Half elves fall in love chapter 79

Chapter 79: Special circumstances half elf, first part [Maia ・ Selenium]



The day when the snows are getting less and less and the fragrant flowers are already breaking the snow and starting to appear in here. In particular, weeds begin to overflow on the banks of the river, which flows from the miraculous spring, like green borders. That was Polka’s spring.

“This time around, wild grass dishes are popular, but they were so bitter when I was a child.

Johnny talks with a bitter smile.

“Yeah. It’s a new thing as it is not storage food, so it’s a great pleasure”

I also see Keel.

“Wild grass food, it is good. Do you not like it?”

The two laughed at what Isaac said. He is an ox-ogre, so he likes grass.

“Well, a childhood story”
“It isn’t so bitter when you grow up”

Keel lifts his cup. There is beer in it.

Here is the new bar in Polka. It was a new store that was newly built to accommodate the ogres.

“Let’s drink with everyone!” A group of ogres went to the baron and the bar owner and it was really built by saying that they would build it.

With their strength, they can build a house several times more efficiently than humans. It is really good that they are tall and have strength. Roofing, etc. making it by cooperating with the dwarves and human companions, a store like a huge indoor playground was created in just a few days, so this is interesting, and the baron’s wife just started business here and the young people from Polka also come occasionally to the Celesta-style bar made for ogres. I and Selenium also joined and the members of the crossbow corps and the local young people had a conversation and it was unexpectedly becoming the forefront of intercultural exchange.

“I still don’t like wild boar dishes”

Keel and Johnny smiled in a complicated way.

“Well, Andy is pitiful”
“I went to the capital to train. I ate only dishes made with frozen vegetables and dried meat so that I got tired of eating……and then there comes that fresh taste and one day I will be able to eat it”
“……I don’t think there’s a region where Celesta is closed by snow”

Wildflower cuisine at Polka is also a pleasure because the food supply is scarce. It is a kind of feeling that can be felt only because it is inconvenient, and it shouldn’t be envious, but it is also regrettable that you cant enjoy such things.

“Is that the taste of your mother? Well, I also want to eat the round grilled hellsboar that my mother made once in a while. I can’t stand the rough seasoning of cayenne and tomato sauce”

I will gently teach Johnny to lean on the words of Isaac.

“……A pig-like monster from the desert labyrinth. It’s about one meter long and if it hits you directly with a rush, even an ogre will be killed”
“Oh, it is a monster……?”

Just as I thought he was frightened.

“That is delicious. Hey Smithson”
“……Well it tasted like pork”

As expected, Kiel and Johnny are jealous. Yup. These guys usually don’t eat monsters.

“Which reminds me, Smithson, you’re from here right. What is with your mother?”

Isaac takes his cup and changes the story. I finally remembered the existence of my mother.

“I…..haa, she”

After hearing about my father’s death, it was said she must be living somewhere, but because I thought everything about the house and my family is “finished”, I didn’t think about her so far. It is said that she moved to Folklore, which is the second largest city to the royal capital and there is an expectation that she won’t be found so easily there.

“She emigrated……my mother is from near the capital city and I can’t contact her because she has no other relatives here……it’s hard to say where she lives now”
“I see”

Isaac drinks a little bit while listening to me. And, I whisper.

“I wonder if something can be done with magic?”
“Look, there are a lot of elves here, commander, Selenium-chan, Apple-chan and so on……I thought they’d be able to do something about it with magic”

With magic……? Hearing Isaac’s words, the first thing I imagined is the crystal ball of a fortune teller. However, it can be said that it is only a suitable image of a fairy tale. The image of “Magic” of humans is often distorted.

“You said a good thing, Isaac”
“Yeah. It might be good to expect some clues”

I slam the payment of my bill on the table and stand up.

“H, hey, Smithson!?”
“If it’s not enough, I can give you some money!”

I call out to Isaac from behind as I ran to the inn.


“I can do more than find clues”

Apple answered immediately.

“Re, Really?”
“Fortune-telling doesn’t have much to do with distance. As long as the flow of Qi is connected, I think I’ll probably know something if she is not outside the continent or something”
“It, It’s surprisingly amazing fortune-telling”
“Th, The more information you get along the way, the more you get lost and it’s more difficult to attract more information as it gets further”

While saying so, Apple takes out a small crystal mass. It’s a rough-cut, just like a child’s toy.

“Can you see with that?”
“It’s a medium to concentrate on. Well, anything is fine. Crystals work well”

And when she casts a small spell, the crystal glows. I hate it, but I can only see a light.

“……Yes. I think I can narrow down where she lives”

Apple smiles and tells me how to find my mother.


Next day. I submitted a vacation application for an off-duty day and decided to go to Folklore in three days.

“I don’t think that’s dangerous, but don’t overdo it”

Dianne says with a worrying face. I wonder how much trouble I’m supposed to be.

“Ho. You want to do something that I want to follow you”

Laila was stopped by Hilda because she was still worried about the wound. I think that it is rare, but there is a possibility that she is damaged by a dragonslayer, even a little. Flying in the sky with her dragon body can be particularly burdensome.

“I also would like to go with you……”

Apple is still not used to the back of a dragon. Jeanne told me that she will stay beside Laila and Anzeros and Aurora have to supervise the training. They were about to follow me but I stopped them. The number of people is few. In other words, Maia, my mean of transportation and escort and Selenium, an expert in search and stealth activities will accompany me. Well, it’s enough to search for one person. Everyone is too worried.

“Well then, leave it to me”
“Andy-sama, get on”

I climbed up to Maia who became a dragon in the snowy snowfield and we flew away to the far west.

On Maia´s back, we cut the cold wind and cross the mountain range.

“What kind of person is Andy-san’s mother? I only heard about your father”
“Hmm……well, I feel like she was always angry”

I make a wry smile.

“She was angry……?”
“Us, Usually it was my father´s and my fault”
“Well, my dad made a big loss around the rewards of his work and later accumulated a lot of debts. I was often chased by a young girl because of my peeping”
“A, Ahaha……”
“She felt a sense of responsibility. Because Polka doesn’t have a school like the capital city, my mother taught me to read and write and how to calculate properly and she tried to let me study at will and my father is really a wasteful arm to pull back in the countryside. It was said that he was a blacksmith, so I tried to make it as thorough as possible”
“I see……”
“It was annoying, but I think I was loved”
“……I see”

I was surprised while looking at Selenium from the side. ……Was it a little insensitive? It is said that Selenium´s mother died before she was old enough to recognize her and her human father neglected Selenium. Selenium doesn’t know what is meant with being loved by parents. But.

“You don’t have to look like that, I’m fine”
“I don’t know your mother……but I decided that she is a good mother. So if Andy-san’s mother is a good mother, I have to follow her”

Selenium pays attention to one’s needs. ……I know, I’m still immature to let them take care of me. I understand now why Selenium has come along, so I just have to hold her. In retrospect, Maia suddenly appears on my shoulder.

“Andy-sama. We will arrive in the evening before the city”
“We have some room”

And Chibi Maia (naked) walks across my shoulders, stroking and sticking to my cheeks.

“If you give me a treat in this area, will it be fine?”
“……Recently, you have been thinking about Laila only. I’m Andy-sama’s dedicated hole”

In, Indeed.

“I, I am Andy-san’s exclusive meat slave!”
“I know. ……Well, if it is Andy-sama, he can take care of both of us. If he is willing to fuck us properly

Ummm. Maia’s complaints are good. It is not unreasonable to think of it as a chance. But……it was a very healthy atmosphere. I am going to see my mother now. I wonder if it is good in such a usual condition.


When I’m thinking, there isn’t a moment Maia left in vain. While I thought, she jumped on Selenium´s shoulder and made a secret talk. And it seems that an agreement was established, as Chibi Maia and Selenium make a thumbs up. It is a very disturbing atmosphere. For me.

“I would like you to confess what you are planning for now”
“Eh, I’m planning something like that♪”

That smile is scary.

“That’s right. Maia-chan told me that she wanted Andy-san to care about her. It’s a lot of work, isn’t it♪”
“It’s not good right now! Not good!”

Selenium dexterously turned her hands around my waist and took off the belt with one hand. And slip down my pants and underwear.


Cold! While I thought for a while, Selenium clung to my waist and put my shrunken dick in her mouth.

“Nn. Nnnnnnn, nn?”
“I don’t know what you’re saying, but just calm down!”
“Hmmm……I guess it’s good, let’s make love in the air♪ I want to become pregnant with Andy-san’s dick anytime, anywhere, so it’s ok♪”
“Yo, You”

My penis is swallowed in her mouth and Selenium tries to make me feel it by sucking and licking. Chibi Maia makes a somewhat complicated face while being on my shoulder.

“Hey, it’s not good to use my back as a room……”
“It’s patience until Andy-san is motivated. If he is feeling like that, let’s get down to that area and let him fuck the two of us…….”
“I, I understand, fine, let’s get down!”

If my hands slip carelessly after acrobatic sex, I will die in a crash. It is not a secret that my son is in a fighting position inside Selenium´s mouth……as it is said. Of course, that’s all Selenium wanted.


On the west side of the serpent mountains. There is no village separately, it is a prairie as far as the eye can see. This side seems to have thawed slightly faster than Polka, and a green carpet has spread everywhere. In the middle of the green carpet, I made Maia and Selenium lay down naked and push their buttocks up.

“I, I’m ashamed……but”
“Quickly……Andy-sama, quickly♪”

Selenium shows an ashamed expression with slightly expecting something and Maia shakes her small butt with a face that has already been in estrus. I put my dick that is attached with Selenium’s saliva inside Maia. Maia instantly opens her eyes which shine instantly.

“Naa……A, Andy-sama, there, haa……!!!”
“Your hole is a cock hole, isn’t it?”
“Ye, Yes……but!”
“It’s your punishment for making me excited. I’m fucking you and let you become pregnant!”

The hole I invaded was Maia´s butt. I pierced Maia´s butt hole which I had never used before, in the middle of the prairie with a view of the blue sky.

“It, It hurts……ku, uu……”
“Laila is willing to shake her ass always right?”
“I, I´m, so……orr, yy……!!”
“I, I’m not going to be overjoyed”

With a little grudge, I grabbed Maia´s little buttocks and started a random extraction.

“Higaa……a, aguu……ku, uu……!!”

Maia releases a thin and cute voice and it sounds a bit sexy. ……Well, if this is Anzeros or Jeanne, I would care a little more, but this girl is a dragon, so I think it would be okay if I act a little rude, fuck that asshole and scold her. In the view of the beautiful sunshine that shines brightly, Maia´s slightly young body is tense and as it moves up and down she strangely looks beautiful. And no matter how painful it is, I love Maia who pushes her ass up for me anxiously to loosen the movement.

“Look Maia……your master is doing you like this when you’re a little out of tune. I don’t care if you feel good or get pregnant, I will just use you to make myself feel good!!”
“Yea……yeah, I know……!”

Still, Maia smiles while shedding sweat.

“Use me……♪ I want you to use me……Andy-sama´s penis, I want to satisfy you with everything I do……♪”

Suddenly, while I fuck her butt hole, she is exposed to the fresh air from the daytime with her naked figure and Maia is showing the figure of a smiling little girl with a bright red face, which let my excitement reaches the climax. In Maia’s rectum, I inject my semen as proof of her own pleasure instead of letting her become pregnant.


“Ka, haaaa……!”

The anus is extended by the releasing of my injected love liquid and while it seems to be extremely bitter, Maia receives it. Next, I was about to hold her in my hands, but I abandoned her white limbs casually and turned to Selenium who sticks out her buttocks beside us.

“Do you know what to do?”
“……Huhu, yesss……♪ Andy-san, if you get angry you’re a devil……♪”

Selenium wanted to apply my love juice attached penis to her buttocks while watching the agonizing Maia. I don’t think I’ll forgive her from the beginning. She’s a full-blown pervert half-elf that sticks out her butt to me.

“……You are the ones who forced me to become a devil”
“Huhuu……I’m sorry……. Please♪”

Unlike Maia’s little butt, Selenium has an adult-sized butt. The butt hole is painted with love fluid and as I pressed down, it reflects the sunlight like dust. At that moment I thrust my penis which is attached with semen and Maia´s intestinal fluid into Selenium´s butt.

“It, It doesn’t go in very smoothly……”
“Ehehee……I, I’m sorry……I, for Andy-san, when I masturbate, I always put in all my fingers……and pull and prepare it……♪”
“You can’t get pregnant with this hole, right?”
“I will be satisfied if I can feel good with Andy-san……♪ I´m always fine to become pregnant even if it is not now……”
“Is, Is that so……?”

……On the other hand, I feel like I’m being pressured. However, now that this superior body has been offered to me, I can’t afford to be scared. I want to fuck her. I want to put my semen in this hole here. I want to conquer everything with my body fluid.

“A, Ahhh……ku, a, aaa……♪”

I begin to ravish that soft and open hole. In the middle of a field where nobody is, now I am having anal sex with Selenium whose anus can’t be closed yet and keeping a naked girl with a rough breath beside us. Regardless of reproduction, it works only for the pleasure of each other. The painfully extended hole still clings to me and gives a different pleasure than a vagina. Being very embarrassed, Selenium still glances at me and sways her hips, begging me more and more. Under the sunlight, I ejaculated in the deep of her butthole after receiving a deep pleasure that let my brain become numb.

“Ku……u, uu……”

It feels so good that I seem to be a little conscious. And I pull out my son from the butt. It has a bad smell. When.

“……Andy, sama……”

Finally, Maia, who recovered her breath, held my hand tightly.

“……I am, not used, to it, yet……”
“Ah, yes”
“Until I get used……more……please♪”

She has an enchanted look, as she sticks out her butt under the light of the sun. ……But I wonder if it is alright…….


I can’t resist that temptation. Until noon, in the meadow where birds were far, I alternated between the two butt holes.


“Uu……it feels like it still accumulates in my buttocks”
“Yeah……I´m a little happy”
“Don’t say anything strange in the city”

I walk along in the city of Folklore with Selenium and Maia. Commonly known as the city on the water. It is a city in the middle of a bulging river and in the center there are a number of artificial islands that bridge the canal like a crack and are connected by bridges. It is a city that is very difficult to find because of its complicated topography and excessive population, but Selenium walks smoothly without getting lost.

“Excluded areas of people living for generations. Excluding insecure and lively areas. Among them, Apple said” Red street” and “Sunset”……at most two or three places. The rest is yarn, fish. Was that the keyword?”

It’s almost like a quiz, but it seems that fortunetelling comes out like that when following people’s “edges”. When we were talking about such a story, Selenium bumped into a woman who came out of the side road.


Selenium was the only one who staggered and the other woman apologized with a side glance and tried to go as it was……but stopped.


The woman wore a sober armor. She looks like a freelance mercenary or a labyrinth adventurer. But I’m familiar with that armor. ……It looks like the elf armor that was prototyped 15 years ago at the blacksmith shop I did my training. Afilm mass-produced products that match the delicate skeleton of elves.


Maia turns her face as if the wall is anxious and only a voice is blown away by an illusion.

“That, elf. She is hiding her ears”



I shake my head a little. I would like to avoid wasteful stuff. But the woman who hides her elf ears and Selenium stared at each other with eyes wide open.

“As expected Selenium…you should be a tree”

It seems they know each other. This is……weird going to the clouds. We have to escape.

“Selenium, let’s go”

The elf girl stopped us.

“Even if there is a reason to have to wait. I’m trying to stay away from adventurers”

I dare to forget it. But the female elf moves her cloak away and shows an emblem. ……Paladin. This woman is a soldier from Afilm…….

“If you don’t want to deal with this Paladin, hand her over”
“I won’t”

The woman is silent. Thinking so, a cane comes from below the cloak……no. She stretched out a spear. It is an Afilm special product, a prepared weapon.

“If that’s the case, there’s no other choice”

The woman held the spear down……and disappeared.

“I’m a little rough!”

The voice is coming from the sky. ……That woman’s figure was dancing in the moon.

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