Half elves fall in love chapter 496

Chapter 496: Andy and the Polka children 2

We arrived at the baron’s mansion before noon. I’ve gotten used to having the more delicious meals at the baron’s mansion with Selenium and the others. It’s rude of me to say that the more I get used to it, the more I come here.

“Have you finished eating?”

“Ah, Baron”

And the baron visits my room just as Dianne and I are finishing eating. I was a commoner, but I could not eat in the same room with the nobleman baron, let alone Dianne, who was a guest from a foreign country. The baron is very clear about that. Despite his friendliness, it would not be good for the baron’s children or the other members of Polka club if he made a habit of tearing up the side papers. This is a tourist resort and if the commoners are too rude to the nobles, they could get into big trouble.

“I heard you were active again in the south. Anzeros-kun spoke to me a while ago”

“Did she come?”

“To see Peter’s face. I wonder how she can love your son so much when another woman gave birth to him”


“I envy your harem, you’re so lucky to have it……cough”

The Baron cleared his throat while looking at Selenium and Apple who were in the same room. I guess he thought he didn’t know who was leaking information to his wife. It was a wise decision.

“Baron-dono. I have a lot of work ahead of me for the next few days. I may not be able to return very often. There may be more troubles related to the dragons I was involved with in the south, but I ask for your kind cooperation”

“Hmmm. Was it something to do with the boy dragon or the drug ring that was destroyed?”

The baron made a nobleman’s face as he listened to Dianne’s words.

“The dragons are a clever race, but the boy Sahul is still very young. There may be situations where he might wield his power. I’ll pass the word on to Misty Palace……”

“Hmm. Well……it seems to me that the drug-induced women are going to be more difficult”

“It’s not easy either. I’m planning on asking the elves in the north to cooperate until my older sister is completely healed, but……I’m sorry for bringing so much trouble, even though this wasn’t my original plan”

“I have heard that this was also Andy’s responsibility as a dragon tamer. It is also true that that power has greatly saved Polka today, so please leave it to me to convince the townspeople”

“I am sorry”

Dianne was talking all in one breath and the conversation was about to end before it was my turn to appear. I have to say something. It’s a story that happened to me.

“E, Emm”

“Hmm, what’s up, Andy?”

I tried to add something casual and witty, but nothing came to mind.

“……There were a lot of beautiful women”

I said something very insignificant. Well, since they were collected as sex slaves, it was natural that there were many good-looking girls.


The baron stroked his beard and gave me the sharpest look of the day. Immediately, Dianne hit me in the armpit with her elbow. It was painful, even though she probably added or subtracted a little.

“This is……”

“What should I do, Apple? If so many female slave candidates come all at once, I might not be able to pay enough attention”

“That’s not true!? Because I have no intention of getting involved!?”

I wonder if Selenium and the others have come to think, 「Newly beautiful women who come to Polka = my slaves」, quite seriously. There are some parts where I can’t say that the idea is completely out of the ordinary.


And finally, we went to old man Digo’s inn. Today, Miril and her three sisters are working hard.

“Onee-chan, I’ve finished drying the sheets”

“Where’s Uncle?”

“Grandpa is in the fields today……ah, master!”

In response to Miril’s voice, each of her orange-furred sisters peeks out from behind their sheets. Under a clear sky, the inn’s garden is decorated with youthful flowers and grasses. Peeping out from behind the fluttering white cloths, their smiling faces are full of joy.



The twins jumped out as if knocking off the sheets and jumped on me. I stumble over to hold them and can’t stop myself from smiling.

“Welcome home, looks like you had another great adventure”

“I’m back, Miril……but I’m going out again soon”

“Eh. No ecchi?”

“I can’t wait to have kids”

“Hey, Azel and Rizel. Don’t talk like that in the daytime”

Me and Dianne couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sure they are right in their complaints since they are here in Polka to have me make them a baby. I think they are right, but I also think that their presence makes my position in Polka even more complicated. I can’t say to them to go back to because they’re like our colony mates……and if they do give birth, I’ll probably have to let them give birth in Polka before I can send them back. I don’t think they’re female slaves, but they’re definitely going to give birth to my children, which feels like a really distorted position.

“When the work is really done, I’ll do it as much as you want, all three of you”


“We’ll all do it together, won’t we?”

“Both of you, so just a little voice-brush……”

When Miril tried to warn her sisters with a troubled face, old man Digo with his stray tools on his back was standing behind the inn building with only half of his face hidden before we knew it, staring at me. He looks very scary.


He is staring at me. I thought he should have understood the situation by now……but whether he will look at me favorably when he does understand is another matter. I’m sorry, but just the thought of a bad boy who is playing around with girls in other places and then committing random crimes against the pretty girls in his care, is enough to make me salivate. It’s not logic, it’s emotion. I understand.

“Ha, Hahaha, well, you know, there’s always that possibility in the future”


“What’s wrong?”


I back away and try to escape the premises. Is this what I’ve been seeing all day? Dianne noticed old man Digo, but only laughed at him. It seems like she plans to wait until it’s really dangerous to get in Grandpa Digo’s way. You don’t have to go to such lengths to agree with Laila.


“……Excuse me”


If a child saw him, he’d probably fall to his knees just by the look on his face. Watch out. That’s dangerous.

“No, Grandpa, you’ll get hurt!”


“L, Let go of me, Let go of me, Azel, Rizel! If I don’t at least give him a shot, the boy will continue to be unfaithful!”

“No! I won’t forgive uncle if you do that!”

I wonder if I can really be the face of Polka at this rate.


After going around Polka, the last stop was the hot spring. Dianne suggested that we relax as much as possible instead of walking around so much and when we entered the men’s bath, we found Sahul joking around with some local kids.

“Sounds like fun.”

“Oo, Andy……Nuaa!?”

As I greeted him while taking a hot bath, Sahul looked at me and rolled his eyes. No, it was at the sight of Dianne, who came after me.

“I’m interrupting you, kids”

Dianne said as softly as possible and flushed her body with the tub she received from me. The hot water flowed beautifully down the curves of her brown skin and made her fascinating breasts and hips sparkle in the sunlight. The tops of her big tits, which have an overwhelming presence and yet do not lose their shape and her nipples, which are not hidden at all, face the boys’ faces proudly. If you look down from there, the hairless genitals of an dark elf are also unsparingly exposed to the sunlight shining back from the surface of the hot water. The only thing dripping from it is the residue of the semen I had poured out in the morning.

“Oops……you have to be a little more careful or you’ll contaminate the hot water”

The boys’ gazes may not have pointed this out, but Dianne’s somewhat embarrassed muttering and focused on the crotch area may have been what the boys saw in their knowledge of the act.

“Oh, hey, here’s a men’s bath……”

The other boys were ganging up on Sahul and dunking him in the hot water.

“Shut up!”

“This is fine! Of course it’s fine! What’s wrong with a beautiful woman getting into the men’s bath?”

“Tits are justice!”

……I’m glad to see that the tradition of the boob-loving Polka boys is being carried on so well, but in case you’re wondering, that guy’s a dragon. Their passionate courage to lead the new generation of Polka is somehow very frightening.

“Huu……it’s still good, miraculous spring. I went in there yesterday with my sister, but I feel most at home next to you”

Dianne, aware that she was attracting the boys’ gazes, sat down next to me and gently half-bathed.

“The service is good”

“Why, hiding it makes men more desperate. Once you get used to it, you won’t mind so much. It’s the same for everyone in Talc”

“That’s because it’s a world of ogres and dark elves……”

Ogres generally rely on women of their own race to protect them and most of the dark elves don’t have the brimming sexual desire that humans do. Humans, however, are not so accustomed to such a paradise. And if you are the highest class, like Dianne, it’s even more so. When the boys were not to be blamed, they gulped down their spit and took their time to fix their eyes on Dianne’s tits. Some of the boys had been taught by Laurier in the morning.

“H, Hey……not good, these things are……h, hey, Andy?”

Sahul was the only one who was acting suspicious. It seems that he still does not have the heart to separate that he is a lover of erotic. That’s also interesting.

“Sahul. ……It is certainly not good to look at a woman’s body without her permission”

“R, Right?”

“But if they show it to you, that is not the case! Rather, it’s polite to look!”


“Don’t you think it’s an insult to make someone think that there’s only so much charm in her nakedness that you can fool by whistling? Even if they get mad at you later! Even if they despise you! Isn’t it a man’s worthiness to cover it up!”

Me making an impassioned speech. Local boys clap their hands. Sahul is stunned. Dianne sighs and hits me on the head with a tub.


“I’m certainly not saying you shouldn’t watch it, but not everyone in this world wants to be like Lantz or Goto”

I tried to imagine it. A world where the standard is to shimmy around with women undressing and not attack them. ……I certainly didn’t like it very much.

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