Half elves fall in love chapter 56

Chapter 56: Mansion of the clan head 【Maia · others】



The ancient barrier that characterizes the northern elves seems to have various functions as well as functions that simply sever 「Inside」 and 「Outside」. It is a relic which represents the ruins of the ancient civilization alongside the labyrinths and the dragonslayers and it is originally a limited land……emm, setting up multiple points of presence? It seems that it was installed with the intention of using narrow land widely, although I don’t understand in detail (Irina and Diel said “feeling to attach multiple bindings and a table of contents to a book” and so on). Even if it walks the circumference outside the barrier and calculates the inside, it is said that it will be about 750 when it sums up and surveys the territory of each clan inside while it is about 100 wide. I was impressed with Dianne and Hilda, but I don’t know what it is anymore in my head

“Emm, if the size of the outside and the inside is different……you’re not troubled? You’re in trouble, you’re forced to get in, and you’re going to break it if you think you’re breaking it, right?”

When I hit a simple question on Diel, Diel nodded.

If the boundary function disappears at a stretch, the ground is distorted to fill the theoretical difference and the whole trace of the boundary becomes a jagged topography over the eastern mountain region, with the least damage being expected. The swaying prospects『 Doesn’t stand up to the duplication of existence, and it makes a big explosion involving the northern half of the continent』”

“The land itself”
“But we know that we can do it if we want to do it. We are not desperately desperate because of the dates and drunkenness”

What a relic of the ancient civilization, it is just an outrageous double-edged sword.

And, it seems that some of the functions of such an ancient boundary are that they move instantaneously within the boundaries.

“Even though you can only do so at certain points between the clans, you will walk a considerable distance to the labyrinth where the holy beast is”
“…..The labyrinth is the place where the holy beast is”

Suddenly an adventurer-like setup is arranged.


Night. We were taken to the “Red clans” territory where there the holy beast was by the teleportation of the barrier. Of course, there is no reason that there is no inn and shops in a tribal village that refuses to interact with the outside world and is on the verge of ruin. It will be awkward to stay in Diel’s mansion.

“But why do we have to defeat the holy beast?”

I sat on a bed in the drawing-room and asked Aurora and Apple to imagine the circumstances of the neighborhood.

“Holy beast……I heard that it is a horse of the same size as a dragon”
“I have heard that it has feathers. It also has six legs”
“It has high intelligence and is immortal”
“……No, no matter what it looks like, I don’t know why Diel says he wants us to beat it because it’s a holy beast?”

Holy Beast. It is a mutant of a creature that the flow of “Qi” gave birth as well as monsters. A lunatic monster who loses reason and sometimes obeys its destructive impulse unrequitedly. On the contrary, it is an illegal person who develops intelligence and does not generate mass like monsters, but almost immortality as long as it is under the influence of the flow of the qi of the land. Because of its high intelligence, it is often revered as a guardian of the nation, religion, and land, and it is highly unlikely that a person of the land will oppose the holy beast. …..Because it is not possible to fight and sell an opponent who never dies. But, Diel says that we should beat it.

“Possibly, it may be because it is something which never dies……”
“Th, That’s why?”
“The holy beast is immortal, but its strength is also a measure. If our power is good enough to make it die temporarily, it will certainly prove that we aren’t just talking”

Dianne nodded.

“And, if the holy beast is a substitute for the 『Spirit of light』, then it may be a kind of priesthood, a passing ritual initiation, to compare the arms with it”
“……Passing ritual initiation?”

In other words, by comparing the holy beast to the old conservative clan chiefs and letting us act on behalf of the innovative clan chiefs, we will let them know the flow of the era without dividing the tribe?

“It’s a punishment for doing it”

When I said that, Selenium who was listening from the side was laughing.

“I thought from before, but surprisingly, Andy-san is very religious”
“Is, is that so?”
“Yes, you can’t eat the meat of a monster, when you don’t refine it with the salt from the church”
“Yo, You mean……what”
“We half don’t like it that much. There is no such thing as God’s side. I don’t care much about punishment or anything. I’m living a pretty happy life”

The tone of Selenium is calm, but what she is saying makes it feel like a severe life. Certainly, it may be a good thing.

“But I don’t think that’s what it is……”
“God will punish you, or you want to hit, not like that. ……Apart from that, I don’t want to think that there is no God”
“Is that so?”
“……It is important to thank God. It’s important for me to thank someone for being happy”

I am alive now, definitely because of everyone. And it is probably thanks to God that I am surrounded by people I like. It seems that I think that I think that this is timing, inevitability, my charm, energy and so on, anyway, I’m dealing with it myself. But I hate to think so.

“What makes you happy is that you can live……or someday you will become happy, not only by your hand but more, God, your friends, your parents, your ancestors and maybe someone who doesn’t know your name perhaps because he prays. I want to think that someone remembers the words that I loved, what I struggled with, and I couldn’t even put them in my mouth. ….I want to think that the world is woven like that and that it will arrive someday. I’m more than happy to think that I’m not alone”
“……Is that so?”

The little sweet idea I’ve said may be nothing more than silly words to Selenium and others who live longer. But. I don’t think it’s right to be happy. Naturally, I don’t think that I was happy. I think that we came here because a lot of people and God who I saw somewhere hoped that I, Selenium, Apple, and everyone could be happy. And always thanks for that. Because I believe in that, I will continue to wish and endeavor.

“……That’s right. It may be as Andy says”

Anzeros nods earnestly.

“But it won’t be possible to fight the holy beast”

Dianne makes a troubled face. ……No, that’s why I think.

“What does this guy plane”

Red clan chief, Diel. The northern elves are supposed to be pious to the holy beast and the spirit of light. ……What is he thinking?


“Ho. I don’t want to talk about difficult stories”
“Yeah. Human, today isn’t moving at all. Quickly train. Me”

While playing in the water, the dragon pair talks optimistically. ……By the way, we were applied in the back where there are unnaturally large beds and baths. The baron and the many clan chiefs who have been there are being given a room of ordinary size.

“Have a minute. I think this room is somewhat strange”
“……You’re going to say it now”
“Because of Andy……ah”

Aurora and Dianne look at each other and have subtle faces.

“What do you want, if you think it’s funny, get in faster”
“……Not funny, this is”
“Eh, well……not satisfying”

What are they saying?

“……There is a room like this in the back of my father’s mansion”
“In my father’s and brother’s mansion……”

? Minister Ashton, Dior, General Lucas……? What is the common term?

“Andy-kun, cute♪”
“Hoho, my owner is a common man. ……But if you have a house anyway, do you think it will be necessary?”
“……Certainly, those people aren’t common people. Diel is also hard to be called a common person……but it is a strange room that such people must have…..”

I put my hand on the chin and think. Why is the bathing ground and bed in the same room? Humidity is not good for the bed material as it is usually considered. It is said that everyone has it. Do rich people also say that they have the habit of sleeping straight up in after taking a bath?

“I can understand the way it is”

Anzeros sighed.

“This is a so-called big story, an extreme story……”
“It’s a messy room. Something is useful when the water is near”

……I am rigid. Well, whatever. I’m not a customer here. Normally, it is a room dedicated to erotic acts that will probably have both Diel who is an elf’s orthodox and two or three wives. That’s why he lent it to us.

“………I wonder if all the girls who are erotic are related to each other at one glance……”

Uwaa, embarrassing. If you think, everyone is comparatively calm.

“That’s it. ……It seems that people heard from Phaer that you´re an animal trainer”
“I think it’s funny that they really believe Andy is one”
“Well, you’re talking about it. You’re a boat to cross”
“I feel like it’s a little bit over-driven, but now I’m kidding Andy-san, I’m not going to hide it.”
“I put a lot of hip-swinging in here. I’m waiting for you”

Maia lifts her hips to show off in the water. I have to do a little.

“Well, then, do we stand in a row so that Andy can love us for the first time in a while?”
“Everyone, you mustn’t move by yourself♪ Its Andy-san’s training♪”
“It’s king play”
“I want you to hug me”
“Is it really supposed to be reserved, Hilda-sensei?”
“Yes, it’s an emergency now. ……Please refrain from being a single person as it is an emergency.”
“……And if Andy-san’s going to have a house, then every day……it is held in such a lively way”
“Hoho. This isn’t too bad. Well, who is the first to be loved?”

Everyone took off their clothes and lined up next to Maia. A variety of large and small black and white, but all equally attractive buttocks lined up in the indoor bath.

“……No, somehow……it’s a view I can’t think of that we are going to the holy beast tomorrow”

Well, my crotch is fired up. I know the softness of every ass and the comfort of every hole. It is an all-you-can-eat option for me without any delay tonight.

“Quickly human. ……Th, That, I can see it”
“Maia-chan is waiting for you”
“Hey hey, come quickly♪”
“The number of buttocks are the norm of training♪”

Lovey-dovey raw sex training with unsurpassed beauties. ……U, Umm. I’m getting excited!

“If you get tired and can’t move…..that’s when I’ll ride you”
“Because I and Hilda-san can use stamina recovery magic, please do your best!”

While listening to the cheers I don’t really understand whether Anzeros and Selenium were ready, but I thrust into Maia.

“Ngyauu……hu, human, rough……”
“Ah, sorry……”

I was too vigorous because I was excited. However, while Maia seems to be a little bit painful, she already shows the flame of a dirty pervert in the back of her eyes.

“……You’re an idiot, eh? ……That’s your waist training”
“Training equipment is a female dragon hole……”
“……I, I don’t understand……but I’m a female hole that’s training equipment……”

If even Jeanne is seen by people, please don’t wake her up anymore, though she is a painful masochist of a class called military police.

“U, use it a lot……I, a female hole……exclusive use for your cock, training equipment……♪”
“Maia, you seem to have been fairly taught in this week”
“Uhh…… this human, great pervert…..my body, already fell in love with this cock……♪”

While having sex, Maia confesses with an enchanted expression.

“This human´s lewd eyes, look……womb, aching…… children, I want to become pregnant with a thrill…… I want to have my womb filled with semen until it reaches the limit……!!”
“……Ho. How much did you train her Andy”
“Hey, hey, normal!”

This is just because she has a high absorbency. However, this girl, who had been an iron mask until a while ago, shook her buttocks and put in my cock, thinking about the current situation, it is a feeling that she did what she really wants. So.

“Ah, come, come…… come, human´s cock, come……!!”

Actually, Maia, who hasn’t had much sex yet, has already started to wear a dull look. I love lewd girls, but I am a little scared if she has a high degree of adaptability. ……I may be exhausted all the time. No, I’ve always thought of it since I first held Selenium. Everyone is lewd and too cute.

“Nha, aaaaa♪”

My fingers dig into this smooth small buttocks, I penetrate Maia’s vagina very deep, the cervix pricks a little and I ejaculate. Maia screams happily by turning her back, and she shows exhaustion.

“Haa……Haa……wh, what?”

Maia stares at me with erotic eyes with a stiff neck and shakes her ass.

“Already, not good……”
“Is, Is that so”
“Human´s penis, hands, I love really…..already, not good. Never let go of me”

Even though it is a little child, how far.

“Hey, Andy. You still have a lot of hips. Don’t skip your training!”

Dianne’s words warn me that I was about to attack Maia again. No. There is still a lot. Still, the skin-colored night isn’t over.

……I mean, I’d rather be the one trained.

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