Half elves fall in love chapter 80

Chapter 80: Special circumstances half-elf, second part



The spear of the elf who flew in the air aimed straight at me.


Immediately Maia jumps sideways at me and helps me avoid the spear strike. The spear crushes the cobblestones.


The woman turns around while her cloak is swaying and she hates me and Maia who has fallen to the ground.

“Almeida, stop!”

Selenium moved in front of me and protected me in a hurry. Further ahead of her, Maia advances.

“Do you have two little girls protect yourself? I’m laughing”
“A paladin’s opponent can be a man or a woman”
“Hey, do you understand what a Paladin is like? Good, I will give you another chance. Please hand over Selenium quietly”
“Th……I can’t do that”

I slowly stood up from an irregularly rolled state and used my two companions as shields, though it is probably not very cool. But suddenly I can’t say such a thing and respond. However, it seemed that the female elf didn’t expect it and when she responded with only a breath, she held her spear towards here again.

“Prepare to leave one arm”

However, Maia who stands silently and stands still with it does not pull it. The elf girl had a mysterious face.

“If you get in the way you won’t come out unharmed, kid”

Maia ignores the words of the woman. Looking back at me and asking a question.

“Can I kill?”
“Wa, Wait, don’t overdo it”

When I stopped, this time the female elf started laughing.

“A weak man as owner and a weak child as a guard. A masterpiece, Selenium”

……Ah. Yes, Maia certainly seems like a young harmless child in the current situation. But.

“It’s good if I don’t overdo it”

When Maia thought that she was ridiculed, she swung suddenly and made an ice ball appear from the sky and threw it.


A fast-paced ice ball that can reach 5 to 6 kg in weight. The woman changes her expression and dodges it. Next, a hole in the wall of the house beyond her appeared. I need to apologize to the residents later.

“An interesting technique……”
“It’s to the extent you don’t die”

Maia began to fire recklessly. The ice balls aim at the elf woman one after another and the city is filled with holes. With the destructive power alone, the woman can be heard but she avoids the awkward and modeless assault of Maia like an Ace Knight.

“But you can’t catch me with such a skill!”

The woman tried to attack Maia with the spear, but Maia received it with the ice ball that she prepared. While being crushed to the middle, the ice ball grows as seen. It becomes the shape which puts a huge weight on the spear.


Maia laughs awkwardly and casually jumps while kicking the astonished elf with her frozen, heavy weapon.


The elf woman is blown away. ……After all, Maia is stronger as she is a dragon. I have never seen a human fighting properly, but after all a dragon seems to be a powerful fighter.

“……Ku, huu……I see you do have the ability. I’m amazed at the lack of eyes of what I see”

It was the elf woman who fell to the ground now, but she certainly won’t give up. She slams the spear in her hand to the ground and makes the ice break before she looks forward to seeing me again.


She sits down and makes an assault posture.

“No, I hope we can come to a mutual understanding? We don’t have anything to do with you”

She completely ignores my persuasion and the woman disappears.


A high-speed walking method like Dianne or Becker-san. And, like a joke, it is a waterfall-like blazer with a beautiful spring blow by the spear. Indeed Maia can’t afford to do any mischief just like she did earlier, so she went on the defense and avoided the spear strike and creates an ice ball. However, the elf woman doubles her speed and spear strikes. At last Maia is hit by a number and the spear arrives.


……Wa, Wait, wait, you’re a dragon, Maia. You are a fighting force.

“Al, Alright. I just got stabbed a little”
“It got into your liver. You will die if you don’t take care”

Maia is strong, but the elf woman denies the falsehood immediately.


Do we have to give up……? Hand over Selenium……? No, that’s……this is a pinch.

“Not yet!!”

And, with a surprise, Maia removes the wound from her body. It is a feat unique to Laila by consumes physical strength to eliminate the wound itself. And when I think Maia took a quick pose, she suddenly changed into her dragon form.

“I am not so weak!!”

Dragon Maia screams and swings her arm down. The cobblestone street is swept completely and deeply.

“What……a dr, dragon!?”
“Maia, stop!”

You don’t know how many people will die if she goes wild with her dragon body. This is not the time to look for your spear. You should run away quickly. Even before the damage spreads.

“Can I wait?”

The woman tries to jump on the wall, to earn altitude, to stop us climbing on the back of the dragon. However, Maia blocks the movement with her forefoot. However, the woman also knows that the dragon does not take advantage of the small turn and it is not possible to shoot breath without my instruction, so she hops on Maia skillfully using her spear. She tries to approach us who are behind Maia. Maia can’t make a sudden move because Selenium is clinging to me and she’s irritated.

“Haa! Dragons are creatures after all!”

……I know. If you combine the breath and flight ability, a dragon is a powerful fighter that can’t be beaten by any means other than the dragonslayer, but conversely, if you can manage two of them, they are only large animals. Sir Bonaparte also know that. And I know something I can aim for.

“Maia, now, come back!”

Leaving the elf woman who soared high in the sky, I let Maia return to her human form. We also move forward, but Selenium hugs me tightly at an exquisite timing, so I quickly pull a rope from the porch and hooks it into a private house. And we hang on the wall. And the elf woman who was left behind in the high sky of only 50 meters alone falls.


……I was prepared for the worst sound, but what I heard was a splash sound. A water pillar is rising. ……There must have been momentum in a strange direction when the woman climbed Maia’s arm with her spear. It seems that she has fallen into a nearby canal.

“Let’s hide somewhere now.

……It was dangerous.


I was thinking of hiding in a nearby private house, but I saw a few soldiers who rushed towards us and came up with a plan.

“Sorry, we did it”

I decided to be straight. Although they are a separate organization from general soldiers, they are under the control of the Celesta Trot Corps. If the interrogation is received obediently and the reason is spoken, a positive amount of affection will come out, and that elf woman will not put out her hand to the control of the authorities above all. Maybe Maia is stronger than the stationed force here, but as long as she is in this secluded state, she can’t use her dragon form to launch a powerful attack. This is equal to a papier-mache tiger.

“So, she……is a dragon”
“Let’s see?”

The three of us are obediently interrogated in the military police station.

“……I want to see evidence”
“Then, let’s go to a wide space, because if she becomes a dragon here a lot of things will break”
“And, if you escape, it will be my responsibility. ……Okay, let’s talk, assuming that she is a dragon for the time being”

Well, the military police are hateful and disliked by the general public, but they are also people who can’t stand up against the strong ones. It may be the power of an army of dragons and other disaster-fighting forces. Thanks to that, the story went better than I thought and about legal defense, they were able to close their eyes on the damage to the town.


“Almeida……Paladin 『Dancing spear』 Almeida?”
“Yes. She may be a spy”
“No, no. She had left Afilm’s army three years ago and abandoned her Afilm’s nationality. Currently, she is a formal adventurer of this town and registered with the adventurer guild”
“She has been exiled. Now she has nothing to do with Afilm except for the fact that she received the Paladin title”
“Ex, Exile!? That Almeida!?”

The most surprised person was Selenium.

“……Is it so surprising?”
“Yes. ……She was a paladin, a heresy inspector of the 『Dark green clan』 and a representative of 『Rennest dukedom』, the influence elf of Afilm”
“Heresy inspector……?”
“In that country, everyone has a lot of blood, so it’s easy to have half-elves. And the half-elves will get an honorary status by their abilities, or……will be judged? Heretic inspectors are responsible for finding half-elves and the elves of the strays who have left the will of their families”
“……Wait a minute. You’re going to be judged”
“Well, to put it bluntly, with Trent’s disease I would have become a tree. If the ability is very high, it is used by half-elves. That much flexibility, they’ve learned it from the elves over there through the long wartime, but on the other hand, there is no mercy for half-elves who can’t use it. And most children are judged to be “unusable” ”

……What a harsh world.

“……Even if you can do anything, Selenium can’t use it. You don’t know what to do”
“I’d rather not understand the rules of the elf world before it becomes a problem that I couldn’t use it”

Selenium laughed a little bitterly.

“First, allegiance to the forest and the spirit of light. Consciousness to belonging to the clan. It is premised that there is such a thing. Even if they have the ability, it will only harm them if they object to their existence. ……And I had lost my mother shortly before I was born. Therefore I ran away in defiance of being measured because it was useless”
“Well, it wasn’t something to run away from. Elves are generous.I’ve been away for 20 years and they still remember it”

Does this mean that Almeida is an abomination for Selenium that she reported her existence to the elves?

“But wait a minute”
“Then why would that woman want to hand over you, Selenium?
“Eh……that is, to report that I hadn’t become a tree after all……”
“No-No. She is exiled, right? She cut off with her clan, at least, she can’t easily return to Afilm because she has thrown away her Afilm’s nationality. She can’t respond even if she had such a mission”
“……That’s right”

A sense of mission or responsibility? Does she think she’s responsible for the person who she once needed to hand over? ……No. But it’s strange. I mean, if she can’t go back to Afilm, she won’t be able to get poison and then it’s faster to kill in a straight line without having to hand over Selenium somehow.

“It’s weird……”
“Dark green clan, I don’t know”

The three of us twist our heads.

“Can we continue the inquiry……?”

And the police officer in charge of interrogation was at a loss. ……I forgot.


“Kku……uu, what a failure…..I have to dive back in the morning and look for my spear……”

(……But Selenium……even though she survived with great pains, she became the slave of a human. Medicine or money? Something must be in his hands. ……I can’t even throw away the possibility that she is in love with a slightly gentler degree because she is a mix and raises the heat. No, then she will be no slaves. It is decided that the devil and the market price are decided to like such a thing)

“That guy……I’ll kill him”
“Shit……uh, my wallet is at the bottom of the water……”
“……Oh, Miss. Did you fall into the canal?”
“Ah, eh……yes”
“It’s still cold, so it’s tough. If you like, don’t you want to warm yourself at home? It’s right there.”
“I’m indebted to you”
“You use hard words like nobles. What is your name?”
“……Almeida. It’s Almeida Dark Green”
“I’m Marie Smithson. Well, I wonder if I have any clothes for a young lady like you to wear”

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