Half elves fall in love chapter 570

Chapter 570: Kalwin Rebirth 7 【Beatrice etc.】

I had thought about giving her some time to prepare herself, but Beatrice seemed to be the type of person who values momentum more than preparedness and told me that I didn’t need to wait for any time. If there is nothing I can do anyway and all I can do is accept the situation, there is no point in being prepared. The best thing to do is to get it over with as soon as possible……it seemed like she was able to take that into account, even though she was young and had only been on the front lines of that harsh country. Well, considering what she ended up doing, I’m not sure whether I should praise her too much.

“So, Beatrice. ……No, wait a minute”


“You shouldn’t take off your clothes so carelessly and rashly”

Right in front of me, she untied her clothes while still in front of me and with one hand I stopped Beatrice who was trying to forcefully take them off.

“Why? Anyway……I just need to act like that dark elf from earlier. She was also naked from the beginning, so what’s wrong with that?”

“Beatrice. When it comes to sex, you can’t start unless a man’s penis has grown. It’s a matter of getting him in the mood. Hilda has a great body, so she can stimulate a man’s instincts even if she’s completely naked, but you’re not a very rich woman, so you’re not ready for such a emotionless thing……”


I sigh deeply when Neia sees me telling Beatrice with a straight face how important it is to 「Undress」. No, but, you know, it’s important. That’s pretty much it.

“If you don’t have enough of an erection, you can suck my cock, okay?”

“No, since I’m going to have Beatrice’s first time, you’ll probably regret it if it doesn’t get bigger by Beatrice herself”

“……As expected of you, Andy-kun. Be prepared”

“What are you two talking about……?”

Seeing me nodding deeply with Hilda-san, Beatrice reveals her doubts. I slowly approached Beatrice and whispered to her as I gently removed the remaining clothing.

“I want to be sincere about your first time. That’s all”

“……It’s not really……I guess it’s to heal my hand”

“No matter what it’s for, the first time only happens once. I’m going to face your charm and have sex with you

“……There is no such thing as……charm”

Beatrice looked down as she was being undressed relatively obediently (as she couldn’t use her left hand, it was apparently difficult to undress). She always gave the impression of being confident and aggressive, but in terms of her feminine charms, she seemed to have no self-confidence at all. She was brought up in Kalwin, where there was only poor food and she had no particular Elvish blood in her veins and she had devoted herself to the brutal training of heroes from an early age. But she is still young and although a bit juvenile, her face is not bad. Her underdeveloped body is a little hard to defend, but she exercises a lot, so her style itself is beautiful. Her black hair looks like she doesn’t take much care of it, and it’s undeniably dry, but……can still be followed through with that. I’m not sure what to expect. She’s not totally unattractive.

“It’s okay. If you live in Polka for a while, you’ll become as beautiful as the elves.  You’re not bad material, you know”

“Huh……you’re a good talker, aren’t you?”

“Also, I don’t think having small breasts is bad at all

“Don’t lie to me……you always have a samurai around, all the girls with big tits……even Neia Grans”

“My first child was born to a dwarf girl and her tits are thinner than yours”

“……I, I don’t know, but that’s a bit like raping a child……”

“It’s a difference of opinion”

I take off her top and gently expose her nipples, then insert my hand between her underwear and strokes it as I pull it down. Beatrice’s skin is also marked with many old scars, just like Neia’s once was. Perhaps she is ashamed of them and assumes that she has abandoned the woman or that she is unattractive. It’s certainly a painful feeling if you don’t know. But as I become more and more aware of Beatrice’s increasingly sullen appearance and of the depths of her warm skin, of the unexplored sinuses of flesh that accept a man’s lust, my excitement steadily increases. I don’t know how it is for me to think she’s defective as a woman because she doesn’t have breasts, or because she has scars, or for any other reason……but it’s a feeling that seems a bit excessive. There are still many things that make a woman attractive. I’m not sure why she’s so disappointed.

“R, Relax…….”

“Yaa……that’s a dirty……p, pee hole……!”

“I don’t think so. This is the hole where the pee comes out and this is the hole where the cock goes in. ……If it’s not more squishy, it won’t go in very far, Beatrice”

“Gu, it’s so squishy……wh, what……!”

I hugged Beatrice from behind while she was still standing and played with her crotch generously with my right hand, making my fingers dance as if playing a song. My right arm, which has been there for the first time in a long time, is sensitive, perhaps because it was just born and the skin on my left hand has become so hard that I can feel minute sensations that I can’t even feel anymore. The way I spread Beatrice’s labia with my fingers, teased and kneaded her was her enemy until just a few days ago and I was making the girl, who is more than ten years younger than me, writhe in agony. Along with the sense of conquest, I make her feel an indescribable pleasure. I sometimes reassure Beatrice in her ear, or whisper things that will stir her up and I concentrate on making her feel that way for a while. Neia picked up Beatrice’s clothes that had been taken off and thrown around her and as she folded them, she looked a little confused.

“Maybe you’re jealous☆”

“Eh, uee……!? N, No, that……to begin with, to Smithson-san, I’m only the tenth……twenty-second female slave he’s ever had”

“Andy, no matter how many times you’re in his arms, is going to take great care of you, okay? Also, is it okay to be jealous? Don’t be mean to the girl he’s hugging, just show that you want him to hug you too☆”

“Th……That, even if you say so……”

Neia fidgets and plays with Beatrice’s underwear. If she was the usual Beatrice, she might have said something about her appearance, but Beatrice, who is at the mercy of the sexual pleasure given to her by another person for the first time in her life, has no such luxury. Danced around by the fingering technique and feeling the presence of my cock in her ass, Beatrice was whimpering and panting, unable to control her voice at any moment. She helplessly realizes that she is a 「Female」 and exposes her lasciviousness in front of me.

“Hia, a, no, nooooo, aa, huaaaaa……ahiiiii!?”

It’s starting to get more and more fun when she reacts so well, but I’´m already making her knees tremble and she’s clinging to my arms around her with both of my hands from under her and she’s barely able to stand. I don’t think it’s a good idea to blame her too much.

“Breakcore, Laila, Hilda. ……Its about time”



“I’m on it☆”

Beatrice follows my arm and slowly descends to the floor from her knees, huffing and puffing as she waits for the waves of pleasure to subside. Three women were positioned around me, supporting me from behind. Laila hugs me from behind. Breakcore reaches out her hand to Beatrice, who is lost in pleasure and gently touches her forehead with her finger. And Hilda, who touches me and Beatrice from the side and prepares to control us with her magic. While making sure we are each in position, I remove my hand, wet with Beatrice’s love juices, from between her legs, turn her dorsal side so that I have a streak of love juices next to Beatrice’s waist and gently push my cock down, aiming it at the narrowest part of Beatrice’s labia…….


“Beatrice. ……I’ll take your first time”


Beatrice throbs, then nods slightly and thrusts her hips back just a little. The glans buries itself slightly at the entrance to her meat hole. I nod to the surrounding women with just my eyes and begin my invasion of her vagina.

“N……gu, nnn……o, ouch……!”

“Do your best, it’s only the beginning…”

“Rip it……ru, ……!!”

I’ve never had a load on me like that before. I could feel Beatrice’s private parts creaking as a load was placed on her that she had never felt before. Beatrice, who has been moaning with pleasure up to now, makes a screaming tone at the sharpness of the pain. I’m a little torn between stopping here and there and remembering Beatrice’s 「Principle」, I choose to forcefully push forward.

“It hurts a little more……!”

“N, kuu……o, okay, come on……!”

Beatrice didn’t want it to last too long, but she agreed with my words and made her body stiffen. I really want her to relax, but I can’t say it’s impossible. I grab Beatrice’s hips with both hands and with a mighty gulp, gulp, gulp, I force my cock deep inside her. I feel something snapping. The sensation of penetrating Beatrice, who screams inaudibly, to the very end, making her a woman……. The feeling of making it into a meat hole.

“Gu, giii…………!!”

“This is probably the deepest……!”

“……Haa, haa……th, this……this, this is what everyone……is doing……!?”

“Some girls have an easier time getting their first……but now we’re ready”


Beatrice looks a little strange as she turns around. 

“I’ve just connected”

In response, Laila and Hilda finish their final preparations.

“Ho, we’re ready too”

“I’m also……ready. This shouldn’t be too much trouble”

“……Let the regeneration begin”

Beatrice’s whole body beats with a thump. And then, from that left wrist……where there is now none, a squirt of fluid floods in, causing Beatrice to panic for a moment.

“Eh, I……hate it, what the hell is this……h, hurting!?”

“Its regenerating now, hang in there for a while……”

“D, Don’t move at a time like this……!

“No, Andy-kun, move and move. Let the sensation of sex distract her a little☆”

“Hilda, don’t get distracted”

“Ho, if you’re doing this, it’s like you’re having sex with the owner♪”

The blood-like pus-like fluid spraying from her left wrist, the bone, flesh and skin tissue stretching little by little. Without concentrating on the pain and surprise of it all, Beatrice is fucked by me and poked in the cervix. Surrounded by naked women, she has her first experience with supernatural phenomena happening on her arm. It is a path that the cat beasts have also taken, but I am sure Beatrice is in a confused sensation as well. But once I started, I couldn’t stop so easily either. In fact, Beatrice, despite her rather poor appearance, may be a pretty good fucker. The shape of the vagina has its own unique undulations and every time I move the glans in and out, I lick it, giving me a truly colorful and pleasurable experience. ……I’m sorry for her, but I’m enjoying the pleasures of the vagina, which is probably right in terms of what Hilda calls vaginal technique. And then, glancing out of the corner of my eye, I recognize Neia with a slightly troubled look on her face, but I don’t get to the meaning of that look, just let the feeling of ejaculation fill my head. And then, ejaculation.


“A, hiaa, uwayaaaa!?”


“Alright, in order!”

Dokun! Dokun, dokun, dokun, dokun……dokun, dokun.

I spit semen into Beatrice’s vagina. As usual, too much semen overflowed from her vagina and the pinkish color was a sign of Beatrice’s purity. I was transfixed by it, but Beatrice was having none of it.

“R, Really……it has grown……”

She looked at her left hand, which had been revived while covered in the same deluge of liquid as I had been, in dismay.

Giving up on the aftermath, I moved away from Beatrice’s ass. And as I scurried around looking for something to wipe, I noticed Neia staring at me as if she had made up her mind.


“E, Emm…….”


“……M, Me too……n, not good, okay?”


“I, I’m going to……I, I’m yours too……”

“Maybe……do you feel like having sex?”

“……Emm, ……I mean, I want to, that……”

Neia’s face turns red and she stammers. A man’s voice suddenly echoed from her waist.

“She was jealous of that girl. Please understand”

“F, Flash sword!?”

Neia reacts with a start, grabs the flash sword, wraps it around her cloak and throws it into a room at the back of the hut. Then, after sighing, she looked at my face with a sense of timidity. Smiling bitterly, I spread my legs a little sloppily and sat on the floor, showing off my dick.

“If you’re going to do it, why don’t you ask Hilda-san to undo the birth control?”

“……Y, Yes”

Neia smiled happily and replied.

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