Half elves fall in love chapter 494

Chapter 494: Andy’s talent [Dianne]

Maia and Laila in their dragon forms, fly into the southern sky. Dianne and I were sitting on a grassy field on the outskirts of Polka as we saw them off.

“So, what are we going to do today?”

“Hmm……I want to see the cat beast mansion and Miril’s inn and among the elves, Laurier was the only one I didn’t meet, so I want to go to the church……oh yeah, I didn’t see the Baron or Jackie-san yesterday either. Hey, I have to report that I got back properly”

“The number of people you have to meet has increased”

“Well, I guess……I’ve got a house and all the female slaves are living there too”

“Isn’t that a good thing? You used to drink and talk about Apple on your days off, but now you’re the boss”

“Is that a good thing……”

Well, having a lot of people to rely on and people who rely on you isn’t always a bad thing.

“Sooner or later, Polka and the elf territory will flourish. Do you still have any doubts about the situation where everyone respects you?”

“I’ll make it happen……”

I´m, after all, the heir to the rural blacksmith’s shop and Dianne is the head of an experimental corps, no less than a great woman. Originally, I was a relatively irrelevant existence from the perspective of the world and I was far from a position where the town and society followed behind me. But the dragon’s unparalleled power and the trust of the forest elves have already pushed me there. From now on, I am expected to be the key to making them prosper. I kind of understood it in theory, but I still couldn’t really feel it. Dianne laughs as she lies down with her back against the young grass.

“For what it’s worth, you’re starting to say and do things that are more like a dragon rider, but you still don’t feel comfortable imagining yourself as a leader?”

“……Yes. For some reason, I feel like I’m an outcast”

“That’s a fact, but you can’t just hide in my shadow forever, can you? I’m not good at politics, even if I say so myself. I’m not suitable for making big decisions. I’ll try to be your cover as much as you want, but there will be more and more cases where I can’t help you make decisions”

“I, Is that so?”

“I’m good at fighting and preparing for battle, but isn’t that all there is in the world? Whether it’s carrying Polka on your back, acting as a mediator between the elves and Trot, in situations where your self-awareness matters, I can’t rely on it. Not only will people pressure me to make decisions, but there will also be many times when I have to say something myself. In such times……well, it’s about you. You’re more sensitive than anyone else. But that sense of responsibility is not possible without the awareness that one is a big deal”

“No, no, no, that’s when you read it”

I act recklessly. Aside from being blunt, I think it’s good for amateurs to study subjects like politics. There are times when things go well by chance, but there’s no way I can make good decisions politically enough to be praised by Dianne, who is 200 years old. However, Dianne smiles on the grass bed with her eyes closed.

“You can do it. Some people like King Ulysses have noticed, but hey. The most amazing thing about you is your undisciplined lower half and your fearless courage”

Looking through the ears of weeds, enjoying the spring sunshine.

“It’s about being able to perceive things correctly. It’s about being able to recognize threats without overestimating them, but not underestimating them. On top of that, it’s about being able to flexibly find countermeasures, whether you can do it yourself or rely on someone else. Clearly. In other words, if you can do those three things, you don’t need a complicated theory”

“…Is that really that great?”

“In a sense, it’s better than Keiron’s luck”

So much……!? I honestly think it’s an unreasonable ability.

“I don’t have that talent. If you decide to fight something, you can choose the fastest and most necessary means and face it with courage, or you can even tame the enemy. Whoever saw it was a tightrope walk, but you kept crossing it. It’s not due to good luck, but thanks to the ability to correctly evaluate yourself and your enemies”

“……E, Ehh……”

“Or do you think you have the power to attract more luck than Keiron?”

“……N, No, I’m not confident when you say that”

Come to think of it, I remember hearing things like that from time to time. Correct evaluation……? Well, it’s certainly much more efficient to be what you thought at first than to misunderstand. However, if I were to ask myself if I had the special power to 「Always grasp things accurately」……umm. I still can’t get it right.

“So far, it just happened to hit me……isn’t there a line?”

“If that’s the case, that’s pretty good luck. Huhuu”

“N, No, it’s actually getting better in a pinch”

“That’s why it’s meaningless if you don’t firmly recognize your position and your enemies. There’s no way to correctly evaluate an object that you’re not paying attention to”

“……That’s difficult”

It’s like catching a cloud. I will make a face like the representative of this Polka to face foreign enemies and protect them with my friends. It’s pretty cool if you put it on the face, but the specific image doesn’t come out at all.

“Well, it’s okay to take your time. There are many people who can help you. If you just want to maintain it, you can do something about it. But when you become 『Real』, all your allies will shine brighter than ever”

“……Will that happen?”

“It will. I guarantee it”

Lying next to me in the same way, looking up at the peaceful spring sky, Dianne raises her elbows and looks into my face.

“My theory is that the trust of others is what fosters self-awareness and responsibility more than anything”

Her eyes staring down at me were so beautiful that I felt like I could be sucked into them. Ah, I think this person is really beautiful.

“……Andy, I fully believe in your talent. So even if you ride a dragon, fly across many lands and have the grandiose idea of saving many people, I want to be your wife. Even if I plot the same thing, it would be too much for someone else. There is no future”


“That’s right. You haven’t forgotten, haven’t you?  Unlike the other female slaves, I haven’t given up on loving you on an equal footing. I guess it will end up happening”

Dianne laughs, looking a little embarrassed and leans half of her body on top of me. I could feel her soft breasts through her clothes and her graceful legs wrapped around my waist.

“If you believe you can do it, then you can. To love all those fine women, to help the elven territory and the cat beast colony, to save Neia and Kalwin. I am you. If that’s the case, then I believe that you can definitely do it….If you remember this trust, I’m sure you can become 『Real』”

“……If your wife said so, I can’t help but get excited”

With a wry smile, I wrap Dianne’s hand around mine and hug her so that she’s completely on top of me.

“And while we’re at it, may we enter into conjugal relations?”

“……Do we have to have another woman in the mix?”

“I’m not dissatisfied even if it’s one-on-one. Of course, I love orgies, but……I mean, married couples are basically one-on-one, even in Celesta”

“Well, that’s true. Looking at you makes my common sense go numb……n, chuu……”

The bright sunlight at ten o’clock in the morning. A stupidly peaceful and idyllic spring Polka meadow. Just like young men and women from the countryside. Just like boys and girls who can’t control each other’s pure lust, she and I unbutton our clothes, untie our belts and knots, stick our hands into our bare skin and devour our lips between the grass. Match. Lips to lips, tongues to tongues. If either of us tries to devour the other and take a breath, at that timing it will devour it back, eat back the opponent’s lips and make the tongue rampage back. After repeating this several times, we parted our faces while creating a bridge of thick saliva. By then I’m baring Dianne’s breasts and dragging her underwear down and Dianne removes my pants and exposes my dick in the sun.


“……HHa, huu……”

No words were spoken, the kiss continued for a long time, causing a lack of air, and only the rising breaths melted between the two of us. I brought my face closer to her face again, remembering the illusion of lust pouring down from my narrowed eyes, while rubbing Dianne’s chest with one hand and placing my hand on her waist with the other. Dianne puts her hand on my chest, puts the penis in the gap between her labia with the other hand and screws it in. Since the sex started suddenly, she didn’t get very wet, but that would only last for a while. In a ridiculously peaceful and happy landscape, we suddenly expressed our lust for each other and we were strangely uplifted in that mismatch. Somewhere pure, somewhere sweet. It’s different from having a large group of people dye the space with a lewd odor. Just the two of us, stuck in an out-of-place place and yet we can’t stop lusting for each other as if it’s only natural, so we feel excitement accompanied by a sense of unease. That became the driving force to wet the inside of Dianne’s vagina, which had little moisture, with her love juice. A gurgling, gurgling, sticky sound disappears into the grassland. The refreshing breeze caressed our skin, which was flushed with sexual desire. Grabbing Dianne’s brown breasts, I’m addicted to gouging deep inside her with the glans.

“Hu, a, uu……ku, nhuuu……nnnn!!”

Unlike Jeanne, even if I poke her cervix, I can’t screw it all the way in, but the whole of Dianne´s mature vagina gives me intense pleasure. Along with Selenium, the vagina hole that has been caring and comforting me for a long time. ……But it’s still less than two years old. In the meantime, my libido is probably going through a lot more times than usual, training it and remaking it into a hole that’s perfect for me. Dianne’s single-minded vaginal service that squeezes the hole as much as possible and demands me……my penis to soak it in semen. While accepting that gaze that was distorted by pleasure, perhaps with the same face.

“KKu……hu, aaaaaa!!”


I pour an excessive amount of cloudiness into Dianne. The vagina immediately fills up and with the pulsation, it feels like cloudiness is blowing out on the buttocks of the two of us. I was enjoying the slightly tickling sensation as I adjusted my rough breathing.

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