you will be with a man)

Maia turns around with her black hair disoriented. ……Black hair.

(La, Laila-sama’s……!?)

Maia’s hair is blue. This is Laila’s memory. Laila’s own memory that Maia thought could be experienced at first. But now it is bad. She is a bystander and can’t do anything.

“Ah, Andy, more……more violently, kuuu!!”
“Understood, you pervert dragon!”

There is a nourished liquid feeling in both her crotch and buttocks. A penis that pushes up to the uterus. Squeezing the breasts violently, grasping the collar, treating the lower body like a toy, sensation of thrusting is felt. All of them become intense pleasures, becoming ecstatic and let the lower part trembling perhaps around the part responsible for instinct. The uterus opens.

She wants a child, She wants this guy to use her uterus, the desire to be keenly aware that it is the possession of this man and dedicating everything. Maia, who was involved in such feeling, felt by Laila, doesn’t know that it has accumulated. Andy gently stroked her head. On the other hand, the fact that it is a man who can make a woman feel comfortable as it becomes a messy mecha like this. The part of Maia’s sleeping “woman” wakes up.

“Pour in……your sperm, you screw my womb, my womb is breaking♪”
“You want to be pregnant so much, you nasty dragon!”
“I told you……♪”
“Oh no, this is a walking obscenity!”

And a sense of mass ejaculation, exploding in the depths of the womb. Sorrowful enough to make it painful. The material of new life swirling inside of her body. Her body, mind, power, and womb are all crazy that this man asserts ownership. Maia who had a loose guard from the dialogue with Andy’s illusion had to self-project to the overwhelming pleasure.

(Laila……sama…… terrible……)
(Such a thing……)


After returning to reality, Maia finally falls into Laila’s arm and breathes while dropping down on her knees because of the fearsome pleasure until it reaches the end.

“Ho? What’s wrong?”
“……I, I don’t know anything about him……”
“There is no guarantee that he will be kind to me like that……!”

With a bright red face that she had never had before, Maia had tears in her eyes and glared at Laila-sama.

“Do not tell me like this……!”
“Hoho. If you want a guarantee, I will do it”

Laila´s hand grasped Maia and pinched her jaw.

“My rider is kind to the bottom, is he fierce?”

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