Half elves fall in love chapter 55

Chapter 55: Clan meeting



Next day. This time the real messenger came and we were brought to the elves’ highest power conference.

“Sky blue princess, are you ready for it?”
“What? Can’t you hear the sleep-talking”
“……You’re very cheeky all the time”

That was said by the swordsman elf who caught Aurora on the way.

“Young and foolish, you who have been poisoned by humans and dark elves, who lost respect for the spirit of light, bears the name of the sky blue clan. The responsibility extends to the discipline of the clan length which is forgotten with your arrogance. You’d better not think about it when it’s over today”
“Please don’t bother me”

Aurora smiled at the swordsman elf and punched his belly. Although it is fine, Aurora is an ace knight, the power is sufficient. The swordsman elf was in agony.

“A low birth like you who misunderstands cause and desire, even if you open your mouth in front of me, I will shred your tongue next if you don’t stop barking foolishly”
“Hey, Aurora”

I try to stop Aurora who is overlooking the swordsman elf with harsh freezes while laughing only with her mouth.

“Good, Andy-san”
“Do not waste your time on them, you didn’t come to declare war”

Aurora sighs. She pulls and grabs the swordsman elf’s hair with a rustling feeling.

“Whether you are dissatisfied with the fact that I am a noble, you are a mere messenger of the silver clan and I am a noble of the sky-blue clan, so guide us. I’ll forgive you for being so unbowed now. But don’t forget, if you aren’t in the position to talk about the justice of the northern forest, you’re not the person who can speak the will of the spirit of light”

She releases her hand. The young elf falls on his butt while having disturbed breathing.

“Behold, you are a branch and leaf that doesn’t have the full command of the clan. You can’t even say a word without borrowing the power of your family without permission, talking about ugly personal taste and desire like righteousness. Don’t defend your discipline and arrogantly tell what and who you are selfish. If you want to express your opinion, take over the clan and come again”
“……Ku, Kuuu”
“You can’t reply. Even a lowly messenger of the silver clan can talk back”

Looking down. ……Aurora fears. Super fear. It seems that there is something like a lion or something intimidating on her back.

“……Ha, I, I apologize for my rudeness. ……The meeting is here”

The swordsman elf eventually yielded. Even if you go upside down, perhaps Aurora is stronger. More than anything, the case as a person is different. The dignity of those who stand above breaks down the despicability of those who do not stand up with sound. Surely Aurora has not only the inner ring of the elves but also the spiritual power and nobility to carry the country. The fact that such a sharp and magnificent girl likes me somehow makes me a little frightful, although reliable.


“I declare the opening of the clan meeting here”

It is an hour to get out of the small boundaries and head towards the back of the forest. On top of the towering trees, the meeting began about 50 meters (climbing the spiral staircase made by staking the trunk of the tree), divided into several scaffolds for each branch and tree and the meeting began. There is no desk. There is no document. It is only the face of the family of each clan that is in front of me.

“The head of the red clan, Diel”

A young long clothed man slowly replied. According to what I heard, the red clan is surely a tribe in the area that is in contact with Trot alongside the silver clan. Irina and Gorkus who came yesterday say they are sending out people via the red clan and their position is close to them. I hope so.

“The head of the white clan, Irina”
“Direct descent of the orange clan, Gorkus”

Are the two of yesterday coincidentally standing side by side in the immediate foothills of us? After Irina replied she made a light wink here.

“Direct descent of the cherry blossom clan, Christie”

A gentle-looking female elf gently puts her hand on her chest and replies. She was also standing on the same scaffold as Irina-san. Their relationship seems to be good. ……The elves so far didn’t have the image of a clan leader, but rather it was a feeling of young people. However, as I felt they look young, I remember that Dianne´s older brother Carlos was over 700 years old, so I didn’t know how old they really are. And, from here, it is an old man who I feel is already more than 60 years old only from seeing.

“The head of the gold clan, Oliver”
“The head of the purple clan, Alma”
“Blue clan head, Vois”
“The head of the green clan, Shaquille”
“I´m here”

And finally.

“And I´m Gast, in the name of the silver clan, we will discuss the petition of the direct descent of the sky blue clan Aurora”
“I appreciate it”

Aurora thanked graciously.

“Then, let us confirm once more, this is a difference between our defense team and the rescue activities of blue dragon Maia”

Prying, it was a nasty way of saying, but it isn’t a mistake. Aurora nodded while frowning.

“From the beginning, my silver clan has a good relationship with the Misty Palace, the residence of the blue dragon race in the back of our territory. The palace itself is out of the bounds, so we look after them as defense cooperators of the barrier and raising up their child dragon”
“……Do you admit that it was a crooked education?”
“Let’s admit that our Phaser is immature as an education staff. But with his loyalty to the race hasn’t yet made a mistake at this time”
“Because of his inexperience, it would be the weakness of Phaser to be forced to see the power of a dragon. However, it is not a mistake to have the power”

I don’t really understand what they are saying. In fact, since this conference is held in elf language, we are asking Apple for simultaneous interpretation. Indeed it is not possible to ask Aurora and Anzeros is bad with elf language. However, it is hard to understand what that silver clan head Gast says.

“Fo, Foreign enemy?”

Where was there a foreign enemy? Only the one who was attacked is Aurora who is an elf noble, Apple who lost her memory and me who was seriously injured. It is misconduct after enlarging and interpreting it from where it is seen, distinguished enemies by arbitrary world view.

“Hmm. That old man, you’re going to say the half-elf over there is a bad person”

Irina-san said so with no indication immediately from the side. Hearing that, silver clan leader Gast glares at Irina-san.

“White, what are you doing”

Irina-san responds by putting the sleeve of her robe on her mouth and smiles before responding with a clear voice.

“Even though the visitors cant understands our words, let’s leave them alone. Wh, whatever you do, there is no big deal no matter what you do and no matter what you discuss silver?”
“……………Good. Really, not good, press it down on a nasty little girl”

I can’t understand that old man’s strange call out. It seems that he stepped on being angry with the explanation to me who seemed to be on the side of the meeting, who seemed to use the prime minister at the same time, whatever he was watching by all means.

“……Bad relationship?”
“Ha, if we are friends is it necessary for us to move. That old man is the forerunner of the closure of boundaries. Conservatives who stick to pureblood and purity, such as gentle extinction”

Subsequently, Gorkus also came to our side.

“……As you guessed, they are conservatives and we aren’t on the same opinion during clan meetings”
“Ev, even if you lose purity you cant regain it……but you do not understand the argument. Well, there will be a purely worthwhile value to settle”

If it is a standard language of humans, it is livery to say that it is a posture which does not refute, too and two people were able to do.

“Does he mean the half-elf which is our companion with a foreign enemy?”
“Of course”
“There is no such a fact. Excuse me, I’m just trying to be far fetched by the frenzy of Phaser´s madness”
“Then. ……you can say why there is no fact”
“Sky blue princess, how much do you know about that impurity? If you listen to it more, the impurity, the memory of the past is ambiguous”
“At least we know the 15 years that she doesn’t remember”
“In the 15 years, do you say that there is a case of proof evidence?”
“Then. At least……the trick degree to which the forest is opened to us is doubted”
“Think about it. How can the bow of the degree to be confused defend the forest? Lads were proud to have shot the human tribe at that time. Even though they are young, it is clear that there is no meaning in the benefit of the forest by shooting the impurity which is known to be a black sheep everywhere. Rather……”

Broadly grinning, old man, Gast laughed.

“For the other races, she seemed like a silly elf wandering around in the forest despite placing a fight on her own, shooting her with the intention of revenge…..which martial arts or something that has been saved helps us to do more intimidating negotiations……is it impossible for an ambitious human”

Apple opens her eyes. Indeed, the scenario of old man Gast had persuasive power. Therefore. Humans have little to do with the distinction between half-elves and elves.

“W, wait!”
“Of course, we do not have confirmation with us. That being used to that extent to humans, a witness that doesn’t seem to question anything, is not it something at that neck? Daughter of purple´s clan Lunaris, thrown away Apple”

On Apple´s neck is an old collar. The collar which is the proof that she is mine, as promised by me. Fifteen years of a blank. It is packed with a thought for me that she hasn’t remembered yet. It is a piece of side evidence that Apple is in a state where it isn’t surging and she shows that it isn’t surprising to make a resolute determination. An ordinary woman with such a collar is not a thing to thank. If I had thought so much, I suppose that if the memory comes back she will be on our side. She will keep her memory of the situation that would be beneficial to the northern elves and will continue to be an idol of tragedy for the human race in the future. For an elf, it’s enough to be called a foreign enemy.


There is convincing power that I don’t think exists in Gast’s scenario. And if you try to ascertain the truth or falsehood, Apple won’t deny the speculation of old man Gast whether shaking her head sideways. I can not do anything if Apple has appealed to “having a reason to hide”. This is tough.

“Sky blue princess. You are not punished for suspicion, or was it certainly Arkas saying?”
“Sorry, but to protect the nestled forest in the northernmost forest, you will be able to understand as much as you don’t deserve”
“If in doubt so far, it is enough for the cause in which the silver clan´s Phaser gets busy”
“And there is no way for this silver clan´s boy to recover the lost dragon from their hands without fail”


“The old people are pushing up”

Irina-san, who had been interpreting instead of Apple that got overwhelmed, kept her eyes sharply. Even if Apple will be treated as a traitor as it is……damn it. I can’t speak the elf language.

“What to do, Andy……how do you manage to escape?”
“Hey, emm, white-nee-chan, co, cooperation……can we do it?”
“Its Irina. I’m afraid it’s not something you can run away from. This is the ancient barrier, and space is free to some extent”

The proposal of Anzeros and Jeanne is certainly not realistic. I don’t even have any idea how we can get out.

“Then, fight”
“Maia, calm down. The holy beast won’t keep silent if you disturb the clan meeting”

Maia also appealed to Gorkus with an amiable proposal. …… Damn, what do we do?

“Is that all of your stubbornness, 10-man captain Aurora”

Behind us, there was a low and gentle voice.

Looking back at it, there was a big giant wearing goggles.

“O, Old man!? How!?”
“Good morning, youth. ……Elves, I am disturbing you”

As expected the clan chiefs were also shocked.

“Who are you, human?”
“I´m a passing traveller”

Sir Bonaparte, as usual announces.

“In addition, I’m someone that instructs the 10-man captain over there a bit”
“……Fool. Someone, bind him up!”

Several elves pop out with the voice of old man Gast and shoot arrows one after another. Are they going to tie him up with a rope after he gets ineffective? ……It doesn’t mean anything.

“Don’t rush, elves!”

Sir Bonaparte avoided all with a minimum movement. It’s amazing how this old man doesn’t even seem to be avoiding it at all.

“Damn it! Hit! Hit!!”
“I will do my best, but there is a word of self-defense”

Old man Bonaparte approached the elves who shot the arrows and beat them with a strike. The elves snuck in the trunk of the tree. Tremblingly running away.

“It’s troublesome to fight everyone and I feel sorry for you, so why don’t you stop shooting soon?”

When the old man says, the elves are frightened.

“Don’t be afraid! One human……you can take hostages as well”

A white hand goes straight to the neck of the old man Gast.

“Hoho. ……You´re too noisy and feel impatient. If you don’t quiet down I might accidentally roast half of the forest”
“Hi……who are you?”
“Andy Smithson’s mount, Black Dragon Laila. ……Give up elves, why do you brush yourself?”

While flickering the dragon body behind the scenes, Laila licks her mouth with her long tongue.

“It’s a troubled meeting. Let’s continue with the discussion”

Dianne and Hilda were on nearby branches. Hilda is waving happily.

“Dark elves……!?”
“The forest is defiled, eliminate them”
“Strange guys, what are they going to do?”

The elderly elves panic. Irina-sam momentarily flashes, then giggles.

“It’s impossible. Even this woman, I’m sure is able to stop all the people of the silver clan”
“Celesta´s 『War god』 is it? The dark elf’s trump card that settled the previous war”
“What’s the matter……what about the barrier?”
“War……is it war, in the end”

Clan leaders move around in confusion.

“Long time no see, Dianne”
“……Were you in this clan meeting because you became a clan leader, Irina?”

……They are acquainted. If you are mocking for the appearance of sudden colleagues, Anzeros strikes my back.

“The atmosphere has changed, from here it’s your fight”
“……M, Me?”

Ah. That’s it.

“……That’s right”

I see Aurora is stunned by the rapid deployment like me. That’s it. What should I do?

“Not yet, Aurora”
“You want to be righteous. You believe that elves have justice”


“Don’t stop at your opponent’s mouth, so don’t be deceived by not being able to prove it or trust it if you don’t understand. If you want confidence, look back”
“Your battle isn’t over yet, it hasn’t even begun yet!”

Aurora looks back. Dignified, bringing back this lion’s fighting spirit.

“Chief of the Silver clan. If it is the elf’s way of the northern forest to kill others at the end of the delusion, this forest is the prison of the spirits that only give birth to monsters”
“Wh, what……”
“It was a place to be swallowed. The disgusting truth is truly a narrow-mindedness that only yourself admits and it is madness that the theory is armed and oneself and others deceive. You´re deceived by the scammer who doesn’t do anything and it is possible to look at everything maliciously and how to have twisted the good intentions of the forest which nurtures life”
“Rude……sk, sky-blue clan, excommunicate!”
“Shut up, you are so foolish and ugly and daily you are abusive to the human race which has the strength to stand and live even if deceived or betrayed! It is not because you are sure that you have the illusion that you are noble and even the ugliness is caught by the kindness of the forest and it isn’t reflected on the water surface! Why don’t you notice it yourself! If you think it is excellent, kind and correct, you should shake the bulk and jump out under the sun! If the back is defended to a strong forest and the spirit of light, what is the dignity to the person who does not fastidiousness one justice!”

Overwhelming the elderly people living in this forest, Aurora exclaimed in a determined manner.

“Don’t use the spirit of the forest and spirit of the light, don’t use them as a shield! Don’t make it your armor! You are their protectors!”

The square on the big trees calms down. Standing at a branch just above that, slowly looking down, Selenium slowly opened her mouth.

“It is an elf of the silver clan that shot Apple. I swear to the spirit of light”

Selenium appears. Finally, everyone gathered.


“Gu, ……meme”

“Yeah yeah, you lose, Gast-jiisan”

*Pun* *Pun* *Pun*, Clap, the young long clothed elf hang his elbow on the shoulder of Gast while grinning.

“Di, Diel……you, are over-familiar”
“Shut up and be silent Gast”

The red clan chief Diel kept silent till then, but suddenly pushes away old man Gast and gathers the attention of all. And then.

“Although it was quite interesting, the more you change with your mouth, the more elves aren’t a soft race”
“Diel, you”
“What to say”

Irina-san and Gorkus look away from Diel’s words.

“You ought to agree with the outside policy……”
“Ah, I. That, what is it
“What does it mean”
“Anyway it’s necessary, executive power is……everyone saw, this is what I have to change if this is the case”

Diel pointed to Aurora.

“I want to compete with you, sky blue princess”
“……We would be fine if we could stop even unreasonable wolves.”
“Only the mouth?”
“……It’s not”

Oh, this young man, he understands how to talk with Aurora in this short time. Somehow amazing.

“Then, that’s right……”

Diel laughs.

“Till then you must kill the holy beast”

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