Half elves fall in love chapter 54

Chapter 54: White and orange



“Hey, get up, human”
“It’s morning”
“……Isn’t it night here……”

Ngugugu, I stretch myself and get up. Now in the small boundary where we don’t know the passage of time except for the abdominal watch. Again I´m woken up by Maia in one of the arbor-like houses. By the way, the number of houses is fixed to everyone, but what I care about is privacy right now…… oh well, I will show some form of worrying about Anzeros, Apple, Aurora, but somewhat I am not worried, so they are staying in 2 or 3 houses except for the Baron. Because I don’t mind doing erotic things close to the village separately, the Baron wasn’t allowed to come to our houses together, so the Baron didn’t have much choice but to choose a house for himself.

Well, we wake up in the morning, wash our face, take breakfast, look at the sword training of Anzeros and Aurora, enter the hot springs and hang out with handmade huge chess (the mass is handwritten on the ground, the pieces are scattered stones and trees) waiting for dinner we occasionally get into the woods to do nasty things and we go to sleep after dinner. Even though we are under arrest, it is a calm day. The climate is good, there is no worry of monsters or worry about meals, so it may be more restful than being in Polka.

“What day is it with this? ……Isn’t it possible to prepare for the meeting and the time soon?”
“Eh, well……because the week is the number of days to estimate early. Some of the clans are hard-working and busy. I don’t know about humans, but we know that we are late for a week or two and that we have a range of errors”
“It’s loose……”

We were a little bit indebted to the elves, but we were suddenly caught in the violence. It might be a little poisonous right.

On such a day. I enter an outdoor bath with Maia and Anzeros under the sun which does not sink. The hot springs are shared with the elves so we cant enter forever and it is quite small compared to the hot springs of Polka, but it is still a valuable enjoyment here, with less amusement.

“Muu. ……Human. Your penis doesn’t enter inside”
“No, no, we can’t do it in the bath so much”

To be precise, if no one comes, we would be able to have sex in the bath, but here it is 30 seconds walk from the baron’s mansion so our voices would be heard all the way. It is not able to keep the appearance if it is estrus separately here. No, the Baron may not be aware of it. Even so.

“It’s not an insult to see a woman’s body with a smile right?”
“Don’t be reckless…… or perhaps I should say don’t stick close so much”
“You said small breasts are also good”
“Don’t say too much to Maia, Andy. Whichever way you don’t do anything nasty right now”
“Anzeros may be fine with that, but I have been held only once by human and it was painful”
“……So, sorry”
“If you think it was bad please serve me today, today is the day to practice with me”
“That is unfair Maia”

Maia and Anzeros glare at each other across me.

“It’s a fun bath, so I think I’ll be able to do it later……”
“No. Promise me”
“Or if it’s limited, but one day is profiteering!”

It is cute that Maia rubs against me while staring at me, but I feel like she is a little too tricky. It is not so much whether it is spoiled enough to say that. Or, I still have not got a collar for Maia. Laila was saying that the collar would also prove the “Contract of power”. I also have to make it for Maia, but……but here there is no minimum material or tool for it.

“I wish I had not left earlier”
“Uh, get out quickly and mate with me soon”
“Andy, I, I am with you!”
“Wait a moment, is not it for a longer term?”

During this noisy conversation, a light rises just above the hot spring.


It is the same as when Maia came. Timely, it is about time we will be released for the meeting. It may be that the elves came. No, but isn’t this timing bad? I am wondering why bath time is not so bad while I’m flirting with Anzeros and Maia. To those who ran away……no.

Let’s say, for example, let’s say that the envoy from the other side of this light is Phaser. That male elf is so hard to be in the mood. Well, Maia is nice. She doesn’t care about being naked, perhaps I think that she was often naked in front of Phaser. But what about Anzeros? Is it okay for me to expose the nakedness of Anzeros to other guys? No. Absolutely not. Anzeros’s tits and ass belong to me. Don’t run away. If that man came out, there is an obligation to obstruct his gaze. However……it is not a nice picture. Despite the cost, what do I say? But it can’t be helped. It is my duty as a man.

So far 1.5 seconds. Pashkin, the light burst open.


The surprised Anzeros clings to me exactly and Maia looks up casually. What came out of that light is…….

“Huumu. This is different”

A bright green robe. A cape-like cloak is made of pure white woolen material. Platinum blonde hair shining like the sun at noon. ……Such an appearance, emm.

“Hmm? I thought that humans introduce themselves first?”

……Looks like Maia, an elf……girl?

“Oh, I’m Andy Smithson, the son of Polka´s blacksmith, Celesta´s northern army corps……emm, do you listen until the end?”

Because I was wearing a tremendous atmosphere that seemed to block somehow, I thought that it would stop shielding soon and look at the expression.

“Hmm, you don’t need to be impatient, right?”

That elf seems to be generous enough to be able to talk normally though she is arrogant.

“I´m a 10-man captain of Celesta´s northern army corps crossbow corps. And, emm……Maia, future master?”
“Are you embarrassed even if it is said in a question form”

A girl with her arms folded walked on the surface of the water and stepped out of the bathtub before her toes. ……She was standing on the water since a little while ago. It is understood that it isn’t the only one by it. The trick of walking on water has not been shown though Dianne is good at magic. Well, we usually don’t need it.

“But, is that so, you, the rumored animal trainer”

The girl who turned around in the washing place fall on her back. ……Yup. Because it is a bathroom, water always flows in the washroom and it is moss, so it is easy to fall.

“……I´m different from an animal trainer, but are you alright?”
“N, Noo, don’t come close!”
“A, Ah”

After getting up once, the female elf gets angry.

“So, you are?”
“U, Uu……”

A female elf with silver hair stood there while worrying about her ass and sleeve that got drenched.

“I´m……the white clan´s leader, Irina”
“……Clan leader?”
“Umm. ……What’s with those eyes?”
“……No, it is nothing”

A girl who looks younger than Anzeros, is a clan chief? I don’t know the position of the white clan.

“It, it is quite……I think that Maia is simple to be trained”

Maia makes a difficult face. She may be worrying about which one was trained.

“That’s why I’m not an animal trainer, I definitely like to do ecchi things”
“Wrong. I heard from the silver boy a story that you ravish women to get them under your control”

That Phaser.

“It’s not getting them under my control, but they are lovers or female slaves”
“……Fe, Female slave……? I don’t understand what is the difference”

Irina becomes red. She may be unexpectedly naive.

“……There is no difference, I love to embrace erotic women”

When I further declared, Anzeros who heard it from the side panicked.

“What……I, I am erotic!”

I kept silent after insisting. Yup. I think you are actually an erotic girl. Pretty.

“W, Well, here’s the thing, let’s go up and talk slowly”
“Hmm……th, that’s right”

She was dignified at first, but because of the fall, I parted from her who has become completely inaccessible, I rise quickly from the bath and wear clothes.


And we met at the baron’s mansion.

“You probably heard that the elves of the northern forest are divided by clans, I´m the leader of the white clan, Irina, while in the past the silver clan was rude to you”
“The Kingdom of Trot is the owner of the city of Polka, I´m its baron Duran Guto and I am honored to meet you”

Irina and the baron greeted each other in their respective forms.

“And what was the reason for you to come to this place alone?”
“Talking about the Misty palace dragons, I think that for the people of our northern forest, the relationship with them is important, so we need to talk about the human who corrupted Maia”

Her appearance is quite fluent and she has an old-fashioned way of talking with young people. Her words were in contrast to poor Maia.

“I didn’t corrupt her, one of my female slaves was almost killed by Maia and Phaser. I also was nearly killed by them but another dragon saved me. Saying somewhat that it is said that disaster is not cut off……Maia said that we couldn’t kill Phaser because it will great unnecessary anger……that’s why I took Maia hostage, to drive Phaser away”
“Hmm. ……Half-elf?”

Irina gets a glimpse of Anzeros and Apple, who are waiting at the corner of the room.

“Come to think of it, there was a woman in the way to negotiate with Celesta and the silver clan grind their teeth on her”
“That’s Apple, but……I will tell you, I won’t let Apple be hurt by you. Apple is mine. I won’t give her up by using all means”
“Hmm……I see. It’s something to say to a small amount of human habit”

Hiding her mouth with the sleeve of the robe, Irina-san laughs with just a grin.

“Yo, you aren’t scared?”
“Are you afraid? Are you scared, boy?”
“……The power behind you is a little. But I will not yield, because I have a lot of friends”

Saying by myself, but it is a downhill remark of awesome gloominess.

“Huhuhu. Well, do you see an enemy?”

Enemy……isn’t it? No, but. Phaser is self-confident……..

“Let me tell you a good thing, I am not an enemy, boy”

Irina-san stands up, goes next to Maia and strokes her head, whose height is the same. And smiled at the outdoors.

“……Did you notice it?”

A tall elven youth appears to flood from the landscape. It was not a nervous feeling of youngness like Phaser and cranky rolling out, somewhat familiar feeling, but it was a man of a worldly impression like a sword saint.

“……I apologize, to listen so attentively, I am Gorkus, the representative of the Orange clan”
“E, Eh?”

What are these people thinking? It seems that they have no intention to let us out……but still, a great elf came into this prison

“I´m of the white clan”
“Our Orange Clan is on your side”
“Wh, What……?”
“Can you give me an explanation?”

The confused baron asks me with one hand stroking his dandy beard.

“You guys, do you know how much elves are in this northern forest?”

Apple responds lazily to the question of Irina-san.

“10 000”
“……Yes, 10,000. Only 10,000. Nine clans, evenly divided, a thousand people each……sky blue clan princess”

Irina-san waved a talk to Aurora next to Anzeros.

“The forest in the south……what is the number of the sky blue clan?”
“……20, 000 in Klaves and about 60, 000 in the entire forest territory”

To be told, 10,000 was certainly too small in the whole forest. The militant northern elves say that if they have a bow, even 100 Trot´s soldiers will be tossed around by 4 to 5 people. Each one is an elite archer who has the ability of an Ace Knight. It was received as a distant figure of 10,000……it is a vast forest which is said that there is probably about half of the trot kingdom through the North Forest originally does not know the whole picture by anyone. There is no foreign enemy, it is comfortable. Only 10,000 there. Far from the capital, Basson is a bit more.

“Hm. You have a face that says you understand, boy?
“You are gradually beginning to perish”

Two beautiful elves look at us.

“Everything is because of this forest that is too tender and hard to protect”
“In the northernmost forest that continues to bathe in ancient boundaries, we need a shock to go outside……the pain to touch the true light comes out of the light spirit’s bed”
“E, Eemm……?”

Irina and Gorkus nodded.

“Our clan is also presenting family members to the Kingdom of Trot through the red territory”
“The opinions are in agreement……because of the turbulence of” Qi “flow, and because of the speed and strength, the lives of the people of the outside world are very strong”
“We were weakened as life because we were too accustomed to the pure and gentle world”
“To avoid ruin, you need vitality again”

Aurora saw two people.

“If we deny that effort to scold you and stubbornly retaliate if the whole becomes an opportunity to face out……?”
“Yes. ……For that I want to use you, this is a deal, sky blue princess”
“……Absolutely, it will be very selfish”

Aurora said so as if to spit up and looked at them.

“Rejected, white and orange clan leader”

Staring at the surprising Gorkus, Aurora said with a dignified voice.

“We do not have anything other than original, so we will never be defeated, so let us know that our defeat is the destruction of justice of the elves. If not, our win and release are definite matters. How do you trade what you have decided, you should ride the horses at best. ”
“……Good luck”
“Sky blue princess Aurora. ……The southern forest holding you is envious or terrible”

They made a bit of a smile.

“Very well, to protect yourself against all justice”
“Protection of the whole world”

Irina and Gorkus cut out complex marks with aligned movements and give blessings to Aurora.

“The meeting is tomorrow. ……Good luck”
“There is nothing to say”

Aurora in my heart was trustworthy.

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