Half elves fall in love chapter 68

Chapter 68: Return to Basson



Laila and Dianne release the hidden illusion of the carriage that had been hidden outside Polka. I touched the handle to open the door and retracted my hand to the icy coldness.

“Uwa, cold……”
“That would be so because it was buried in snow for over a month”

Dianne laughs. Next, Anzeros, Selenium, Jeanne and the others get on the carriage and begin checking.

“Nothing was stolen, right?”
“Have you left something that could be stolen in the first place?”
“Well, we took all money, clothes, and armor with us……but the lanterns, ropes, charcoal, etc which were left behind, are still here which is good”

If I don’t do anything, I feel useless, so I try to approach the carriage meaninglessly.

“Axle and wheels……no problem”
“Ho. Even if there is a problem, I just lift and carry it. You don’t have to worry”
“I, I know”

Everyone is busy in their own way and it is good that I pretended to be busy, too. I wasn’t able to do sword smithing or armor smithing yet, but I’m doing very well with harnesses and carriages. ……Yes, it is useless anyway.

“It’s cold, so it will surely take the whole day to warm up……”
“Warming……even if, what shall we do?”

Aurora and Apple, who are more girls like, tremble on the carriage like an ice chamber. ……No, Anzeros or Jeanne seems to ignore the coldness and the dragons are the ones who don’t bother in the first place as they are completely naked in the snow.

“Shall I use my breath?”
“Do you want to blaze it up”
“I wonder if it’s okay to leave for a while to a warm place”
“Is there a warm place for the carriage?”

Formulating a plan with obscurity. In the end, it was decided to buy a lot of blankets.

Today we finally fly back to the corps building.


“I’m going. I wish I could stop and live here”

When I went to say goodbye to the baron, it looked like he had a face. I was here for a while, but I was still in the care of the baron.

“The blacksmith workplace is now in Jackie-san’s hands and there is no home anymore. And I can’t survive without a home or job”
“I see……umm. But I am waiting for you to come back”

I shaking hands with the baron. The silver-haired elf Irina, who was next to him, smiled.

“No living place. Why don’t you live with the black dragon in the desert, or at Sky-blue clan’s princess, Dianne and Hilda’s place or at Misty Palace with their youngest child”
“That’s an individual’s personal hometown and not my own asset……”

I haven’t given up my life to such an extent that I decide to live in the care of someone else but to live my own life.

“If a man relies on that, it would be embarrassing to have a child”
“Hmm. It’s not bad for a male parent’s pride”

Irina smiles.

“Which, then, would you be the right-hand man? Work for the harmony of the elves and the races and let this job be done by me”

Mu, Muu. Elven ambassador and diplomatic coordination. ……If it is said, it may be a little worse……or?

“Please wait. Andy-san’s personal matter can be disregarded, so why are you the right-hand man?”
“In most cases, you’re still an ambassador. What kind of right-hand man will you be at the minute of the current situation?”
“Muu, don’t say that, Dianne. Even though Smithson-dono was getting gritty”

……Ah, dangerous.

“By the way, Smithson-san. My father……”
“Ruth……young master”
“It’s okay to call me Ruth”

He hasn’t yet been told of Sir Bonaparte’s parting a few days ago. However, it was told that I had seen him off. And, Ruth has been pursuing “something” there, saying, “It’s my father, I just don’t think that he was called by someone”. They are truly parent and child. But, honestly, it was unbelievable and I only told him that “I waved my hand normally”.

It may not be a mistake. Yup. Who is Arthur Bonaparte? The strongest swordsman in the kingdom, a man with the ability to even surpass a dragon. And his name is also known for his loyalty to the king. He was as close as being King Ulysses best friend and they were enshrined as the two wheels of the nation. Princess Reina and Ruth have been engaged. And if you look at Bonaparte’s strict but worrying attitude to Ruth, I don’t think that he will try to destroy the future of his family and his nation.

“So that’s exactly what he said. We didn’t talk about what he will do……”

Let’s assume that I didn’t ask. Either way, I am only a soldier, who is just ordinary and I’m also just a skeptical strangely guy who is favored by other races. I do not think it will affect the future of the country. That’s why Sir Bonaparte probably said such a thing with intention. I decided to think so.


We get on the carriage, are lifted up by Laila and take off.

“Co, Cold……”
“He……Hey Andy, that…… is it okay to stick together?”
“Ah, Anze-chan is sly!”
“Well, then I warm up Andy-sama’s lap”
“I’m telling you it’s a reserved seat for me! I won’t give it up today!”

I open the wood window from inside the car that is dreary and noisy and drop my eyes outside the carriage.

“Ho. …..You still reluctant?”

I dare affirm the dreadful indications of Chibi Laila riding on my shoulder. Nostalgic hometown. Hometown which did not change. But my house went to someone else, my mother had already left and Apple and Selenium were in this carriage. If I fly away like this, my connection with Polka is gone. Without a special connection, it will be one of the many memories of a city like Klaves or Talc. It was a strange loneliness.

“My hometown……but I didn’t think it was so lonely that there were no parents or home in my hometown anymore”
“Yes. ……That’s the way it is”

……Ah. Speaking of which, Laila’s parents, siblings, and friends are all on the west continent.

“I, what will happen from now on?”
“Hoho. Yeah……well, I can only say one thing”
“I will not leave. Until the day you take your last breath while having your penis into my womb, I will be by your side, maybe decades, no, a hundred years later. Absolutely”
“Wait. I’m determined to die”

……Ah. Uh. But such time. Right now I feel loneliness, powerlessness, and anxiety about the future. But still, Laila says that.

“……Damn it. I really do it. I will continue to fuck you until I die”
“Wh, What a tearful voice”

……I was really happy and I loved it.


Taking the wind along the Snake Mountains, we fly all the way south. And at night, we finally saw the cut through of Viol pass.

“Aaaa, over there is the Viol pass”

To my words, Anzeros put her face out of the window and raises a happy voice.

“That’s the closest border route from Basson. It takes less than two hours to get there with a carriage”
“In the middle between the city and the pass is our corps building”
“I see, I see”

Laila nods and raises a little higher.

“There it is. You can see the three-story building and the small storehouse”

And with that high eyesight, I wanted to find another house from the sky above the fort.

“That it”
“Get down while hiding the illusion properly”

As Dianne stabbed the nail, Chibi Laila had an awkward face.

“You don’t need to repeat it. I said sorry so many times”
“I hope so”

……Come on. It’s been only three months, but it’s the nostalgic corps building of our crossbow corps. How is everyone doing?


Laila lands slowly in the corner of the training area. And everyone got off……by the way, a restrive bull carrying a huge iron plate was running away in front of us with great force.


What? Suddenly, Dianne stretches her hand and grabs something in front of my eyes. ……It was an arrow.

“E, Uwaaaa!!?”

I fall on my butt in the sudden crisis of life. And some soldiers from the corps building run with crossbows.

“Damn! Where are you, Isaac!”
“Forgive me! I two-timed while having such a beautiful person!? I was a male virgin! I was excited!!”

A female bares her teeth in front of our eyes and says those unsightly words, as she sees the direction in which Isaac ran away and starts running again. ……They don’t seem to see us.

“Ah……I see, illusion”
“Don’t you have anything to say to Dianne”

There is an illusionary wall between them and us a few meters away and it seems that I was hit directly by an arrow that was supposed to fly into empty space. ……Ah, it was dangerous.

“Good grief……I don’t know what that idiot would do if I took my eyes off”
“I will go ahead and quiet them down”
“Ah, I’m asking you, Anzeros”

Anzeros jumps out. Soon after, Selenium continues.

“What are you guys doing?”
“No fighting!!”

……And we were left behind.

“Ho. One way or another this place smells of men”
“Andy-kun, are you alright? Having such a scary face and running after a male who has two-timed. How many do you have?”
“It would be foolish to reckon with the inclusion of the women who you had sex with at the cat beast colony or at Misty Palace”

As Dianne plunges the grabbed arrow into the quiver in my package, she sighs while unloading the load.

“……Yes, I forgot to say that the crossbow corps is mostly made of males, also called the garden of male virgins. ……Emm, be careful because I and Anzeros were attacked several times so be cautious, everyone”

Emm. Emm. Everybody (except Apple) is a strong person. What shall I do? I had no idea how to make excuses.

“La Laila, take off once more and make everyone go to Basson and stay in an inn”
“Ho? It’s probably better to call them back”

Looking at it, Aurora, Hilda-san, Maia, and Jeanne who carry their own luggage head to the corps building.

“Ho, they can’t hear you from within the illusion”



When I was about to run and try to chase, I was knocked over by a wild bull that came running from behind.


No, I was completely knocked off. Flying a few meters to the meadow.

“What……Smithson!? From where did you appear?”
“Hi, Hide me, Isaac……”

As I say this, I hear angry voices from the corps building.

“10-man captain Anzeros wears a collar with Smithson’s mark on it!!”
“The elves here too! There are collars on the necks of those girls too!!”
“Ah, are you the sister of our 100-man commander? My name is Bit Williams and I’m a 10-man captain”
“Look for 10-man captain Smithson! Don’t hesitate to find him! Do as long as you think!”
“Wait! Ah, Andy hide──!!”
“What will you do with Andy-san?”
“I’ll kill you if you do something to Andy-sama”
“……Hey, Smithson. What have you been doing since then?”
“……That, the best period of my life”
“I see. Me too”

Rain of arrows comes from the corps building while saying so. As my cheek was almost hit, I used Isaac as my shield and clothes were torn.

“Isaac help!”

I think I’ll call Isaac the best friend of my life, as he will help me as being my shield.

“Hohoho. It’s supposed to be interesting.”

Laila is approaching us stupidly. She thinks it looks really fun. But she is totally naked. Wear clothes ……And, Isaac got stiff hearing Laila’s voice.

“La, Laila!? ……Wait, Laila……this voice, this person”
“Hoho. From the desert?”

Has Isaac ever heard Laila’s voice? ……Yup. But I have no time to explain.

“La, Laila, don’t mix in this time!”
“Ho. I’m not willing to do anything”

Kui, Laila points with her chin at the corps building. Gwon, the sense that the brain is shaken. ……Wait.

“Wait, Maia really wait─────!!”

The figure of a blue dragon appeared on the other side of the corps building. I was desperate and had to run to that side. In the rain of arrows.

My life might have shrunk since the time with General Lucas.

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