Half elves fall in love chapter 48

Chapter 48: Maia’s first experience [Maia]



After Aurora went out to the hot spring and I worried about whether I should go out or not, I noticed that I was dirty and decides to go to the hot spring. However, it is not so deep at that moment yet. The hot spring hasn’t closed yet and I didn’t go in with the others because there are a bonfires and a bathing person. Unfortunately, while listening to the loud voices from the female hot spring a little far away, I entered the male hot spring alone.

Besides myself, there is an old man and two children. Children made water guns with their hands and splashed hot water, but basically, it was quiet.


I’m lonely. Well, still I’m grateful. No matter how hard I exercise, when I immersed in hot water for 30 minutes in this way, muscle pain and joint pain won’t occur tomorrow.

“What will we do tomorrow……?”

The scars on my leg seem to have disappeared as much as possible, within a few days from Hilda-san’s view. If so, what should we do? Because Laila can fly, we should leave Polka two or three days before the end of the vacation. It is an ant to say that ants are going to be slow all the while. There are many things that Aurora and Anzeros would like to learn from Sir Bonaparte. But, if we return to the corps building as soon as possible, we can save the inn. The inn isn’t free. It seems that we are paying with Dianne-san’s savings and the money forcibly acquired when Anzeros left her parents house, but how much money is wasted is unnoticed.

Well, there is a meal fee for Polka’s rent as compared to the inns in Schrantz and the capital. …… Once we get up tomorrow, we probably will talk about the schedule properly. Let’s spend a lot of meaning on that tomorrow.

“Ho. Thinking”

Suddenly, the exposure mad dragon appeared dignifiedly. …… Oh, the children are totally nailed to Laila´s transcendent body as she appeared. They have both noses bleeding.

“Laila……when you come here at least, please wear a thin cloth”
“Hoho. I can show off if they want to see, I don’t remember being ashamed of it”
“There is a sense of ​​public order and morality in human society”

The grandfather (Harry, I surely think he was a shoemaker) who came next to me unexpectedly and taps my shoulder and shakes his head.

“…… It’s okay”


“It seems to be fine”


“Don’t worry because he said it’s fine”


……A slender pretty girl who also exposed her body appeared from behind Laila. It was Maia.

“Why is she here?”
“I don’t know what to say”
“Because you are here”

Because Laila is a pervert, why is the dragon race basically shameless……?


Cyaburn. Laila, Maia and I soak in the man’s hot water. Grandpa Harry sits in the hot water and worships Laila’s breasts. The two children were a little farther away, looking at Laila and Maia’s body and discuss something.

“Ho. Children, do you like breasts?”
“Why do humans cling so much to female chests”

A humming Laila and a little grumpy Maia. Did they hear the children’s conversation? …… I decided to give a rebuttal on behalf of the children.

“Breasts are justice”
“…… Human.”
“Hoho. You are honest”
“Polka’s males love big boobs.”

When he says it powerfully, grandpa Harry consent powerfully while stroking his hermit beard lightly.


The children saw the old man with a savior’s eye.

“……Bo, boobs I like……shaa, not like, grandpa”
“God gave boobs to good people, normal chests to bad people, both are wonderful, remember children, by admitting each other’s goodwill, it fulfills the will of god, breasts are justice”
“Th, that’s right……”

An exchange of the heart between an old man and the children.

“……Af, after all, do you like big tits?”
“Of course”

Maia looks a bit lonely.

“It takes time for me to be like Laila-sama because I’m a young dragon”

Her eyes, still looking at her small boobs that are still growing, Maia becomes silent. …… Has she wanted to be praised? Even if it is Maia, it doesn’t matter as she is a hostage to the last. It doesn’t matter how to say such a way as to make it impossible to make an inconvenience. As I thought so a little awkward, Laila taps on my shoulders with her hands.


Looking into her eyes, Chibi Laila flies on my shoulder. And whispers something into my ear.

『Praise her and don’t bother』


『This girl is lonely. She is hungry for affection』


But. And, when I try to argue, Laila snips her finger against my forehead. As it is, I was taken into a light illusion space.

The illusion space was constructed and recognized in a moment, the time stopped and in the middle of a somewhat hazy view, there was another Laila different from being immersed in the hot spring. Well, she is still naked.

“…… I apologize for the first time. I’m sorry”

It was also that Laila spotted Maia. She said that Maia has a special circumstance and is a lonely dragon. I was told firmly with an information amount and time unique to such an illusion space.

“Th, that’s why… At the very least, it is wonderful to mate, tell her what she would like to her. Do it and it will be fine”
“Saying what, Laila”

I chop to the illusion Laila.

“What you do”
“It’s not bad that you tried making a mischievous speech when it comes to origin……but wouldn’t it be a diplomatic problem with the Dragon Palace!? I don’t know about dragons, but I don’t hand her out!”
“Hohoho…… I should have said it. She is a dragon who doesn’t have a rider. Increasingly, she left the palace without permission and did it by herself. With this fact, Maia can’t complain even if she is executed in the end”
“…… That’s why”
“She can’t complain even if she is made a meat toilet like this, because of the dragon’s oath”

……Uwaa, it looks like that. And, thinking, Laila makes a mother-like expression that she doesn’t show so often, except when watching the sleeping face of Jeanne.

“Besides, she said that she really admires [Lovey-dovey sex]”
“…… But even if it is”
“Tell me, elves are hard-headed. Your vassals won’t allow me to take care of them, but I’ll not tell you to take care of her……if you don’t teach, you are going to spend it.”
“…… Is that really okay?”

Laila’s consent is powerful.

“It’s okay, at least now I and Maia are the only one”

When we recovered secretly from the illusion, I stroked the head of Maia. Laila’s illusion said that she would be happy with these things, but I don’t know if it is true or not. I was a bit nervous. Maia looks up to me as she has been touched.

“By the way breasts are breasts”


Grandpa Harry strongly acknowledges. The children observe grandpa Harry.

“Even if it’s small, you don’t need to be ashamed, that is still wonderful”
“Th, that’s right, grandpa”
“Boys will know if they become adults……ah, yes”

As an example, they decided to keep the exchange of the heart between the old man and the children. Well, that. A few months ago, Selenium and Dianne were supremacy of big tits. Actually, Jeanne, Anzeros and Aurora, as we continue to do ecchi things together, it is undeniable that they realized that small boobs are good as well. For delicate bodies with small chests, there is also appeal corresponding to a man. Well if getting fat I don’t know if the balance is bad, but fortunately, every small chest has a well-balanced body. I think that this is a very erotic thing because it’s a lovely body and healthy tits asserting a woman modestly.


Harry nods powerfully though nothing id said.

“I do like such pretty boobs too”
“……Re, Really……?”

Having her blue hair stroked, Maia turns bright red, making a happy face in a hurry, deflects her eyes and making a strange face. …… It’s cute.

“……Th, then, if you push her down, you can do it……”

Mother Laila mutters towards the surface of the water. It isn’t heard.


Grandpa Harry that’s enough.

“…… E, emm……that……”
“…… I’m glad.”

Maia who is praised for her small chest and has her head stroked is still trying to show her fullest feeling while snagging.

“Hu, human?”

Dangerous, Maia is so cute. ……, Hugging, is it okay?


Keep silent old man. ……Ah already. I believe it, Laila!

“Yeah already!”

She isn’t hurt and I hold Maia tightly.


Maia is surprised. I whisper while stroking her hair.

“I was asked by Laila to give you some care……. I am stupid, so if you react so cute, I will get really serious”
“…… Ho, really?”
“I want you to be by my side like Laila……okay.”
“…… Lie”

Maia looks at me.

“…… But, you’re a dragon knight, so you don’t need me anymore?”
“I don’t know”
“Well, if I’m with you, will you make a contract for power with me?”
“…… Can I do multiple contracts?”

Ah, Laila is quiet. Isn’t it possible?

“……Laila-sama, can you?”

……That was right, she has a nation-wide knowing. Laila snorts after watching me with firm eyes.

“Ho. Do you really think that with the oath it will be okay?”
“……I feel that you’re dissatisfied”
“At least you should decide after taking a bite, why don’t you thought of it, you greedy owner”

It can’t be refuted. But.

“I don’t mean that I don’t want you to be with me if we don’t have sex……I want you to be in a place where you can be hugged anytime……I don’t think so”

“……Well, are you thinking so too?”

……Laila who turns red calls out.

“You are a little different from being pretty……”
“But I definitely want you to stay with me in all sorts of ways”

You can feel that her beauty isn’t such a dimension as cute. It is a pervert. It is reliable. There are also idiots. In a word, it can’t be expressed a bit. ……Well, it has been thought of for several months since encountering it. This is certain.

“……Really, I’m worried that it’s just good to tickle me”

Laila squished with a bright red face, shaking her fingers. She seemed to have created a spatial illusion.

“Gr, Grandpa, that large and small boobs disappeared!”
“UMM……from here onward until becoming an adult”

……What did you understand? Old man.


Well, I decided to carry out the contract. While stroking Maia’s blue hair, I stroke that small body.


A body is a little younger than Anzeros. No, it is not that Anzeros is young, but that is a slightly premature body like a 15-year-old person. Such a slender body is rubbed by me in the water of the hot spring, the small boobs that are smooth, the fallen loose lines of the side belts and the trained pelvic are all enjoyed with my fingers. Even her soft ass.

“N……Hu, human……my body, do you like it……?”

It is a beautiful body like a sculpture carved out by God that can be said to be an ideal type if Maia is seen as a girl of this age. Her blue smooth hair up to the shoulder blades. I don’t know what kind of expression she can do, but her cute face has only passion float on her cheeks. All of this is love, I want to taste it.

“…… Should I kiss you?”
“Kiss……you will kiss me……?”

I massage her breasts while kissing Maia’s lips. Maia opened her mouth a little and laughed.

“Puhaa…………it is true”
“Human, you don’t mind my chest……♪”

I feel happy from the bottom of my heart, a girl with an ice-like smile let me rub her tits. I was unchallenged.

“I will violate you from now on”
“If you don’t want to be charged a child, say it first, I will do as much as to pull out before”
“…… Don’t say something I don’t understand”

……Now I remember, Maia doesn’t know anything about sex at all! From now on I can’t call it sex education.


But Maia pulled my head tightly and whispered into my ear.

“If you will do a contract of power, a dragon will do anything”
“You do as ones like okay……♪”

As usual, it looks like I don’t know what kind of face Maia shows, but it looks delicate. Her voice seemed happy.

I lay down the body of Maia above the spinach on the side of the hot spring. Laila is standing on the rock from the hot spring and observes us.

“When you finish pour it into me”
“Ho. Hang in there owner♪”

Self-interested fellow.

“Being, being poured so much……is it okay?”

Don’t let the virgin expect too strange things.

“……Maia, I will start……it hurts”
“I, it hurts……”

Even if I scare her a little bit, I will spread her hole and thrust at a dash. …… Ti, Tight……!

“Hi, gu……!?”
“Kku……dr, dragons have a hymen, too……!”
“Hoho. I guess you learned something new again♪”

I try hard to embrace Maia who is pulling her face again, as it hurts from me pushing inside.

“Ou, Ouch……it hurts……aa!”
“A bit more……a bit more”
Then, I pressed down the painful Maia and inserted my dick in the back of her womb.
“Kku……hi, hua……!!”

It feels like I’m fucking a small body. However, the size of the exquisite body that it is not small seriously like Jeanne will be experienced in this place with the feeling that it is a boundary between unreal and reality.

“…… Does it hurt?”
“…… Pa, Painful……”
“Do you want me to pull it out?”

Maia gazed at me with tears in her eyes, after a while, she grasped my hand with her hand.

“…… I told you, you could love me”
“Pouring. I don’t quite understand it, but if I don’t do it, I won’t be mating……”

……Maia says so reluctantly, but also cutely.

“Then……it will hurt, but do you endure it?”

I couldn’t wait and laid down my waist.

“Kku……u, uuu!”

Maia´s vagina is so small as if it is sticking to my dick. Make it around and forward. Maia shook her whole body like a toy.

“Au, uu……human, human……!!”
“Su, such a thing, unreasonable……I’m tormented……!”

It seems painful. However, Maia seems obviously happy. Clenching her teeth and her fingers on her face.

“Abandoning me, I will never forgive……♪”

As she says so, Maia narrows her eyes and smiles. If she can do something so lively, no, no matter how much I hug her who asks for me, she isn’t human.

“Naturally, you pampered dragon……!”

I embraced the back of such Maia and fiercely ejaculate deep inside.

“GGa, haa……th, this……!?”

Byuu, Byuu, I violently ejaculate. …… Hilda’s sperm hell magic, it might be a little bit too much for a virgin. I, I thought.

“………… Human, amazing……♪”

It seemed that Maia liked it. …… What shall I do if she wakes up to being a weird person?

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